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This section is completely devoted to covering "appearances" of Captain N and The Legend of Zelda in magazines, books, and on TV.

Nintendo Power, Volume 7 - July / August 1989

This article previews "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" and "The Legend of Zelda" segment.

Nintendo Power, Volume 7

Nintendo Power, Volume 8

This is where we first got a glimpse of Kevin Keene, Princess Lana, Mother Brain, Mega Man, and Duke! Notice the differences between the article and the show. The show is called "Captain N: Game Master". Videoland is called Nintendoland. The Ultimate Warp Zone is referred to as "the Power of the Orb". Also, Kid Icarus was originally going to be called by his game name, Pit. The "N" on Kevin's jacket is yellow. Lana has her power scepter! Why'd they take that out?! There's also mention of the Forces of Light and the League of Darkness. It seems as though the comic books included most of the stuff that the TV series rejected! Good for them! Also, this article establishes that Kevin is 15 years old in Season 1, just like I guessed!

Nintendo Power, Volume 8

NBC Comic Book Advertisement - 1989

This is a 2-page ad for the "all-new" Saturday morning line-up in the Fall of 1989.

NBC Comic Book Advertisement, Page 1 NBC Comic Book Advertisement, Page 2

Super Play, Issue 35 - September 1995

Trivia questions asked in a British gaming mag. Answer to # 2 not required. =)

Super Play, Issue 35

Game Players, Issue 77 - November 1995

A gamer writes to the mag using the alias "Captain N".

Game Players, Issue 77

Super Play

A short Zelda article in a British RPG fanzine. Scan needed.

Nintendo Power, Volume 100

Captain N and Zelda are mentioned by a reader in the PLAYER'S PULSE section. The letter is called "On the Tube".

Nintendo Power, Volume 100

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Nintendo Power, Volume 104

Someone asks Dan Owsen what happened to Captain N. Dark Dan gives a phony answer!

Nintendo Power, Volume 104

Nintendo Power, Volume 110

Captain N is mentioned in the 10th Anniversary timeline. However, they made a huge mistake! They list Captain N as starting in September of 1990! Also, there is no mention of "The Legend of Zelda" TV series or Nintendo Comics System!

Nintendo Power, Volume 110

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