Captain N: The Game Master

Season 5





Saturday, November 6, 1993, 12:00 PM

Inside an ancient temple on the world of Hyrule, Link lay in a semi-fetal position, in a spotlight. Everything around the spotlight was pitch black. Link's (Kevin's) clothing was shredded to near unrecognition. The necklace lay in front of him.
"Link,...Link..." a voice called.
In his sleep, Link dreamt about what had happened.

In the mall, Link and Rick faced where Ganon's warp had just closed. A pinpoint of light opened behind them, and they spun to look at it.

Link's head moved, trying to clear out a bad dream.

Link and Rick fell through the warp together. The necklace slammed into Link's chest, throwing him away from Rick.

Link's eyes snapned open. Above him stood Sahasrahla from The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past.
"Who are you?" Link asked.
"I am Sahasrahla."
"You're kidding, right?"
"On the contrary, I am quite serious."
Link stood and attempted to put a hand on Sahasrahla, but it went through.
Sahasrahla smiled. "You've forgotten me." He was silent for two seconds. "You know that normally we in Videoland do not connect the events that happen here to new games that appear in the other dimension."
"Yeah, but - "
"But somehow you sensed that there was something wrong."
Sahasrahla began pacing around Link. "This will come as a surprise. It has never been proven before, and no one has thought of it. But the Triforce knew that this was going to happen. It knew that it was going to happen within your lifetime."
"And how did I know?"
"The Triforce has passed on that knowledge to you." Sahasrahla noticed Link's look. "The Triforce knew that the person to stop them would be the Legendary Hero of Hyrule. When you held all three pieces of the Triforce for the first time, it knew you truly were the one. In the instant you touched it, the knowledge was passed on to you for this time only."
Link stood in silence. Sahasrahla gestured for Link to pick up the necklace, and Link did. Link stared at it in his hands.

Inside Death Mountain, Rick lay flat on his face. He maoned something incomprehensible. A moblin walked to his side and nudged him with a spear.

Link and Rick fell through the warp together. The necklace slammed into Link's chest. A large burst of energy expanded from the necklace, pushing Link and Rick away from each other. Link and Rick fell through the electric sides of the warp.

The moblin whacked Rick with the spear. Rick promptly woke up. The moblin pulled Rick to his feet.

In the ancient temple, the spotlight grew until all the background was filled with a fuzzy, warm light.
"What was it that let me see Zelda on Kevin's TV?" Link asked.
"It was the Triforce, with help from the Ultimate Warp Zone." Sahasrahla answered.
"I thought the Ultimate Warp Zone was destroyed when the Palace of Power exploded."
"The Ultimate Warp Zone was destroyed, but the influence of the Triforce had passed through when Captain N came to Videoland for the first time. The influence stayed there until you arrived."
"How do you know this?"
"I know this because the Triforce has allowed me to know this. The Triforce has also allowed me to know that you are dying."
Link was startled.
"The Triforce had not known what the surfacing of this knowledge would do to you. You have been slowly dying for over a year." Sahasrahla was silent for two seconds. "To remain alive longer, you have been forced to forget previous trials, and other memories. Meanwhile, I have been slowly losing solidity for over a year. I, too, have suffered from this knowledge, but solidity is nothing to me anymore. To remain, you must find a way to stop the effects of the knowledge. But if you do, there is a good chance we will lose all the knowledge we have gained by the suffering."
"So, I'd better find Ganon and Agahnim."
"And fight them with what?"
"With my sword." Link reached for his sword, but it was not there. "Oh, yeah." Link realized. "My sword is at the Keenes' house."
"Wouldn't have done you any good anyway. You need the Master Sword, but, to use it, you need the three pendants. Before I lost too much solidity, I brought two of the pendants here. The necklace you hold is the third pendant."
Two necklaces, one with a ruby, the other with a green sapphire, descended from the spotlight. Link reached up to grab them, then turned back to Sahasrahla, who was not there. Link looked around, but Sahasrahla had vanished.
"Sahasrahla? Sahasrahla!"
Link gave up and walked out.

At the N Team's house, Kevin, Lana, and Zelda were sitting in the multi-purpose room. Stacey, Romeo, Julius, Dr. Right, Mega Man, Simon, and Kid Icarus entered the room.
"Why did you throw that necklace into the warp, Zelda?" Kevin asked.
The viewscreen on the wall flared up, showing Agahnim. Everybody stood up.
"Like, who's him?" Stacey asked.
"Relinquish the title of Captain N." Agahnim demanded.
"Never!" Kevin said.
"Oh, I think you will." Agahnim said. "We have your mother. At midnight, the enchantment on her will be complete."
The viewscreen shut off.
"Who was that bad guyicus?" Kid Icarus asked.
"Agahnim." Mega Man answered.
"The guy Link and Rick were chasing? We've got to stop him." Kevin pulled out his Zapper and twirled it.
"That won't do you any good."
"Mike?" Lana asked.
Mike Vincent walked in. "I've played the game. The only thing that will hurt Agahnim is his own magic, and he sure as hell ain't going to shoot himself."
"Reflect magic?" Kevin asked. "I still have the magic Link gave me for my birthday."
"No can do. Agahnim would kick your ass that way. You'd need the Master Sword, but only the Legendary Hero can wield it."
"And the last time I checked, that was Link." Zelda said.

Agahnim shut the console off. "Why do we have a computer console in Death Mountain?"
Agahnim walked over to Cheryl, who was bound in rope and was sitting in a chair.
"Only time now, my dear."
"Kevin will stop you." Cheryl said. "He will win. He always wins; it's his job. He's the Game Master."
"Not this time. He doesn't stand a chance."
Rick walked into the room with his hands up. The moblin followed, with his spear pointed at Rick's back.
"I found him in the labyrinths." the moblin said.
Agahnim looked Rick over. "You are quickly becoming a nuisance."
"Glad I could be of service." Rick said, smiling.
Agahnim was not amused. "Such singular wit."
Agahnim smacked Rick across the face. Rick fell to the ground, and the moblin picked Rick back up.
"I will show you this is not a game." Agahnim said.

Link stumbled through the Dragonwood Forest on Hyrule at dusk.
He was almost unnoticably less muscular, and his hair was almost unnoticably thinner. Link stumbled to a spring and sat down. The head and shoulders of a fish man rushed out of the water. Link screamed and stumbled backwards, falling over a log.
The fish man stepped out of the water. "Calm down, human."
"Who are you?" Link finally asked.
"Zora, master of the waters. Do you not remember? You are searching for the Master Sword again, yes?"
Link was surprised. "How did you know?"
"You have before. I cannot take you all the way, but I can take you closer to the sword."
Zora grabbed Link and pulled him under the water.

In the multi-purpose room, Kevin paced in a circle, then stopped.
"Lana, Zelda, Stacey, and Kid Icarus: you four will look for any possible way to defeat Agahnim, or at least a way to hold him off. Mike, Mega Man, and I will go to Death Mountain. Doctor Right, stay here and fix the Warp Zone Shifter. Simon, Romeo and Julius, stay here and guard against possible attacks."
Everyone agreed.

Link fought his way through the Lost Woods. He was noticeably less muscular, and his hair was noticeably thinner.

Kid Icarus, Lana, Stacey, and Zelda frantically searched a huge library.

Kevin, Mega Man, and Mike were in the overworld on Hyrule. Then they went into the Death Mountain underworld.

Link, painfully thinner, stumbled up to the Mater Sword. He pulled the sword out of the monolith, which was accompanied by a blinding flash of light. Link fell over backwards.

Kid Icarus, Lana, Stacey and Zelda raced through the library, scanning books. They had gone through many books, but they still had a long way to go.
Kid Icarus' eyes widened as he re-read a section of a book. "I think I found something!"
Kid Icarus flew to Lana and pointed out the section.
Lana took the book and read out loud: "'Legendary battle with Agahnim'?" She was silent for two seconds. "'It is told that Agahnim knocked the Master Sword out of the hands of the Legendary Hero. The hero then used a shovel to deflect Agahnim's magic.'" Lana stopped reading, not understanding. "You guys teach people how to fight with shovels?"
Zelda took the book from Lana, letting her hand rest on Lana's. "It probably won't work. It was still Link wielding it. But it is a chance."
"Wait a minute. I don't understand." Lana said.
"C'mon. I'll explain it on the way." Zelda grabbed Lana's hand and pulled her out the door.
Kid Icarus and Stacey followed them out the door.

Agahnim leaned over Cheryl. "Imagine Captain N's surprise when he realizes you aren't human, just as you attack him."
"Never!" Cheryl yelled.
Agahnim raised a hand.
On the wall, Agahnim and Cheryl's shadows could be seen. Cheryl's shadow became animalistic.

Kevin, Mega Man, and Mike ran through the dark tunnels of Death Mountain. Kevin knocked Mike over and shot a landmola that was behind Mike. Kevin grinned, but Mike pushed Kevin away to shoot a goriya behind him.
Mike grinned. "We're even."
"In a pig's eye. The landmola was bigger."
A gooma rose up until it towered over Mike and Kevin. Its giant claw reached down to break their heads open. A plasma shot hit its eye, and the gooma vanished. Mega Man ran over to them.
"Now you two owe me." Mega Man said smugly.
"You'd better get yourself protective assgear, you shrimp, 'cause I'm going to get you when you least expect it."
"Cut it out, you two. We're supposed to be looking for Mom, remember?"
"Yeah, whatever."
"Landmola, goriya, and the gooma? It looks like Ganon and Agahnim are pretty serious about keeping us away." Kevin was silent for two seconds. "C'mon, guys. Let's go."
Kevin, Mega Man, and Mike walked through a door. A few seconds later, an animalistic creature followed.

Kid Icarus, Lana, Stacey, and Zelda walked through a large dark chamber. They could only what was close to them. Everything else was dark. They had seven showels with them.
Stacey looked around the room. "'Shall I believe that unsubstantial Death is amorous, and that the lean abhorred monster keeps thee here in dark to be his paramour?'"
Kid Icarus, Lana, and Zelda stopped and looked at Stacey in shock.
"That's, um, like,...Shakespeare. Read it in school."
Kid Icarus, Lana, and Zelda continued staring at Stacey for a few more seconds. They resumed walking.
"So, which way do you think they went?" Lana asked.
Zelda stopped and grabbed Lana's arm. Her other hand reached up to Lana's chest. "Do you hear that?"
"I don't hear anything." Lana said finally.
"Totally like Mr. Spock and his ears."
"Stacey, shhhhh!" Zelda hissed.
Low growling rose in pitch and volume.
"All those in favor of getting out of here, say 'aye'." Kid Icarus said.
"Aye!" Lana and Zelda said.
"Totally!" Stacey agreed.
Kid Icarus, Lana, Stacey, and Zelda exited the chamber.

Rick was bound by rope to a chair. Agahnim loomed over him. Ganon stood in the shadows, out of Rick's field of vision.
Kevin, Mega Man, and Mike were looking down a hole at Agahnim, Ganon, and Rick.
"I don't see Mom anywhere."
"Knowing that asshole, Agahnim was probably lying." Mike said.
"Well, at least we know Rick is mega safe."
"But if Rick is here, where's Link?" Kevin asked.
"Maybe he didn't make it." Mega Man said.
"Nah. He made it." Mike assured them.
"What makes you so sure?" Kevin asked.
"Nintendo's not done with him yet. They'll come out with another Zelda game."
"Um, Mike, it doesn't quite work that way."
A silhouette stepped out from the shadows. Kevin, Mega Man, and Mike turned to face the silhouette. Kevin and Mike drew their Zappers and aimed them at the silhouette. Mega Man aimed his Mega Buster at the silhouette.
"Relax, guys. It's just us." Lana said.
Kevin and Mike lowered their Zappers and holstered them. Mega Man lowered his Mega Buster.
"Heart attack city!" Mike said.
"Lana! Don't do that!" Kevin complained.
Lana stepped out from the shadows. Kid Icarus, Stacey, and Zelda stepped out from the shadows seconds after. They handed Kevin, Mega Man, and Mike the extra showels.
"What are these for?" Kevin asked.
"It's the only thing we could find that might stop Agahnim." Zelda said.
"Shovels?" Mega Man asked.
"You guys teach people to fight with shovels?" Kevin asked Zelda.
"I don't remember fighting Agahnim with a shovel in the game." Mike said.
Kevin smiled. "Maybe it's in that future Zelda game you mentioned earlier."
An animalistic silhouette rose and loomed over them.

Link's silhouette slowly stumbled along the wall. His silhouette showed he had become almost only skin and bones, very wraith-like. He could barely hold himself up and drag the Master Sword.
Screaming from various N Team members echoed down the dark tunnels.
Link stepped forward. Only his eyes entered the shaft of light. Link's eyes were withered, wrinkled, and had lost most of their color, but they burned with fury.

Rick remained bound to the chair by ropes. Agahnim and Ganon watched as Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, Mike, Stacey, and Zelda were thrown out the hole on one side of the chamber. A gruesome animal, resembling something between a werewolf and Zeromus from Final Fantasy IV, stepped through the hole, holding Kid Icarus in huge paws. The N Team members yelled in pain as they landed on the ground.
"Well, well, well. Look who we have here." Agahnim said with an evil smile.
"Well? Now there's a deep thought." Mike said.
"So, Captain N. How do you like the improvements I made to your mother?"
"My mother?" Kevin asked finally. "Where?"
Agahnim gestured to the gruesome animal. "Right there. Quite a piece of work, don't you think?"
Kevin began frothing. "Bastard! What did you do to her?!"
Link stumbled into the chamber. He was very unrecognizable. His skin was bone white. His hair was in thin bits and scraps. His face had hollowed out. He looked more like a Stalfo than a human.
"Who in the world are you?" Ganon asked.
Link's voice was strangled: "" He fell and hit the ground hard.
"Your army, Captain N?" Agahnim asked.
"Nevermind that. Destroy them!" Ganon demanded.
"As you wish, Master Ganon."
Two bright balls of surging energy spewed from Agahnim's hands. Kevin hit the first ball of energy with the showel like a baseball. The ball of energy bounced off the showel and hit the gruesome animal, tearing and burning the flesh in one swipe. When it passed through, it left Cheryl's smaller human body behind, instead of the animal body. Cheryl fell to the floor. The second ball of energy hit Kevin full force, sending him flying back into the wall.
Link pulled out the opalescent luminescent bottle. "Oh, Gods of Hyrule, let this work."
Link opened the opalescent luminescent bottle, but it dropped from his weak hands to the floor. A thin, clear liquid spilled out and soaks into the ground.
"No!" Link grabbed the moist dirt with his hands, then lay his head on the dirt. "No." he said quietly.
He closed his eyes, and a single tear fell and mixed in with the moist dirt. The dirt glowed dimly and briefly. A line of glitter washed over Link, leaving Link healthy and healed. Link was now normal, but the clothing was still shredded. He stood, and everyone's attention was drawn to him.
"What the - " Agahnim began.
"Link!" Zelda yelled.
"You shall pay for our last meeting!" Agahnim yelled. "You shall die!"
Agahnim threw a ball of energy at Link, which Link hit with the Master Sword. The ball of energy hit Agahnim and destroyed him. Agahnim blipped out of existence.
Link faced Ganon. "Ready to try your luck?"
"Your Magical Sword can't kill me."
"This isn't the Magical Sword."
A chair hit Ganon from behind. Rick stood with the ropes untied at his feet. Ganon whirled around to face Rick. Link rushed in and swung the Master Sword into Ganon. The moment the Master Sword touched Ganon, a bright white light washed out. When the light died down, Ganon was gone.
Zelda ran over and hugged Link. "Link, you found the Master Sword!"
"You can have my old one if you want." Link offered. "It's at Kevin's house."
Kevin removed his jacket and shirt and put them on Cheryl.
"Man! That was awesome!" Mike exclaimed.
"Mom, are you okay?" Kevin asked.
"Yes, Kevin, I'm all right."
"Hmmm...guess what video game music we'll be playing at tonight's concert." Stacey said with a smile.
"That reminds me: Link, Zelda, front row seats at the concert?" Kevin asked.
"I'm there." Zelda said with a smile.
Link shook his head. "No, thank you."
"Why not?" Kevin asked.
"Well..." Link paused. "Your mother is a very nice woman, and the week I spent at your house was nice. But then, I started thinking about my own mother, and I realized I haven't seen her in quite some time. I think it's about time I paid a visit back home."
Kevin nodded. "I understand."
"Tell her, from one mother to another, I think you're a nice man, and she brought you up very well." Cheryl said with a smile.
Zelda smiled. "I think so, too."


Copyright 1998 by Kelly Harris and Mark Moore