The "CHANGES" Miniseries



Mother Brain has been defeated, and Kevin is now wondering what to do: go home? stay in Videoland? Then, Dr. Wily uses his newly reconstructed Warp Zone Shifter to bring an old enemy of Kevin's to Videoland - Mike Vincent, the bully that used to beat him up. Dr. Wily believes Mike is gonna help him kill Kevin. Little does he know, however, that Mike just wants to have fun. Mega Man is seriously injured in an attempt to rescue Mike, leaving Kevin and Lana to go to Skull Castle to get Mike out. But when Mike challenges Kevin to a contest, the two of them vie for the title of the Ultimate Game Master!


The N Team celebrates a happy event when King Charles, Lana's father, finds a way to return home! However, joy soon turns to tragedy when Dr. Wily takes control of the King and makes him attack Kevin. To save her friend, Lana must shoot and kill her own father! As Dr. Right tries to figure out what happened, Lana must find a way to justify to herself what she's done. To complicate matters further, the people of Videoland are divided in their loyalties. Some believe Lana did what she had to do to save her friend's life, while others think she's a murderer, and can't wait for Dr. Wily to take over the Palace!


Palm trees, ocean breeze! When Mike uses Dr. Wily's Warp Zone Shifter to travel back to Earth, Kevin and Lana decide to follow him so they can keep an eye on him. Kevin is excited about seeing his family and friends again, and Lana discovers a world of pizza, punk, and rock and roll. It's a world weirder to her than any place in Videoland! But Kevin and his friends come through for her, teaching her how to become an "average, groovy, California babe". Kevin is encouraged by his friends to enter the town's annual video game competition, and his fiercest rival is none other than - Mike! Don't miss this gnarly, totally rad adventure!


The confrontation was inevitable. The N Team always knew this day would come. Dr. Wily has launched a massive attack on Videoland, concentrating primarily on the Palace of Power. As wave upon wave of robots attack, the N Team struggles to defend the Palace. Meanwhile, Princess Lana is having disturbing nightmares. And to top it all off, a new villain from Earth frees the N Team's deadliest enemy - Mother Brain! She wastes no time in trying to conquer Videoland herself. As the death toll all across Videoland rises, the N Team wonders about Lana's irrational behavior, and why she hasn't done the one thing that could save everyone.

Mark Moore
Nicholas Pinto
The Treachery of a Queen,
The Courage of a Captain,
The Sacrifice of a Ruler.


After the destruction of the Palace of Power, the N Team makes a new home in Megaland. Princess Lana is in shock as a result of the news that millions of people have died because of her actions. Her friends try to help, but she won't listen to them. Kevin and Rick go to Skull Castle to claim Dr. Wily's Warp Zone Shifter. When they go back to Earth for a while, Lana follows them through the warp. At home, Kevin, Rick, Mike, Stacey, Romeo, and Julius pack up the rest of their stuff to take back to Videoland with them. Then they go off searching for Lana, who's lost in a strange land. Lana, however, is just fine, and she receives help from the last person she'd expect.

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