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In this section, you'll find various items that are too short to have their own sections.

"Captain Nintendo" and "Friends"

There were some stories printed in "Nintendo Power" back in the '80s. They have some things in common with Captain N.

"Captain Nintendo", for example, is about Brett Randalls, an employee at Nintendo, having to battle Mother Brain. He also meets Link. "Captain Nintendo" was the origin of Captain N, according to Randy Studdard, a former editor at "Nintendo Power".

"Friends" is about a kid named Jason that can travel into his TV set and help Link. It kinda makes you wonder if Captain N was perhaps inspired by this story as well. If you can help me with this, please e-mail me!

Dorian Barag

Dorian Barag is the boy who played Kevin in the real-life main action sequence on "Kevin In Videoland" and in the opening theme. I found an article which may be about him. I e-mailed Edina Lekovic, the News Editor, about it. I received her response on May 5. Here's what she had to say:

Mr. Moore,

I was unable to find enough information to be able to discern whether the
Dorian Barag mentioned in or article is the same Dorian Barag you speak of.
I am unsure of where to go next with this, but please let me know if I can
be of any further assistance.

Edina Lekovic
Daily Bruin

If anyone is able to tell me whether or not the Dorian Barag in the article is the same one from Captain N, please e-mail me!

Earth People, Places, and Things Mentioned On Captain N

A lot of stuff from Earth has been mentioned on the show, mostly by Kevin. Among them are:

Sony (TV) - Shown, "Kevin In Videoland"

Super Mario Bros. (game) - Kevin, "Kevin In Videoland"

The Chicago Bears - Kevin, "Videolympics"

Mega Man (game) - Kevin, "Mega Trouble For Megaland"

Magic Johnson - Kevin, "Wishful Thinking"

Castlevania (game) - Kevin, "Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain"

New York - Kevin, "Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street", "Once Upon a Time Machine"

Pizza - Lana and Kevin, "Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street"

Wizards and Warriors (game) - Kevin, "Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street"

Yale - Flags shown, "Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street"

Star Trek - Kevin, "Simon the Ape-Man"

Batman and Robin - Kevin, "Simon the Ape-Man"

Wizard, Dorothy, Toto, Oz - Kevin, "Happy Birthday, Megaman"

Hollywood - Kevin, "Happy Birthday, Megaman"

The Old West - Kevin, "Once Upon a Time Machine"

Bowling - Kevin, "Once Upon a Time Machine"

London, Big Ben - Kevin, "Once Upon a Time Machine"

The White Cliffs of Dover - Pero, "Once Upon a Time Machine"

Greeks, Troy, Wooden Horse - Kevin, "The Trojan Dragon"

The San Fernando Valley - Kevin, "The Big Game"

Elvis - Daily Sun Newspaper Article, "The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers"

Larry Bird (actually appeared) - Kevin, "Pursuit of the Magic Hoop"

Bo Jackson (actually appeared) - Narrator, "Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls"

Kansas - Bo Jackson and Simon, "Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls"


10/30/97 - phifey of The Nintendo Old Skool interviewed me for The Laytdog interviews...

11/26/97 - Torin Miller of The NES Files, an electronic magazine dedicated to NES archive stuff, inteviewed me for the November issue! The interview is in a section called "Spawns of NES".

Kid Icarus' Arrows

Here is a list of all of the arrows that Kid Icarus uses. This list will grow as I review more episodes and (I hope) receive more comic book scans.

Regular Arrow - A standard arrow that does nothing but hit the target
Times used:
"Kevin In Videoland" (2)
First to shoot coconuts from a tree so that they'd fall on Donkey Kong's head. The second time, to shoot a blue lever by Mother Brain, moving it, so that she'd start spinning around.

Thunder Arrow - Makes a rain cloud appear
Times used: "Kevin In Videoland" (1)
This is the first arrow that we ever see Kid Icarus use. He shoots it over Simon to make a raincloud appear over his head and get his hair wet.


On October 23, 1997, at 8:41 PM, I created a Captain N / Zelda newsletter called The Videoland Club Newsletter. =) Issue # 1 took me from October 26 at 8:04 AM to November 17 at 8:04 AM to do. I took it to school that day and logged into my account at GetReminded, a newsletter service. I copied and pasted the newsletter into the form box and chose for it to be distributed to the eight subscribers at 1 PM. However, when I submitted it, I got a message saying that the newsletter exceeded the maximum length allowed by GetReminded. I tried to shorten the newletter by removing a few sections and then resubmitted, but still it was too long. So, I put a message up on my site asking those that subscribed to please unsubscribe. I deleted my GetReminded account a few days later. Anyway, here is the November issue of The Videoland Club Newsletter. Please enjoy the one and only issue. Please e-mail me and tell me what you think of it. I don't think I'll try this again. Why have a newsletter when I have a website, anyway?


I wrote this Captain N sonnet as an assignment for my creative writing class on September 17, 1997. Hey! I can hear you guys laughing! Cut it out! I said that's enough!!!

Now, it took me about two hours to write this, mostly because I was working on the chat logs at the same time. I started at around 7:30 PM and added the title at around 9:30 PM.

I read this sonnet near the end of class the next day, at around 4:50 PM. My instructor, Dr. Brenda Willis, asked us if we had any sonnets. I raised my hand, and she invited me to read it. First I just told them a bit about the show, then I read it. Everyone applauded wildly, then Dr. Willis reached out a hand and said: "I want it!" I gave it to her, because I still had the file on my hard drive at home.

In this poem, I sorta combined the TV series with the comic books. Why'd I write it? Because I love Captain N!

So now, for your reading pleasure, here is the poem in its entirety, as I read it in class on that Thursday:

The Game Master
by Mark Moore

The League of Darkness was bent on domination.
A champion was needed to unite the forces of light!
So, after a search through every city, state, and nation,
They found someone with enough courage and might.
Kevin Keene, the hottest game player the world had ever seen,
Wouldn't do his homework or clean up his room.
But it was this lean, mean, game-playin' machine
That would save Videoland from its doom.

Kevin, alone, had the knowledge and determination
To defeat the Mother Brain, that wretched villainess,
Put an end to the years of tribulation,
And defend the honor of Videoland's Princess.
No person more cunning, smarter, or faster
Than Videoland's hero, Captain N: The Game Master.

On Tuesday, October 14, 1997, I submitted this poem for publication in my school's literary magazine, "IN THE WRITE MIND", and it was approved! It has been published! The poem appears on page 24 of Volume 8 of "IN THE WRITE MIND" (1997) in the section "Inventions". At the end of the magazine is a section called "Mental Convergence", where all the authors give a brief message. Mine reads: "I am a big sci-fi and fantasy fan. I love '80s cartoons, music, and video games. My favorite shows are Star Trek, Highlander, Sliders, The X-Files, Kidd Video, and, of course, Captain N: The Game Master."

If you want to e-mail me about this sonnet, go ahead!

Title Origins

Some of the titles are references to other movie, episode, or story titles - or to popular phrases. Here are the ones that I know of. Most are my own guesses. The exceptions have a name in parentheses.

"Kevin In Videoland" - Alice In Wonderland

"A KING OF SHREDS AND PATCHES" - a line from Hamlet

"How's Bayou" - the question "How's by you?"

"The Most Dangerous Game Master" - the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell

"Videolympics" - the video game Video Olympics

"Three Men and a Dragon" - the film "Three Men and a Baby"

"Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street" - the film "A Nightmare On Elm Street"

"Metroid Sweet Metroid" - the phrase "Home Sweet Home"

"Once Upon a Time Machine" - the overused childrens' story opener "Once Upon A Time"

"The Trojan Dragon" - the Trojan Horse from Greek Mythology

"The Trouble With Tetris" - the classic Star Trek episode "The Trouble With Tribbles"

"Germ Wars" - Star Wars (Cynthia Chan)

"Return To Castlevania" - Return To Oz (Cynthia Chan)

"A Tale of Two Dogs" - Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities"

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