Frequently Asked Questions

This is where I try to answer some frequently (or not-so-frequently) asked questions concerning myself, this site, or anything else related to Captain N or Zelda. I'm doing this so I won't get e-mailed with the same questions over and over again. Please read this FAQ before you e-mail me. I might have already answered your question(s) here!

Questions About Captain N

1. Where can I get the episodes on tape?
I don't know why, but people keep asking me this, even though I list all the places I know of in the TV Series section!

2. Does Mike Vincent really exist in Northridge, California?
Okay, there are arguments for both sides. The episode, "The Most Dangerous Game Master", presents contradictory information. You could be led to believe that Mike, in fact, does not really exist based on the following evidence: Dr. Wily built the body of the android before King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard were sent to the Palace to get Kevin's memories. How would Dr. Wily know what Mike looks likes - or, for that matter, know about him - before he got Kevin's memories? And when the beam from the tape recorder is directed at Kevin, he says he saw someone from his past, but he couldn't remember who it was. Later, when the N Team is captured on Castlevania, Kevin says "So, that's what I felt before. You pulled Mike out of my memories. He's not even real." Mother Brain replies: "Oh, he's worse than real. He's everything you're afraid of rolled into one!" Finally, Kevin's memories of Mike are animated, and, in the first memory, Kevin and Mike have Power Pads and Zappers. These two inconsistencies indicate that the memories were fake, and it was Dr. Wily's error. All of this can lead us to the conclusion that Dr. Wily created the character of Mike Vincent, designed how he looked, how he acted, and used all of Kevin's fears in life in Mike's personality. King Hippo and the Eggplant Wizard fed Kevin false memories, making Kevin believe he knew someone named Mike Vincent. That's why Kevin couldn't remember him at first. It was only when the android called Kevin asking for help that the false memories were activated in Kevin's brain and allowed him to recognize Mike. I know, that sounds like a really weird thing to do. However, there is other evidence in the episode that can convince you that Mike really does exist: Dr. Wily says about the tape recorder: "Just aim it at Captain N, and it will record his memories of the past on this tape." Later, King Hippo says "Got it!" and "We got it, Mother Brain!" That means that Kevin's memories of Mike are genuinely real, not made up. Kevin even says to the android: "If you were really programmed from my memories of Mike Vincent, then you can't be all bad!". Then he tells the android about the good times Kevin and Mike had together, before Mike turned into a bully. Why would Dr. Wily want good memories to be placed in Kevin's mind? That would only work against his plan to make Kevin totally fear Mike. Finally, after the android was destroyed saving Kevin's life, Kevin says "I became his friend again." This can lead us to the conclusion that Kevin really knew Mike back in Northridge. As you can see, there is conflicting evidence as to Mike's existence. However, the evidence of Mike really existing clearly wins out over the evidence of him not exisiting. As for the latter, we can say "Oh, well" and forget about it, I guess. I'm glad that Mike is real. He's cool. =)

3. Why do you call Mega Man's creator "Dr. Right"? His name is "Thomas Xavier Light"!
Well, that may be true for the Mega Man games, but not Captain N. Everyone calls him "Dr. Right" on Captain N, so that's what I go by. This is a Captain N site, after all.

6. Are the people of Videoland human?
In "Happy Birthday, Megaman", Mega Man is standing outside the Palace, guarding the gate, while it's snowing, and he says to himself: "I bet they wouldn't treat me like this if I were human, like them." Later, he tells the Warp Wizard "I want to be human, like my friends." This is proof positive that Lana, Simon, and Kid Icarus are human, just like Kevin. Well, Kid isn't just like Kevin, but anyway. Also, at the end of that episode, Mega Man, too, becomes human. So, of all the members of the N Team, only Gameboy isn't human. Link and Zelda are human, also. The ears can be explained easily enough. They are simply more evolved in their sense of hearing. These humans are known as Hylian. The evidence of Hylians being human is in "Quest For the Potion of Power" and "Once Upon a Time Machine". In "QftPoP", Gameboy clearly refers to a Hylian woman as human twice. In "OUaTM", the following line was said: "See? I told you it wasn't our fault, Boss. Those humans helped the cat escape." Link was one of the people mentioned. Let's just say that everyone that looks human (even the people of Kongoland, even though they're blue-skinned) is human. However, in "Germ Wars", Dr. Right says "you humans", excluding himself. That implies that Dr. Right (and probably Dr. Wily and all the other people of Megaland) aren't human! Odd.

7. What are Captain N fans called?
Well, Star Trek fans are called "Trekies" or "Trekers", X-Files fans are known as "X-Philes", Millenium fans are the cool-sounding "Millenians", Nowhere Man fans are "Nowhere Maniacs", Sliders fans call themselves "Sliders", Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans choose to be called "Buff-Buffs", and Transformers fans take a liking to "Trans Fans". So, what are Captain N fans called? Well, in the comic book story "SECRETS OF THE WARP ZONES", Kevin says: "OH, HI, N-FANS!" So, I guess that's what we are - "N-Fans"! Why not? After all, Captain N himself gave us that name!

8. What is Captain N fan fiction called?
Why not "N-Fics"? =)

9. How often do we see Lana not wearing her bracelets?
Only in 4 episodes, that I'm aware. "Wishful Thinking" - Watch carefully when Lana wakes up in bed. "In Search of the King" - While in her bedroom, Lana is not wearing her bracelets. "Videolympics" - While wearing her swimsuit, Lana's not wearing her bracelets. "The Big Game" - While wearing another one of her swimsuits, Lana's not wearing her bracelets.

10. How often do we see Lana not wearing her tiara?
Only in 2 episodes does Lana not wear her tiara, and in both instances it's only for a few seconds. In "Mega Trouble For Megaland", Lana takes off her tiara to knock the Golden Arrow to the Three Sacred Treasures. In "Totally Tetrisized", Lana takes off her tiara to free Lyle from the wall, and she then uses it with Lyle's ring to destroy the Tetrisizer. Lana's got nice hair. =)

11. How often do we see Lana barefoot?
Only in 4 episodes, that I'm aware. "Wishful Thinking" - Lana hops out of bed, and she's barefoot. "In Search of the King" - While in her bedroom, Lana is not wearing her shoes in one shot; however, in a later shot, she is. Also, in Kevin's bedroom, Lana's not wearing her shoes in one shot, but she is wearing them in a later shot. "Videolympics" - While wearing her swimsuit, Lana's not wearing her shoes. "The Big Game" - While peddling the bicycle (and presumably the entire time she's wearing her swimsuit), Lana's not wearing her shoes.

12. How often do we see Lana's shoulders?
Only in 5 episodes, that I'm aware. "Wishful Thinking" - Lana sits up in her bed, wearing a nightgown, and you see her shoulders. However, when she hops out of bed, she's suddenly wearing a robe. "In Search of the King" - While talking to the picture of her father, Lana's wearing her nightgown, and you see her shoulders. However, throughout that continuous scene, she suddenly switches to her day clothes in one shot. "Videolympics" - We see Lana's shoulders throughout most of the episode, since she's wearing sweats. But we see them especially while she's wearing her swimsuit. "Mega Trouble For Megaland" - We see Lana's shoulders throughout most of the episode, since she's wearing sweats. "The Big Game" - While she's wearing her swimsuit, you see Lana's shoulders. Lana's got nice shoulders. =)

13. How often do we see Lana's legs?
Aside from the parts that we see in every episode, we see Lana's whole legs in only 2 episodes, that I'm aware. "Videolympics" - We see Lana's legs while she's wearing her swimsuit. "The Big Game" - While she's wearing her swimsuit, we see Lana's legs. Lana's got nice legs. =)

Questions About Me & This Site

1. When did you start watching Captain N?
Late 1989 or early 1990. Not from the first episode, unfortunately.

2. When did you start watching The Legend of Zelda?
I saw at least one episode, "Fairies In the Spring", either when "Tthe Super Mario Bros. Super Show!" was airing, in the 1989-1990 season, or when "Club Mario" was airing. Later, I saw all 13 episodes on "Captain N & The Video Game Masters". Sadly, they were edited down severely. I now have the entire series on DVD.

3. When did you start reading the comic books?
I first found Captain N volume 1, issues 2 & 3 and The Legend of Zelda, volume 1, issues 2 & 3 in a K-Mart in 1992, along with some Game Boys and Adventures of the Super Mario Bros. Unfortunately, I didn't buy any of these issues. Since I can't find them anywhere, I have to rely on people to scan their issues and send me the scans. I did find and get issue #1 (I'm unsure of which printing) of "The Legend of Zelda" and 2 copies of issue #3 of "Captain N: The Game Master".

4. Aren't you a little too old to still be liking cartoons?
No one's too old to watch cartoons. It can be great entertainment for people of all ages.

5. Why did you create this site?
When I first got on the Internet on September 12, 1996, I used many search engines to try to find a Captain N site. I couldn't find a single one. Only a few sites that had small sections devoted to Captain N. After my Montego account expired in January of 1997, I was already on another ISP. It was called The Night Ranger Online (now FX2 Online). It offered free Net access, free e-mail, and free space for a page! During a chat with the Sysop on February 21, I mentioned how I was writing Captain N stories, and the Sysop, John Hambel (Strat), said I could post them on his BBS, and he could even make a special area for it. He also said he could transfer my personal page from Montego to The Night Ranger. Sometime between then and the 23rd, I decided that instead of moving my personal page to The Night Ranger, I'd create a Captain N page instead! The page went up on the 27th. The URL was: Eventally, Night Ranger lost the domain tnro, so I got an account on Montego again and moved the site there. The URL was: When my Montego account had nearly run out, I got an account on GeoCities on September 22nd during a chat session at night. I starting uploading the site to GeoCities in my school library on the 25th at about 10 AM, but I found out from a guy that GeoCities doesn't allow subdirectories, so, once I got home, I changed the source code to eliminate the subdirectories, and at 9:25 PM, the site was on GeoCities. On December 17, 1997, at 9:31 AM, I received an e-mail from seven7, who runs the Blaster Master Underground, telling me of an offer of 50 megs of free space at ProHosting. So, naturally, I signed up for an account. I got it on February 6, 1998. at 8:15 AM. The URL was: On February 10 at 10:00 AM, I took the site off of GeoCities and put it on ProHosting. However, on February 23, the entire site is gone for an unknown reason. On February 27, I got an account on Tripod to put up the newest Season 4 episode, "GREAT ORBS OF FIRE" PART 1 by Shara Hynes. I also put up a little message saying I don't know what happened to the site. On March 2, I began updating the site for a move to Tripod. On March 3, 1998, the site is on Tripod, and here it remains to this day! The URL is: On March 24, 1998, I got a Monolith account and address for this site: I have a lot of plans for this site. My goal is to provide everyone on the Web with as complete as possible a source on Captain N and Zelda! I hope to have this site up for as long as possible. There's no end in sight yet, so don't worry!

6. How did you create this site?
All with Notepad! I'm serious! I don't use any programs to help build websites. I simply type the source in Notepad, save the file, and view it in Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0. I fix any errors I find. Some slip by, but that is why I ask you, the readers, to point them out to me. Sometimes I find the errors on my own, too, when I'm idly viewing the page. Creating a site of this size with just a plain text editor is something a person can be proud of, wouldn't you say?

7. May I link to your site from mine?
Of course! Preferably by using one of the animated GIFS on the Entrance page. Once you do, please e-mail me and give me the URL for your site so I can visit it, and perhaps I'll link to your site in return! =)

8. May I use your episode guides, comic book summaries, and/or other show/comic book information/pictures on my site?
You may use any or all of that. You don't have to ask me. But please give me credit on your site by stating my name (with a link to my e-mail address). Please link to my site also, preferably by using one of the animated GIFS on the Entrance page. Also, please e-mail me after you put up the info/pictures so I can look at it and perhaps link to your site in return! =)

9. If I pay you, can you please mail me copies of your episodes?
I get asked this very often. I can't send tapes in the mail, regardless of whether or not you provide the tape, and regardless of whether or not you pay me. I do not have enough time, nor the desire, to make copies of my episodes for everyone that asks me. Site maintenence, story writing, TV watching, and video game playing take up most of my time. Plus, my mom would never allow it. This problem with requests has gotten so bad, that I'm not even going to reply to the requests - not even with "Read the FAQ", since most people obviously don't read it anyway or choose to ignore it and e-mail me anyway, thinking I'll make an exception for them. Well, I got news for you guys: I won't! I simply will not respond to requests for copies of my episodes! So, don't waste my time and yours. Just don't ask me for my episodes!

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