New Kids in the Kingdom -- A Captain N Pilot

New Kids

in the


A Captain N Pilot

Dark was the day after Mother Brain's defeat. Dr. Right had just perfected his interworldy camera and sent it through the Ultimate Warp Zone to capture what went on in Kevin's home. He had bad news.

"I'm afraid I have bad news," he told Kevin one day while he had breakfast. The other N Team members huddled around him to hear the bad news.

"What is it?" Kevin asked. But before he could answer, Mega Man jumped in, and soon, the others followed.

"Is it Dr. Wily again?" he asked.

"Is it Mother Brain-icus?"

"Is it Lyle? Is it my father?"

"Is it the Count? Is it my hair? My face? I hope it's not pimples again!"

"I wish it WERE pimples, but it's not. I'll show you here," Dr. Right produced a small TV that connected to the camera in Kevin's home. The others gasped. Kevin paled.

The camera showed his mother, Mrs. Keene, in the hospital. Since it also captured sound. the team could hear what the doctors said. There were two present with the mother.

"It looks like a car accident," said the female doctor.

"Lots of blood loss, but not life-threatening. However, it looks as though Mrs. Keene may not make it through," responded the male doctor.

"Severe depression?"

"That, and heartbreak."

"She hasn't seen her son in years, or so her husband has reported."

"Comatose, too," Then, "Marlene, it's time for another one of her surgeries."

"OK, Peter." Then Peter and Marlene heaved Mrs. Keene on a stretcher and wheeled her out of the room. That's when Dr. Right turned off the TV.

"My mother...," Kevin whispered, "my mother, she could be dying!" Then he faced the crowd and told them the really bad news: "I have to go home. I have to be there for her."

Everyone was crestfallen. No leader could mean no N Team. Lana knew it would also mean no boyfriend for her. She turned to Dr. Right.

"What if it's a trap again? Remember the last time Kevin went home, and Mother Brain took over!"

"I know that time he was fooled. We all were fooled then. But this time it's for real. I can feel it. If he doesn't go home, his mother could die."

"I have no choice, then," Kevin responded, " but what about Duke? He'll have to go, too."

"Whether Duke goes or not is up to him to decide. Because this time, you have no say in what he does, like you always did before," the doctor told him. Then he paused and said, " Why don't you let him take his time deciding? Duke may be your faithful dog, but that doesn't mean he will follow you and leave HIS friends behind."

"Sure, why not? I guess I should be packing now."

"I have a bad feeling about this," Lana announced.

"I think it's good news he's leaving!" boasted Simon.

Kevin got up and left the kitchen, muttering "I don't want to hear any more about this," under his breath. As soon as Kevin left, Lana strode over to where Simon was standing and slapped him hard in the face with her left hand. He winced, covering his right cheek as though Lana slashed it with a knife.

"Ow! My cheek!" Simon shouted, as he doubled over onto a chair.

"You deserved it, Simon, for saying something that mean, cruel and STUPID like THAT to our one and only CAPTAIN N!!"

Simon said nothing more. He slouched deeper into the chair and began to mope. Mega Man and Kid Icarus headed for the Control Room to monitor the Palace via surveillance cameras. Dr. Right and Gameboy followed them. Lana then scowled at Simon.

"I hope you're happy, Simon Belmont. You've just disrupted the entire team! I only hope for everyone's sake that that was nothing but a setback! I don't want the team to fall apart just because YOU said something as STUPID as you did back there!" Lana screamed all that to the vampire hunter, who was shocked at her fury. "I'm going to find Kevin and talk to him about this whole thing. And as for YOU, you've done enough!" She stormed out of the kitchen, leaving Simon even more mopey and majorly embarrassed.

"Are you okay?" Lana asked Kevin the moment she entered the room he shared with Simon. She found him lying on his bed, and he appeared to be sleeping, but as she came closer, he was spaced-out, muttering incomprehensible stuff. Lana shook him, and he snapped out of his trance. "I said, 'are you okay?'" Lana asked him again. Kevin sat up.

"Fine," he muttered. He was obviously hurt. Duke followed her into the room and barked. "Hi, boy," was Kevin's response.

"What Simon said, he was just joking because ---"

"Because he's jealous of me?" Kevin jumped up from the bed and paced around Lana. "Come on, Lana! He doesn't have a mother in the hospital. HIS mom isn't dying! We saw her last week back in Castlevania! I hope he's happy with what he said about me, because I'm not!"

The two teenagers were now standing. Kevin paced around like a Fifties father, worried about his pregnant wife labouring with their child. Lana stood near his bed, hands on hips and looking cross.

"Maybe Simon is jealous of you, but he's just as hurt and angry at the news as you are! I know Simon Belmont has a reputation to keep, but even you should know he likes you! He just won't admit the fact that your leaving really bothers him."

"SURE it does! How many times has Simon put me down with his stupid jokes? Let me see, how about my first day here? He came up with a lot of stuff! 'The Ultimate Wimp'! 'Mr. Lame Master'!" He then repeatedly stomped his right foot while saying this: "I am not exactly Game Master material according to him!"

"I know it has been hard for you, Kevin, but think of all the things that Simon has done for you. Remember the time he saved you from that quicksand in the Bayou? He risked getting dirty to save your life!"

"He did?"

"Yes, he did!"

"I forgot about that. Never mind, in a few minutes, I'll forget about everything here."

"Not to worry," Lana assured Kevin. "I got that covered. If you ever return here, we'll restore your memories."

"Thanks, that means a lot to me," Kevin replied, warmly. The teenagers packed his things and headed to the Throne Room.

At the Throne Room, everyone was waiting. Link, Zelda, Lyle and Mayor Squaresley all attended the event. Several others were waiting outside the room, and many others lined up outside the Palace to say their good-byes. Lana addressed them all.

"Today is a very sad, yet momentous occasion. For this is your last chance to see Captain N before he goes home. For us, he has been a very good friend, and very dear to me, personally speaking. I encourage you all now to come forth and say your final good-byes to Kevin Keene, Captain N, The Game Master, and defeater of Mother Brain! The Princess has spoken!"

Everyone gathered around Captain N to say their good-byes. What could he say? Kevin was speechless. You just don't go and say bye, that's it, do you? He had no choice. His bags are packed, with Duke at his side. He turned to Duke.

"You ready to go, boy?" he asked Duke. Duke said nothing. Kevin knew he would miss his friends, yet he knew Duke would follow him wherever he went. That was why Duke said nothing this time.

"I know, boy, you miss your friends."

Then the Ultimate Warp Zone opened. Lana motioned to Kevin and Duke. "Well, time to go," she told him.

"Yeah," he answered. Then Dr. Right burst into the room. He had not been with them that time.

"I have more bad news. I hate being the bearer of bad news!" he exclaimed, between puffs.

"What is it?" they all yelled.

"Well, I've researched the Ultimate Warp Zone. Ever since Kevin and Duke came to Videoland ...."

"What do you mean?" Kevin asked him.

"Ever since you both came to Videoland, the Ultimate Warp Zone has become very unstable. It now has the strength to send one living being back, before it collapses forever!"

"Oh, no! Duke will have to stay with us!" Lana cried.

"Not a whole lifetime with that mangy mutt!" Simon complained.

"No! I'll stay!" Kevin called out.

"But you mega-can't. Captain N," Mega Man explained, "What about your mother? She's dying, isn't she?"

"Oh, no, my mom!" Kevin cried, "I don't know what to do! My mother, ... but Duke, what about him?"

"Ask him." was Kid Icarus's reply.

Lana kneeled down to Duke's eye level and asked him, "Well, Duke, will you stay with us, or go? We'll take care of you really well if you stay. You know the situation is tense, so it's your choice."

Duke hesitated, but the Ultimate Warp Zone was about to close. Everyone saw it. Lana ran towards him, and Duke, having made up his mind, ran to Lana's side. Kevin's heart sank.

"Well, boy, it looks like it's goodbye." He advanced towards the warp and stood there. "I'm going to miss you all," he said to the crowd outside. They cried. Lana rushed to him and they kissed.

"The warp's closing! It could be gone now!" Simon shouted. Kevin and Lana kissed for two whole minutes before he said this. They were still kissing, and Simone attempted to yank him away, but he let go of her. Still holding him, Simon thrust Kevin at Duke for one last pat, then without warning, Link helped him prepare Kevin for the warp. Link had his left side, Simon, his right.

"In 10 seconds, the warp will close for good!" Link explained.

"Okay! Everyone say 'Good-bye, Captain N' on the count of three!" Lana addressed everyone. Then she turned to Kevin and said, "I'm sorry it has to be this way, but the warp's closing, and ..."

"I know. Good-bye, Princess Lana."

"Good-bye, Kevin, Captain N. I'll never forget you." Then the counting started.


"The warp!" Zelda screamed.


"Duke!" Kevin yelled.


"Good-bye, boy!" Kevin screamed.

"Good-bye, Captain N!"

"Whoaaaa!" Link and Simon thrust him through the warp just before it closed. Then there was rumbling as the warp collapsed.

"Good-bye, Captain N," Lana whispered.

Six years later ...

"I can't find my accelerator, Dexter!" Dr. Right spoke into a viewer to a black-haired geek with huge black glasses and a lab coat.

"I don't know what else I can think of, Dr. Right!" answered Dexter in an Urkel-like voice. He was on the other side of the viewer. He was real-life on his side of the screen, with black-framed glasses perched on his nose. Dexter Washington had big, bright green eyes that matched with his green sweater underneath his lab coat. He was also worried about his friend, Dr. Right. "We need both accelerators so we can reopen the Ultimate Warp Zone!"

"I know that! We must hurry, before your rival Angela can reactivate Mother Brain! I need you here in Videoland so we can create the virus together, Dexter!" Dr. Right yelled. Then he tripped over something. It was his accelerator. "I found my accelerator!"

"Great! Let's start now!"

As the two scientist hooked up both accelerators to their portal devices and turned them on, a pair of energy hands emerged from Dexter's side. Quickly, he grabbed the disk with the virus inside before he was sucked in. The device closed the warp.

The young student found himself on the floor of a cartoon lab. Yet Dexter wasn't fazed at all. He had seen Dr. Right as a cartoon, and expected himself to be one when he entered the warp. He still had the virus, and that was a relief. He was, on the other hand, surprised that he had a big nose. "Dr. Right!" he exclaimed as the scientist emerged from behind.

"Quite a ride, wasn't it, my young friend?"

"Yeah, I got the disk!"

"Excellent! Let's go tell the Queen first, before we do anything."

"I'm with you!"

Back at the Palace of Power, Queen Lana paced around for Dr. Right's report. The Resistance was building, and she already anticipated a full-out attack on the Palace by them and their allies. Lana heard about Angela trying to reactivate Mother Brain, and about how Dr. Right stumbled upon a young hacker, who happened to be Angela's rival, and how both found a way to reopen the Ultimate Warp Zone.

She wore a blue Japanese kimono, her hair in a bun, and a queen's crown with emeralds instead of her tiara. She had taken to peace and yoga three years ago, when the Resistance first attacked. A much stronger woman now, Queen Lana holds her own, if not for the memory of her boyfriend, Kevin, then for her supporters and friends. She picked up a picture of her, Kevin, Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li at the park in Shadaloo, and cried.

"Ken, Ken, Ken ... how could you do this to me? To all of Videoland?" she whispered. Ken Masters was the leader of the Resistance now. How could he? "Leader of the Resistance! You traitor!" she yelled, hurling the picture towards the viewer, breaking the glass. At that instant the viewer came on. It was Dr. Right.

"Dr. Right! Oh, dear, now I made a mess of the floor! What more could go wrong?"

"Correction, Your Majesty. What more could go RIGHT?" said Dr. Right.

"You have the virus?"

"And the young fella that created it, yes, my queen."

"Good. Whenever you're ready, put in the virus and send it through the connections to Aino's computer. Hurry, though! We haven't much time!" the queen ordered.

"Good, we're sending it now," Dexter came on the screen. He put in the virus and punched in some numbers. "The virus is set and sent. If my calculations are correct, Angela Aino will be at her desk just about ... now!"

Lana sighed in relief. "Let's hope so! Then this nightmare will be over for good!" she replied.


Angela Aino sat at her desk. She tied her long black hair in a ponytail, and began to work.

"Mother Brain, prepare to meet thy Saviour!" she muttered, as she began the connections. She punched in some numbers, and then the coomand: "Revive". But something was in the way. It was a virus.

"Stupid viruses! Can't they infect something else?" Angela cried out, frustrated. "Oh, well, at least MY computer has a super anti-virus program, unlike that dweeby Dexter Washington!" Then she looked at the pattern of the virus. Definitely Dexter. "Dexter, Dexter, Dexter..."

"We'll just see about that, Dexter...." Then she hit the "Repair" button on the screen with her mouse. Within seconds, the virus was gone. "Back to getting Mother Brain back," she whispered to the screen with a smile, and set to work, laughing evilly as she started the resurrection program.

"Oh, no!" Dexter cried in horror,"She wiped out the virus! Now we're really in hot water!"

"Don't worry, Dexter," dr. Light told him, "I know of a way. We'll have to fight fire with fire! Dexter, contact your team and have them bring the six young warriors that you discussed with them at length. I'll try to bring back Captain N!"

"Okay!" Dexter called, and spoke into the microphone, "Lonnie, I need you to call our recruits here! There's a big emergency, and we need them now! OK?"

"Sure thing, Dex," Lonnie answered from the other side. "Okay, y'all, you know what to do! Just pass through this warp, it's already open, and Dexter will give you your orders there. Got it?"

"Got it," said a blonde-haired woman.

"Sure," a blonde young man replied.

"A-OK!" yelled a Chinese girl.

"Right on!" shouted a brown-haired man.

"Understood," a black woman told Lonnie, who was white with red hair.

"Yep!" chorused a girl with long brown hair.

"GO!" Lonnie commanded, and all six young recruits jumped through the warp.

"Dexter, they're here!" dr. Light shouted. Dexter ran to greet the six confused warriors.

"Hi, I'm Dexter, and this is Dr. Light, my mentor. I know, you're probably wondering why you're here, and why you're cartoons. Well, you're in Videoland, and things are different here, so you'll have to get used to it. As your personal guide, it is my responsibility to know you very well. But first, I'll take your names and specialties. You?" He pointed to the blonde woman.

"Armina Lafleur. I'd love a good fight any day, in a game, that is."

"I'm sure you do, Armina," Dexter replied. "How about you, Mr. Surfer Dude?"

"My name's Armand Lafleur. Armina's my twin sister, and I'm not a surfer. I do puzzles," answered the blonde man.

"Carrie Wong," said the Chinese girl, "I bat 1000, scored 150 touchdowns, 200 baskets, 500 goals, 500 field goals, and I swim."

"Alex Grande," replied the young man with the long brown hair. "I LOOOOOOOOOOVE CARS!"

"Roberta Dimanno," the black woman announced, "I like role-playing games. And first-person shooters."

"Sandra Tolera, at your service!" shouted the young brunette, "Adventure games are my idea of a great time!"

"Great! I'll contact the Queen, then we'll get back Captain N!" Dexter shouted.

"Who's Captain N?" asked Roberta, as Dexter dashed out of the lab.

"Oh, you'll love him! He's the best player in the universe! Or so I was told," Dr. Right informed her.

They waited a few minutes until the door opened. Out stepped Dexter, Queen Lana and another friend in green and gold armour. "This is Mega Man. He's agreed to help us battle Mother Brain again," Dexter announced.

"Mother Brain?" everyone asked. Sandra gasped.

"That evil brain on the game Metroid?" she asked.

"Yes," replied the Queen. She told them the whold story about how Kevin came to Videoland and for three years led the N-Team to victory when Mother Brain was jailed in Baseball World.

"Whoaaa!" was all they could say.

"It's all set! The Warp zone is strong enough to carry one more person through! Let's hope it works!" Dexter shouted, and turned on the switch that opened the Warp Zone. Then everyone warped to the Throne Room and Lana summoned the warp by the Power Glove. And the Warp zone opened.

Down on Yonge Street, in the Funland Arcade,a little black girl was playing "Marvel Superheroes vs. Capcom", using Ryu and Chun-Li against Onslaught. She had just won the fight, when the screen changed. The girl saw fourteen cartoon characters on the arcade screen huddled around a huge glove. Suddenly, lightning grabbed her small form, and, as she wrestled with it, sucked her through the screen. The black girl screamed as she tumbled through the warp zone, and into the room.

"This is Captain N?"

"You said the Cap'd be a guy!"

"She looks rather young."

These were the responses that everyone had once they saw the little black girl in a red plaid sundress, a black T-shirt, white socks, a white jacket, black shoes, and a Power Pad and a Zapper. "I'm Queen Lana of Videoland," Lana told her,"What's your name?"

"Keisha Davenport," replied the girl, "Why am I here? I can't be here. Am I really a cartoon?"

"Yes," Armina replied,"we all are here. I'm Armina, this is my brother Armand, this is Carrie, Alex, Roberta and Sandra. We're the Defenders of the Realms, and Dexter has assigned us to protect you and the Queen." She pointed to each and every person that she knew.

"Can I go back? My brother, he scared if he knew I'm gone," Keisha asked the Queen.

But instead of running to her room and crying, Lana assured her, "You're safe with us, Keisha, We'll look out for you, and help you defeat Mother Brain."

"Mother Brain!?!?!" Fear coarsed through everyone's veins.

"Yes, Mother Brain. She'll come to life soon, and it's your job to lead Videoland to victory." She told Keisha about the 3 years with Kevin Keene.

"Wow," Keisha sighed.

"Oh, yeah, I almost forgot," Dexter told everyone. "See those belts you're wearing? Those contain your Power Pads and Zappers, and if you press this red button and say 'By the Power of the--' and then say your animal, well, you'll find out soon enough."

"What do you mean `animal'?" Armina asked him.

"Your animal is the nature of your spirit. Let's say you're tough. Then you'll probably have the characteristics of a lion, or a tiger, or a bear, pardon the pun."

"OK, What else?"

"Look deep into your hearts for this will be hard searching for your animal. Another way of transforming is if you just say `Commando Elite!', but Zelda has to cast a spell on you first."

"Exactly why I'm here," boomed Zelda's voice as she and Link appeared. "So, these are the new defenders. Ok. Here goes!" Everyone held hands as Zelda chanted her spell.

"Goren, Gomai, Tushand, Tushay,

Garthen, Rosai, Gurand, Murei,

Rhashen, Firai, Romand, Goday,

To Fend, To Fly, Defend, Voler!"

At once, all who held hands were lifted off the floor. Keisha giggled, and everyone else gasped. Zelda, on the floor told them: "Now you can fly whenever you want to fly. Think now of getting down, and you'll be down in seconds!"

They all did the same, but they let go this time, and everyone descended to the floor, feet first.

"Now say: Commando Elite!" Zelda boomed.

"COMMANDO ELITE!" shouted Keisha, Armina, Carrie, Roberta, Sandra, Armand and Alex.

The change was drastic. After three minutes of transformation, everyone was awed.

Keisha was decked out in golden armour, with a girl's breast plate, waist, metal skirt, biker shorts, shoulder, elbow and knee guards and golden boots. On her back were a pair of gold-coloured angel wings, and when she moved them, they worked! On her head was a gold tiara and rubies were embedded everywhere. She held a big gold sword and on her left shoulder was a golden whip, and she wore a golden shield on her right arm, where she held the sword. Of course, her Power Pad and Zapper were still on her waist. The Defenders were decked similarily, but the boys did not wear skirts, and each had a different weapon, colour, gem and pair of wings, with the exception of one. Armina wore blue with a blue-jay's wings and she held a curved blue sabre with blue sapphires all over her. Armand wore white, with yellow topaz, with a white gargoyle's wings, and he carried a microphone, that makes anything he says blow the brains out of his foes. Carrie wore red with rubies, like Keisha, on her, with the wings of a giant robin, and she carried a bat and a surfboard and a backpack full of ammo. Roberta wore green, with butterfly's wings and emeralds on her. She carried a green electrosash, and several different types of "pollen-ball" grenades. Alex wore black, with the wings of a bat and purple topaz gems, carrying an axe and standing next to a sleek black car, holding its keys. Finally, Sandra wore silver, with orange topaz gems on her and a silver eagle's wings, carrying a powerful silver lasso. All had their Power Pads and Zappers with them, and Armina, Carrie and the boys wore pants. Roberta and Keisha's hair were tied into buns. The wings retracted themselves into everyone's backs.

"COOL!" Keisha yelled. "This is cool!"

Back at NASA...

"Open the warp now, Jason!" Angela commanded a red-haired young man, standing beside a warp generator. "We're going to Videoland. Now that I've freed Mother Brain, it's time to pay her a visit!" The warp opened and a whole slew of people marched through, Angela and Jason included.

When they were in Metroid, a huge, grey brain with a pink face and big red lips stared at them from its jar. "Who dares to come to my ship? Answer me!" it boomed.

"I do. I am Angela Aino, the one who pulled you out of the cellar and brought you back to life," Angela answered.

"Ah, then you know about my plans to take over Videoland! I am Mother Brain. Pleased to meet you," she introduced herself.

"A pleasure to make your aquaintance, too, Mother Brain. What short-term business to you plan to do now?"

"Well, Miss Aino, now that you've mentioned it, I plan to gather new henchmen for myself. The stupid cretins King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard are no more now, so I need new lackeys."

"My employees and I can help you in your mission, whatever that may be today," Angela offered, "I'll show you what they have to offer you."

"Good! You can show me later, though. Our next business now is to see if Captain N is still alive in Videoland!"

"Right. Jason! Activate the viewers now!"

"Yes, darling." Jason turned on the viewers that were attached to the ship, and a clear view of the inside of the Palace was shown. Mother Brain knew some people that she saw there, but there were others that she didn't recognize, but Angela knew their boss.

"So Dexter had the nerve to send his warriors here. And who is that little girl? They all have Power Pads and Zappers!"

"So Captain N is there?" Mother Brain asked.

"Negative. My arch-enemy in science sent his warriors to defend Videoland. But we can fix that now, can we?"

"Sure, we can! You get your henchmen ready, I'll call my friends to help you. They're from the armies' worlds! We strike again!"

"Yeah!" screamed Angela, and the two set off to work.

At the Palace...

"You mean, we can adapt to ANY environment with our powers?" Alex asked the Queen.

"Yes. The spell that Zelda cast upon us means that we will be able to change into half-human, half-whatevers, depending on the environment of the place that we must protect from Mother Brain."

"Whoa, you mean mermaids and mermen when we're underwater? And humans again on dry land?"

"Yes, but you don't sprout wings when you fly in your normal forms."

"And YOU do?" Armand joked.

"No, we just fly."

"Who are these people around us?" Carrie inquired.

Lana smacked her head. "Oh, I forgot! I'm sorry. Well, you all know Mega Man," she said, pointing to Mega Man. "The kid with wings, other than yourselves, is Kid Icarus. He has a great assortment of arrows, and is the best archer that I've seen in all of Videoland."

"Pleased to make your aquainticus," he said, bowing down.

"The blond vampire hunter is Simon Belmont, the hero of Castlevania," Lana continued.

"And the highest ranking officer of Her Majesty's Court!" Simon interuppted the Queen.

Lana ignored him and went on. "The retangular-shaped computer is Gameboy. We got him in the fall of 1990, through a warp that connected our world with Mirror World, the home of our mirror opposites. I have no time to explain why, so I'll continue on. Last, but not least is our dog, Duke and the doctor, Dr. Thomas Xavier Right. Duke was the dog of our previous Captain N, a boy named Kevin Keene, who came here through the Ultimate Warp Zone, and who proved in more ways than one, to be a very proud member of the team. Dr, Right is the scientist that brought Dexter here to help us with Angela, which in turn, brought you all here. He is the scientist that monitors warp zones, builds robots, in fact, does whatever he can in his field to help Videoland, right, Dr. Right?"

"Yes, that would be me." answered the Doctor.

"Now I would like to hear your names," Lana informed them.

"You know me, I'm Keisha," said Keisha.

"Armina Lafleur."

"Armand Lafleur."

"Carrie Wong."

"Alex Grande."

"Roberta Dimanno."

"Sandra Tolera." chimed Sandra.

"Good. I'm Queen Lana, as you may already know now. I'm truly sorry, but I sometimes forget. My memory's not very good these days."

Suddenly, the alarm went on. The bell rang as though it never rang before, and panic swept the entire room under a sea of fear and confusion. Lana turned to the viewer.

"It's Mother Brain! I knew it! This is where you guys come in!" Lana screamed.

"Yeah, but what can we do?" Armina asked.

"Nothing, you little pipsqeaks!" boomed a voice from the screen. It was Mother Brain, and with her was a woman with long, jet-black hair, wearing a grey business suit and skirt. The woman wore a black tie.

"Angela Aino! How dare you come in here!" Dexter shouted at the screen.

"Dexter Washington, you know I'm just here for the fun of it. Miss Mother Brain?" Angela said.

"Thank you, Angela," the brain replied. "Go ahead and play, you puny tykes, because Mommy Brain will take care of you! Ha ha ha ha ha! Mommy Brain's gonna take care of ALL of YOU!"

"That's it!" Alex pounded the controls and the screen went blank. "We can't go and stick around like sitting ducks! We gotta go now!"

"Hold on a minute, there!" Armina warned, "That brain's just getting us to fight so that she can kill us and take over Videoland. I know what she's up to, but we can't let the Palace go unguarded. We need a plan, and I know the perfect one."

"THAT WAS YOUR PLAN???" Simon screamed. "Go tour Videoland with you kids while Mother Brain takes over the Palace?"

"Yup," answered Armina. They were at Castlevania, near the Count's mansion.

"And leave the Palace unguarded?"

"Not exactly. Dexter lined up the whole place full of traps. If Mother Brain enters the Palace, we'll know for sure. For now, let us see Videoland."

"Did the Queen approve?"

"Yeah. She's fine with it."

They barged in through the door. The Count was waiting for them. "Greetings," he said.

At Newsworld, Alex and Duke were on the subway going downtown.

"This is BORING!" he yawned. Duke agreed. "I mean, this world doesn't have any action!"

"What do you expect? This is Newsworld!" shouted a lady sitting beside him. "You moron!"

"Am I a moron, lady?" Alex leapt up from his seat and said, "I'll show you how moronic I can be!" With that he swung around a pole and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you very much for this opportunity to show off my abilities! This song is dedicated to my girlfriend still on Earth, and I gladly thank you all for this opportunity to explore your fine planet! Hit it, Mike!" he shouted to some guy reading a newspaper.

Then he began to sing:

"This one goes out to the one I love.

This one goes out to the one I left behind.

And I know I'll be back before the end of time,

But this one goes out to the one I love."

"This one goes out to the one I love.

I just hope when I return, you'll still be mine.

And I hope when I come back you will still be fine,

But this one goes out to the one I love"

"I would never pine for your money,

I do love you now.

I love you always

Forever and now.

You are my baby, and

I am yours now 'till the end of time!

I pine for you baby,

I can't help it now,

Someday, maybe,

but I love you now.

You are my baby, and

I am yours now 'till the end of time!"

"This one goes out to the one I love

I would never leave you here until I die.

Without you, there's no one on whose shoulder I cry,

And this one goes out to the one I love."

"This one goes out to the one I love.

I would never be so cruel, and I don't lie.

So please forgive me for the wrongs because I've tried

To make this one go out to the one I love."

And then he repeated the chorus, dancing and singing on the subway as he slid through the aisle until the driver stopped the train at the next station and threw him out. Duke got out.

"I' just trying to make a statement here!" Alex shouted as the train moved off, "God, these guys! You don't know what real music really is!"

Duke barked and led him out of the station.

"Where are we going now?" Alex asked, following him. Duke showed him a warp, and both of them hopped through it.

"You've already seen Dr. Right's laboratory," Mega Man said, "so I get to show you the rest of Megaland. Over there's Skull Castle, where Wily lives now, that mega-scum. He used to bring trouble to me and the rest of the N-Team, but now I sure as mega-heck have no idea what he's been up to for the past six years!"

"Do you want us to go take a look?" Sandra asked Mega Man.

"Well, the doors do look unguarded, but it could be a trap for intruders. Let's check it out."

And they did. Sure enough the doors were unguarded and unlocked. Sandra pushed open one of the doors and the two went in, very aware of any danger that could befall them.

"It looks deserted!" Sandra gasped.

"Who's there?" boomed a voice from the halls.

"Cut Man!" Mega Man yelled and he prepared to fire. But surprisingly, Cut Man raised his hands over his head. "Don't shoot me, Mega Man! I'm unarmed! Well, except for that last blade I have, but still!"

"Cut Man! Are you for mega-real?"

"I'm for real, all right! I lost all my weapons to that blasted Resistance! They've been storming everything that looks like a palace ever since the Princess became the Queen! All of the castle's defences are down because of them!"

"But we're from the Palace of Power!" Sandra told him, "besides, how do we know you're telling the truth? Where's Wily?"

"Retired. He couldn't take the heat from that blasted man any more, so he packed up and left."

"Blasted man? You mean Captain N, right?"

"I wish it WERE that Captain Nuisance guy. He was easier to handle than the one from whom my boss ran away. This asshole's name is Ken Masters."

"Ken Masters? From Shadaloo?" Mega Man asked. "No way would he be involved in any of this!"

"Ken Masters is the LEADER of that fucking RESISTANCE!!!" Cut Man yelled. "I'm the only robot standing now. I remember how those bitches and sons-of-bitches went and tore down all of my comerades like Guts Man and Wood Man into scrap metal! Wily then made me a living machine with this emotions chip in my head, so that one day, I can have my revenge! But it won't happen with the state I'm in right now."

Cut Man was in really bad shape. His torso was dented, and a lot of his ammo was used up. His back was fried and he could barely stand up, since his legs were so weak they could crumble at any minute.

"Should we take him to Dr. Right, Mega Man?" Sandra asked him.

"I don't know," was all Mega Man said.

"Look, whatever you want to do to me, do it now. I don't care anymore," Cut Man broke in. Then he fainted. Mega Man held on to Cut Man while they explored Skull Castle once again. Silver wings and rocket boosters flew them up above the traps and past the unmoving steel balls that still hung there. Sandra could not belive the debris on the ground, spikes dented by the fallen spiked balls, permanently sealed trap doors, broken walls and floors, and cracks in the ceiling, too.

"This is way-out weird." she commented.

"Just wait until you see the lab," Mega Man told her.

"I don't think it's really fair for the power to give you just a microphone, Armand," Keisha told the young man.

"That's all right. I can deal. I've dealt with worse," Armand replied, "Right, Your Majesty?"

"Actually, I agree with Keisha. I think there's something here on Tetris that may help you."

They were on Tetris, the Queen, the Captain and the Defender. "We're meeting Mayor Squaresly and my brother Lyle right here in this mall. Maybe the weaponry store has something useful, but we won't know until those two get here."

"You mean us two?" boomed a jolly voice that belonged to a squarish old man with a young man with short blond hair and glasses.

"Mayor Squaresly! Lyle! You're both here!" exclaimed the Queen.

"Aren't we always?" Lyle told her.

"Who are these jolly good round friends of yours?" asked the mayor.

"This is Keisha Davenport, our new Captain N, and Armand Lafleur, one of the Defenders of the Realms."

"A new Captain N, huh? Well, aren't you the sweetest mother of pearl!" Mayor Squaresly smiled at Keisha and she laughed. "Now, where can I get you a weapon, young man? Ah! Weapons 'R Us!"

The five of them headed to the store. "Madam," the mayor asked the young girl at the desk, "where may we find a weapon that suits this young man to my right?"

"That depends," the girl answered, "on what kind of a gamer he is. What games do you play?"

"Puzzles," Armand replied. The woman disappeared behind the wall and reappeared with a silver sledgehammer.

"This hammer is also a puzzelizer. You work it like you work a gun. Let me show you." Then she caught a shoplifter, turned a dial on the base of the weapon and fired. The shoplifter became a Tetris block. "Depending on the setting that's on the base of this baby," she continued, "you can turn people into blocks, babies, living creatures, or, my personal favourite, a puzzle! And if you blast them again, if they're good people, they return to normal, like this," she blasted the block and it changed back into a woman, "if they're bad, they're video dust. Of course, you can override that by setting it to super-blast."

"Thank you very much," Armand accepted the weapon, which Lana paid.

"We're in a tight bind!" Armina said to Simon, dodging the Count's blows. Simon agreed.

"Come back, Belmont!" yelled the Count. Armina found a sharp shard of wood, and with it, broke the glass of the window that shed light on the Count. He recoiled in horror. Then she passed the shard to Simon, and yelled, "Do what you have to do to get this bastard out of our hair!"

"My hair!" Simon yelled and combed it.

"NOW!" she yelled, and Simon drove the shard into the Count's heart. Then demons everywhere appeared. Armina gave one a whack with her sabre, and it disappeared. Simon took out his whip and did likewise to another. One hung on to her, and she back-flipped it against a wall. Simon took out three werewolves by attaching his whip to a chandalier and hanging on as the werewolves collided into each other. He descended and whipped a mummy into shape. Armina jumped onto five vampires, careful to protect her neck from their teeth, and one vampire recoiled in pain at the loss of his teeth when she punched him in the face. She kicked another in the groin and poked his eyes out. Finally, whacks, whips and martial arts won out and the demons disappeared, as well as the Count.

"Wow, what a workout! Hey, where's the Count?" Armina asked Simon.

"Gone. Again, but we'll see him soon."

"We should head to Metroid now, should we?"

"I suppose so." He opened a warp and the two hopped in.

"She shoots! She scores! This is a new Mount Icarus record!"

The announcer was on the pedastal, and Carrie just won another basketball game on Mount Olymus. "I can't believe your world is hosting the new Videoland Sports!" Carrie exclaimed.

"Yes, well, it IS known for its fun and gamesicus!" Kid Icaurus replied. "How are you doing?"

"One more shot and we win the game!"

Kid Icarus and Carrie were playing against Eggplant Wizard and his team of B-Ball Veggies. Eggy was losing badly, and the team of Kid Icarus, Carrie and some of his classmates at school were beating him. Carrie then performed a slam dunk after racing past Eggy's teemmates. "We won! We won!" she shouted.

"Not fair!" Eggy whined.

Then at the Forum, where the victors rested, Eggy and his team of losers approached them. Carrie smirked.

"Oooh, sore loser!" she teased him. This only got Eggy angrier.

"That's no way to treat an eggplant!"

"What is?" she inquired, despite Kid Icarus's attempts to silence her. He could already see the eggplant get red.

"THIS!" He aimed his wand at Carrie, but she quickly deflected the beam with her bat and it hit the counter, turning it into a banana.

"Oops," Carrie sighed. Kid Icarus and his other friends rallied around her and shot rope arrows. Before you knew it, Eggy was bound and gagged on the floor of the Forum. "Let's warp out before he frees himself!"

"Agreed. To Metroid!" Kid Icarus opened a warp and he and Carrie hopped through, leaving his classmates to guard the eggplant.

"What a nice place you have, Your Highness!" Roberta viewed the North Castle with Princess Zelda and Link and a little brown-haired girl.

"Yes it is, isn't it, Mommy?" the girl motioned to Zelda.

"But of course it is, my little honey bun," Zelda assured her daughter.

"So what's your daughter's name?" Roberta asked her.

"Mary. Princess Mary Harkinian."

"Hi, Mary. Who's your daddy?"

Mary pointed to Link.

"Zelda, Link, are you sure?"

"Yes," Link answered.

"Wow, are you married?" Roberta asked.

"It was a long and hard struggle," Zelda answered, "but Link and I married in the summer of 1992. After consummating the marriage in the Island Castle, I was pregnant with six-year-old Mary. Look at her now."

Mary was playing around with Link's sword, in a rubber sheath.

"That's so she doesn't hurt herself," Link explained, "I think, in my opinion, that she's gonna be one heck of a warrior when she grows up."

"Yeah, she's a Daddy's girl, all right," commented Zelda.

"Mommy, Daddy, how come there's a warp in here?" Mary asked from the room of the Triforces. Link, Zelda and Roberta rushed to the room, and Link picked up the sword that Mary dropped on the floor. He replaced the rubber sheath with the sword's own sheath, and looked to see if anyone came out of the warp. No one did, yet it was still there, and it showed Metroid.

"Guess I gotta get out of here now," Roberta informed the family.

"Wait! We'll go, too!" Zelda cried.

"But who's taking care of Mary and the Triforces?"

Zelda summoned the guards to the room. "Guard the Triforces well. We'll be back soon," she informed the guards. "As for Mary, I think this would be a good learning experience for her. If Keisha can handle Mother Brain, then so can Mary!" Then Roberta and the entire ruling family of Hyrule jumped through the warp.

"All's well that ends well," Mayor Squaresly said to the other four, "That hammer's gonna come in handy, my young lad."

"I'll bet, Mr. Mayor Squaresly," Armand replied.

"Please, just Mayor Squaresly."

"Mayor Squaresly."

Queen Lana, Captain N, Prince Lyle, Armand and Mayor Squaresly just left the mall and were heading for the mayor's car. It was a hovercraft, as all Tetris cars were, since square wheels got you nowhere fast. But their path was blocked, and as the queen came closer, everyone but Armand and Keisha recognized the sleek black cars with round wheels. Some people screamed, and others ran to their side.

"Queen Lana! We have you surrounded!" boomed a voice from one of the cars. "Surrender your throne or perish now!"

"Never, Ken!" Queen Lana yelled, "I'll never surrender to YOU!"

Then the figure stepped out. The man had shoulder-length blond hair and he wore a red fighter's gi with a black belt. He was barefoot, but he had a black badge with white letters that said "Death to the Queen", "In God, We Trust", and his title, which was: "President".

"Ken Masters!" Keisha cried out, "Your Majesty, I didn't know you had MORE problems!"

"Yes I do, but Mother Brain would be far too much for me alone, what with Ken leading the Resistance against me. That's why I called all of you here. To help us protect Videoland from scum like HIM!"

Ken motioned to some other people, and they stepped out and drew their guns. "Don't make us use these babies!" Ken bellowed. "They'll blow this fucking building sky-high!" He aimed at Lana. She refused again. He pulled the trigger.

"Your gun's unloaded. I got the bullets," Armand yelled, holding the microphone in front of him. Sure enough, when Ken pulled the trigger, nothing happened. Armand showed him the bullets in his right hand.

"Shit!" was all Ken could say. Then "Get them!" as thousands of men and women rallied around Ken and surrounded the five people. Some began to fire. These Lana dodged and Armand took out his sledgehammer and pounded some of them to a pulp. Keisha drew her whip, since most of the assailants were human, and lashed out at ten of them. She roped one and, given her newly found superhuman strength, threw him in the air. Lana shielded Mayor Squaresly and Lyle by kicking at any foe that came towards her. Then one lunged at the Queen and she rolled on her back and kicked her sky-high. She got up on her feet. Keisha whipped twenty people towards a car, smashing both them and the car. Still thousands more came forward. Armand used his sledgehammer to shoot at a hundred of them, with his friends behind him, and those hundredd became Tetris blocks. Then, to finish the fight, Keisha drew her sword, and sliced their limosines in half. Armand then hollered, with the microphone: "You have to go home now. Your mommy's calling you!" and the Resistance obeyed. But Ken stayed behind.

"Why do you attack us, Ken? I'm your friend!" Lana asked him.

"The King wasn't here on your 21st birthday, Princess. Something fishy's going on, and I'm about to stop it!" Accent on the "Princess". He fired a Hadou-Ken and the Queen jumepd.

"I, too, learn from the best, Masters!" Lana shouted, "Don't think, that just because I'm royalty, means that I'm a weakling!" She fired a Red Hadou-Ken and his car melted. Ken also had some third-degree burns.

"Ryu!" he shouted "It's Ryu! He's your sensei?!?"

"The very best in the world," boasted the Queen.

"Oh, yeah?" Ken hurled right at her with his Hurricane Kick, but Lana countered him with a Sho-Ryu-Ken, a Dragon Punch. Ken fell to the ground on his butt. Nevertheless, Ken got up and charged at her, but the Queen was very persistant. She blocked him and kicked him all the way back to his damaged car. "I've had enough of your attacks, Masters! Now you know why Ryu's not your friend anymore!" Ryu, as you all know now, is extremly loyal to the Queen, and even helped her prepare for her coronation ceremony. Ken remembered that now. Then he grew very angry. "YOU BITCH!!!" he swore "YOU BRAINWASHED MY FRIEND!!!" And he charged at her with full speed. This time the Queen was unprepared. He smashed her against a wall, and just as she was about to get up, he began his deadly Super Sho-Ryu-Ken, the fiery Dragon Uppercut. It looked like the end ... until Keisha lassooed Queen Lana and yanked her away at the very last minute. Ken finished his move, but to no avail. Suddenly, a helicopter hovered over them and dropped a ladder.

"You're lucky this time, Princess!" Ken hollered, "but next time, we'll finish you off! We are THE RESISTANCE!!!!"

Lana fired a Hadou-Ken at Ken, hitting him square on the stomach, but Ken held onto the ladder, stunned.

"NEVER CALL ME PRINCESS AGAIN, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!" she yelled, "I AM QUEEN LANA!!! QUEEN! QUEEN OF VIDEOLAND!!! DON'T YOU FORGET!!" The helicopter flew off with Ken still hanging on the ladder.

"Well, we should be going to Metroid now," she informed the mayor and the Prince.

"We'll see you soon," was all Lyle could say, before the Queen, the Captain and the Defender warped away.

"It IS a mess!" Sandra gasped as she, Mega Man and Cut Man saw Dr. Wily's lab. Moss, mildew, broken glass, smashed computers and spilled liquid covered the entire room. "I don't understand," Mega Man commented, "Why would Wily mess up his own space? The castle, I understand, but his lab? He was always a mega-neat freak!"

"Again, the Resistance," Cut Man answered, "They tore up every bit of this place when I was in the incubator, recuperating from Ken's fireball. Wily saved me because I still had my 'spark', and therefore, I was salvageable. The other guys were not so lucky." He bowed his head, then he screamed.

"What is it?" Sandra asked.

"Guards! Ken's guards! They send guards here every day, to check if the Queen is there!"

"My sensors are picking up three lifeforms, sir," a man in a black suit told a woman, similarly dressed.

"Describe." she answered.

"One's artificial, one's biomechanical, and one's a female human. With dark brown hair and green eyes."

"What? The Queen is here? I thought she's in Tetris! Never mind! Attack her!" As soon as they found the three, Sandra lassooed the agents and hurled them against the wall.

"YOU'RE not the Queen!" shouted the woman.

"And YOU'RE getting a makeover, sister!" Sandra hollered, as she grabbed her by her neck and slammed her against the oncoming people. They all tumbled down the stairs into more dangerous levels.

"Come on, if we don't hurry to Metroid, they'll come back for more!" Sandra hollered.

"But what about Cut Man?" asked Mega Man.

"Bring him with you! Maybe he can help us!"

Sure enough, they did. All three warped away to Metroid before the woman and her troops could find their way back to the lab. "Where'd they go?" asked the woman in bewilderment.

At Metroid...

Everyone warped here at the same time, with some new allies. Lana sure was amazed when she saw Cut Man holding Mega Man's hand. "It's all right. He's on our side now," Mega Man informed everyone.

"Okay, so what's the plan?" Carrie inquired.

"Easy," Keisha answered, "we check out this place. If Mother Brain's not here, we head back home."

"Are you sure about that?" Alex wondered.

"Positive," Keisha answered, "I mean, if Mother Brain's not in Metroid, what other place could she be except in the Palace? It makes no sense for her to be anywhere else by now."

"She's right," Armina agreed, "Mother Brain would never leave her ship, unless it was to take over Videoland. Remember how we all went to different places? That was so that we could easily locate Mother Brain. She'd never be anywhere else other than here if we didn't leave the Palace, right?"

"Right," Keisha said, "Let's go! Better not to split up, since she's usually at the main bridge."

They stuck together, all seventeen of them: Keisha, Lana, Armina, Simon, Alex, Duke, Sandra, Mega Man, Carrie, Kid Icarus, Roberta, Zelda, Armand, Link, Mary, Cut Man and Gameboy, who warped to Metroid from the Palace. Each followed the other into dangerous tunnels, filled with monsters (lassooed and puzzelized), demons (chopped and diced) and robots (whipped into shape). Cables dangled where the heroes stood now, in front of a big door.

"Who gets the honour of bashing this baby down?" asked Armina. Alex volunteered, and he swung his axe. With one fell swoop, the door crashed to the ground. What they saw shocked them.

Mother Brain was just about to leave the ship, when she spotted the new N-Team and gasped.

"How dare you come here?" she yelled.

"By way of your defences," answered Cut Man, "which, may I add, were weak, compared to us!!!"

"Well, well, well, what have we here?" Angela popped up from behind. A traitor? Or - dare I say it - a spy?"

"You're not fooling us, woman!" Armand yelled from his position. Cut Man used this time to escape from Angela and scurry over to Alex. Angela marched over to Armand and slapped his face.

"What what you say, boy!! I am Angela Aino, not just some woman!! Maybe you'd like a taste of my anger, right, Jason?"

"Right, my darling," Jason answered her and then yelled, "Soldiers! Attack!!"

Everyone was ambushed. Men and women everywhere began to attack our heroes. Alex blocked a kick with his axe and swung a woman towards Mother Brain's jar. Keisha roped off five attackers with her whip, and hurled them against a wall. Armina and Armand stuck together, blocking off attackers from every angle. Roberta threw a grenade at ten women and the grenade exploded into dust that stung their eyes. She proceeded to help her friend Sandra, who had some trouble lassooing five men who were running at different directions and attacking her at different angles. Lana's Hadou-Kens were enough to show her attackers who's boss. All of them hit Mother Brain's glass, and it cracked.

"Angela! Do something, before I'm history!!" she shrieked.

"Mother Brain!" she cried in response. "The time machine's done! We can go back in time and finish off the first Captain N!!"

"Activate it, before I start to DIE!!!"

"NOOOOO!!!! KEVIN!!!!" screamed the queen. She tore off her kimono, which revealed a black leather jumpsuit with black metal armour on her chest, hip, legs and arms. On her waist was an 8-bit NES controller and an orange Zapper. She tore away the bun, and let her shoulder-length hair flow freely.

"YOU BITCH!!" she screamed at Mother Brain and she ran towards the time machine and delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to it.

"NO!" screamed Angela, as she raced to the machine and punched the queen in the face. Lana responded with a kick to Angela's stomach. A hit in the chest. A chop in the back. Lana threw Angela on the floor, and she responded with a kick that sent the queen against a wall. With the two women cutting each other's throats and pulverizing each other to a pulp, Mother Brain took the liberty of sweeping the awed "audience" off their feet, and activating the machine herself.

"The machine! It started!" cried Armina.

"We gotta stop Mother Brain from going inside it!" screamed Keisha. Then "Ok. I got an idea. Some of us form a barrier around Mother Brain, while the rest us destroy that machine!"

"Anything will work, Keisha! What about teams?" Armina ran to her side.

"You, Armand, Simon, Sandra, Mega Man, Zelda and Mary will form a barrier around Mother Brain. Do whatever it takes to stop her from going into the machine. The rest of us will try to destroy the machine."

"Ok, but be careful!"

"I will!" Armina, Armand, Simon, Mega Man, Zelda and Mary all attacked Mother Brain, while Keisha, Carrie, Alex, Roberta, Cut Man, Link, Duke and Kid Icarus concentrated on the time machine. Keisha then instructed Link: "Go get the Queen, and if she can still stand, we'll need her help in destroying this monster!"

"Right!" Link dashed off and found the Queen, still standing, and about to attack an unconscious Angela. "Come on, Your Majesty, Keisha needs your help!" he whispered to her and dragged Lana over to the machine.

The machine was almost in ruins. Alex slashed cables with his axe, and Roberta electrocuted it with her electrosash. Lana gave it all she got, flaming red Hadou-Ken. Carrie smashed it this way and that with her ultra-sonic speed bat. Kid Icarus hoped to overload it with his lightening arrows, which he fired. Duke, wearing magical protection spells from Zelda, attacked the machine with his paws and his sharp jaws, ripping pieces out from it. Link and Keisha slashed and pierced the machine with their swords. Cut Man kicked it this way and that.

While those people worked on the machine, Armina, Armand, Simon, Sandra, Zelda and Mary worked on Mother Brain. Armina slashed at her jar with her sabre. It only made a scratch.

"You scratched my jar!" Mother Brain pouted, in a very cutesy way. "Now, how about this?" She swung one of her tentacles to kill Armina, but Sandra lassooed it tightly just before it could reach her leader. She yanked it all the way back, and Armina sliced the tentacle in half.

"OWWWWW!!!" screamed Mother Brain, as she tried to proceed to the damaged machine. But Simon lashed his whip and caught hold of one of the brain's wheels. Mega Man caught another, as well as Mary and Armand. Sandra threw the dead tentacle away, saw what Zelda wanted to do, and she lassooed the fifth wheel in place. Armina climbed on top of the brain's jar, and started hacking away at the glass.

"Good!" shouted Zelda, "You all stop Mother Brain, while I cast a spell on her!" And she did. No one had time to hear the spell, they were all busy at their own tasks, but as soon as Zelda finished, she yelled, "Ok, you can let go of her now!"

Armina jumped down from her position, and the rest let go of Mother Brain's wheels.

"Ha, Ha, you fools! I'm free! Now I can go back and make sure I RULE VIDEOLAND!!"

"I don't think so, Mother Pea-Brain!" shouted Zelda.

"What do you mean?" Then "AH!!! I can't move! ANGELA! ANGELA!"

"Would a week of stickiness suit you now?" shouted Zelda.

"YOU BITCH!! YOU TRAPPED ME!!" was her response. Then "MY MACHINE!!!" was heard as Cut Man delivered his final blade to the ailing piece of trash. His blade was accompanied by a blast from Keisha's sword. As the rubies glowed on her, red and golden auras swarmed around her. She delivered this colourful blast by saying "By the colours of the rainbow, you are mine!! Psycho Rainbow Blast!!" and a golden blast of energy hit the machine. It overloaded by too many attacks and blew up as everyone ran from it.

"My machine...," said a stunned Mother Brain, as she watched everyone else warp from the ship.

"Why didn't you tell us before?" asked Alex. "We could have gotten her!!"

"Because I don't believe in killing. Even the bad people." answered Lana. "The important thing is that we stopped her from going back in time."

"But why is that important?" asked Armand.

"Because if she did go back, she'll go with Angela and her henchmen. You all saw how bad THEY were, so Kevin wouldn't have stood a chance against them, them being so well-versed in martial arts and magic."

They were back in the Palace, and Dexter and Dr. Right had removed most of the traps. Sandra still had one question: "Why is Ken Masters the leader of the Resistance, anyways?"

"Because of a verbal fight we had after we sent Kevin home. Ken wanted to marry me, but I said no, as I did to Simon. Simon understood, and went off to fight the Count, but Ken was a different story. He loved me from afar, you see, and he wasn't going to take no for an answer. Now he wants his revenge, and he's using my title and coronation ceremony to get it."

"OK, but what happened to the King?" asked Alex, as he stepped on to the floor (he had been sitting on a chair).

"Alex, I..." cautioned Lana, but it was too late. Alex screamed as he was thrown on the floor and suddenly tied up. Everyone laughed.

"I think I'll like it here, Your Majesty," Keisha commented.

"I'm glad," she answered. "But please, call me Lana."

"Ok, Lana," Keisha told her.

"While you're not busy," asked Alex, "could you please untie me? Please?" Everyone laughed again.

"Not funny," he moaned in pain