Captain N: The Game Master (Comics)

These comic books were published in 1990 and perhaps 1991. They are based on the "Captain N: The Game Master" TV series. However, the comic books have some characters that the TV series doesn't, and vice-versa. Those characters from the TV series that appear in the comic books are Kevin (of course), Princess Lana, Kid Icarus, Duke, Mother Brain, King Hippo, the Eggplant Wizard, and Donkey Kong. Not in the comic books are Simon, Mega Man, Gameboy, and the Count. This is probably because Valiant couldn't get permission to use these characters, but I'm not sure. To make up for this loss, Samus Aran (the space hunter from "Metroid") is added to the N Team, and Uranos (a demigod from "Kid Icarus") is added to the list of bad guys. The comic books have their funny points, but they are generally more serious than the TV series. The story "THE HAPPY ZONE", in particular, is very moving.

Captain N: The Game Master
Volume # 1, Issue # 1
May 1990

Cover - The cover is a cool group picture of Kevin, Lana, Kid Icarus, and Duke. Lana looks evil. Heh, heh...


By Bryan D. Leys, Mike Chen, P. Zorito, Jade, John Cebollero

Every Dog Has Its Day (2 pages)
By Bryan D. Leys, Rodney Ramos, Art Nichols, Don McKinnon, John Cebollero
A short story where Duke saves the Palace from an invasion of skeletons

By George Caragonne, Ross Andru, Bob Layton, Jade, J. Jackson, The Gradations

Captain N: The Game Master
Volume # 1, Issue # 2
June 1990

Cover - The cover is an amazing drawing of Kevin beating on Mother Brain's glass jar with Lana's power scepter!

THE HAPPY ZONE (10 pages)
By George Caragonne, Don Hudson, Jose Marzan, Ken Lopez, John Cebollero, The Gradations

By George Caragonne, Don Hudson, Jose Marzan, Jade, John Cebollero

THE ITEM (1 page)
By Bill Vallely, Mark McClellan, Bob Layton, Dan Panosian, Ken Lopez, Meridee Mandio

JUST A DOG (10 pages)
By Chris Henderson, Mike Chen, Bob Layton, Jade, The Gradations

Captain N: The Game Master
Volume # 1, Issue # 3
July 1990

Cover - The cover is a cool drawing of Kevin firing his Zapper outward at an enemy.

By Mark McClellan, Bill Vallely, James Brock, Wansi, Jade, The Gradations
The story begins with Lana, Kid Icarus, and Kevin in the computer room of the Palace. Every computer is freezing one after the other. Kid Icarus says that the fusion reactor's control computers have shut down, and unless they put back on, the reactor will blow up and destroy the Palace. It is, naturally, King Hippo's and the Eggplant Wizard's fault; they shot a computer virus in the Palace's computers. But it happens that the Eggplant Wizard still has traces of the computer virus and contaminates Mother Brain. Her computers shut down progressively, and she goes into a coma. Meanwhile, the N Team is arriving in Metroid, because Kevin is sure it is Mother Brain's fault that the computers are shutting down. They all wonder why it is so dark in Metroid, when they see King Hippo and the Eggplant Wizard, who cry out for help. They explain that they shot Mother Brain with the virus, and Kevin finds out they will have to go inside Mother Brain's memory to find the antidote. King Hippo and the Eggplant Wizard take the N Team to a room where there is a shrinking machine. They use it on the N Team (that climbed aboard a ship), so they can go inside Mother Brain, but they only have 20 minutes. The N Team makes it into Mother Brain's mind, and they see her trying to escape the virus. Kevin manages to land the ship in some kind of sea of muck. They see some people outside, ugly versions of themselves. This is how Mother Brain remembers them. The N Team gets out of the ship and starts fighting their ugly selves when they realize they are being helped by a little girl. The girl hold the enemies back while the N Team goes to look for the antidote. They eventually find it and hurry to get back before the little girl cannot hold on longer. They come out of Mother Brain's tank aboard the ship, but the shrinking effect is already reversing, and it creates a hole on the tank's side. They tell the Eggplant Wizard that he is sitting on the antidote (it was right there all along), and King Hippo tries to smash them with a club because he does not need them anymore. The N Team easily fights the two, and Kevin hurries to save Mother Brain. He realizes there is still good in Mother Brain, and that little girl must not die, so that Mother Brain can get a chance at turning her life around.

By George Caragonne, Dennis Woodlyard, Jacqueline Roettcher, Ken Lopez, Meridee Mandio, Wansi

VIDEO-TOWN (1 page)
By George Caragonne, Joe Q., Joe Rubinstein, Jade, Christiaan

A DOG'S LIFE (10 pages)
By Bryan D. Leys, Bob Layton, Jade, The Gradations
Lana and Kid Icarus are waiting for Kevin and Duke on the sidewalk in Video-town. The two finally arrive, but there seems to be something wrong with Kevin. He sits there, looks stupid, and does not talk. On the contrary, Duke keeps barking. Kid Icarus tells him to be quiet, because they are trying to talk to Kevin, but at the same time we can see in Duke's thoughts. He says that he is Kevin and wants to tell them that their minds have been switched when they went through the warp zone. Duke had hit a button on the Power Pad at the same time. Lana and Kid Icarus still think "Kevin" has laryngitis, and the Princess says that it cannot stop them from looking for Mother Brain's secret weapon, so she drags "Kevin" along. Kid Icarus tells "Duke" to stay out of trouble, and "Kevin" starts growling at him. That confuses the little winged creature. So they set out on their mission, "Duke" leading the way, Kid Icarus brooding, and Lana still dragging "Kevin", who looks at a fire hydrant with interest. Meanwhile in Videotown's city hall, Mother Brain and King Hippo are testing the will-dulling device - Mother Brain's secret weapon. It works, and she cannot wait to use it on the N Team. As the N Team is walking in the streets (the real Kevin saying he cannot wait until "Kevin" has to do something heroic), they are attacked by King Hippo's mob. "Kevin" starts running after the mob's car and stops it with the help of "Duke", who acts as a real dog. Then, the N Team goes to the town hall, leaving "Duke" behind to guard the rest of the warp zone. The real Kevin ponders if he should go with them or stay there, and decides to wait. The rest of the team tries to fight Mother Brain, but are shot one by one by the mind-dulling ray. Kevin, still outside, sees King Hippo and starts chasing him. He traps him in a space ship which flies off, and at that moment the rest of the N Team arrives. Lana has used Mother Brain's weapon on reverse to cure the team, but Kevin and Duke are still in the wrong bodies. Kevin thinks about it for a moment, then presses the 'reset' button on the power pad. Everything is back to normal, and the story ends.

Captain N: The Game Master
Volume # 1, Issue # 4
August 1990

The Real Game Master (10 pages)
By Mark McClellan, Bill Vallely, James Brock, Bob Layton, Jade, Joe Q., Giselle Sarli.
The N Team is being attacked by King Hippo, the Eggplant Wizard, and an army of giant grasshoppers in front of the Palace. They barely make it inside, and Lana tells Kevin he's supposed to be the Game Master and beat the enemies without problems. Kevin tells her they are new creatures he never fought before and starts thinking he's losing his touch. King Hippo and the Eggplant Wizard hear this and say that Mother Brain's new holographic machine works perfectly. They report to Mother Brain, and she wonders how she could use the machine to break up the N Team. So, she creates a new Game Master, a variation of Kevin himself but bigger, brawnier, improved. Back at the Palace, Kevin assures Lana he will get Mother Brain next time, but at that moment, they hear a loud noise from outside. It's a storm from which the new Game Master appears. Kevin and Lana are confused about it, and when the newcomer says he is going to free them from Mother Brain, Kevin tells him to go tell his fairy tales somewhere else and calls him a fake. The giant grasshoppers conveniently happen to return to the Palace at that moment, and the new Game Master chases them off. Kevin accepts the newcomer for what he is, but it was not part of Mother Brain's plan. She has to reprogram the hologram so it lures Kevin to Metroid. The new Game Master tells Kevin they have to go fight Mother Brain, just the two of them. They go, despite Lana's and Kid Icarus' protestations. The two warp to Metroid, where they are greeted by more grasshoppers. They fight the grasshoppers off and arrive to Mother Brain's room. Kevin says he has never seen the machine in the back of the room, and that makes him start to doubt. Mother Brain threatens to use the Doomsday machine if they do not give up, and the new Game Master tells Kevin he needs his Zapper. Kevin grows even more suspicious. He trusts his instincts and shoots the machine. The new Game Master disappears as the holographic machine is destroyed and more variations of Kevin appear, fighting King Hippo and the Eggplant Wizard. In the confusion, Kevin disappears in a warp zone before the machine blows up. He returns to the Palace, where he explains that the new Game Master and the grasshoppers were holograms. The fact that he knew the game so well and did not remember the machine helped him figure it out, and proved he was the real Game Master.

By George Caragonne, Laura Spofford, Rod Ollerenshaw, Jade, Kingman Huie, Rainbowhead
Kevin explains about warp zones, that all the worlds in Videoland are connected by warp zones in the Palace. He says that before the League of Darkness, warp zones were very precise, but now they didn't take you always where you want to go. The example of this is given by Pluton, the robbing ogre, who ends up in Kongoland, with Donkey Kong looking at him in the background.

By George Caragonne, Mickey Ritter, Don Hudson, Jade, Kingman Huie, Rainbowhead
Describes a new land, Prisonworld, introduced in the next story.

BREAKOUT (10 pages)
By George Caragone, Dennis Woodyard, Wansi, Jade, Heather Eatman

Captain N: the Game Master
Volume # 1, Issue # 5
September 1990

Cover - The cover is a cool group picture of Kevin fifteen years older, sitting on his makeshift throne in Garbageworld. His clothes are torn, he's got beard stubble, and he looks pissed! Samus is sitting to his right, wearing her green outfit and looking really sexy. Awesome!!!

A King of Shreds and Patches (10 pages)
By Bryan Leys, Don Hudson, Jan harpes, Jade, Rainbowhead
Kevin gets knocked into a garbage chute warp to Garbageworld while fighting some creatures attacking the Palace during a party Lana is having. Samus tries to use a portable space-time warp to go into Garbageworld and find Kevin just after he arrives there. She arrives and is attacked by creatures. Kevin arrives and destroys them. The time warp has malfunctioned, though, and it's 15 years later. Kevin is the King of Garbageworld, and immediately becomes romantic with Samus and wants to make her his queen. Kid Icarus confronts Samus that she could go back in time and prevent everything that happened: Lana was kidnapped and the Palace destroyed, Mother Brain has taken over all of Videoland (except Garbageland), Kevin blames himself, and stays in Garbageland as a sort of self-imposed exile. Samus has the Kevin she's always wanted, but sends him back anyway, knowing that by doing so, none of this will have ever happened. They hold each other, sadly, and go back in time. Samus walks off into the distance, while Lana and Kevin dance.

By Brian Leys, Mickey Ritter, Jade, Rod Ollerenshaw, J. Jackson
Describes a new land, Garbageworld

By George Caragonne, Mark McClellan, Dennis Woodyard, Bob Layton, Jade, John Cebollero
This is a picture of the Hunter IV, and all its components.

By Brian Leys, Mickey Ritter, Rod Ollerenshaw, Jade, J. Jackson
Describes a new land, the Locker, introduced in the next story

By Bryan Leys, Don Hudson, Jeff Albrecht, Jade, The V-8's

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