Early Summaries
(aka what I could decipher)

by Mandi Ohlin

When I was in sixth grade, Captain N was in its second season, and I was a die-hard fan. However, I was not a great fan of my Earth Science class. Great teacher, but the class was so dull I kept tuning out constantly. So while my teacher lectured, I wrote--not notes, but story fragments about Captain N!

Most of them involved Kevin's sister, Kelly, but not the same one as in "The N-Files;" she was his twin sister and nowhere near as obnoxious. (read: a major Mary Sue.) I filled pages of my science notebook with Captain N stories, although they stopped mysteriously in the middle of story number two. That was the quarter I got a C in Science, and I think Mr. Oswald figured out by then that I wasn't taking notes. Oops. :) I did better in the class after that.

I put down what I could remember / could salvage. Still searching for the notebook in its entirety....sigh...

Story # 1: This is the fic involving Kevin's twin sister Kelly Keene (I had an obession with twins that year--there were three sets of twins in my school!) and begins right before "The Big Game". There's about 12 pages of scribble, and it didn't get finished, but I spent a lot of classes writing it. Here's what I think it was supposed to be about.

Kelly is on the cheerleading squad with Stacy (yep, I spelled her name without the e), and has a big fight with her after practice about something and storms out. But just as she's walking out of the gym, the entire gym vanishes right in front of her! Of course, when it reappears, no one believes her--Rick and Stacy don't remember a thing. So Kelly and Stacy argue again, and Kelly walks home in a bad mood. Stacy says something about her acting weird ever since her brother disappeared.

Then the real story starts when Kelly goes upstairs, ignoring her mother nagging, and sits down in front of the Nintendo (which for some reason is still in Kevin's room). In Videoland, Wily decides to bring a new opponent for Kevin through the Warp Zone Shifter--this time, an opponent that Kevin won't be able to fight. Kelly gets sucked through, of course, and they grab her and strap her down to a brainwashing machine. Then, in the Palace of Power, Lana receives a transmission from Mother Brain, who (I think) taunts her that she has a better Game Master who Kevin will never be able to defeat. Just then, she gets a distress call from Hyrule; Mother Brain's forces, including Kelly with a Power Pad and Zapper, are attacking. So the N Team takes off for Hyrule to rescue Zelda and Link, of course. Kevin finally makes it through the mess to where Zelda's being held, and bursts in when Mother Brain, Eggy, Wily, and the "mysterious" Game Master are about to get a hold of the Triforce of Wisdom.

Kevin is shocked to see that his *sister* is the Game Master, and hesitates to use his Zapper on her. Wily takes the opportunity to press a button and surround Kevin in a force field. (I don't know where Link and the rest of the N Team were.) Mother Brain orders Kelly to destroy Captain N. Kelly pulls out her Zapper, ignoring Kevin's attempts to talk her back to her senses, then turns and shoots Wily's machine! The contraption explodes, and Wily hits the deck as the force field disappears.

Turns out Wily's brainwashing machine had seven or so plugs, and he forgot to plug them all in. Kelly was just playing along because she really didn't want them to figure it out. Zelda, Kelly, and Kevin prepare to send Mother Brain and company to the scrap heap, but then the rest of the N Team comes in just as Mother Brain activates an escape warp or something. Duke recognizes Kelly and bowls her over excitedly, and the scribble ends there. I think Mr. Oswald figured out at that point that I wasn't really taking notes.

Story # 2: Not as extensive as that last one. I think it was another Kelly story, and I wrote it after watching the movie "The Wizard" for the nth time. Lana figures out a way to open the Ultimate Warp Zone without erasing memory, and Kelly goes back temporarily to try to cover for her own disappearance. She lands in an alley, but unfortunately right in front of Rick and Stacy (again, I don't know what they were doing there). Of course, she has to tell them everything. She also finds out that she's been gone for a week (huh?) and that her parents are going to lose the house or something if they don't come up with $50,000 by the next day. Coincidentally, Rick has an article about the state videogame competition in Los Angeles with the grand prize being exactly $50,000.

Kelly immediately decides to get Kevin and get him to come and win the money. Rick and Stacy insist on coming with her to Videoland. Naturally, Kevin agrees to do it, and Lana says she's coming, too. And that's as far as I got.

That's all I could find in the way of scribbles. I think I had a fic involving Julio the paperboy, Link, Zelda, Duke, Mega Man, and Kelly taking a really roundabout trip through warps (call it the back route) to the Palace of Power to rescue the rest of the N Team. But I have no clue where that one is or what twisted region of my brain it came from. :)

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