A Videoland Carol

The time ... Year 2019, 30 years after Kevin arrived in Videoland.

The place ... Palace of Power, Videoland.

Princess Carol of Videoland, Lana's daughter by Simon, was dressing up for a ball. She had on a pink ball gown and has a sceptre, pointing out the Ruler of Videoland. She also has a crown. Carol, with blue eyes and short blond hair, has her mothe r's face and father's ego. She hates everyone but herself, and that also includes her half-sister Princess Danielle, Lana's daughter by Kevin. She looked in her mirror and smiled I wish I could see the look on Danielle's face when she gets a gander a t this!, she thought. A knock on her door.

"Who's there?" she asked, angrily.

"Why, your loving father, of course!" I stand corrected. There are only two people that Carol loves in all of Videoland, and that is herself and her father. Still, there is that stubborness in him that she simply cannot correct.

"Come in," she sighed. Simon Belmont barged through the door. "It's almost time for Founder's Day, you know. Everyone's going to be there. We don't want to miss the big gala parade!"

Carol brightened at that. The gala parade was one of the few events that lets her display her beauty to the rest of Videoland. And a big gala parade meant more of her on display! "Oh, Father, I hope I'm ready!!" she cried. Then she stopped. "Is that bitch Danielle going to be there?"

"Now, now," coaxed her father, "we musn't go around calling people names. It's not proper for a princess to use such labels on them." He still smiled.

"Oh, well. She better not ruin the parade!" Carol growled, as she and her dad headed out to meet the adoring public.

At the parade...

"Danielle!! How beautiful you look there!" shouted someone as a woman with equally short hair passed her by. She wore a black dress with her mother's tiara and matching shoes. Danielle had her father's blue eyes and her mother's smile. Some said that if she had green eyes, she would be a dead ringer for Lana. She had on a Power Pad and a Zapper. Carol spotted her immediately, and advanced toward her.

"Hi, Carol," Danielle said to her, smiling.

"Hi," Carol replied, not smiling.

"What's wrong?"

Carol grabbed her by the shoulders. "You better not mess up MY gala parade, or I'll fire you!"

"What do you mean?" Danielle was scared.

"Just don't take all the glory and you'll be fine!"

"Sure, okay," She was confused. Carol walked away to the stage, and displayed more of her beauty. Danielle went to get something to eat.

"And now,..." someone shouted, "the Ruler of all Videoland, Princess Carol!!!" And that was the parade, all Carol.

That night...

"You were wonderful!" said Danielle, "That was great!"

"Yeah, and I'm happy that you didn't screw up this time, but tomorrow's Founder's Day, and you better not be there!" Carol warned her.

"Why not?"

"'Cause you're not taking the day off, that's why not!"

"Carol, what are you talking about?"

"That's Princess Carol to you!" she screamed. "Just for that, I'm doubling the work you have to do tomorrow. You're going to clean every nook and cranny there is in the Palace!"


"Good night!" she slammed the door to her room, leaving a sad Danielle.

Then later, something knocked at her door.

"That better not be you, bitch!" muttered Carol as she reached for the door.

"It is not her," A ghost wafted into the room. Carol knew that ghost.

"Karlen!" It was her dead boyfriend Karlen. He had died in a mob attack. Now he had chains the size of Megaland.

"Carol, Carol..."

"What do you want?"

"I've come to warn you to turn your ways..."

"What ways?" She had on a pink nightgown.

"You have been making everyone feel sad and bad. Just like I did. But be warned, or you'll have chains the size of Videoland!" he admonished.

"Yeah, right."

"Tonight, you will be visited by three ghosts. I hope they will turn you around." Then he left. Carol threw a pillow at the door.

"Yeah, right," she repeated, picking up the pillow and falling asleep.


A kid with wings flew in to the room. Carol awakened.

"Wake up! Wake up-icus!" said the kid.

"Huh? Who? What? Where?" she asked. Then she saw the kid and screamed.

"Sh... Sh...." Then he said, "I'm the ghost of Videoland past-icus. I've come to show you who you were, and how you became this way."

"You? The first ghost?" She laughed, but the kid dragged her out and she started to fly. "Where are you taking me??" she cried.

"To the day Danielle was born, that's where." he answered. Sure enough, it was now September 15, 2004. A hospital. Someone crying and screaming.

Soon, they were in the delivery room. A man held a woman's hand while she gave birth. A little girl looked on. "That's me!" Carol pointed to the girl.

"Yes, that's you" said the ghost. "And the woman's your mother, and that's your stepfather." The stepdad was Kevin, and the woman was Lana. Some machines bleeped, as the woman tried hard to push the baby out. Kevin screamed for an abortion, but Lana declined. "I want my baby!" was all you could hear from her.

As Carol looked on, both the girl and the woman, baby cries were heard. Everyone was tense. Mommy had some birth complications, but nothing life-threatening, right? thougtht the litte girl, scared. She was 5 years old.

A tone sounded, not bleeping anymore, but continuous now.

The woman lay still.

A flat line appeared in the machine that displays the heart's beats.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" screamed the little girl, tears streaming down her face. "MOMMY!!! MOMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Baby cries. Then the girl's face turned from shock to anger. "YOU!!" she screamed at the baby. "YOU KILLED MY MOMMY!"

"THAT BITCH DANIELLE KILLED MY MOTHER!!!" cried the grown woman. "I remember it now. Mother divorced Father. Then she married Kevin and got pregnant. Then she had to have Danielle!! She had to DIE to have DANIELLE!!!" Carol cried.

"Calm down!" cried the ghost. "We're not finished yet!"

"Oh, you bet we're finished! Take me back now!! NOW!!"

"Just a few more stops, then we're done." He whisked her away to high school.

"Remember your first prom?" asked the angel of Videoland past.

"Yeah, I remember," sighed Carol, as she saw herself on the dance floor. "That was five years ago!"

They were at King Charles Public High School. The year was 2014, and the kids were celebrating the school's 100th anniversary with a special prom. Carol was in a pink ball gown with her crown, dancing away with her new boyfriend, Karlen. The Carol that was watching still had on her nightgown. It would be the happiest night of her life.

"I was so glad Danielle didn't go to that school and ruin my life there!" boasted Carol. "She was a total Daria back then!" Carol referred to the cartoon character from the show Daria. "Treating everyone like they were jerks! How insensitive!"

"Irony speaks for itselficus," muttered the spirit. "Look at that girl now!" He pointed to a girl that looked like she was just from the hospital by the look of her dress. A nurse. Both Carols spotted her and both laughed at her attire.

"That's Suzy Maquire, Morrigan's daughter!" shouted Carol-in-the-nightie. "She looks like a nurse here!"

"Hey, nurse Suzy, can you give me a shot?" Party Carol rolled up her sleeve and showed her the arm. More laughter. "Or would you rather give me one in the butt?" She showed her butt to the nurse, and proceeded to flip open her dress. "I'd bare my butt to you, but this isn't the hospital!!" Carol and her friends laughed at poor Suzy. She pushed the crowd away and ran.

"Hey, Suzy!" cried Karlen.

Suzy turned to face them. "What?"

"Nice butt!" he shouted. Then Carol immediately added, "Yeah, but your head needs improving! Reminds me of your mother, and we all know who she is!"

"Yeah!" added Karlen. "A fucking PIG!!!" Roars of laughter filled the room. Suzy was targeted. She began to cry and ran out of the room. The laughter died down. The dance continued as though nothing happened.

"She was a riot!" laughed present Carol. "We used to get her and all her friends in school. There was Sakura the Sucker, my cousin Ricther Belmont, Harley Harry Davidson, lots of people."

"And for what?" the angel angrily asked. "Let's fast forward to one year ago now." Time was now 2018. They were in the Palace and Princess Carol seemed to be sentencing someone. Karlen and Simon were with her, as well as Danielle.

"You have been a burden to the Palace for too long, old man!" Carol shouted. "It's time you found somewhere else to live!" The old man was unrecognizable in his clothing, and he was hardly old for a forty-four-year-old man. "We're not at war anymore, so why stay? GO!"

"I can't," he heaved, "because you ordered the Ultimate Warp Zone to be closed forever when you were a child." He was Captain N, Danielle's father.

"Princess Carol, you can't! You can't do this to Father!" screamed Danielle.

"And who killed Mother? Certainly not me!"

"She was just a kid!" cried her father.

"Father," she motioned to Simon, "why don't you have the honour of giving him the boot?"

"With pleasure, my dearest Princess!" He smiled. "I've been waiting for this since the day you came to Videoland!"

Simon kicked him out with his right foot. Danielle followed her father and led him out of the Palace. "Oh, Father, don't worry!" she assured him. "I'll get you back into the Palace again! Even if I have to work for it!"

"That was a chiller!" exclaimed the ghost. "He was sick as well, you know."

"No, I didn't know, and I still don't know!" Carol sobbed. "I put Danielle to work later because of this. I don't know anything anymore!"

She woke up in her bed. Phew, she thought. It was only a dream. She fell asleep again. Two hours later, someone woke her up. "Mega-hi!" he said to her. She screamed.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm the ghost of Videoland present."

"Oh, boy!" The ghost took her hand. She screamed as the two flew out of a window.

"Welcome to Castlevania, Carol!" the spirit happily shouted. "Home of the great Simon Belmont, who, as I was told, is your father. Here is his castle." He dragged her to a window of Simon's castle and pulled her through.

"Daddy?" Carol cried, as she saw her 70-something-year-old father robustly stroll towards the dining hall. He was with some 100 guests including Mega Man, Kid Icarus, Link, Zelda and Dr. Right. All began eating as soon as he had, and all had glasses full of--

"Blood wine!" Carol whisphered. "Blood wine! I told Daddy not to drink that stuff!!"

"It won't matter now," cautioned the spirit. "They can't hear or see you."

Someone brought in some red wine, pureed strawberries, Worchestrire sauce, lemon juice and tons of salt. "That's what they use to make blood wine for humans," Carol commented. "It tastes gross, I'll bet!"

But Simon and his guests did not heed her. MEGA MAN then scarfed down his piece of chicken.

"Since when did Mega Man begin to eat?" Carol asked, standing behind him.

"Since you used up all the energy cells in Megaland to make a humongous shopping mall there." answered the spirit. "Dr. Right had no choice but to reprogram all of the robots there and fix them so that they could use food as theyr primary energy source."

"Ok," she nodded, dejetedly. "Happy Founder's Day" could be heard from everyone as Simon began a toast.

"A toast," he announced, "to the most wonderful, most beautiful, most charming..." Carol blushed.

"Oh, he's giving a toast to me!"

"Shut up and listen!" chided the spirit.

"... but still the most alive in our memories, when we were young, Princess Lana!!" Everyone raised a glass to the deceased princess.

"TO MOTHER?? NOT TO ME???" Carol shouted. "WHY??"

"You'll see."

"What about your daughter, Simonius?" Kid Icarus asked him.


"My daughter? Oh, THAT daughter." He asked a question to them all. "Who's the most ruthless, cruel, selfish person we all have met, since Mother Brain?"

"Um, Ganon?" asked Link.


"Dr. Wily?" asked Mega Man.


"King Hippo and the Eggpland Wizardicus?" asked Kid Icarus.

"Not at all."

"The Count and his son?" asked Zelda.

"I've had some brushes with him, but not even he comes close."

"Your daughter, Princess Carol!" Dr. Right guessed.

"Right on!" He guessed correctly. Carol was flushed with anger and betrayal.

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