All Hallow's Eve



Cynthia Chan

Saturday, October 31, 1998... morning.

"Wake up, sleepyheads!" cried a cheery voice in the morning. "Happy Halloween!"

"Aw, sis," groaned Armand, "Can't we just sleep some more, please?"

Armina, the cheery woman that woke up the guys, answered, "Hah! We've got a lot of work to do, if we're going to show Videoland what Halloween's all about! Now get up. You too, Alex." She shook the guy sleeping next to her brother.

"Come on, Mom, is it time to go to school already?" murmured Alex, as he woke up. Then he jolted straight to his feet. "Ack! You scared me half to death there, Armina!"

"SHHHH!! We don't want to wake up Simon Belmont," Armina admonished him.

"What about Simon? Or are you just gonna let him sleep?" Armand pointed out the vampire hunter.

"He's one of them. Let him sleep. We're going to surprise him and the others with our party!"

"Does the Queen know about it?" asked Alex. "We don't want her upset or anything."

"Yes, she knows, and yes, she's in on our plan. How else are we going to avoid getting our asses kicked because of this?"

"Oh, yeah. Well, let's rock it!" With that, Armina left the room to let the boys change, and a few minutes later, they followed her out to the Throne Room. Keisha, Roberta, Sandra, Carrie and Lana had out all the decorations, and were waiting for them.

"So this is Halloween," commented the Queen, "Nice."

"The show's just begun, Your Majesty," Armand kissed her hand. Lana smiled. "What costume are you wearing to the party?"

"It all depends on what YOU'RE wearing, Armand."

"Well, I'll be your Tuxedo Mask, if you'll be my Sailor Moon tonight."

"How charmed." She smiled again.

"So you HAVE been watching my Sailor Moon tapes!" accused Sandra. "Both of you! How could you do this to me?" Then she broke into giggles. "Was it good?" she asked.

"Yup, We've been watching them since you all arrived," answered Lana. "And goofing around with them, thanks to Dr. Right's movie holo-chamber."

Most of them went their separate ways there. Lana, Sandra and Carrie went to the kitchen to make Halloween goodies. Simon and Armina went to Castlevania to invite some monsters to the party. Greg, Gameboy, Mega Man, Kid Icarus, Duke and Armand went to buy costumes for everyone. Keisha, Alex and Roberta were left behind.

"Who's got the punch?" Keisha asked.

Alex pulled out a boxing glove and thrust it at her face.

"Real mature, Alex!" Keisha replied, pushing the glove away. "This isn't April Fool's Day!"

"Sorry," he said. "I just wanted to lighten the mood a little. You people are all so dull when it comes to party preparations!"

"Yeah, well, think about it. You gotta be serious when you're prepping for the party so you can have fun at the party!"

"Fine. Whatever." He tossed the glove aside. It hit Roberta and made her fall backwards into a wall, knocking some plates onto the floor.

"A good thing they're plastic," she mumbled. Walking towards the team and raising the glove in the air, she yelled, "Who's the moron that threw this glove at me? I'm going to wipe this floor with his face if he doesn't show up now!"

"Don't look at me!" Alex pleaded. "It must be Carrie! She knows sports!"

"Like that's gonna happen!" shouted Carrie from the Palace kitchen.