First Contact



Deep in the Game World, a universe where video games are reality, strange forces are at work....

On MegaLand, children were playing with child-like robots.

On September 9, 1989, a warrior was brought into this dimension to help save the universe. He was Kevin Keene, and he became Captain N, the Game Master...

Suddenly, sparks of energy flared up in the sky, and the children and their robot playmates ran for home.

He soon learned, though, that the Prophecy spoke not of him, but another, one who's life had been ruined, then restored through his acts of courage and selfless bravery.

At the Palace of Wisdom, Kyvan and Samus ran over to the main screen as alarms went off. "Computer, identify!"
"Source of disruption unknown. Location: MegaLand."
"We're on our own for this one, Ky." Samus remarked as he powered up his armor. "I think Lana and X can hold down the fort while we're gone."
Kyvan nodded as he summoned his Zeonizers. "Let's rock. Zeo Ranger Five, Red!!" Kyvan blazed as his uniform took shape. "Let's go!"

Meanwhile, in a distant universe, one known as Videoland, the wise yet young Queen Lana is disturbed by memories of the past....

Queen Lana sighed as she looked at the picture. In the frame was a photo of her and Kevin Keene, just the two of them. No Ryu, no Chun-Li, and no Ken Masters. Just two teenagers.
"Kevin, I know I said I'd always love you, but times have changed, and I can't wait for something that might never happen."
She set the picture back, then looked up as alarms went off throughout the Palace. "What in the name of Videoland?"

Racing into the Communications room, Lana saw Mega Man and Dr. Right watching a monitor. "Absolutly extrordinary."
"What is that thing?" Lana asked. The Defenders of the Realm were gone on some R&R, and Lana didn't want to kill their break.
Mega Man shrugged. "Beats me. Palace sensors picked it up a few moments ago."
"It appears to be some kind of dimensional rift," Dr. Right said. "A rip in the dimensional barriers."
"Where does it lead?" Lana asked.
Dr. Right shrugged. "I have no idea. I've instructed Dexter to send a probe into it, but it'll take a few minutes before the probe penetrates the rift."

Meanwhile, back in the Game World, Kyvan and Samus teleported to the rift in MegaLand. "Man, that's one big hole in the pants."
Samus nodded as he scanned the rift. "It's some kind of rift in the Barrier. Looks like it leads to another universe, and I don't mean Reality."
"You mean something like Chris' universe?"
Samus shrugged. "You're the one who was there, not me. It's not harmful, but we better investigate. Ready for some dimension surfing?"
Kyvan smiled behind his helmet. "Oh yeah. Zeo Five Jet Cycle, Engage!" As he called the command, Kyvan's Zeo Jet Cycle came blasting out of nowhere and skidded to a halt next to him. Kyvan mounted the cycle and engaged the hover jets. "Let's roll!"
Samus fired up his thrusters and took off towards the rift, Kyvan following behind him.

Dr. Right was starting to get the results of the probe, when alarms went crazy, and the screen magnified two small specks emerging from the rift. "What in Megaland?!"
"What are those things?"
"Who is mega-more like it, Your Highness!" Mega Man replied. "Sensors are picking up life signs from those two, but only one of them's human."
Suddenly, a helmeted face appeared in the screen, and Lana jumped. "Who is that?!"
"Sorry if we dropped in unannouced., but that rift irked our curiousity as much as it did yours. I'm Commander Samus Aran, free-lance merc from Reality Prime. You are?"
"Dr. Thomas Xavier Right of Megaland. This is Mega Man, and that is Queen Lana."
Lana was confused. "You can't be Samus Aran. You don't sound like a woman."
Apparently, Lana had hit a button, because they heard a load groan. "Common misconception about me. I'm Samus Aran. The one you're thinking of is Samatha Aran, my sister. Her NES counterpart is named Samus, but her SNES counterpart is Samatha."
Dr. Right smiled. "I take it you're from another universe."
"Bingo. Judging from my readings, you're in the Palace of Power, which means that you've never dealt with Deathtoll. We'll be over there as soon as possible."
Dr. Right shut off the link, and shrugged. "Well, that's that. We get to meet these two."
All three of them looked to see two bright streams of light touch down, an armored person and someone wearing a red jumpsuit and star-visored helmet appear. The armored one retracted the suit's helmet, revealing a head of blue and yellow hair, a sharp face with greenish eyes and a scar running down from his right eye.
"I'm Samus Aran, we spoke on the comlink."
Dr. Right smiled as held out his hand, but was shocked as Samus' armor completely retracted and vanished, Samus dropping in height a couple inches, and revealing his black bodysuit. "I-I-I'm, Dr. Right. You might know Mega Man, and this is Queen Lana."
"Lana?" the red suit person asked, and Lana found the voice very familiar. "That voice.."
The person took off his helmet, and all three of them gasped.
"Captain N!!"
Samus and Kyvan looked at each other. "Wait a minute. Don't you have a Kevin Keene here?"
"Well, yes, but he went home back in '92." Dr. Right replied. "It's just that, we haven't seen him for six years."
Kyvan smiled. "I hate to disappoint you, but I'm not your Kevin, and my real name's not Kevin Keene. I'm Kyvan Hytiras, last of the Kretilas. I was adopted by the Keenes when my parents brought me to Earth to protect me."
Mega Man shook his head. "You mean, you're not human?"
"Neither am I," Samus added. "Not completely at least."
Dr. Right sighed. "Lana, I suggest we get Dexter and the Defenders here."
Lana nodded. "Mega Man, contact the Defenders and Dexer."

Angela Aino shook her head as her bugs caught the conversation. "Another universe, and another Captain N. What's worse, he's an alien." She then realized the implications of this fact. "The government was lying the whole time about alien contact." Not like it was a surprise to her. She did, after all, formerly worked for NASA.
Mother Brain rolled in as Angela played the recording again. "What's going on over there?"
"Another universe." Angela replied. "Also, another Captain N, the original Captain N."
This, unfortunetely, pushed Mother Brain's major button. "WHAT?!!! CAPTAIN N?!!!"
"Not Kevin Keene from our universe. His real name is Kyvan Hytiras, or at least, that's what he said. Apparently, he's an alien from another world. We might be able to use the rift to his universe to get the aid of the evils there, to conquer our Videoland."
Mother Brain smiled at the idea. "Perfect. Get Auther over here at once! We're going for a ride!"

Samus sighed as he looked at the Palace. "Damn, it's been what, two years?"
"Almost two years, S.A." Kyvan replied. "Almost a year since Link left to that alternate Hyrule."
Lana smiled as she walked into the room. "The N Team's here if you'd like to meet them."
Samus smiled. "Great. Always wondered who did things when there's no RF or G-Force."
Lana looked at him funny, and Samus smiled. "RF stands for Reality Force. It used to be just me, Link, and X. Then we found X's partner Zero, and we become a team of four, but when Deathtoll started attacking, we practically doubled in size."
"The G-Force is what we became when the RF and N-Team merged into one force." Kyvan finished. "Things were getting way out of hand after a while, what with Dr. Darkin and Red Falcon attacking, so we merged into a single team."
Lana shrugged. After all, they were from another universe. "Um, you have a change of clothes besides that suit?"
Kyvan smiled, and demorphed, his Ranger uniform vanishing, which surprised Lana. "No prob for me."
Lana decided not to ask about Kyvan's strange powers, and lead them into the room. "Guys, these are the two that came from that rift. May I present Samus Aran,"
Samus nodded and smiled. "Hi."
"And Kyvan, Hytiras..right?"
Kyvan nodded, but Carrie just stared. "He looks like Draven, and Kevin!"
"Who's Draven?" Samus asked.
Kyvan shrugged. "I don't know about that, but the reason I look like your Kevin Keene, is because in our universe, that's my adopted name. My human name is Kevin Hayland Keene, I was adopted by Scott and Cheryl Keene when I was only about 9 months old."
Keisha just looked at him. "You mean, you're from another universe?"
Lana smiled as she knelt down to Keisha's level. "Kyvan's from another universe and another planet. He's an alien. His race look like us, but they're not exactly the same."
"The Kretilas are more like the hyrulians than humans." Samus added. "Zelda explained about the genetic degeneration that happened with several colonies several thousand years ago."
"Zelda Harkinian?" Roberta asked, and Kyvan smiled. "Sorry, but the Zelda S.A's talking about is Queen Zelda Alahyde Tridelan in Reality, my universe, not the Game World. Before you ask what the Game World is, I'll tell your right now, this isn't the first time that we've traversed trans-dimensional barriers. The Game World is almost the same thing as your VideoLand, it's a universe in which video games are real, and I don't mean just Nintendo games, I mean everything. Sega, PSX, you name it, there's bound to be a section of the Game World that contains it."
"So, the Game World is a true video game universe were all major games are real." Dexter replied. "That means that Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Banicoot, all of them do exist, where as in Videoland, it's just Nintendo worlds."
Samus sighed. "That means an effective 65% of our allies don't exist here. I hate it when that happens."
Just at that moment, alarms went off, and Samus had to restrain himself from blasting the alarm system. After all, unlike the Palace of Wisdom, the Palace of Power in this universe didn't have a self-repair system that repaired practically any and all damage. "Could someone kill that thing before I do?"
Mega Man shut off the alarm, and snarled. "It's Mother Brain and Wily!"
Kyvan sighed. "Why am I not that surprised."
"Maybe because we're used to something a lot worse. Namely, Zedd and Mondo."
Armand looked at the two Forcers with a weird look. "Mondo and Zedd? Those guys are villains on Power Rangers."
"Power Rangers?" Kyvan asked. "Wait, you mean that you guys have a TV series called Power Rangers?"
The Defenders nodded, and Keisha finished. "Lord Zedd was from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers season 2, and King Mondo is from Power Rangers Zeo."
Samus sighed. "Let me guess. The Power Rangers on the show are nothing like the N-Team, right?" He was satisfied to see a round of nods. "Good, that means these guys won't be expecting Kyvan's little secret."
Lana looked at Samus, and smiled. "Ah, that suit thing."
"Suit thing?" Armina asked, and Kyvan waved it off. "You'll see. Let's just stop these guys and fast. S.A. and I'll meet you there."
Alex was about to say that they all had warp to Megaland, when Kyvan and Samus teleported away, and the Defenders began to get the idea of what Samus and Kevin were talking about.

Mother Brain smiled, gazing at the rift. "Soon, my armies will become even more powerful!!"
Angela sighed. There was something wrong with this whole thing. Something didn't fit. "A rift like this can't be natural, it's too much like that Ultimate Warp Zone. Something had to create it artifically."
"What?" Mother Brain said, not exactly hearing what Angela had said.
"Nothing, just talking to myself."
Dr. Wily shook his head, then saw two beams of light heading towards them. "What are those?"
Angela looked and watched as the beams touched down, and two human forms appeared. "I don't like this."
As the two arrivals ran towards them, one of them activated some kind of armor, and the other shocked Mother Brain and Wily.
"CAPTAIN N?!!!" Mother Brain screamed
"That's impossible!!" Wily replied. "The Ultimate Warp Zone can't open anymore!!"
"Wrong N, Lame Brain!!" Kyvan yelled, and he went flying up as he summoned his Zeonizers. "Zeo Ranger Five, Red!!" Light blasted out as he morphed, and Angela just stared and blinked. "What?!"
Samus aimed his cannon at Mother Brain and smiled. "Surprise!! Guess whose in the house, Brainiac!!"
Mother Brain stared in shock. "That armor!! Samus Aran?!! It can't be!! You're a guy!!"
Kyvan smiled behind his helmet. "Got it right on the first guess. How about a cookie with nuts?!!"
Samus saw one of Wily's bots on his scanners, and spun to blast the bot. "Not nice to sneak up on a person like that."
Mother Brain took the chance to make a run for it. "Let's get out of here before that kid blasts us apart!!"
"I most whole heartedly agree." Angela replied, and the trio ran into a warp just as Lana and the Defenders arrived.
Samus smiled as he retracted his helmet. "Well, like we needed help. Looks like you guys don't scare them as much as just Ky alone does."
"That's because he looks just like Kevin." Lana replied. "Mother Brain is terrified of the idea that Kevin could be back."
Kyvan smile. "Plus there's my Zeo Powers."
"Zeo Powers?" Armand shook his head. "You're a Power Ranger, aren't you?"
Kyvan nodded. "Zeo five. That's why I was surprised when you mentioned a Power Rangers TV show. For us, it's very real. Evidently though, the real Zeo Powers are more powerful then depicted."
Samus sighed as he looked up at the rift. "I still don't get what made that thing, but it sure ain't natural. Scanners are detecting a huge power source feeding this thing, somewhere that I can't trace."
Kyvan shrugged. "Well, I think that we've done enough damage here. What say we go home and give the gruesome twosome a hard time?"
Samus smiled, and nodded, igniting his thrusters. "Well, it's been great while we we're here. Glad I stored your universe's spacial coordinates." He remarked, flying off towards the rift.
Kyvan smiled, and turned to Lana. "Well, I don't know if it'll happen, but if we meet again, try not to get me mixed up with Kevin again."
Lana laughed and nodded. "Right. Please do come back some time."
Kyvan nodded as he summoned his Jet Cycle and engaged the jets, flying off after Samus, and returning home.

X sighed as he watched the rift. "Come on guys, get home." No sooner than he had said those words, Samus and Kevin appeared out of the rift, and the dimensional rip suddenly sealed itself.
Samus looked back, and sighed. "Great, I could have stayed there, and had a second chance."
Kyvan nodded. "It's tempting S.A. But we need you here."
Samus sighed. "I know."

Lana and the Defenders watched as the rift vanished. "Guess that ends that."
Armand sighed. "Well, at least we're no alone in the war."
"No, we're not." Lana replied. "Samus loaded the dimensional location of our universe into his armor's computer. They can come back one day."
She turned and walked into the warp back to the Palace, and the rest of the team followed.

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