Captain N: The Game Master

Season 5





Friday, October 29, 1993, 10:00 AM

A dark shadow passed over the town of Ruto. Many of the townfolk looked and pointed at the vibrating black mass. Some people turned heel and ran.
In North Castle, Princess Zelda was in her bedroom, holding a necklace. The necklace was a large, polished, blue, star sapphire entrapped in a twist of a gold snake, on a gold chain. It sparkled with its own internal light. It twisted and turned in mid-air, one end being held by Princess Zelda. She placed the necklace in an ornate box and placed it in a hidden alcove just as a knock was heard on her door.
"Zelda?" Link called.
Zelda smoothed a tapestry over the alcove, then walked away, as if it wasn't there.
"Please, Link, come in." Zelda invited.
The door opened, and Link walked in. He was bedraggled and somewhat filthy.
"Did you find the container?" Zelda asked.
Yes, I did." Link reached into his belt pack and pulled out an opalescent luminescent bottle. "I think I'm entitled to know what this is all about."
Zelda took the bottle away from Link. It darkened momentarily in her grasp, but Link didn't see, because she had turned to close the door Link had left open.
"It's tears from the God of Courage." Zelda explained. "They've been enshrined for millennia, but they may save us now. The Triforce has told me that you may not survive the day. If you do not keep the tears with you, you will die this day. A short time ago, my suspicion was confirmed. Someone has wished Ganon back to life."

Elsewhere on Hyrule, a putrid black shadow passed over an ancient, bleached-white temple. Animals scattered away in fright.

At the N Team's house in Megaland, excited cheering was prominent in the game room.
The room was currently set up as a basketball court. Mega Man, Dr. Right, and Rick were playing via remote-controlled robots. Kevin and Lana walked into the room.
"Don't you think that takes all the fun out of the game?" Lana asked.
"Not really." Rick said. "It's actually quite fun."
"That reminds me of Hoop-De-Doo-Dah-Day." Lana said. "I'm so disappointed that we missed it this year! We've gone the passed two years, but we missed it this years, because we were in New Orleans visiting Kevin's grandparents."
"Yeah, and I didn't even think of taking a warp zone opener with us." Kevin said. "We had to wait until we were back at my house before we could go back to Videoland."
"But we found out what we missed when we got back." Lana said. "Hoopless was a bit disappointed that he didn't even get to take a shot."
"Some guy in a snow cap sank a ball almost as soon as the hoop came out." Kevin said.
"What did he wish for?" Dr. Right asked.
"For someone named Dragmire to come back better than before." Lana said.
"Who's mega Dragmire?" Mega Man asked.
"I got the impression that he was an old friend, or something like that." Kevin said. "By the way, where are the others?"
"Stacey and the boys are playing football." Rick said. "Simon and Kid Icarus went to Mount Icarus. Something about a nice sauna bath; I don't know." He was silent for two seconds. "Off to Tetris for that new holiday in Lyle's honor?"
"Yep. Just came back to get freshened up." Lana said.

A shadow passed over the window in Zelda's bedroom. Zelda panicked at the sight.
"They're here."
"Who's here?" Link asked.
Zelda pushed the opalescent bottle into Link's hand and pushed him to the door. "Link, get out of here."
"But - "
"This isn't up for debate. Get out of Hyrule now!" Zelda yelled.
Link hesitated, then rushed out the door. Zelda rushed to the window and locked it. She pressed against it, but it bent inward under the weight of the shadow.

Link rushed out a side door of North Castle. He knocked over a man.
"Ow. Oh, I'm sorry." Link said.
"Insolent dolt!" the man yelled.
"Hey! I apologized!" Link said angrily.
The man was wearing a rich red robe with a blue stone set in a gold delta on his forehead. His skin was a sickly blue.
"Apologies are not good enough for the wizard Agahnim."
Link recoiled in fear, recognizing the name. He struck Agahnim with his magical sword, but the sword passed right through. Agahnim laughed hysterically. Link shoved past Agahnim and ran off.

A warp opened in the game room. Link rushed out. Mega Man, Dr. Right, and Rick looked befuddled at him.
"Who creates the Zelda games in your universe?" Link asked. "I really want to kill him."
"Let me guess, the recently released The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past?" Rick asked.
"Sheesh. Even the name is terrible. Where's Kevin?"
"He's with Lana on Tetris. I guess you'll just have to put up with me."
"What do you know about this game?" Dr. Right asked.
"Not too much." Rick said. "It came out some time ago for the new system."
"New system?" Dr. Right asked.
Rick nodded. "Yeah. It's been out for about three years. The controller looks just like the one I'm wearing. There's also a Super Scope like the one I have."
Dr. Right smiled. "So, that's why you chose them."
"That's terrific." Link said, impatient. "What do you know about its story? I was nearly decapitated by Agahnim coming out of the castle. I know he lived some time ago, but beats me if I remember anything right now."
"How did you guess there was a new game out if you don't remember Agahnim?" Rick asked, confused.
"This old fact which I knew all along seemed just a little too absent. I know this sounds corny, but I can remember knowing this, but I can't seem to remember all of it. I can't recall a single case elsewhere happening. I told Zelda, but...I don't know."
"Let me run some tests on you." Dr. Right said.
"And what about Agahnim?" Link asked. "My sword just went right through him."

Rick walked into his bedroom, followed by Link, Mega Man, and Dr. Right. Rick activated his computer and began to type frantically.
"I'm looking for - That's not - Not quite - Where is - Here! Agahnim, right hand man to Ganondorf Dragmire. Son of a - " Rick turned and faced Dr. Right. "Contact Kevin and Lana. Get them back now!!!" He turned to Mega Man. "Get Stacey, Romeo, and Julius!"
A loud crash stopped everyone in their tracks. They rushed to the source of the crash.
In the Warp Zone Shifter room, two robed men stood with their backs to the door. The Warp Zone Shifter blazed with tremendous blinding power. A warp began to open.
The door opened, and Rick, Link, Mega Man, and Dr. Right ran into the room. Link grabbed the robe off one of the men.
"That's him!" Link exclaimed.
"Agahnim?" Rick asked.
The other man turned, revealing a piggish face.
"Ganon!" Link yelled in surprise.
"Ganon and Agahnim jumped through the warp. Link lunged at the warp, but it closed before he reached it. Rick rushed to the Shifter's control panel and checked the destination coordinates.
"They've jumped to Northridge." He faced Mega Man and Dr. Right. "Get the others! Tell them what happened." He then faced Link. "I'm going after them."
"And you think I'm staying?" Link asked. "I don't think so!"
"Didn't suggest it." Rick said.
"Do you need to mega change the destination like Kevin and Lana did when they went after Mike?" Mega Man asked.
Rick examined the computer. "It's been sabotaged. You'll have to fix it when you get back, Right."
Rick punched some buttons, and the Shifter activated. It whirled with a loud noise. A warp opened.
"Ready, Link?" Rick asked.
"Let's do it." Link said.
The two of them ran into the warp.

In a backstreet alley in Northridge, California, a warp opened with a loud num. Rick stumbled out, followed by Link. Link immediately examined himself while Rick looked up and down the alley.
"They're not here. We must've missed them." Rick said.
Link was flipping his hands over and over. "My Gods!"
"Same thing happened last time. Don't you remember?" Rick asked.
Link looked at him, surprised. "I've been here before?" He ceased paying attention to the fact that he was now "live action". "Where are we?"
"Earth. This is an alley." Rick looked at Link. "We should look for them, but you'll stand out. Mr. Spock got by with a bandanna on his head, but you have bigger ears. And the clothes. Even though we're in California, you'll draw more attention to yourself than we need."
Rick spotted some laundry on a clothes line. He looked around, then rushed to the line. He snagped a tie-dye shirt and a slightly large pair of pants. He returned to Link with the clothing.
Link eyed the clothes. "I'm not sure whether I should thank you or not."
"Shut up and put it on. This should pass until we get to Kevin's house. It's late enough that Mr. and Mrs. Keene should be home."
Link remained silent and put the clothing on. Rick hid Link's ears under his hair.

The front door of the Keene house opened. Cheryl Keene, Kevin's mother, waved Rick and Link inside. Cheryl closed the door behind them.
Rick. It's good to see you again. Where's Kevin? Who's this? He looks familiar."
"I'm Link. We met briefly when you visited Videoland."
"And you remembered that?" Rick asked him. Then he looked at Cheryl. "Link was here for Kevin's graduation party, but he seems to be having memory problems and can't remember it. Kevin should be coming as soon as he gets my message."
Just then, Ned Keene, Kevin's father, walked into the room. "Rick? Is Kevin around?"
"Honey, Kevin's still in Videoland." Cheryl informed him.
"When's he coming back?" Ned asked.
"We've got trouble." Rick said.
The Keenes looked at him in surprise.
"The new Zelda game that's out. One of the bad men from that game brought Ganon back to life, and they came to this dimension."
"We lost them." Link added.
"We couldn't look for them in the clothing that Link was wearing. Or these he's wearing right now, for that matter."
Cheryl thought for a moment. "I think it's a little late to be looking for them today. Would you two like to stay tonight?"
"Sure, Mrs. Keene." Rick said.
"Excuse me. Cheryl."

Dr. Right, Kevin, and Lana stood looking at the Shifter. It was largely intact, but one part was noticably missing. Its exploded parts lay everywhere. A blackened spot remained where the part was.
"It'll take me a week, maybe two, to fix the Warp Zone Shifter." Dr. Right said. "And the warp opener left behind just happens to be the one that needed the new part. I still haven't gotten the part yet."
"You mean we can't help Rick and Link?" Lana asked.
"I can't even guarantee they made it through."
Lana gasped.
"For all I know, they may be floating around in some kind of limbo."
"Well, we can't just do nothing." Kevin said. "I'm going to Hyrule to check on Princess Zelda. She deserves to know what happened to Link."
"I'll go with you." Lana said.
Kevin and Lana rushed out of the room, leaving Dr. Right alone.
Dr. Right watched them leave, then finally spoke: "I'll just stay here and fix this while you guys go."

"Here are clothes for tomorrow, and a shirt for tonight. Kevin won't mind you wearing these."
"Are you sure?" Link held the folded clothing in his arms. He was in a bathrobe with a towel over his shoulders, and his hair was wet.
Cheryl passed a shirt to Rick. "Trust me."
"Pero said that."
"Relax, Link." Rick said.
"And that shirt is for you to wear tonight, Rick."
"Hey, thanks." Rick was silent for two seconds. "I wonder what's taking Kevin so long?"
My sentiments exactly." Link said.
"I'm sure he'll be along as soon as he can." Cheryl shook her head. "Pointed ears. I just can't get use to them."
Cheryl left the room. Link was not amused.
"Don't tell me you have something against my ears, too." Link said to Rick.
Rick laughed. He spotted Kevin's Nintendo.
"You've never played a Nintendo before, huh?"
"Nintendo?" Link asked.
"The name comes from three Japanese...uh...another country...words. Nin - we do all that we can. Ten - as best as we can. Do - and await the results."
Rick stuck the Zelda II: The Adventure of Link cartridge into the Nintendo. He turned the Nintendo and the TV on.
"But in Japan it's called the Famicom." Rick paused. "This game is called Zelda II: The Adventure of Link."
"Eek! Who makes up these names?" Link asked. "Can I make up the next one?"
"Not unless you can speak Japanese. Go ahead and play it. I'm going to see what's on the radio."
Rick walked to the other side of the room and turned the radio on. He tuned it. Link sat in the director-style chair and read the opening story. He then pressed the Start button on the controller twice. He entered his name on the registration screen and started the game, but dropped the controller.
"That's suppose to be me?"
"But that's Kevin and Lana."
Rick was confused. "What?"
Rick leaped over to Link's side.
On the TV screen was shown the Throne room of North Castle. Also on the screen were a red, white, and blue Kevin; a pink, white, and brown Lana; and a purple, yellow, and tan Zelda. Their graphics moved on the screen. Their dialogue was written in the game's small dialogue box, with the speaking character's name in the border.
"Not even Zelda's correct graphic," Rick said, "but I like it better."
Link paid no attention to Rick.
Lana and Zelda's graphics met at the center of the screen, briefly overlapping. Their graphics pulled apart, and Kevin's graphic approached Lana and Zelda's graphics.
I hadn't expected you to come. Where's
Link? Is he okay?

We don't know.

The Warp Zone Shifter was sabotaged.
Part of it exploded after they
entered the warp. There's a good
chance they didn't make it through.
We can't follow, because the opener
that was left here is malfunctioning
and in need of maintanance.
Link and Rick reacted to this, but Link reacted more.
"We'll just see about that." Rick said.
Rick stood up, removed another opener from his blue jeans pocket, aimed it at the center of the room, and pressed some buttons. The opener sparked and fizzled out, losing all power.
"Drat,...looks like it's dead. They can't get here."
"I can't go home." Link said.
We're going back to the Dr. Right's

The shadow has vanished. I'll go
with you.
Rick jumped over to the Nintendo control deck. He turned it off, quickly exchanged the cartridge for the game Mega Man, and turned the control deck back on. Kevin, Lana, and Zelda did not show up. Rick tried with Mega Man II but did not succeed. He tried the rest of Kevin'S games, but it did not work.
"I guess that's it." Rick said.
"At least we now know why Kevin didn't come." Link said.
"Are you boys hungry?" Cheryl called.
"We've got some explaining to do." Link said quietly.
Link and Rick stood up and exited the room.

Kevin, Lana, and Zelda walked into the Dr. Right's lab. Right looked up from his computer. Mega Man, Stacey, Romeo, and Julius stood in the room.
"I see Mega Man found you three." Kevin said.
"Kevin, I can confirm that Link and Rick went into the warp, but I cannot confirm that they left it." Dr. Right said. "I can't trace their lifesigns in the warp, so, if they didn't leave, they're dead. But I can confirm that Agahnim and Ganon did leave the warp."
"We're hopeless now." Lana said dejectedly.
Zelda brushed Lana's right hand. "We'll help rebuild it."
Stacey smiled. "Right-a-roony."
"I knew you guys would." Dr. Right said with a smile. "With your help, we may get it done by the end of next week."
They all gathered around the computer.

Saturday, October 30, 1993, 8:30 AM

In the living room of the Keene House, Cheryl, Link, and Rick sat on the couch. Link was dressed in Kevin's clothes. Ned walked in, dressed for work. Cheryl stood up.
"I'll go warm up the car." Ned said.
"I'll be right with you." Cheryl said.
Ned walked out the front door.
Cheryl looked at Link. "I need a favor from you."
"Name it."
"Over this next week, Kevin was supposed to practice for a performance at the mall. He was chosen to be in a band that would play on Saturday. He was so excited. I told Helen last night that something came up, and Kevin wouldn't be in town this week. I...also told her that you could fill in for her."
"I told her you were his cousin, Linden Kyle, and that everyone used half of your first name and your last initial. Lin-K.
Link thought for a moment. "Well,...okay. I'll do it. Kevin's going to owe me big time."

Simon and Kid Icarus entered the Warp Zone Shifter room. Everyone else was working on the Shifter.
"It's about time you mega showed up!"
"We finally got your note-icus."
"We need you guys to go into town and get some supplies for us, okay?" Lana asked.
"Anything for you, Your Loveliness." Simon said with a smile.
"Good, because here's what we need." Dr. Right said, handing Simon a datapad.

Over the next week, Link and Rick helped the Keenes around the house, Link practiced with others in a studio, workers set up platforms at the mall, and Dr. Right and the N Team members worked on the Shifter.

Saturday, November 6, 1993, 11:45 AM

A crowd gathered around two platforms at the mall. Band members assembled on one platform. Dancers assembled on the other platform. They all wore identical shirts. Link was with the dancers and was wearing a bandanna like a hat. Various band members and dancers were wearing hats or bandannas. Cheryl and Rick stood with the crowd. Two suspicious characters snuck around behind the crowd.

In her bedroom in North Castle, Zelda pushed the tapestry back, revealing the alcove. She pulled out the ornate box and opened it. She lifted the blue star sapphire by its chain and contemplated for a moment. She put the box away and rushed out of the room, taking the necklace with her.

Zelda walked into the Shifter room, joining the others who were waiting anxiously.
Lana walked up and gave Zelda a kiss. "You're back, Zelda."
"There were a few things I needed to do."
"We're about to make a test run on the Shifter, but the destination control is burnt, so we don't know where it will end up." Dr. Right informed her. He was silent for two seconds. "Well, everyone. Let's get to it."
Everyone crowded around the Warp Zone Shifter's control panel.

One of the two suspicious characters, Agahnim, grabbed Cheryl. Rick was knocked down. Various members of the crowd backed away while others tried getting Cheryl away from Agahnim without getting themselves hurt.
Link jumped off the platform. "You just had to choose now, didn't you?"
Rick got to his feet. "Let her go."
"You'd like that, huh?" Agahnim asked.
Ganon moved to Agahnim's side. "We have her! Let's go!"
Ganon lifted his hand and opened a warp. Ganon stepped through. Agahnim dragged Cheryl through. The warp closed with a tremendous bang. Link and Rick made it to the closing warp too late.
"Hoo, boy." Rick said. "We are in trouble now."

The Shifter opened a warp, but it was weak and unstable. It wavered and changed color constantly.
Zelda took the necklace out and threw it into the warp.


Copyright 1998 by Kelly Harris and Mark Moore