A Brief Encounter:
The Game Master and the Warrior Princess
By: Jo Ann Montgomery

       Kevin Keene walked down the halls of the Palace of Power.
Kevin was so used to the flashing of the Warp Zones that he
took no notice of them.
     So he was surprised when he saw a beautiful woman standing
by a Warp Zone.
     She wore armor, as black as her hair, and a skirt of black,
leather straps.  The armor was decorated with gold filigree.  Even
her boots were black.  At her waist was a silver and gold flat
hoop.  In her hand, ready for battle, she carried a sword.
     The moment she saw Kevin, the woman went into a fighting
crouch and advanced toward him.
     "Who are you?" Kevin asked.
     "I am Xena.  And you?"  Just as it did for Kevin, the Palace
Translator automatically translated his language into hers.
     "Kevin Keene.  How'd you get into the Palace of Power?"
     "Calipso's magic spell.  Can you send me back?"
     "Did you come out of a Warp Zone -- one of the glowing
     "Then, just go back through."
     Xena looked at the glowing gateway, unsure if she should
trust it OR Kevin.
     "It's the only way back, Xena."
     "Thanks," she said.  Xena leapt into the Warp Zone.
     "Kevin, who was that?"  Princess Lana asked, coming up behind
him.  She looked a bit peeved.
     "Just a lost visitor.  I showed her how to get back home."
Kevin walked with Lana to the dining room.