Captain N: The Game Master

Season 6




Saturday, October 1, 1994, 11:50 AM

"Kid, you have a call!" Mega Man called.
Kid Icarus was in the living room, watching TV. The opening credits to "The Wombatman Adventure Hour" were being displayed on the screen. Kid Icarus turned the TV off and flew into the Communications room.
"Hey, Kid!" the person on the other end greeted.
"Wombatman!" Kid Icarus exclaimed. "It's been yearsicus!"
Wombatman nodded, then smiled. "Listen, Kid, the script writers are working on a movie, and they'd kinda like to know if you wanna guest-star as my sidekick."
Kid Icarus smiled. "Are you kidding? I'd love to-icus!"
"Figured you would." Wombatman replied. "See you at noon. Got it?"
Kid Icarus nodded. Wombatman's image disappeared.
"Mega cool!" Mega Man exclaimed. "We've gotta tell the others!"
Kid Icarus nodded, and the two ran out of the room.

"Cool!" Kevin exclaimed when Mega Man told him and the rest of the N Team the news.
"Totally!" Stacey agreed.
"This is awesome!" Rick added.
"Kid Icarus is already there." Mega Man said.
"We'd better go and watch for Wily," Lana said, "just in case."
"Good idea." Kevin said. "Lana, Simon, Rick, Mega Man, and I will go. Everyone else, stay here and guard the house."
Everyone nodded. Kevin opened a warp, and the group jumped through.

"You made it." Wombatman said once Kid Icarus arrived at the studio.
"Of course-icus!" Kid Icarus said to his favorite TV hero. "Do you think I'd miss an event like thisicus?"
"Come on." Wombatman said. "We have a lot to talk about."
The two of them walked into the studio together.

"Haven't been here in a while." Kevin said, looking around. He, Lana, Simon, Rick, and Mega Man stood by a tour bus, where the warp had taken them.
"Where's Kid Icarus?" Lana asked.
"Over there!" Rick pointed to a spot a few yards to the group's left.
"Hey, Kid!" Mega Man shouted.
Kid Icarus looked in his direction and smiled, as did Wombatman. Kevin, Lana, Simon, Rick, and Mega Man ran over to Kid Icarus and Wombatman.
"Didn't expect your friends to be here." Wombatman said, then shrugged. "Well, come on, everyone. Maybe we can find parts for you, too. We need some bad guys as well."

"So that rodent is making a movie?" Wily watched what was going on from a viewscreen in his lab. He laughed evilly. "Maybe it's time he had some real action!"
Three of Wily's newest creations entered the lab. The first was blue and wore what looked like an astronaut's suit. He had cannons on both his arms, which shot blasts cold enough to freeze any target. The second was brown and resembled a caterpillar. He could make anything out of wood. The third looked like a giant chicken. He was white with a red comb. He carried a gun that shot out eggs.
"Mr. Chill, Wiggler, Yoker." Wily addressed the three robots. "The N Team is guest-starring in a movie. This is the perfect opportunity to test your skills against live opponents." Wily wheezed. "That rodent is looking for some villains for his movie as we speak."
"So you want us to go down there, play the parts of the villains, and, when the time is right, smash the N Team, right?" Mr. Chill asked.
Wily nodded.
"No sweat." Wiggler said. "This'll be fun!"
Wily opened a warp a safe distance away from the studio, and his robots jumped through. Wily watched the viewscreen.

"In zis scene, Wombatman ond Kid Icarus vill save Nikki from the bad guys." the director said.
The stage was set up to look like a room in a fortress.
"You ready, Kid?" Wombatman asked.
Kid Icarus nodded.
"Now, Kid Icarus won't come to the rescue until I give ze signal." The director got into his spaceship. "Ond action!"
Wombatman faced Wiggler, Mr. Chill, and Yoker.
"You're finished, Wombatman." Mr. Chill aimed his arm cannon at Wombatman.
"Wrong." Wombatman jump-kicked the blue robot. "I haven't even started.
Wiggler grabbed a nearby log and chewed it into a gun. He pulled the trigger. A yellow beam shot out and hit Wombatman full in the chest. He flew backwards a few feet before crashing into a wall.
"Hey, zat eez not in ze script!" the director yelled. "But I like it. Continue."
"Wombatman!" Kid Icarus flew over to Wombatman.
"Kid?" Wombatman asked. "Call me back when there's only one of you."
"Hey, where'd Wiggler, Yoker, and Mr. Chill go?" Rick asked.
"I smell trouble." Kevin said.
"Me, too." Lana added. "We'd better contact the rest of the N Team."

"You guys have a problem over there?" Romeo asked. He was talking to Lana through the viewscreen in the Communications room.
"Three of Wily's robots are attacking Studio World!" Lana yelled.
The viewscreen image changed to show Wiggler, Mr. Chill, and Yoker destroying everything in sight. Then it switched back to Lana's image.
"I'll get the others." Romeo said. "We'll be there as soon as possible."

Lana nodded and turned to the rest of the N Team and Wombatman. "As usual, Wily's behind this. Mr. Chill, Wiggler, and Yoker are his creations. They're running around destroying everything in sight."
"Surprise, surprise." Simon said.
"Why are we all just standing here?" Kevin asked.
"We'll split into groups." Lana said. "Each group will attack a different robot. Simon and Rick will go against Yoker. Kid, you and Mega Man will take on Wiggler. Kevin and I will confront Mr. Chill."
"What about me?" Wombatman asked.
"This is a real battle we're fighting." Kevin replied. "You could get hurt."
"I came to your rescue one time, remember?" Wombatman asked. "Believe me, I can handle this."
Lana nodded. "Wombatman, you go with Kid and Mega Man."
Wombatman nodded.
"I'm helping, too." Nikki walked up to the surprised group.
"Nikki, it's too dangerous." Wombatman said.
"I'm not a baby. I can take care of myself." Nikki said. She grabbed the wooden gun Wiggler had left behind and fired at the mark left behind from Wiggler's shot. She hit the mark perfectly. "I've been practicing since you and Kid Icarus rescued me from Mother Brain. I know I can be of a little help at least."
"Well," Kevin thought for a moment, "...we could use a little more help."
"You sure you want to do this?" Rick asked.
Nikki nodded.
"Okay," Lana said, "Nikki, you go with Wombatman, Kid Icarus, and Mega Man."
Nikki nodded again.
"Well, are we ready?" Kevin asked.
Everyone nodded, got in their groups, and exited the studio.

Wily watched his robots on the viewscreen as they attacked various places on Mount Icarus.
"Perfect!" he exclaimed. "My plan is working! Soon, I will have the entire N Team destroyed, and all Videoland will be mine!" He laughed evilly.

Mega Man, Kid Icarus, Wombatman, and Nikki arrived near the tour buses.
"There he isicus!" Kid Icarus yelled.
Wiggler was only a short distance away. He had carved a wooden gun that looked similar to Rick's Super Scope cannon and was blasting everything in sight. The robot caterpillar saw the group and approached them.
"It's about time you showed up." Wiggler said. "I've been looking for some action! Do you know how boring it is destroying inanimate objects?" He fired at the group.
"You need target practice." Nikki said, aiming the gun Wiggler had dropped in the studio at the robot caterpillar.
Mega Man aimed his Mega Buster at the same point Nikki aimed at.
Kid Icarus shot a buzzsaw arrow at the spot the first two were aiming. The arrow cut a perfect circle on Wiggler's right side, exposing the wires and circuits under where the metal "skin" used to be.
Mega Man and Nikki fired their weapons at the spot Kid Icarus' arrow had cut away. The shots hit their target, causing Wiggler to explode.
"Wily's robots just keep getting easier and easier to kill." Mega Man said.

Simon and Rick searched for Yoker in a small town. The buildings and much of the ground in the town had been almost completely covered in cracked eggs.
"Man," Rick said, "I've seen quite a few egged houses, but this is ridiculous!"
"Where is that S.O.B.?" Simon asked as he and Rick walked through the town.
They found him a few yards away from the town, waiting for his gun to recharge.
"Crap!" Yoker exclaimed when he saw the two N Team members.
"Hey, Simon, how do you like your chicken?" Rick joked. "Well done or extra crispy?" He aimed his Super Scope at the robot chicken.
Yoker aimed his gun at Simon and fired. An egg exited the gun and hit Simon in the head. The egg cracked on impact, covering Simon's hair and part of his forehead with the goo.
"My hair!" Simon wailed and pulled out his whip. "You'll pay for that!"
Yoker laughed. "Sorry, Belmont, I left my wallet in my other chicken suit."
Rick fired his gun at Yoker, turning the robot chicken into charred metal. "One grilled chicken to go." he joked.
"Eggsactly what I was thinking." Simon joked back, wiping some of the egg off his forehead.

Kevin and Lana searched for Mr. Chill near the studio. They found a building encased in ice. More buildings farther ahead were also frozen.
"I think we found him." Kevin said.
He and Lana followed the trail of iced buildings until they spotted the robot.
"If it isn't Captain Numbskull!" Mr. Chill said when he saw Kevin and Lana approaching him.
"I say it's about time we heated things up around here." Kevin said. He switched his Zapper to its heat setting and fired at Mr. Chill.
The robot exploded.
"Dang," Lana said, "Wily doesn't build robots as good as he used to."
"I know." Kevin said. "That was way too easy."
"Guys!" Simon called.
He and the rest of the N Team, as well as Wombatman and Nikki, ran up to Kevin and Lana.
"You're a bit late." Lana told them.
"What'd we miss?" Mike asked.
"We'll tell you later." Kevin said. "Right now, we've got company!"
Elec Man, Guts Man, Snake Man, Drill Man, and Heat Man ran toward the group. Kevin, Lana, Rick, Mega Man, and Romeo got thier weapons ready. Kevin fired at Guts Man, Lana fired at Heat Man, Rick attacked Drill Man, Mega Man attacked Snake Man, and Romeo took on Elec Man. The robots returned fire. Within minutes, the robots were destroyed.
"Brilliant! Absulutely brilliant!" The director flew toward the group in his spaceship. "Zis movie vill be a hit!"
"I can't wait to see it." Lana said.
"So, what do we do now?" Simon asked.
"Lana, Stacey, Mike, and I had better get back home." Kevin said. "We have a concert tonight, and I'd like to practice a little more before the concert starts."
"We'd all better get going. The concert starts in about three hours." Rick said.
"I'm gonna stay here for a little while-icus." Kid Icarus said. "I'll see you guys at the concert."
Kevin nodded and opened a warp. He, Lana, Rick, Stacey, Romeo, Julius, Mike, Simon, Mega Man, Duke, and Gameboy jumped through the warp.
Wombatman, Nikki, and Kid Icarus entered the studio.

The Studio World concert hall was packed. The N Team sat in the front row, along with Wombatman, Nikki, and the director. The director was recording the concert.
"This will be a perfect addition to the movie!" the director said to himself.
Kevin, Lana, Stacey, and Mike walked onto the stage. After making sure their equipment was working, they turned on their microphones.
"Good evening everyone!" Kevin shouted.
Cheers and applause rose from the audience.
"We'd like to dedicate our first song to a good friend of one of our fellow N Team members, Wombatman!"
The audience cheered and applauded.
The band began playing the Wombatman TV show theme, with Lana and Stacey singing the "wom"s and "Wombatman"s. When it was finished, the audience cheered and applauded loudly.


Copyright 1999 by Laurie Kelley and Mark Moore