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This is the place where you can find out a whole bunch of cute and interesting facts about the characters and the series.

All episodes of the first season were written by Jeffrey Scott. Talented guy! =)

Kevin usually says "Pause!" right before he presses the Pause button on his Power Pad. There is only one instance when Kevin says anything else. The day that Kevin is brought to Videoland, he and the rest of the N Team have to go to Metroid to rescue Lana. While in Kongoland, Donkey Kong grabs Kid Icarus and begins to climb a tree. To rescue Kid, Kevin presses the Jump button on his Power Pad. Apparently, since it was Kevin's first time using it, Kevin probably thought he had to say each command before pressing the button for the Power Pad to work. This is only a guess. Kevin yells "Jump!" right before he presses the button, and he never does this again. ("Kevin In Videoland")

Simon has really bad luck with warp zones during their first mission with Kevin! First, King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard put him inside a huge sack and throw him into a warp (which belches). After a few minutes, Simon falls out of the warp and right onto the floor in the throne room! Next, he picks the wrong warp, and the N Team ends up in Kongoland! (see above and below) Finally, when the N Team arrives at Metroid, Simon believes he can get to Lana faster than Kevin by jumping into a warp that they pass. After he jumps in, you hear Simon screaming as he falls, and then you see a huge splash of water! ("Kevin In Videoland")

Lana apparently had a gold coin minted in Simon's honor! It has Simon's face (and the words "MY HERO" above it) on both sides. Simon suckers Kevin into a coin toss (Simon picks Heads) in order to get Kevin to go his way! Naturally, it's the wrong way! (see above) ("Kevin In Videoland")

Kevin is an awesome skateboarder! ("Simon the Ape-Man", "The Big Game")

Lana is not such a good skateboarder! ("The Big Game")

Simon watches a music show called "Castlevania Bandstand", and his favorite song is by Videoland's cold-cold-coldest new group, The Ungrateful Undead! ("The Big Game")

Both Kevin and Lana can surf! ("The Big Game")

Mega Man and Duke rollerskate - and Duke wins! ("The Big Game")

Duke can play football! ("The Big Game")

Kevin has $3.85 in American money. ("Three Men and a Dragon")

Kevin is a valley kid and only drinks milk with a straw. ("Three Men and a Dragon")

Kevin likes Star Trek. ("Simon the Ape-Man", "Mega Trouble For Megaland")

Kevin keeps his house key in his front left blue jeans pocket. ("Metroid Sweet Metroid")

Metroid has an ignition system, and Mother Brain has her lucky rabbit's foot attached to the key chain! ("Metroid Sweet Metroid")

Kevin had a paper route back home, and he learned a trick to expertly throw the papers. ("The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers")

Simon is horrible at riding a unicycle! ("The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers")

Lana's brother, Lyle, is very clumsy! ("The Trouble With Tetris")

Kevin has an Uncle Lenny in New York, who taught him a pizza recipe. Kevin now calls it the "Captain N Special": N for nuts, nectarines, and nachos, which Kevin uses as toppings. Kevin makes this pizza for himself and Lana for lunch one day, but Duke grabs it and runs off, eventually eating it. Lana jokes that Kevin should rename it the "Duke Special". ("Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street")

Lana doesn't know what a pizza is! ("Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street")

When Kevin pours the sleeping potion into the Prince's drink, he falls asleep, and his face falls into his soup! Lana picks him up and asks: "Are we that boring?" When Kevin starts laughing, Lana lets go of the Prince, who falls back into his soup, and says: "Kevin, this is not funny! Did you do something to the Prince?" ("The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N")

Kevin and Lana can play basketball! ("Wishful Thinking", "Pursuit of the Magic Hoop")

Lana makes video chip cookies for Kid Icarus and reads bedtime stories to Mega Man! ("Gameboy")

The Warp Zone To Oblivion is the center of Videoland, where all warp zones intersect. ("Mega Trouble For Megaland")

Kevin doesn't have his driver's license yet. ("Kevin In Videoland", "Metroid Sweet Metroid")

Kevin has a warp license. ("The Trouble With Tetris")

Simon's biggest worry about being bannished into the Black Hole Warp Zone is that none of his clothes will fit! ("Metroid Sweet Metroid")

Simon hates mud! ("How's Bayou")

Bo Jackson is the team captain of the Videoland All-Stars! ("Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls")

Simon doesn't recognize the King of Videoland! ("In Search of the King")

Bayou Billy has a pet alligator named Loafer. ("How's Bayou")

Kongoland has a tree trimmer, which Simon knows. ("In Search of the King")

Simon's "favorite" TV show is "Wombatman" in the first season, but he completely changes his mind about it in the second season! ("The Most Dangerous Game Master", "I Wish I Was A Wombatman")

Simon watches "General Morgue", a Castlevanian soap opera. ("The Lost City of Kongoland")

Simon doesn't wear neck jewelry. ("The Trojan Dragon")

Simon knows the salesman at Honest Dick's Bullwhip Shop on Castlevania. ("In Search of the King")

There's a fairy tale rulebook, which Simon reads. ("Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street")

"Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street" is the only episode where Kevin and Lana kiss on the lips.

A good amount of the sound effects used on Captain N come from Konami games. Check out the sound test on "The Adventures of Bayou Billy" and see if you recognize any of them. (Contributed by Lyndon Moore)

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