What a Captain N Movie Might Have Been Like

This commentary was written on Saturday, March 15, 2003, from 5:00 PM to 7:25 PM.

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if DiC had made a Captain N movie? In this commentary, I'll give you my ideas on what they would have done.

If DiC had decided to make a Captain N movie, they probably would have gone the Sunbow route ("The Transformers" and "G.I. Joe") and come out with it after Season 2. This seems like a logical place to have a movie. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) would debut in August of 1991, the month before Season 3 would start. What better thing to make the movie about than the introduction of the SNES era to Videoland?!

So, the DiC and Nintendo suits lay down some "musts" for the movie: introduce the SNES games, give Kevin SNES weapons, get rid of NES N Team members, add SNES heroes to the N Team, defeat Mother Brain and the other NES baddies, and introduce an SNES villain with SNES minions. They okay a PG rating.

Next, the writer(s) is/are chosen. They might offer it to Jeffrey Scott, who wrote all of Season 1. They might pick someone who had never written for the series before (as was the case with "The Transformers: The Movie"). They might assign the movie to one or more of the nine writers during Season 2: Dorothy Middleton (nah, she contributed only "Gameboy"), the writing team of Sean Roche and David Ehrman (nah, they gave us "Queen of the Apes" and "I Wish I was a Wombatman"), Rick Merwin (the best choice in my opinion, since his contribution was "Quest for the Potion of Power"), Michael Maurer teamed up with Matt Uitz (or separately, since they cowrote only one episode), Dennis O'Flaherty (good: "The Big Game" and "Having a Ball", kind of bad: "The Lost City of Kongoland"), and the writing team of Ted Alben and Greg Klein (though they contributed only "Germ Wars", and it was stupid, they wrote some good dramatic dialogue).

I suppose that the Captain N Movie "Dream Team" would be Rick Merwin and Dennis O'Flaherty as primary writers, Michael Maurer and Matt Uitz as secondary writers, and Ted Alben and Greg Klein offering additional dialogue for dramatic scenes.

Of course, DiC would probably give it to Dorothy Middleton, since she has had experience in introducing a new character. Yeah, like that worked out well.

With the writer(s) in place, ideas are come up with, a treatment is written, an outline is written, and a first draft script is written. Revisions are requested and made. The voice actors record the dialogue. Sound effects are recorded. A composer is chosen for the music. A copy of the final script is sent overseas, where the movie is animated.

So, what would the final movie be like? It would likely have better animation than on the show. The theme song would be a hard rock version of the Season 1 or 2 themes, perhaps combining the two. A singer might sing lyrics. The theme would either be played partly after the teaser and in full during the closing credits or in full during the first scene and instrumentally during the closing credits.

As for the plot, it may or may not suck. Unlike Transformer characters whose toys are discontinued, video game characters might be used again in the future, so no video game characters would die (especially since a few of them are owned by third-party companies). So, instead, the old characters (Simon, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus) leave the N Team. Perhaps Samus Aran could finally be introduced.

There could be scenes of the N Team defeating Mother Brain and her minions (with Dr. Wily escaping, of course), a new SNES villain arriving (or perhaps Mother Brain being upgraded for Super Metroid), Kevin receiving an SNES Power Pad and maybe a Super Scope, Simon and Kid Icarus going back home, etc. Of course, there would also be lots of plotholes, just like in the show.

The movie would bomb at the box office and be released on home video shortly thereafter.

Season 3 would premiere the following month, and, like "The Transformers", it would have pretty bad animation. Hey, that actually happened.