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I know it's been ages since I've updated this site. It went down over two years ago (circa late 2012 or early 2013), when 741.com went down, but I've decided to put the site back up, hosting it as a subsite of The Unofficial Captain N Home Page, which I created on 2-27-97. There's no news about Kumi. However, I'll try to get more images (album covers, etc.) up, and I'll add whatever lyrics that I can find (there's sadly not much Kumi-related info on the Web).

I wish Kumi a very happy, belated 46th birthday.

04/25/07 - 5:00 PM
I moved back to Florida since my last update, so all time stamps henceforth will be in Eastern time.

I added some stats to Kumi's biography.

I added albums to Kumi's discography.

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Hello, readers. This site is devoted to Kumi Miyasato.

I started working on this site on Thursday, September 1, 2005, at 1:30 AM.

Who Is Kumi Miyasato?

Miyasato Kumi (family name first, given name second) is a Japanese pop singer and seiyu (anime voice actor) that was popular in her native Japan in the mid-to-late 1980s.

Not much is known about Miyasato Kumi.

She landed the role of Eve in "Megazone 23" at the young age of 16.

She was signed to Victor Records in Japan and released a total of 5 albums.

She made various concert and radio appearances.

Everything else is a mystery (including whether she is still alive or not).

There are 2 unconfirmed stories as to why she stopped performing:

By 1988, her popularity had diminished considerably, and her contract with Victor Records was not renewed.

She got married and retired from singing.

Whether either of these stories or something else is the truth, the sad fact remains that Miyasato Kumi has not sung for quite some time.

Still, her remaining fans hold out hope that Miyasato Kumi will someday return to singing.

The following information comes from the seiyuu profile database that is maintained by Hitoshi Doi:

Miyasato Kumi (Τ)
 /* F */
 /* Born: S44/10/01, Kanagawa */
 /* Sizes: 166 cm, 52 kg, 82-60-86 */
 /* Type A */
 /* Production: Hori Pro */
 /* Retired: 1990 */

Kumi's Filmography

Miyasato Kumi provided the voice of the character, Eve Tokimatsuri, in the first two parts of the Original Video Animation series, "Megazone 23". Her character was a computer-simulated pop idol. "Megazone 23" Part 1 was the very second OAV in anime history and the very first to make a profit. It is said that this is largely due to Kumi's vocal performance (both spoken and sung), which is often called by its fans the highlight of the series.

"Megazone 23" was originally conceived as a standard 26-episode television series. It is a shame that the plot was condensed into 2, direct-to-video, 80-minute movies. Conversely, however, it is unknown whether Miyasato Kumi would have been cast as Eve or not had the television series been created.

There was also a Part 3 of "Megazone 23", but it was a disjointed story that bore little resemblence to what had come before. Eve was the only returning character, but Miyasato Kumi - whether of her own choosing or not is unknown - did not reprise the role.

Miyasato Kumi recorded 5 songs for "Megazone 23" that are still highly enjoyed by her fans and fans of the series. They are, in order of longer appearance:

Part 1:

Senaka Goshi ni Sentimental
("Sentimental Behind Our Backs" or "Sentimental Behind My Back", often incorectly translated as "Sentimental Over the Shoulder")

Tomorrow Blues

Kaze no Lullabye
("The Wind's Lullabye" or "Lullabye of the Wind", also spelled "Kaze no Lullaby" and "Kaze no RARABAI")

Part 2:

Himetsu Kudesai
("Please Tell Me the Secret")

Lonely Sunset

While "Lonely Sunset" appeared twice in Part 2, "Kaze no Lullabye" appeared twice in Part 1 and once in Part 2, making it the most prevelant song in the series. It is considered a fan favorite for its beautiful melody and lyrics.

To date, the first 2 parts of "Megazone 23" are, apparently, Kumi's only acting credits.

The opening instrumentals of both "Senaka Goshi ni Sentimental" and "Kaze no Lullabye" were used for menu background music when ADV Films released the "Megazone 23" trilogy on DVD in 2004.

Kumi's Discography

In addition to soundtrack albums from "Megazone 23" that were released (and reissused) in Japan, Miyasato Kumi released 3 original albums and 2 greatest hits albums in Japan.

Here are a list of all of Kumi's known albums:

Megazone 23 Original Soundtrack (1985)

Whispering At First Sight~I Only Have Eyes For You (1985)

Megazone 23 Part II Original Soundtrack (1986)

Allergy (1986)

For You/Kumi Miyasato Best Collection (1986)

Unfinished (1987)

Kumie's Room/Kumi Miyasato Best One (1987)

Sadly, all of Kumi's solo albums are long out of print, and the only apparent way to get them is through Japanese online auction sites.

In addition, a CD single of "Senaka Goshi ni Sentimental" was packaged with the Japanese DVD release of "Megazone 23".

In the United States, the sole Miyasato Kumi release is "Senaka Goshi ni Sentimental" as a track on the "The Best of Anime" compilation CD from Rhino Entertainment.

This discography was edited from the Anime CD Cyclopedia and the Anime CD List that is maintained by Steve Pearl. This is from a list that was posted on 6/5/1991, so some of these might be out of print:

Solo Albums:

	Hitomi de Whispering ~ I Only Have Eyes for You
		Victor VDR-1098 (1985.10.21), Y3008
		10 tracks, 49:18
		{Contains 2 of Eve's songs from Megazone 23}
		 1. yoake no Whisper
		 2. dakishimete Moonlight
		 3. aoi Diamond
		 4. yume wa Stardust
		 5. senaka-goshi ni Sentimental
		 6. kaze no Lullabye
		 7. Heart Cocktail
		 8. shiroi Center Line
		 9. sayonara wa kinu no Veil
		10. Asphalt no Last Dance

		Victor VDR-1261 (1986.8.21), Y3008
		10 tracks, 45:02
		{Tracks 3 & 9 are from Megazone 23 Part II}
		 1. Yumemiru Magnet			4:35
		 2. Yokohama Cool			3:32
		 3. Himitsu ku-da-sa-i		5:53
		 4. Denim no furugi			5:06
		 5. Manatsu Magic			4:35
		 6. Allergy				3:52
		 7. A-ko no yuujou			3:57
		 8. shoukei shigan			3:55
		 9. Lonely Sunset			4:03
		10. Melancholy no biyaku		5:17

	For You / Kumi Miyasato Best Collection
		Victor VDR-1289 (1986.11.21), Y3008
		{Contains 4 of Eve's songs from Megazone 23.  If you
		 only have money for one Kumi Miyasato CD, this is the
		 one to get.}
		 2. senaka-goshi ni Sentimental
		 3. Allergy
		 4. kaze no Lullabye
		 5. yume wa Stardust
		 6. Asphalt no Last Dance
		 7. futari no SENJORUDI
		 8. Lonely Sunset
		 9. manatsu Magic
		10. Denim no furugi
		11. dakishimete Moonlight
		12. shiroi Center Line
		14. himitsu ku-da-sa-i

		Victor VDR-1389 (1987.7.21), Y3300
		10 tracks, 41:49
		 1. Summer Lovers			4:29
		 2. A-i-tsu				3:48
		 3. Water Blue			3:43
		 4. Green				4:15
		 5. Rainy Boy			4:56
		 6. Hitomi no naka no Jealousy	3:30
		 7. Percentage			5:21
		 8. Into the Night			3:21
		 9. Jibunjishin 			3:32
		10. Image				4:53

Anime CDs (songs from Megazone 23):


	Megazone 23  Ongaku-hen [Music Collection]
		Victor VDR-1014 (1985.3.21), Y3008 or Y3200
		14 tracks: 4 vocal/10 BGM, 48:15 or 48:17
		 1. E kara no Message					2:51
		 2. senaka-goshi ni Sentimental  (Miyasato Kumi)	4:21
		 3. Rock Cafe						3:54
		 4. kanashimi no Melody 					2:58
		 5. saikou ni Good Humor					4:20
		 6. Tomorrow Blues		 (Miyasato Kumi)		2:04
		 7. itsumo Run Away						3:40
		 8. Red Spur Town						3:08
		 9. Young Blood 						3:01
		10. kaze no Lullaby		 (Miyasato Kumi)		4:44
		11. Stranger Hunch						4:24
		12. Dreaming Journey					2:14
		13. gokigen ni Twilight 					2:12
		14. samishikute nemurenai	 (Yuka Takeuchi)		4:24

	Megazone 23  Four Spirits
		Victor VDR-1059 (1985.5.21), Y3008 or Y3200
		9 tracks, 44:39
		{An image album}
		 2. Dancing in the Blue
		 4. Alone
		 5. EVE
		 6. kokoro wa itsumo Rhapsody
		 7. Now is the Time
		 8. chotto Rainy Blues
		 9. senaka-goshi ni Sentimental ~ kaze no Lullaby ~
		    TOMORROW BLUES ~ samishikute nemurenai

	Megazone 23 Part II  Ongaku-hen [Music Collection]
		Victor VDR-1152 (1986.2.21), Y3008 or Y3200
		15 tracks, 43:47 or 43:49
		 1. Drawing Tentacles				2:23
		 2. Action						3:31
		 3. Big Trouble 					3:24
		 4. Lonely Sunset	    	(Miyasato Kumi)	4:04
		 5. Keep on Loving					1:59
		 6. Irritation					1:31
		 7. Another						2:03
		 8. Red Zone Fighter				3:08
		 9. Go to Hell					3:23
		10. Space Pain					3:20
		11. yuugure no michi				1:24
		    [Twilight City]
		12. Way to the Ace					1:55
		13. aishuu no Serenade				1:09
		    [Sorrowful serenade]
		14. himitsu ku-da-sa-i	(Miyasato Kumi)	5:54
		    [Please tell me the secret]
		15. Nature Lover					4:22

        Megazone 23 Part Two Image Album: Last Target
                Victor VDR-1152
                15 tracks, 42:31, Y3200
                (Supposedly, there is a version of this CD with an order number of 1133 and
                10 tracks. Are there 2 versions, or is this information
                in error?)

	Megazone 23  Ushinawareta Season
		Victor VDR-1256 (1986.9.5), Y3008
		8 tracks, 46:11
		{Mostly conversations.	Have to be able to understand
		 Japanese or be a major MZ fan to get this one.}
		 2. chotto Rainy Blues
		 3. kurenai Lantern doori
		    [Red lantern street]
		 4. itsuka Kimiko-sama ga
		    [Sometimes Kimiko-sama, but]
		 5. samishikute nemurenai
		 6. Megazone 23 no TE-MA
		 7. Dreaming Journey
		 8. ima ga ichiban ii toki
		    [Now is the Best of Times]

	Megazone 23  SONG Collection
		Victor VDR-1263 (1986.9.21), Y3008 or Y3200
		10 tracks, 47:33
		{Contains all of the songs to the first 2 parts plus
		 some that were not included in the OVA's.  Something
		 that needs getting used to is the introductory "sound
		 effects" that precede each of the songs.  Gunfire,
		 helicopter noise, etc. provide "atmosphere".}
		 1. senaka-goshi ni Sentimental
		    [Behind My Back Sentimental]
		 2. Lonely Sunset
		 3. Megazone 23 no TE-MA
		 4. Tomorrow Blues
		 5. ima ga ichiban ii toki
		    [Now is the Best of Times]
		 6. himitsu ku-da-sa-i
		    [Please tell me the secret]
		 7. kurenai Lantern doori
		    [Red lantern street]
		 8. itsuka Kimiko-sama ga
		    [Sometimes Kimiko-sama, but]
		 9. kaze no Lullaby
		    [Wind's Lullaby]
		10. samishikute nemurenai

	Megazone 23  Vocal Collection
		Victor VDRY-25025 (1990.11.25), Y2500
		13 tracks, 54:10
		{Contains 2 Takaoka songs from part 3 and all the songs from
		 the original MZ23 Song Collection.  Difference here is that
		 the book is very skimpy, just lyrics in small print.  Also
		 close to a minute of "Himitsu Kudasai" was cut.}
		 1. higeki no Idol		 (Takaoka Saki)		4:14
		    [Tragic idol]
		 2. Breakpoint						4:29
		 3. Lonely Sunset		(Miyasato Kumi)		4:04
		 4. kaze no Lullaby		(Miyasato Kumi)		4:43
		    [Wind's Lullaby]
		 5. Tomorrow Blues		(Miyasato Kumi)		2:02
		 6. kurenai Lantern toori					3:14
		    [Scarlet lantern street]
		 7. itsuka Kimiko-sama ga					2:47
		    [Sometimes Kimiko-sama, but]
		 8. himitsu ku-da-sa-i		(Miyasato Kumi)	4:55
		    [Please tell me the secret]
		 9. Megazone 23 no TE-MA					2:53
		10. ima ga ichiban ii toki				7:29
		    [Now is the best of times]
		11. senaka-goshi ni Sentimental 			4:18
		    [Behind My Back Sentimental]
		12. Pandora no fune		 (Takaoka Saki)		4:02
		    [Pandora's Boat]
		13. samishikute nemurenai	      (Yuka Takeuchi)	4:24

Seiyuu Books About Kumi

The following information comes from the seiyuu books list (only contains entries in which Kumi was prominently featured) that is maintained by Hitoshi Doi:

Schola (Sukora) No.70, 1985.03.14
 article :: Miyasato Kumi

Oricon Weekly S60.03.29, 1985.03.29
 Article :: Miyasato Kumi

Beppin April 1985, 1985.03.??
 article :: Miyasato Kumi

Dunk 1985 April, 1985.03.??
 Article :: Miyasato Kumi {Uniform, 2P}

Out 1986 January, 1985.12.??
 Article :: Miyasato Kumi

Out 1986 February, 1986.01.??
 Article :: Miyasato Kumi
 Article :: Shimazu Saeko
 Article :: Tonguu Kyouko

Shounen Sunday 1986 No.17, 1986.04.09
 Article :: Miyasato Kumi {1P}

Variety 1986 May, 1986.04.??
 Article :: Miyasato Kumi

Anime V 1986 June, 1986.05.??
 Article :: Miyasato Kumi

Shashin Jidai Jr November 1986, 1986.10.??
 article :: Miyasato Kumi {2 P}

Otome Club Vol.6 No.6 1986 November, 1986.11.00
 Article :: Miyasato Kumi {Skirt, 1P}

Heibon Punch No.12, 1987.01.05
 article :: Miyasato Kumi {1 P}

Kumi In Audio Dramas

The following information comes from the seiyuu drama database that is maintained by Hitoshi Doi:

Mugen Chitai Megazone 23 Image Album "Ushinawareta season" [CD]
 ? :: Miyasato Kumi
 ? :: Kawamura Maria
 ? :: Sakamoto Chika
 ? :: Shou Mayumi
 ? :: Tominaga Miina
 ? :: Chiba Shigeru
 ? :: Ginga Banjou
 ? :: Inoue Kazuhiko

Kumi's Appearances At Seiyuu Events

The following information comes from the seiyuu event database that is maintained by Hitoshi Doi:

1984.12.10 Miyasato Kumi uta happyoukai at Victor Studio
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.01.15 [10:30] 10th Comic Square at Kawasaki Shimin Plaza
 Akimoto Rio
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.01.20 Megazone 23 Big Run! 7 Campaign at Fukuoka Victor Biru 5F Hall 
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.02.03 Megazone 23 Big Run! 7 Campaign at Hiroshima Kenshin Koudou Hiroshima
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.02.10 Megazone 23 Big Run 7 event at Doushin Hall Sapporo
 Miyasato Kumi
 Shiozawa Kaneto

1985.02.11 Megazone 23 Big Run 7 event at Ken Shikaishi Kaikan in Sendai
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.02.16 Megazone 23 Big Run 7 event at Shi Koukaidou in Nagoya
 Miyasato Kumi
 Shou Mayumi
 Shiozawa Kaneto

1985.02.23 Megazone 23 Big Run 7 event at Bankokuhaku Hall in Osaka
 Miyasato Kumi
 Shou Mayumi
 Shiozawa Kaneto

1985.02.24 [08:30] Megazone 23 Osaka Festival Part II at Touei Hall Umeda
 Miyasato Kumi
 Kawamura Maria
 Tominaga Miina
 Shiozawa Kaneto

1985.03.02 Megazone 23 Big Run 7 event at Yomiuri Hall
 Miyasato Kumi
 Shou Mayumi
 Shiozawa Kaneto

1985.03.17 [18:00-19:00] Miyasato Kumi uta happyou and sign kai in Kanazawa
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.03.17 [8:30-10:00] Megazone 23 event at Shinjuku Milano Za
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.03.22 [17:00-18:00] Miyasato Kumi uta happyou and sign kai in Shizuoka
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.03.23 [13:00-15:00] Yokochiku Anime Fair at Kanagawa Koukaidou 
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.03.23 Megazone 23 event at Shinjuku Milano Za
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.03.24 Megazone 23 event at Touei Hall in Umeda
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.03.26 [11:00] Nagoya Ongakudou Anime Fair at Nagoyashi Kyouiku Centre
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.03.26 Megazone 23 event at Touei Hall in Nagoya
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.03.28 [14:00-15:00] Miyasato Kumi uta happyou and sign kai in Ueno
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.04.07 [9:30-17:30] Miyasato Kumi uta happyou and sign kai in Nagoya
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.05.05 [12:00] Megazone 23 in Fukushima at Fukushimashi Koukaidou
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.10.19 1st Album Event at Ishimaru Denki Akihabara
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.12.21 NHK FM Urawa Music Saturday '85
 Miyasato Kumi

1985.12.25 Megazone 23 Part II event
 Miyasato Kumi
 Kawamura Maria

1986.01.15 Miyasato Kumi Fan Club event at Takadanobaba Big Box
 Miyasato Kumi

1986.02.05 Masukomi Convention event at Roppongi Ranfiini Janponesuku 
 Miyasato Kumi

1986.04.19 Sant Jordi event in Tokyo
 Miyasato Kumi

1986.04.20 Sant Jordi event in Osaka
 Miyasato Kumi

1986.05.19 [18:30] Event at Shibuya Jan Jan (Tokyo)
 Miyasato Kumi
 Kawamura Maria
 Ogai Youko
 Sakamoto Chika
 Shiozawa Kaneto
 Yao Kazuki

1986.09.06 "Allergy" event at Takadanobaba
 Miyasato Kumi

1986.12.13 First live at Shinjuku Rui-do
 Miyasato Kumi

1987.04.05 Event at HeartLand Studio
 Miyasato Kumi

1987.07.11 Live at Yokohama Eki'nishi Royal 4F (Kanagawa)
 Miyasato Kumi

1987.07.17 Live at Hiroshima Animage Studio (Hiroshima)
 Miyasato Kumi

1987.07.20 Live at Oosaka Amu Hall (Oosaka)
 Miyasato Kumi

1987.07.22 Live at Yokohama Bibure Live (Kanagawa)
 Miyasato Kumi

1987.07.23 Live at Oomiya Freaks Live
 Miyasato Kumi

1987.07.27 Live at Sendai Marumitsu Depart CAD Hall (Miyagi)
 Miyasato Kumi

1987.07.28 Live at Morioka Record Club Fukushima The Land (Fukushima)
 Miyasato Kumi

1987.08.19 Waratte Seishun public recording at Nagasaki Housou Daiichi Studio
 Miyasato Kumi

1987.09.28 Live at Oosaka Amu Hall (Oosaka)
 Miyasato Kumi

1987.09.29 Live at Nagoya Heartland (Aichi)
 Miyasato Kumi

1987.09.30 Live at Shibuya Live Inn (Tokyo)
 Miyasato Kumi

1988.04.16 Miyasato Kumi Spring Concert at Shibuya Take Off 7
 Miyasato Kumi

1988.08.27 Yatteyaruze Jouhoukyoku public recording at Nagoyashi Koukaidou
 Miyasato Kumi
 Hidaka Noriko
 Yao Kazuki

1989.09.30 Event at Shibuya Live Inn
 Miyasato Kumi

Kumi's Radio Appearances

The following information comes from the seiyuu radio show list that is maintained by Hitoshi Doi:

Waratte Seishun [Nagasaki Housou], 1986.04-
# Nagasaki Housou, Sunday, 22:00
 Personality :: Miyasato Kumi

Yatteyaruze Jouhoukyoku [Radio Nihon], 1988-
# Radio Nihon, Sunday, 11:30
# Radio Oosaka, Monday, 20:30
# Toukai Radio, Tuesday, 00:30
 Personality :: Miyasato Kumi
 Personality :: Yao Kazuki

The following information comes from the seiyuu radio guest list that is maintained by Hitoshi Doi:

Radio Macross Minna De Karucha-, 1985.0X.XX
 guest :: Miyasato Kumi

Kumi Picture Gallery

Here are all of the pictures of Kumi Miyasato that I can find. I need help identifying some of them. If you have any that aren't here, then please e-mail them to me!

I Only Have Eyes For You (front cover)
I Only Have Eyes For You (back cover, presumably)
I Only Have Eyes For You (another back cover, presumably)
Allergy (front cover)
Allergy (back cover)
Unfinished (front cover)
Unfinished (front inside, presumably)
Unfinished (back cover, presumably)
Unknown EP (please identify!)

If you have any information about Kumi Miyasato, then please e-mail me!