Captain N: The Game Master

Season 5




Saturday, October 16, 1993, 10:25 AM

Zelda was crying.
Everyone else was silent for a moment.
"Well?" Kevin asked. "What happened then?"
"Shut up!" Lana whispered harshly to him.
"Well," Zelda said, wiping her tears away, "I buried my father in back of North Castle. Most of Hyrule was present. I then took my rightful place as Ruler of Hyrule and sat on the throne. My throne." She lowered her head and was silent.
"I'm sorry." Kevin said.
Zelda nodded. "Thanks."
"Are you up to telling the rest?" Lana asked.
Zelda nodded.
"There's more?" Kristen asked.
"Yes. Now I will tell you of the adventures of Link."
"We're ready to hear them." Kevin said.
"But I must go back to before my father's death." Zelda took a deep breath and released it. "Link was in his room, guarding the Triforce of Wisdom..."

Saturday, December 30, 1989, 12:00 PM

Suddenly, Princess Zelda burst into the room. "Link!"
"What is it, Princess?" Link asked.
Zelda ran over to the window. "Ganon's attacking!"
Link also ran over to the window. "Wow! Looks like Pigface is launching a full-scale assault!"
"This is the biggest army I have ever seen!" Zelda said.
"You think we can handle it?" Link asked.
Zelda walked over to the pedestal and picked up the Triforce of Wisdom. "We'll see."

Link and Zelda arrived in the courtyard of North Castle.
Ganon's army attacked. Link fought the monsters using his magical sword. Zelda used magic to form a crystalline ball in her right hand. She tossed it at a group of moblins, which promptly vanished. As Link fired beams from his sword, and Zelda formed and tossed balls, Ganon arrived.
The Prince of Darkness was sitting on a high seat carried by four stalfos.
"Get the Triforce!" Ganon commanded to his minions.
Link and Zelda fought with magic, their fists, and their feet. At one point, Zelda swung her right fist at a moblin, which ducked, and Zelda ended up punching Link in the jaw!
Link groaned and placed his left hand on his jaw.
"Oh, Link, I'm sorry!" Zelda apologized.
Link mumbled something. The two of them resumed fighting Ganon's army.
Eventually, Ganon only had four stalfos and two moblins left.
"Retreat!" Ganon ordered.
The stalfos turned Ganon's high seat around to face the direction they had come from. They and the moblins began running.
"They're getting away!" Link yelled.
"No!" Zelda shouted. "This has gone on too long! It's time to take the fight to Ganon!"

Zelda and Link had gone and mounted their horses. Now, they were chasing after Ganon at full speed. Zelda had made the Triforce of Wisdom float, and it was coming with them.
Link pointed. "Ganon's going into the underworld!"
"Then we're going there, too!" Zelda said.
Link and Zelda rode their horses into the tunnel.

The two of them soon found themselves in the largest hall in Death Mountain. Standing there was the infamous Evil Jar, and, in front of that, Ganon.
"Ganon!" Zelda yelled.
"You will surrender the Triforce of Wisdom to me, Princess!"
She and Link dismounted their horses.
Zelda held the Triforce of Wisdom in her left hand. "Never!"
"Then you will die!" Ganon yelled.
"You want the Triforce?! Come 'n' get it, Pigface!" Zelda yelled.
Ganon picked up the Triforce of Power. "I'll get it when you're dead, Princess!"
"Unacceptable!" Zelda said. She formed a crystalline ball and tossed it at Ganon.
Ganon easily dodged it. "Your power is nothing compared to my magic!"
He cast a spell at Zelda. A magical beam approached her. Zelda dodged it.
"Nobody messes with my Zelda!" Link yelled. He fired his sword at Ganon, but the shot did no damage.
Ganon laughed. "Foolish human!"
"Stay out of this, Link." Zelda said. "This is between me and Ganon."
The Princess of Hyrule and the Prince of Darkness locked themselves into a battle to the death. Each was casting all of the magic spells they knew while deflecting or dodging all the ones cast by their opponent. Soon the entire hall was full of flames.
The fight seemed to be in a deadlock. But then Link fired a magical beam at Ganon. Ganon was distracted by it. Zelda used the opportunity to cast a spell and knock the Triforce of Power out of Ganon's hand.
"No!" Ganon shouted. "You'll pay for that!"
"Bill me!" Zelda said. She threw the Triforce of Wisdom to Link, who caught it.
Zelda did a backflip and arrived at the Triforce of Power. She picked it up.
"No!" Ganon shouted. "Give that back!"
"It's over, Ganon!" Zelda said. She used the Triforce of Power to cast a spell at Ganon.
Ganon was hit. "No! No, this isn't possible!"
"Wanna bet?" Zelda asked. She hit him again.
"Stop that!" Ganon yelled.
"If he vanishes now, he'll just end up in the Evil Jar." Zelda realized.
She cast the spell at the Evil Jar and shattered it. Glass shards flew everywhere. All the gasses poured out. All of Ganon's minions fell onto the ground. The Evil Jar was completely destroyed.
Zelda then hit Ganon with the spell again.
"Nooo!!! Damn you, Princess Zelda!!!" Ganon screamed.
And then he vanished.
"Let's get out of here!" Zelda yelled.
Each of them carrying a Triforce, Link and Zelda mounted their horses and rode back through the tunnel.

Zelda and Link rode up into the overworld, and the tunnel collapsed behind them. The two of them dismounted their horses.
Link smiled. "Well,...I guess that's the end of Ganon. Good job, Princess."
Zelda slapped him.
"Ow!" Link placed his left hand on his left cheek. "What was that for?!"
"I am not your Zelda." the Princess said.
"Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me, Princess!"

"And so, that's how Ganon was defeated." Zelda finished.
"I'm confused." Kevin said.
"How so?" Zelda asked.
"Ganon was defeated in December of 1989, right?"
Zelda nodded. "Yes."
"But I remember reading part of the Ancient Prophecy where it talked about his return."
"Recite it to me." Zelda said.
"'Across the vastness of Videoland, on the magical world of Hyrule, years have passed since the fall of the evil wizard, Ganon, and peace reigned throughout the land,...until one dark day rumors spread that the evil Ganon would rise again.'" Kevin recited. "Ganon returned in September of 1990. It wasn't even one year."
"Aaahhh, I see why you're confused." Zelda said. "The Prophecy was talking of Ganon's first defeat, not the one in 1989."
"First defeat?" Link asked. "Why don't I know anything about this?"
"What? You mean you don't - " Then she caught herself and stopped talking. She lowered her head and closed her eyes.
"What?" Link asked. "I don't what?"
Zelda shook her head. "No."
"Okay, what happened next?" Kevin asked after a moment's silence.
Zelda raised her head and opened her eyes. "Well,...Link became the protector of both the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Power. Next year, I became Ruler of Hyrule. Everything was going fine. Until one day,..."

Wednesday, August 29, 1990, 8:00 AM

Link heard Zelda's cry and ran into the Throne room.
A group of moblins were there. Four were holding a struggling Princess Zelda, while a fifth was aiming his spear at her.
"Zelda!" Link shouted. He pointed his sword at the fifth moblin. "Drop your spear!"
The fifth moblin, who was the leader, faced him. He had two earrings in his left ear. "Link, this is our revenge on you for destroying our master, Ganon!"
"No!" Link fired at the moblin, who dodged the beam.
This distraction gave Zelda enough time to draw her bow and an arrow.
"This isn't over, Link! We will meet again!" the lead moblin said.
He and the other four moblins fled the Throne room.

"Captain N, Link, and I encountered those moblins in an alley one month later, where we killed them all." Zelda finished.
Kevin nodded. "I remember that. When that woman and her son were attacked."
Zelda nodded.
"Like, this is totally exciting!" Stacey said. "What happened next?"
"Well, Ganon had just been defeated...again," Zelda said, "when..."

Saturday, September 29, 1990, 8:50 PM

Kevin and Link faced each other.
Kevin smiled. "That reflect magic is awesome stuff."
Link smiled back at him. "I'll get you some for your next birthday."
The other N Teamsters and Zelda came up to them, cheering.
Zelda was excited. "We did it! We saved Hyrule! Thanks to you!" She kissed Link on his right cheek. She then faced Kevin. "And you. The best team of heroes ever!" She kissed Kevin on his left cheek.
Then they all cheered.
Link then saw a blue glow. "What's that?"
The others all looked where he was looking. They followed him.
Link crouched down and began moving away a bunch of rubble. Kevin and Zelda crouched down and helped him.
Link then held up a blue pyramid.
Zelda gasped. "I don't believe it! It's the Triforce of Courage!"
"The Triforce of Courage?" Link asked.
Zelda nodded. "There are three. We have Power and Wisdom. But the Triforce of Courage was hidden one hundred years ago by King Steven Harkinian, my paternal great-grandfather, for fear of an evil person becoming too powerful if they collected all three pieces."
The three of them stood up straight.

Back at North Castle, Link and Zelda were standing in the Throne room.
"This'll make for a great security system!" Link said.
Zelda had built a security system onto her throne that would fight off intruders in the Throne room.
Zelda nodded. "Now let's put the Triforces in place to power it."
Link placed the Triforce of Courage on the left. He then placed the Triforce of Power on the right. Finally, Zelda placed the Triforce of Wisdom on the top.
"Guess that's it." Link said.
Just then, the Triforce of Wisdom spoke: "The Triforce is once again united after many years apart. Hyrule and you, Princess Zelda, are now bonded to the Triforce. If the Triforce should ever be separated again, both Hyrule and Zelda will die."
Zelda started. "Oh, give me a break!"

"And thus, the Prophecy says of the day that the Triforce is separated 'Midnight in the enchanted kingdom of Hyrule, a time for sweet dreams ever since the defeat of the evil wizard, Ganon, and Princess Zelda's return to the throne, and Link's restoration of the Triforce, an ancient treasure made up of the Triforce of Power, the Triforce of Wisdom, and the Triforce of Courage. Together they are the greatest source of magical energy on Hyrule, and the greatest temptation to those who hunger to possess them.'" Zelda finished.
Kevin nodded. "Yeah, that was the day that King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard stole Power and Courage."
"I almost lost Zelda." Lana said, looking at her.
Zelda placed her hands on Lana's shoulders. "But you didn't."

Everybody was having a great time at the ball, fast-dancing to Kevin's music.
Kevin was on the stage, playing a rock tune on a guitar. "Now this is my kind of jam!"
Zelda suddenly had a headache. She placed her hands on her forehead and made sounds of pain. She fell.
Link caught her. "Princess Zelda. What's the matter?"
Kevin threw off the guitar and jumped off the stage. Link knelt down and held Zelda in his arms.
Everyone gathered around Zelda and began murmuring their concerns, including the N Team, Dr. Right, Prince Plenty, and Bayou Billy.
Zelda had her eyes closed. "The...the...Triforce."
"Wh-what is she saying?" Lana asked.
Link looked at her. "Something's happened to the Triforce, and, if it's destroyed, it could finish her!"
Lana gasped.
There was a moment of silence.
"How does Princess Zelda know something happened to the Triforce?" Kevin asked.
"There's a magic bond between them." Link answered.
Lana had a horrible thought. "Why, you mean if something happens to it - "

Link, Zelda, Kevin, Lana, and Duke arrived at North Castle early in the morning. They stood in a large hole in a wall of the Throne room.
"Wow! It looks like an earthquake hit this joint!" Kevin commented.
They all looked at the destruction in silence for a moment.
"Oh, no!" Zelda yelled. She pointed with her left index finger. "Look!"
She ran over to the Throne, where sparks were flying out of the places where the Triforces used to be held. She fell to her knees, closed her eyes, lowered her head, and wept.
Link lowered his head and closed his eyes. "We should've never turned off the alarm!"
Zelda continued crying, then noticed something. She raised her head and turned around. "Huh? What?"
A green pyramid glowed brightly on the floor.
Zelda stood up and ran down to it. She knelt down, picked it up, and gasped. "It's the Triforce of Wisdom! Oh! Thank goodness you're safe!"
Her friends walked over to her.
"Where are the other two pieces?" Kevin asked.
Zelda lowered her head, closed her eyes, and sought the wisdom of the Triforce. She then opened her eyes and raised her head. "It will guide us to them, but we must hurry. The forces that bind Hyrule together are coming apart."
As an example of this, lightning flashed, and thunder crackled.

Kevin holstered his Zapper. "Okay, fellas, you win." He began to walk towards them.
King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard were surprised.
"We do?" King Hippo asked.
Kevin was walking across the very large room toward them. "You can even have the third Triforce."
"Kevin, what are you saying?!" Lana asked in disbelief.
Link holstered his sword. "He's right, Lana. At least this way they'll be back together, and Hyrule and Zelda will be safe."
He walked over to Lana and took the Triforce of Wisdom from her, not noticing that Zelda's right hand was on Lana's right breast.
Link walked over to Kevin and handed the Triforce to him.
Kevin offered it to the bad guys. "Here, take it. Us Game Masters like being on the winning side."
Eggplant Wizard reached for it, smiling.
Kevin smiled and kicked the Triforce of Courage out of Eggplant Wizard's hand.
Zelda, her hand still on Lana's breast, watch Lana catch the Triforce of Courage in her right hand. Lana dropped Zelda to the floor.
Link used his sword to knock the Triforce of Power out of King Hippo's hand.
Link picked it up off the floor with his left hand. "Yeah, on our side!"
Kevin and Link exchanged Triforces. Lana raised the Triforce of Courage up with her right hand. Link raised the Triforce of Wisdom up with his left hand. Kevin raised the Triforce of Power up with his right hand. The three Triforces rose into the air and destroyed everything that King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard had ordered with the Triforce.
Eggplant Wizard was hugging King Hippo, really scared. Vegetable were popping out of him.
"Please, don't hurt me!" Eggy begged.
Zelda stood up, her strength revived by the Triforces' reunion. "I want you out of my kingdom! Now!" she commanded.
The Triforce opened up a warp zone, and Hippo and Eggy were pulled into it, screaming.

"And there you have it." Lana said.
"All of it." Zelda added.
Lana looked at Kevin. "And now I feel I must apologize for keeping this from you. You are my boyfriend, and thus you have a right to know if I've been seeing someone behind your back, regardless of the fact that I was with her before I was with you. I'm sorry, Kevin."
"Aren't you going to apologize to me?" Link asked Zelda.
"Why?" Zelda asked. "We're not a couple."
"Darn it!" Link said.
"So," Lana asked Kevin, "what do you think?"
He was silent for a moment.
"You two love each other?" he finally asked.
Lana nodded. "Very much."
"Then...that's all that matters."
"Really?" Lana asked.
Kevin nodded. "Really. I had no idea how much you two love each other. I'm okay with it, and I accept your apology."
The Princess' face beamed with happiness.
Everybody stood up. Kevin hugged Lana.
Zelda leaned over and kissed Lana on the lips. "We'll meet you at the Warp Zone Shifter."
Lana nodded.
Link and Zelda walked towards the door.
"Zelda?" Kristen suddenly asked.
Zelda stopped and turned to face her while Link walked out the door.
"I'm sorry I've been seducing your girlfriend." Kristen apologized. "I didn't know."
Zelda smiled. "Don't worry about it."
"Huh?" Kristen asked in surprise.
Lana faced Kristen. "Zelda's not the reason I don't want a physical relationship with you, Kristen. Kevin is. You see, Zelda and I allow each other to see other people, but Kevin and I don't have such an agreement."
"Then I must apologize to you and Kevin." Kristen said. "I'm sorry, guys."
Kevin smiled. "It's okay. I know Lana."
Lana faced him. "What does that mean?"
"Hormones." Kevin replied with a grin. "I know they can get out of control."
Kristen smiled. "So it's okay with you that I try to win Lana's affections?"
Kevin laughed. "About as okay as I was with Simon trying to win them!"
Lana and Kristen also laughed.
Kevin offered his right hand to Kristen. "But may the best person win!"
Kristen shook his hand. "Deal! Consider this war!" She then kissed Lana on the lips. "Don't be too long."
Zelda and Kristen then walked out the door.
Lana shook her head with a smile. "She doesn't give up!"
Stacey then hugged Kevin. "How about we go to a movie at the mall, Kevy?"
Kevin smiled. "You bet!"
Stacey kissed Kevin on the lips. Lana frowned.
Stacey then walked out the bedroom door.
"Consider this war." Lana said quietly.
"What was that?" Kevin asked.
Lana turned and faced him. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately on the lips.
Then she released him. "Wait here."
She went over to her stereo and put in a tape. She turned the stereo on and pressed the PLAY button.
Lana walked back over to Kevin. "Before we go to the mall, may I have this dance?"
Kevin smiled. "I'd love to dance with a Princess."
The two of them held each other and began dancing as a song started playing:

Twenty-thousand lines of resolution,
Stereo sound and color wall to wall,
Sweetheart of the newest revolution,
His atomic smile makes cities fall.

You've got him on remote control.
He sees into your very soul.
You'll never spend another night alone.

He's a Video Romeo,
Video Romeo,
Romeo Video,
Video Romeo.

He's a Video Romeo,
Video Romeo,
Romeo Video,
Video Romeo.


Beamed to the homes and the hearts of a hungry nation,
A dream come true for every lonely girl.
And it must be love, but what a sensation.
Switch the dial and step into his world.

You can see him everywhere.
Feel his presence in the air.
You'll never spend another night alone.

Oh, he's a Video Romeo,
Video Romeo,


New material copyright 1998 by Mark Moore

Material novelized from "QUEST FOR THE POTION OF POWER" and "HAVING A BALL"
Copyright 1990 by Nintendo of America Inc.