Mark MooreMatt SlaterMandi Paugh

Mark Moore

Matt Slater

Mandi Paugh

Age: 24
Birthplace: Chicago Il.
Birthdate: 10/18/78
"I am proud to be a part of this, and will do my best in bringing good literature to all N-Fans."
Age: 24
Birthplace: LonG Island, New York.
Infamously known for spewing out quotes such as:
"Oh you didn't know..." and "I am Spartacus."
Age: 26
Birthplace: West Virginia
"C code.
C code run.
Run code run!
Run Dammit Run!!"
Steve CronenKelly HarrisMandi Ohlin

Steve Cronen

Kelly Harris

Mandi Ohlin

Age: 19
Birthplace: Walnut Creek, California
The Beatles rule. End story.
"Greatness is something that cannot be achieved by simply thinking you're great... it takes many others to agree with you to achieve true greatness."
Age: 25
Birthplace: Lakeside, Arizona
"No matter how good you are, there's always someone better. But it doesn't hurt to have more behind than in front."
Age: 23
Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland
"If you close your mind for security reasons, you'll be the one locked out."
Cynthia Chan

Cynthia Chan

Age: 24
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"I wanna be the best Pokémon trainer, the best Power Ranger, the best in everything, and there ain't nothing y'all can do about it!"

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