Simon's Backpack

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Simon Belmont is a very skilled (well, maybe) adventurer, and, like every good adventurer, he has a magical backpack that has a seemingly unlimited storage capacity. In almost every episode, Simon pulls stuff out of his backpack. Some of it is helpful; some isn't. In this section, you'll find a list of everything that Simon pulls out of his backpack, grouped by episode. This section will grow as I review more episodes. Please note that some items cannot be recognized, or are not shown to have come out of the backpack, so I haven't included them.

Kevin In Videoland
a map of Videoland
a pink bottle of mouth spray

How's Bayou
a red cloth
a magnifying glass

Mega Trouble For Megaland
a fishing rod
a black wig
a pair of sunglasses
a pair of sandals
a blue toga
a blue-and-yellow football helmet
a wrench
a red-and-blue flashlight*
an alarm clock*
a camera*
a paint roller*
a blue mask*
a typewriter*
an empty can of Varmillion(?)*
a can of black paint with a paintbrush*

Three Men and a Dragon
two horns
a red coat
a black cap
a pair of waterskis
a red glove
a frying pan
a gray sock
a blender
a rolling pin
a lamp
a bottle of Eau de Dragon Parfume For Men
a container of dragonflies

Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain
a document

Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street
a frying pan
a hairbrush
a yellow book
a hand-held mirror
a pot
a baseball
two white socks
a film projector reel
a pan
a paintbrush
a red flashlight
a golf club
a bazooka
a teddy bear

Simon the Ape-Man
a hand-held mirror**
a black cowboy hat
a megaphone
an ape dictionary with a blue cover

In Search of the King
a horn

The Trouble With Tetris
a hand-held mirror

The Lost City of Kongoland
a hang glider
a jungle dictionary with a blue cover

Having a Ball
a pink phone

I Wish I Was A Wombatman
a hand-held mirror

The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers
a dark-yellow blowdryer
a unicycle

Totally Tetrisized
a parachute

* Kid Icarus pulls them out.

** Lana pulls it out.

Note: In "In Search of the King", Mirror Simon pulls a live bat out of his backpack.


Simon's Coat

Yes, Simon does pull stuff out of his coat, as well. Among the items are:

Kevin In Videoland
a hand-held mirror
a double-headed gold coin with Simon's face on it

How's Bayou
a hand-held mirror

The Most Dangerous Game Master
a hand-held mirror

Wishful Thinking
a hand-held mirror

Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain
a comb
a hand-held mirror

Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street
a hand-held mirror
a comb

In Search of the King
a hand-held mirror*

Happy Birthday, Megaman
a hand-held mirror
a gold watch

* Lana pulls it out.

If you can identify or correct any items that are pulled out of Simon's backpack or coat, then please e-mail me with the information!

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