Captain N: The Game Master

Season 4





Saturday, November 14, 1992, 7:00 AM

"You called for me, Your Highness?" Terzes asked. From the tone of his voice, it was obvious that he didn't like Dazel or Kordash.
Dazel looked at him, glaring. "Yes, Terzes. I want to know what is inside the Island Palace. Is there any way that someone stranded there could contact the N Team?"
"No, my Queen. The machinery is old and rusty, and it would take years to get the equipment in working order. Unless you consider the secret passage."
He seemed smug, and Dazel was sure that he knew where Link and Zelda really were.
"What secret passage?" she asked.
"There is a passageway that leads to the old War Room. Island Palace was where His Majesty, your late uncle, King Harkinian, and his chief advisors met to discuss military strategy. The equipment there is more sophisticated than the stuff in this Palace. But you'd need the royal key. Only the current Ruler has this key. Unfortunately, Zelda had it, and her body has not yet been found." He had deliberately forgotten about the extra key around his neck.
"That is all, Terzes." Dazel said, dismissing him.
"There was something else, Most Highly Revered. We were sent a message from a man who calls himself the Count. The message reads: 'Dazel, I shall send a detachment of my guards immediately. Be forewarned, however, for my son, Alucard, has left my trust and castle, and now journeys throughout Videoland. He may be in Hyrule. The Count'."
Dazel nodded and waved her hand in dismissal at him. He left.

Zelda stood there, inside the War Room.
Link had sent a transmission to Captain N, and they were waiting for the reply. He had also sent an additional message to Terzes, telling him what had happened and what they were planning to do about it. Link still didn't trust Alucard, but the two had worked together to get the equipment working again. It was state-of-the-art, but it had still been a long time since it had been used.
"Well, I think the message should've reached them by now. This equipment is excellent. We might wanna get Dr. Right up here sometime to upgrade the equipment in the North Castle." Link suggested.
"Good idea." Zelda agreed. "It's a good thing I took our communications system offline. Dazel and Kordash won't be able to send messages for help to anyone."
"They already have."
Zelda and Link turned to Alucard.
"How do you know that? How long have you been in Hyrule?" Link asked.
"I have been in Hyrule for three months. When Kordash and Dazel first arrived, I knew I should stay. I know Dazel from long ago."
"What?!" Zelda asked, stunned.
Alucard grunted. "Well, it was two years ago. A man came to Castlevania looking for someone to help him overthrow the Princess of Hyrule. My father and I were still working together then, and so the man and his children, Kordash and Dazel, were invited to our castle. Father agreed to help him. Dazel and I started dating. When guards from Hyrule came, they were captured again. I was enraged, and I killed two. However, there were still three more. They had swords. Dazel and Kordash were taken back with their father."
"You mean you and Dazel were - " Link began, astonished.
"Yes. In fact, we were almost engaged." Alucard said. He sighed.
"You still love her, don't you?" Zelda asked him.
"Not as much as I thought I did." he replied. "Hey, isn't that a message?"
Link and Zelda looked at the blinking light.
Zelda went over to it. "It's coming from the N Team's house!"
"Hello? Link? Zelda?" a voice asked.
"Lana? It's me, Zelda!"
"Zelda! What happened?"
"It's a long story. Just come over to the Island Palace. Don't go to North Castle."
"Okay, Zelda. I'll come over with Kevin, Simon, and Stacey. We'll be there soon."
Zelda turned off the radio. She turned to Alucard, who had turned a little paler at the mention of Simon's name.
"Simon is coming?" he asked.
She nodded. "Don't worry, though. We won't let him start anything."

A few minutes later, a blue warp opened up outside, and Simon, Kevin, Lana, and Stacey came out of it. Simon saw Alucard and drew his whip.
"Simon!" Zelda shouted. "Alucard is here to help!"
Lana had drawn her Zapper as soon as Zelda had said Alucard's name, and Kevin and Stacey drew their weapons, too.
Simon ignored Zelda and kept advancing. Link jumped between the two.
"All right, you two, don't start it." Link said.
"But Alucard is the son of my mortal enemy - " Simon started.
"Just because my father is evil does not mean I am, too. I have come to Hyrule to help Zelda. If you don't want me here, I'll be off." He swirled around, flaring his cape, and walked off.
Lana followed him.
"Look, Alucard, I know that you and Simon have had some fights, but that's in the past. I'm willing to accept your help. Will you accept mine?"
He turned to her, regarding her. Finally, he smiled. "I accept, Your Highness." he said, bowing.
Lana turned to Kevin. "How come I never get that kind of respect from you?" she teased.
Kevin glared at Alucard. "Show-off." he muttered.
Lana turned back to Alucard. "Please, don't bother with the 'Your Highness' bit. It's not necessary."
"Anything you say, Lana." he agreed. "I assume you'll want to know what happened." he said, addressing the four newcomers.
They all nodded.
"It started several months ago. I was wandering around Hyrule when I discovered my old girlfriend and her brother. The two of them are Zelda's cousins, and they plotted to take over the Throne. They've pretty much succeeded. The people are convinced that Link and Zelda are dead, and her cousins, Kordash and Dazel, have taken the Throne."
"I see." Kevin said. "So, basically, we need to infiltrate North Castle and restore Zelda's Throne to her?"
"Yep." Link said.
"So, like, when do we start?" Stacey asked.
"How about now?" Zelda asked.
"Sure. I'll go first." Alucard started to concentrate.
"You want some help?" Lana asked.
"You wouldn't be able to follow him." Simon said. "Watch."
Alucard slowly started to glow. Then he began to change form. He went from human form to mist, and slowly started going across the water.
"He'll signal us with the classic symbol, a wolf's howl." Simon said.

"Anyway, here's the plan." Zelda started.
They had crossed over to the mainland, and were hiding in a small forest just outside of North Castle.
"When Alucard howls, we slip in through the royal secret entrance and meet with Terzes, my aide. He'll get us into the Throne room, where we'll kick Kordash and Dazel out."
They all agreed.

"Kordash, is the preparation ready?"
"Yep. All is ready for you to cast the spell."
Dazel nodded and took up a stance of concentration. Her robe covered her feet, and made it even more impressive when she started to float four feet above the ground.
"Oh, great Thunderbird, I command you with this sacrifice - " She gestured towards the maiden tied up. " - to rise, and to obey only me!"
"Who dares to command the Thunderbird?!!!" came a great voice that shook the room.
"I, Dazel, daughter of Tardis, and I command you!"
"Dazel, daughter of Tardis Harkinian?"
"Very well." And with that, a great form arose, and there, in its full glory, stood the Thunderbird.

"Aaawoooooooooooo!" the lonely cry of the wolf echoed throughout the night.
Zelda and the others headed for the secret entrance into the castle.
A wolf bounded up to them, and changed to become Alucard.
"Zelda, there's something you should know." Alucard said.
"What?" she asked, noting the worried tone in his voice.
"They have raised the Thunderbird."
Link drew his sword. "Where is it?" he asked.
"In the Throne room." Alucard told him. "Be careful."
"I'm not letting you go off alone." Zelda said to Link.
"I'll go with Link." Kevin volunteered.
"Fine. Zelda and I will go meet up with Terzes."
"Sure, Lana." Zelda agreed.
"There are several legions of my father's troops in the castle." Alucard said. "I'll take care of them."
Simon took on a look like he was about to do the hardest thing in his life. "I have to help Alucard."
"I'll help Alucard, too, okay?" Stacey asked.
"Sure." Alucard answered. "The more, the merrier."
Link and Kevin walked off. Stacey and Alucard went toward the legions of the Count, with Simon bringing up the rear, complaining the whole way. Lana and Zelda turned toward Terzes' quarters.

"Your Highnesses." Terzes said, dropping to one knee. "I was afraid you'd been killed." he said to Zelda.
"We're on our way to stop Dazel and Kordash." Lana told him.
"I thought you might be." he responded. "Who else is with you?"
"Link and Captain N went to fight the Thunderbird, and Alucard, Simon, and Stacey went to take care of the Count's armies."
"A report from the Count said that Alucard was here, but working with Simon?"
Lana smiled. "Yeah, but Simon is back to his old self now that the shock wore off. He was already complaining to Alucard when we left."
"So, how can I assist you?" Terzes asked.
"We need to get to the Throne room the quiet way. Do you have the key?" Zelda asked.
Terzes smiled. "Right here." he said, pulling out a huge ring of keys. He had a key to practically everywhere in Hyrule.
"Good. Let's go."

Alucard, Simon, and Stacey were pretty much taking care of the Count's armies.
Simon's whip was destroying skeletons and zombies, Alucard's sword was destroying the Harpies and mummies, and Stacey's boomerang sliced through the ranks of bats and other nasty things without names.
The three also took out the leaders of the army - Frankenstein, Medusa, and the commander himself, Death.
Finally, they finished and ran off towards the Throne room.

When Link and Captain N arrived, Zelda, Lana, and Terzes had just emerged from behind the throne.
"You!!!" Kordash screamed, jumping at Link.
"No!!! Let the Thunderbird get them!!!" Dazel screamed.
Kordash jumped back, allowing the Thunderbird to see the two.
"Thunderbird, I command you, attack!!!" Dazel shrieked.
The huge bird turned and attacked Link and Captain N.
They managed to beat off the first attack, but soon they started to be defeated.
Zelda and Lana quickly jumped into the fight, and Terzes ran over and handed a piece of paper to Link.
Link stared at the paper. "Thanks, Terzes," Link said, then started to cast a spell. "Jandis, larko, kaner, magre, imkal!"
A huge thunderbolt split through the air, striking the Thunderbird.
It immediately changed color, from red to blue.
Suddenly, the attacks of the N Teamsters started to hurt it.
It wailed in pain, and slashed with a claw.
"Terzes, you traitor!!!" Dazel screamed. "How dare you?!!!"
"Actually, Daze, you're not Ruler anymore. Zelda's back, and she outranks you."
Just then, Simon, Stacey, and Alucard ran into the room.
Alucard stopped short on seeing Dazel, and Dazel stared at him.
"Alucard? What are you doing here? Have you betrayed me, too?"
"Dazel," Alucard said, "I've put that behind me. You must be stopped. I am sorry, though."
Kordash turned to him, too. "You were the one who got Dazel captured!" he growled, drawing his cutlass.
Alucard drew his broadsword, and the two fought.
Meanwhile, Stacey and Simon had already started attacking the Thunderbird, and, under assault from seven people, it started to weaken and slowly dissapear.
"Not yet, Zelda! I'll put up more of a fight than that!" Dazel started chanting, drawing more power into the Thunderbird.
The bird fought with renewed strength, slashing with its talons and beak.
Captain N was thrown back, hitting a wall.
Stacey ran over to him, helping him back up, as the rest continued.
Simon's whip unfurled again and again, hitting the bird in its chest, as Lana's Zapper struck shots all over its body.
Zelda fired her arrows, and Link and Terzes slashed in close.
The bird was closer to dying now than it had been before, with Dazel still shrieking curses.
Then, her eyes brightened. She stood up and screamed "Contend with the Triforce, if you can!"
The N Teamsters ran up to her, with Kordash and Alucard still fighting.
Kordash's cutlass was sharper, but Alucard's broadsword had been handed down on his mother's side for generations, and it was infused with black magics. The two were very evenly matched, and the fight was incredible. The sparks flew as the weapons clashed.
Finally, Kordash kicked Alucard to the floor. He stood over Alucard, ready to strike.
"Time to die, creature!" Kordash yelled.
Alucard, thinking quickly, launched one of his father's favorite attacks: he opened his cape and shot three fireballs.
The white hot spheres slammed into Kordash at close range, knocking him back.
Alucard got up and picked up the broadsword, which he'd dropped. He ran up to the throne to join the N Teamsters, leaving Kordash to fall unconsious.
Zelda was standing on the throne, between Dazel and the Triforce.
The N Teamsters were also blocking Dazel, and she had drawn a sabre, which she fended the others off with.
No one had expected her to be so skilled, so they were unprepared. She was at least as good as Link, and her sword deflected Captain N and Princess Lana's Zapper blasts.
"Dazel," Alucard said, "I have already defeated Kordash. Must I defeat you as well?"
"Alucard," Dazel started, and it was obvious she still loved him, "if you help me, I'll forgive you for letting me get captured."
Alucard's face showed obvious guilt. Then he sighed, and his eyes became steely grey. "No, Daze, I can't."
"I was afraid you'd say that." a new voice said.
A man came into the Throne room, tall and dark, with a pale face and blood red eyes. He had angular eyes, and it wasn't racial. His sharp fangs gleamed, and Simon drew his whip.
"So, we meet again." Simon snarled.
"Ah, Simon Belmont." the Count sneered. "It has been too long."
"Two weeks." Simon said.
"Like I said: too long." the Count replied. "Will you try your luck against me again? Even my son cannot truly defeat me, for I am resurrected. Will you, a mere mortal, contend with the might of the Lord of Castlevania?"
Simon leapt with superhuman strength and agility, snapping his whip into the Count's chest.
The Count fell back, but quickly recovered.
"You may have noticed," Simon said, "that I'm not exactly a 'mere mortal.'" He pulled back his whip, preparing to attack again.
Dazel jumped forward at Zelda and swung her sabre.
Zelda looked down at the cut across her chest. It was neither deep, nor mortally wounding, and it wouldn't leave a scar.
Zelda, in response, fired off a crossbow bolt at Dazel, hitting her in the leg.
Dazel ripped the arrow from her thigh and threw it off to one side disgustedly. Then she ran down to Kordash.
Meanwhile, Simon was facing off against the Count, and he was winning. The vampire hunter's whip had hurt the Count badly, and he was backing up.
Then, a mad light gleamed in the Count's eyes, and he fired three fireballs from his cape.
Simon was knocked back. The Count ran down to join Dazel.
Zelda hopped off the throne. "Alucard, is Kordash still alive?" she asked, looking at the body lying on the floor.
"Yep. For now, anyway."
"Look, Alucard, I don't know what you do on Castlevania, but on Hyrule there is no murder. If you murder anyone, I'll have you locked up forever!"
Alucard laughed. "You think there's a prison that can hold me?"
"Then I'll cut off your head!" Zelda yelled angrily.
"No murder, huh?" Alucard asked. "I am going after my father and Dazel. Try to stop me, and you'll suffer the same fate they will." And then he teleported down to his father and Dazel.
Simon shrugged and walked down to them, whistling to himself.
Link and Kevin followed him.
"After you, ladies." Terzes said, bowing and allowing Lana, Zelda, and Stacey to go ahead of him.
They nodded and went ahead.
Terzes took King Harkinian's lance, which was mounted above the throne, in his right hand and twirled it around with accuracy. This was not a lance like a knight on a horse uses, but rather a staff with a sharpened metal point, much like a spear, except that it was heavier and longer. Terzes ran down to join the others.
Alucard was fighting his father, and Dazel was healing Kordash.
Upon seeing the N Teamsters, the two spread out and attacked.
Captain N fired off a couple of blasts from his Zapper, as did Lana. Stacey had been practicing with her boomerang, and she threw it at Kordash, hitting his leg and sending him sprawling. Terzes jumped, clearing Simon and Zelda, and landed in front of Dazel.
"Sorry, Dazel, but you're not going anywhere!" he exclaimed happily.
He knocked the sabre out of her hand with his lance, and Zelda picked it up.
"I think this belongs to me." Zelda said, taking her crown off of Dazel's head and putting it on her own.
Dazel sank to the floor, sobbing.
Alucard ran over to Kordash, yelling and holding up his sword.
"Alucard!!!" Zelda screamed.
Alucard looked at her.
Zelda had Dazel's sabre up against his neck. She shook her head. "No."
Alucard stared at her for a moment, then backed off.
Link and Captain N grabbed Kordash, and Simon tied him up with his whip.

"Your Highness." Terzes said.
"Yes, Terzes?" Zelda asked.
"Well, it appears that the Count and Alucard dissapeared shortly after we captured Kordash and Dazel, which means that Alucard is still out there somewhere."
"He'll be around. He fought with us because we were both after the same thing."
Terzes nodded. "Oh, by the way, Dazel wants to speak with you."
"Send her in."
Terzes nodded, and motioned to Link. Link brought her in.
"Cousin," Dazel pleaded, "what do you plan to with us?"
"I plan to exile you to Death Mountain, like you planned to do to me. What was it Kordash said? Ah, yes, 'an eye for an eye.' That pretty much sums it up."
Terzes escorted Dazel out.
Link came up to Zelda. "So?"
"So what?" she asked him.
"Oh, come on! I help restore the kingdom to you, defeat your cousins, and make sure they don't try anything!"
"Yeah, so?"
"How 'bout a kiss?"
"Really?" Link asked, surprised.
"Absolutely." she whispered, leaning towards him, licking her lips.
"Your Highness! Dr. Right is here to install the new equipment." Terzes said, running into the room. He looked at Link and smirked.
"You rigged that, didn't you, you little twirp?" Link asked him.
"No, Her Highness did."
Zelda collapsed on her throne in laughter.


Copyright 1998, 1999 by Adam K. Roberts and Mark Moore