This website was created as a tribute to one of my favorite cartoons, "Captain N: The Game Master". I decided to do this because I couldn't find any Captain N sites on the Web, and I felt that had to be corrected immediately!!! I wanted to breathe life back into the series, I guess you could say. This site has certainly grown since I first created it, thanks to the loving fans that contribute to it! It now includes info on "The Legend of Zelda" (Captain N's sister series) and the comic books! Also, you'll be able to find a ton of fan fiction! There is so much great stuff on this site! Enjoy!

Here's a little history:

September 9, 1989 - Captain N premieres on NBC!

Late 1989 or Early 1990 - I started watching Captain N! Not from the very first episode, sadly, and I didn't tape all of them either.

October 26, 1991 - The last completely original episode of Captain N airs.

July 25, 1992 - Captain N airs for the last time on NBC.

February 27, 1997 - The Unofficial Captain N Home Page goes up on The Night Ranger Online's server.

Early June, 1997 - The Night Ranger Online loses the domain name tnro.com and gets a new server, fx2.com. They now charge $18 per month for unlimited Internet access. The Unofficial Captain N Home Page reaches a hit count of 1900+

June 19, 1997, circa 3:30 PM - Paul Bailey allows me to put The Unofficial Captain N Home Page on Montego Bay Online's server.

June 28, 1997, 9:27 PM - Captain N is back on the Web!

September 22, 1997 - I get an account on GeoCities.

September 25, 1997, circa 10:00 AM - I start uploading the site to GeoCities in the school library, but I find out from a guy that GeoCities doesn't allow subdirectories.

September 25, 1997, 9:25 PM - The site is on GeoCities.

December 17, 1997 - I sign up for a free account on ProHosting.

February 10, 1998, 10:00 AM - The Unofficial Captain N Home Page reaches a hit count of 5560. The site is taken off GeoCities and put on ProHosting.

February 23, 1998 - The ProHosting Disaster. The site is gone! The reason: unknown.

February 27, 1998 - I get an account on Tripod to put up the newest Season 4 episode, "GREAT ORBS OF FIRE" PART 1 by Shara Hynes.

March 2, 1998 - The site still isn't back up on ProHosting, so, after I got home from school, I started updating the site for a move to Tripod.

March 3, 1998 - The site is on Tripod!

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