Author's note:

This is my third indepedent N-Fic. It is a crossover between Captain N: The Game Master and BraveStarr.
BraveStarr was a cartoon series created by Filmation Associates in 1987. It was a unique blend of futuristic technology and the Old West lifestyle. Set on the planet of New Texas in the 24th century, the series featured a Native American lawman named Marshall Bravestarr. He, his horse Thirty-Thirty, his deputy Fuzz, and other friends kept law and order on the planet. It is one of my favorite animated television series of all time! Sadly, I only have one episode on tape. It's called "To Walk a Mile". I found it at the Big Lots in my area in early 1998.
I want to thank Jo Ann Montgomery for a lot of valuable information regarding BraveStarr! Also, I want to thank James Stevens, Jr., for even more information! Visit his excellent website, Fort Kerium: Home of BraveStarr to learn more about the series! Since I hope I haven't gotten anything wrong. If I have, I'd appreciate any corrections you have to offer.
The time period for this episode is Season 1 of Captain N (1989) and sometime during BraveStarr. It's the second story in a series. The first story is "Let's Go, Game Masters!". Please read that story first, so you can better understand this story.
For those of you who want to know, I started writing this story on Friday, October 23, 1998, at 12:55 PM, Eastern time.
Comments, both good and bad, are welcome. Now saddle up on your favorite cyborg horse or hovercraft and hang on for a wild ride through New Texas!

How the Game was Won

Written by

Mark Moore

Guest Starring

BraveStarr and Friends

Kevin, Lana, Simon, and Duke found themselves in an office.
Lana looked around. "What video world is this?"
"Somehow, this place looks familiar." Kevin said, trying to place it.
Just then, three figures walked into the room.
One was a tall man. He had black hair, tied back in a ponytail. He had dark skin and was dressed like a cowboy. There was also a grey horse that stood upright and wore armor. The third was a small creature dressed in brown.
"Can we help you?" the horse asked.
The N Team members looked at the newcomers.
Kevin gasped and grinned. "Wow!"
"Who are they, Kevin?" Lana asked. "Where are we?"
"We're not home; I know that!" Kevin said.
Simon groaned. "Not again!"
"You're on New Texas." the cowboy answered.
Kevin stepped forward and offered his right hand to the cowboy. "Hi, my name's Kevin Keene. These are my friends, Princess Lana, Simon Belmont, and my pup, Duke."
The cowboy shook Kevin's hand. "Pleased to meet you all. This is my sidekick, Thirty-Thirty. The short fella's Fuzz. I'm Marshall BraveStarr."