Captain N: The Game Master

Season 6




Saturday, August 12, 1995, 10:30 AM

It was an unusually chilly day in Megaland. At the N Team's house, Kevin was watching a program on the television when Simon and Kid Icarus came inside, just back from shopping.
Simon was decked out in several layers of jackets. "Man, I haven't felt cold wind like this since I visited Ice Climber Peak."
"Why, Simon, you're not afraid of a little chill, are you?" Kevin asked.
"Are you kidding? Cold winds freeze the mousse in my hair."
"I guess that would be bad." Kevin said. "You wouldn't want your hair to fall off because of the frozen mousse."
Simon frowned. "Very funny, Captain Ninny."

A few seconds after Kevin, Simon, and Kid Icarus started unpacking groceries in the kitchen, Mega Man ran in.
"Captain N! We're intercepting an emergency transmission!"
The four N Teamsters ran to the Communications room.

Lana and Gameboy were already there, listening to the transmission.
It was fractured; only bits and pieces were audible. "Trouble...people in...need...come in any...emer...ncy...come help..."
After that, it was just static.
Kevin thought for a moment. "Do you know where this is being sent from?"
"Transmission trace in progress." Gameboy stated. "Message origin is Leaf Village."
"Leaf Village?" Lana repeated. "That's on Crystalis."
"If there's trouble, I guess it's time to make my entrance." Kevin took out a warp zone opener. "Kid Icarus, Mega Man, Simon, you're with me."
"I'll try to get the rest of the team together and help, but it may take some time." Lana said. "Be careful."
The first three agreed, but Simon flatly said "No way! I ain't goin'!"
"Now, Simon!" Kevin yelled.
"Okay, okay, don't blow a fuse."

Seconds later, the four came out of the warp and emerged on Crystalis. More precisely, Leaf Village. It was a quaint town, except for one thing.
It was deserted.
"Well, nobody's home. Guess we can leave." Simon said.
"Wrong, Belmont." Kevin said. "This place is usually bustling with activity. Something is wrong here. We'd better split up. Mega Man and I will look around here. Kid Icarus, you and Simon take the outskirts."
"You got it, Kevinicus."
As Kevin and Mega Man walked away, a bunny rabbit emerged from a barn and started hopping towards Simon.
"Go away. I don't have time to play." Simon walked away.
While the four split up, a figure was watching from the shadows.

In the valley, Kid Icarus and Simon were searching the ground for clues.
Simon kept muttering "How can people live in this valley? It's cold here."
"From what I hearicus, the people are used to the coldicus."
Simon examined a rock. "Stupid Game Master. Doesn't he see there's nothing here?"
"I have to agree. There's doesn't seem to be any sign of anyone leaving. Perhaps if - " He was cut off.
Simon looked up. "Kid, you really should finish your sentences. Kid?" He turned and saw two soldiers before he blacked out.

Kevin and Mega Man were searching a nearby windmill, where the message originated.
This must be what generates power to the village. There's an abundance of wind, at least. Kevin thought to himself.
Mega Man turned his head and saw the bunny rabbit Simon saw earlier. "Hey, Captain N. Look."
Kevin walked over. "Isn't that cute? He must belong to somebody."
The bunny started making weird sounds and gestures.
"I think he's trying to tell us something, Mega Man. Or charades. Either way, what could he be saying?"
"Maybe he's a witness to the disappearance. I have a translator that can translate animal vibes. Dr. Right made it two days ago so we can finally talk with Donkey Kong." Mega Man concentrated and activated the function in his helmet.
The bunny started talking in a deep human voice. "Amazing!"
Kevin and Mega Man jumped back. "Whoa, it works!" they both said.
"Sorry for startling you. I can't believe I'm talking myself. Anywho, you are correct, however. I did witness the abduction."
"The townspeople were kidnapped?" Kevin asked.
The rabbit nodded. "They were taken as slaves to the top of Mount Sabre. Hardly anyone's come back from climbing there. I saw the path they took. Follow me."
After the rabbit finished, he hopped out of the town. Kevin and Mega Man followed.

The rabbit hopped across a bridge suspended across a river and through a small valley, with Kevin and Mega Man trailing behind. Finally, they stopped at the base of a trail heading up into the mountains.
"Here we are. This trail will lead you up Mount Sabre. It is a treacherous place, filled with ice slides, twisting caves, and monsters."
Kevin looked up. The trail looked like it went for miles, disappearing into the snow-covered peak.
"You mean we have to go all the way up there?" Kevin asked.
"Yes. What do you mean 'we'? You're the heroes."
"Yeah, but you know where they are." Mega Man said. "Now lead."
The rabbit went ahead, saying to himself: "Maybe I should have stayed in the garden eating vegetables."

Simon and Kid Icarus woke up and started to be aware of their surroundings. They were sitting in a cave, bound by chains. A ledge was behind them.
"I wish whoever is in charge would get here! I have a few things to say!" Simon shouted.
"You won't wait long." A green knight came in.
"You the guy in charge?" Simon asked.
"Correct. I am General Kelbesque, the ruler here."
Kid Icarus looked over the ledge behind him and saw many people digging in the walls. "The citizens of Leaficus."
Kelbesque chuckled. "Yes. You see, I run a humble mining operation, looking for gold, silver, ore, you know, that stuff. Well, it turns out that I needed some more help. So I'd thought I'd recruit the people of Leaf. They wouldn't go willingly, so I had to convince them other ways."
"You're mad!" Simon shouted. "We'll stop you!"
Two guards came in, picked up Simon and Kid Icarus, threw them against a wall, and tossed some picks at them.
Kelbesque laughed. "You two are now under my control. Now get to work!!!"

Kevin, Mega Man, and the rabbit were walking on a path when they saw a corner. They heard two voices around the bend.
One of them said "Hey, what do you think of those new workers?"
Kevin and Mega Man hid behind the corner and peered around it. They saw two guards standing beside a cave entrance.
The other guard replied "They're doing great work."
"I know. Being used to the cold helps."
"You know, I don't think we heard one complaint out of those villagers."
"Yeah, but it's hard to complain when you're not allowed."
Both of the guards laughed.
Kevin and Mega Man retreated back to the path.
The rabbit said "Those are the guys. Even if you get past them, there's still the dangers in the caves. Good luck!" The rabbit dashed off.
"Figured he'd cut out." Mega Man said softly.
Kevin looked back at the guards. "Mega Man, I need you to distract the guards so I can get in."
Mega Man made an "okay" symbol with his hand. "No problem, Captain N." He ran up to the guards.
The guards shouted "Hey, he ain't one of ours! Let's get him!"
While the two ran after Mega Man, Kevin pushed a button on his Power Pad and zipped inside.

Simon and Kid Icarus were toiling in the mines while a guard observed.
Simon kept saying "I hate this. This is musing up my hair, plus it's so cold here."
"Shut up, slave." the guard said. "More minin', less whinin'."
When the guard left to check on the others, a young man nearby our heroes said "It's no use. They don't care. They just want us to work. Just because the cold doesn't bother us."
"Is everybody from Leaf village here-icus?"
"Men, women, children, everybody. Except for our Elder. They just locked him up; because he's old, they felt he can't do anything."
"You can't give up." Simon said. "There must be something we can do."
"I thought I said shut up!" the guard yelled. "You're here to work!"
Simon quieted up, but whispered to Kid Icarus: "I got a plan."
Kid Icarus whispered back: "We're in enough trouble already."
"No, no, no. I got an idea."

Kelbesque watched high above on a ledge. "Excellent. Soon I'll have enough material to build up my wealth. I think I'll sell some of the metal to Dr. Wily so he can build some decent robots for once."
A soldier ran up behind him. "Sir, we have reports of intruders in the mines."
"Catch them and bring them to me. The more workers, the better."

Elsewhere, Kevin was dodging guards and other monsters while running through a tunnel. His Zapper was wailing, taking down anything in his path. Soon, he felt exhausted, and his power was draining. He looked back to see what was behind him, and he didn't see a ramp of ice. He stepped on it and slid down to the bottom. Once he got up, he saw a light. He ran to an entryway and found himself outside the mountain, on a ledge overlooking the world below him.
A man dressed in red said "Greetings. I am Tornel, a wise man. How may I help you?"
Kevin soon caught his breath. "I'm looking for the missing villagers from Leaf. They were taken here."
"That is a problem. Unfortunately, I can't be much help to you, my friend. However, I can give you something that will help you." He held out a green bracelet. "This is the Tornado Bracelet, capable of generating huge bursts of wind."
Kevin took the bracelet. "Thank you. I have to go now. My friends are in trouble." He ran back through the hole and back into the mountain.
After he left, an image of an old man appeared to Tornel and asked "Has he come yet?"
"He has, Zebu, and I've given him the bracelet."
Zebu paused, then asked "Tornel, are you sure about this?"
Tornel smiled. "Have I ever been wrong before? Besides, Captain N can handle anything."
Zebu smiled. "I hope you're right...for his sake."

Simon looked around. The guard's back was turned to him.
"You still haven't told me what the plan is." Kid Icarus said.
"This!" Simon pushed Kid Icarus.
"Heyicus!" Kid started hitting Simon.
The two were locked in a fight while the villagers were shouting.
A guard came over. "What's goin' on? Stop this."
Simon and Kid Icarus were standing face to face; however, Kid had to fly. Simon swung with his right hand, missing Kid Icarus and knocking out the guard.
He then took the key and unlocked his chains. The villagers cheered again as Simon and Kid Icarus undid all the locks and opened the cells holding other prisoners.
Simon spoke up: "All right, let's get out of here."
They tried running, but the entrance was blocked off by the general and some guards.
Kelbesque said "You ain't goin' nowhere. Get them back to work."
"I've just declared a holiday." a voice declared.
Everyone turned, and there stood Kevin Keene.
"Who are you?!" Kelbesque shouted.
"I'm Captain N, leader of the N Team."
Kelbesque chuckled. "Well, well, well, at last I meet the Game Master. Pity you're going to spend the rest of your life in chains."
He shot out a bolt of energy that nearly missed Kevin. Kevin answered back with Zapper shots, which connected.
Kelbesque stepped back a little, but fired more energy. Soon the fight moved to a ledge next to a large and deep chasm. The general fired some shots. Kevin jumped up and came down, missing a beam but losing his footing. He hit the ground and tried to get back up. Another shot knocked his Zapper out of his hand, disarming him.
Kelbesque said "Game over."
Kevin suddenly remembered the bracelet. He got it out, but fumbled it, and it rolled to come to rest by a wall. As the general came walking towards him, Kevin pondered his fate: he couldn't get his Zapper, and he was out of options. As he thought, a burst of plasma energy flung down, hitting Kelbesque and stopping him in his tracks.
Mega Man was standing on a high ledge above him. "May I join the party?"
The general laughed and shot a beam, which hit the ledge and sent Mega Man tumbling down. He landed next to the bracelet.
Kelbesque asked "How about that? I also get a robot, and robots never get tired. I've got my first 24-hour slave."
"Get me the bracelet!" Kevin shouted.
Mega Man looked around, spotted the bracelet, picked it up, and threw it to Kevin, who caught it.
Kelbesque turned his back to the chasm. Kevin slipped on the bracelet and punched his fist forward. The bracelet lit up, a tornado formed, flew from Kevin's hand, and struck the general. Kelbesque was lifted up, back, and he fell into the chasm. Everyone went to the chasm and saw the general fall.
"Yaaaaaaah!" He disappeared from sight.
Simon took his key, opened a cell door, and the Leaf Elder came out, saying "Thank you, my son."
"Don't mention it, please."

As Kevin led the villagers home, he asked Simon: "So, what have you been up to?"
"Don't get me started, boy. It was cold, dark, I got blisters on my fingers, dirt in my hair, and, to top it off, the chains clashed with my outfit! Other than that, it's been dandy!"
Soon, all the villagers reached home. Kevin saw a warp zone open up and the rest of the N Team come out.
"Lana got us all together, told us what happened, and we set out to help you." Rick said. "But I see you have everything under control already."
"That I do, Rick." Kevin replied. "Now if you'll excuse me, we have a concert to get ready for."
The Elder came forward. "Kevin Keene, thank you for helping us escape that dreadful existence."
"Hey, I helped too, you know!" Simon yelled.
"Anyway, we are in your debt." the Elder continued. "You're welcome back anytime."
As the N Team departed through the warp zone, the villagers were cheering for them. Nobody noticed that Tornel and Zebu were standing some distance from the crowd, watching them leave.
"What did I tell you? He got the job done." Tornel said.
"I guess you were right." Zebu said. "However, what we see in the kid's future does not look good."
Tornel nodded. "You're right. Something big is coming, and it looks like it'll test every skill he has. The question is...will it be enough?"


Copyright 1999 by Adam King and Mark Moore