Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

I NEED YOU TO WRITE EPISODES! But here are some rules that you have to follow (Sorry for being like Mark Moore, but it's my Season! So here they are:

  1. PLEASE ask me before you bring back Kevin (with all his memories, that is) back in Season 4. This is because I want to bring him back in Season 5. So if you want to write an episode concerning Kevin, wait until Season 5. (Note: I and those who have my permission are exempt from this rule)

  2. Don't make permanent changes, like, don't have Keisha killed or go home, don't grow Lana's hair back, and don't make Ken and Ryu friends again. If you do something to a character, you have to undo it at the end of your episode. (Note: I am exempt from this rule)

  3. Stay in charater. Don't make Armina a crybaby. If you wish, you can change their personalities via science, magic and cult Brainwashing, but you must undo everything in the end.

    Keisha has a long golden sword and whip. Armina has a curved blue sabre, Armand has a puzzeling sledgehammer and mind-controlling microphone, and Roberta has an electrosash pollen hand grenades. Sandra has a silver lasso and Carrie has a red bat, a surfboard, and a backpack full of whatever ammunition she wishes, as lons as it has to do with sports. please have eveyrone use their own weapons unless there is a situation where their own weapons are useless.

  4. This is a kid's series, so keep the kissing to visible body parts. No adult material allowed.

  5. When you see an episode with The Phantom, that's your cue to start writing almost every episode of yours with him in it. I will put episodes without him before he makes his appearance. But when you read that episode, note this rule for future episodes.

A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I don't know how many people came to me about this and that, bringing Kevin back before the appointed time, doing something with Mary Harkinian, etc. So here's what I got planned for Season 5:

As soon as Season 4 ends, I don't know when, but about after 30-40 episodes, Alex and Sandra fall in love together, Keisha starts hanging out with Luke more, and Armand and Lana become serious with each other, as well as Armina and Simon. Mother Brain forgets her lesson on time-travel and picks up again, with a massive force of evil behind her. The Phantom reveals his identity to Carrie, Keisha and Duke, and somehow, in the midst of all of this, Draven gets involved. We find out that MB is a servant of Lucifer, the embodiment of all evil, and that Kevin and Keisha are really Kindra, his pure-good sister (embodiment of all good) incarnate. So she shows up when they find something that would fuse them together for a short time, (Kindra doesn't intend to be in one piece! That would be selfish!) if things get so rough, not even Videoland can clear the chaos. That's it for now.

That's all the rules that you have to follow. If you want to write an episode, first read the rules and if your idea agrees with them, e-mail me at!

Happy writing!!!