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Three Men and a Dragon

Sunday, November 3, 2002, 9:20 AM - 10:27 PM

Summary (9:21 AM - 11:58 AM)

On the "fantastic world" of Dragon's Den, where dragons and man lived in harmony for a thousand years, the peace has been shattered by the most evil dragon ever to breathe flame - Dragonlord. Dragonlord is a giant red dragon that is chasing after and trying to burn a little white dragon. The little dragon's mother comes, picked up her baby, and flies it away from Dragonlord. Dragonlord sends two other dragons after them. Dragonlord catches up and darkens the mother's heart with a "hypnotic crystal". The mother turns on her daughter. The little dragon avoids capture and runs away. A holographic projection of Mother Brain appears, and she and Dragonlord talk. She was the one that gave the hypnotic crystal to Dragonlord. Dragonlord has darkened the hearts of all of the dragons on Dragon's Den except for that baby white dragon, and he's determined to darken her heart.

At the Palace of Power, Kevin and Simon are playing tennis using Simon's "vampire ball". Kevin wins. Mega Man arrives and informs Lana of an urgent message from Dragon's Den.

In the Palace, on the viewscreen, are old men known as the Three Keepers. One of them explains the situation to Lana. If Dragonlord turns all of the dragon's to evil, Dragon's Den will fall into darkness for a thousand years. They want the N Team to rescue Puff, the last good dragon, before "all is lost". The Three Keepers are then surprised by something off-screen. Mother Brain interupts the transmission and says that the last dragon has been caught. After the transmission ends, Lana says that Mother Brain may be trying to trick them, and Kevin agrees.

Kevin, Duke, Simon, and Mega Man are standing by an open warp in a corridor. Simon takes a red coat, yellow horn, and black cap out of his backpack. He puts on the coat and cap and blows the horn. A fox and dogs come out of the warp, knocking Simon to the floor. Duke jumps onto Simon, going after the dogs. Kevin says that they're looking for a dragon, not a fox. Simon says he must have grabbed the wrong horn. He tosses the coat, cap, and horn and takes another horn out of his backpack. He blows on the horn, and sheep come out of the warp, followed by Arabs on camels. They knock Simon to the floor. Simon stands up again. Lana walks over to Simon, grabs him by the coat, yells "Hey!", groans, and pulls him away.

Moments later, on the magical world of Dragon's Den, the N Team arrives in the town of Brecconary. They come out of a warp that's inside a well. Kevin tells Lana and Mega Man to go to the west and search for Puff. The rest of them go south and try to cut off Dragonlord. If all goes well, they'll meet at the well at sundown. They get out of the well and walk away.

Kevin, Simon, Kid Icarus, and Duke go into a weapons store. Kevin trades his digital watch for a bag of magic herbs. Kid Icarus gets a magic helmet to protect himself from dragon fire, but he can't see where he's going and walks into a pole. Simon buys waterskis.

On Metroid, Mother Brain is viewing all of this in her mirror. She sends King Hippo and the Eggplant Wizard to Dragon's Den to "turn the N Team into dragon's food".

Kevin's group is heading for the Sea and Scales to turn east at the shore. Hippo and Eggy, flying on dragons, arrive, and Eggy attacks with vegetables. Kevin's is frozen, and Duke opens the bag of magic herbs to thaw him out. After searching through his backpack for a weapon, Simon draws his whip and accidentally locks his feet into his waterskis. He accidentally whips Hippo's dragon's tail and gets pulled along. He begins to enjoy the ride and tells them to go faster. The dragon swings Simon, who gets wrapped around a tree. Hippo and Eggy's dragons crash into each other.

At the Sea of Scales, Kevin's group hides in a cave. It's dark, but Simon lights it with a lantern. They find Puff, but Puff is scared of them and runs outside, falling off of the cliff. It flies back up and lands on the cliff. Simon sprays himself with his favorite cologne, Eau de Dragon Parfume for Men. Puff likes Simon now. Kevin's group then go to find Lana and Mega Man.

Lana and Mega Man have been searching for hours, but there aren't any dragons within miles. Mega Man spots a castle, so Lana guesses that maybe there's someone there who can help. They head for Castle Charlock, the residence of the evil Dragonlord himself. Dragonlord is informed of the approaching intruders.

Lana and Mega Man arrive at double doors at the castle. Lana asks Mega Man to pick the lock. Mega Man picks up the left door and tosses it aside. They walk into a room. Lana mistakes the giant bed as a fireplace. Mega Man corrects her and says it's a dragon's bedroom. Mega Man fires a shot at a dragon, who deflects it. The shot creates a circular hole in the floor. Lana and Mega Man falls through and end up in a cell in the dungeon.

On a road, Puff starts crying. Kid Icarus guesses that she's hungry, so Simon feeds her a dragonfly. She spits it out. Kid Icarus spots a cow. Simon tries to milk it and fails, but Duke barks and scares the milk out of the cow. Kevin feeds Puff the milk.

Meanwhile, back at Castle Charlock, Mega Man tries firing at a wall, but it's protected by some kind of magic that repels his "blaster". The Three Keepers are in the other cell. One of them tosses a bottle of magic warp water to Lana, so that Lana and Mega Man can get to their "power", which is hidden. Lana opens the bottle and spills the water on the floor. The "dragon warp" opens, and Lana and Mega Man falls through it and down a passage. They end up in a cavern and start searching for the power.

Back at Kevin's group, Puff has stopped crying but starts again. Simon burps her, and Puff singes his coat. After that, there is a musical montage of Kevin's group trying to take care of Puff, while Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely?" (not performed by him) plays.

Mega Man finds the power items - golden armor and a golden magic lightning bolt. Lana decides that they have to climb out.

Simon, holding the map upside-down, leads the group to Castle Charlock. Mega Man and Lana slide down to the ground with the power items. Kevin tells Lana that he's glad that she's all right. Dragonlord finds them. Kid Icarus shoots a water arrow at Dragonlord and puts out his fire. Simon puts on the armor. He falls over and can't see. Puff gets under him and flies him up. Kevin throws the lightning bolt and hits Simon in the back. Dragonlord approaches Kevin, Lana, and Duke and breathes smoke at them. Kevin pushes Lana out of the way. Simon takes the lightning bolt out of the armor and throws it into a cloud. It starts raining, and the sun comes out. Dragonlord's evil spell is removed. Dragonlord begs for mercy, and most of the dragons chase him. Kevin and Lana hug each other. Mega Man and Kid Icarus join hands and jump up and down. Puff and her mother are reunited. Puff's mother thanks the N Team for saving Puff and Dragon's Den. Simon has fallen into a tree. Puff's mother whacks the tree with her tail, and Simon falls to the ground. Puff starts licking Simon, and Simon says that he's allergic to dragon slobber.

Misc. Tidbits (12:09 PM - 12:15 PM, 8:38 PM - 8:47 PM, 8:57 PM)

"Three Men and a Dragon" is the seventh Captain N episode script that Jeffrey Scott wrote and the seventh episode that aired.

Title pun: Three Men and a Baby

I first saw this episode during Season 3 in shortened form. I missed it originally on NBC and on The Family Channel. I first saw the entire episode on "Captain N & The Video Game Masters". The episode seemed to be longer than normal to me. I just checked the original NBC version, and it does go over 21 minutes.

In the Season 3 airing, half of the episode was removed. Among the cuts were the rest of the first scene after Mother Brain says "Dragon's Den is as good as ours", the entire tennis scene, probably the scene in the corridor (and Simon's line right before that), probably the weapons store scene (and the scene after that), scenes of Kevin's group taking care of Puff, Dragonlord on his throne, and perhaps some other things. I don't believe that I have the short version of this episode on tape anymore, which is a shame, because the background music during the fight in the final scene was better than in the original version.

Great Lines (12:30 PM - 1:47 PM, 6:58 PM)

Puff's mother: "You'll have to kill me before I let you touch my child, Dragonlord!"
Dragonlord: "Not if I can darken your heart first."

(after the vampire ball bites Simon in the butt)
Kevin: "Your vampire ball has one mean bite."

Keeper: "You must be clever, Captain N, but, most of all, you must be a dragon warrior."

Lana: "I don't believe that two-faced brain for a minute."

(after Kevin, Kid Icarus, and Duke go into the weapons store)
Simon: "Oh, well. Maybe I can do some Fall shopping."

Shopkeeper: "How much you got?"
Kevin: "Uh,...$3.85 - American?"
Shopkeeper: "Ha! That wouldn't buy a frog wart!"
Kevin: "How about trading for a digital watch? It has two alarms, a stopwatch, and dials the telephone."
Shopkeeper: "It's a deal." (pause) "Hey! What's a telephone?!"

Kid Icarus: "According to the shopkeeper, this magicus helmetus will protect me from dragon fire."
(after Kid Icarus flies into a pole)
Kevin: "Heh, heh, yeah, but what's gonna protect you from the helmet?"

Kevin: "Sometimes, Duke, I think the 'N' in 'N-Team' must stand for 'No-brains'."

Mother Brain: "Now, get moving before I poach you, you egghead!"

Simon: "Oh! I've been hit!"
Kid Icarus: "That's watermelon."
Kevin: "And that's trouble! Let's move it!"

Simon: "When the going gets rough, Simon Belmont gets his trusty whip."

Kevin: "It's okay, Duke. She's just a playful baby - I hope.

Guard: "Dragonlord, two intruders are heading toward the castle."
Dragonlord: "Well, what are you waiting for? Prepare to welcome them.

(after she and Mega Man fall into a cell in the dungeon)
Lana: "Something tells me this isn't the guest bedroom."

Mega Man: "Wow! That was mega-fun!"
Lana: "No. Fun is when you laugh, not when your heart stops."

(after Puff singes his coat)
Simon: "Talk about heartburn."

Simon: "You found the power items!"
Lana: "And you found Puff."
Dragonlord: "And I have found you all!"

Kevin: "Let's make like the Stooges and spread out!"

Kevin: "Simon, you try the armor."
Simon: "Oh, but I look awful in gold."

Simon: "All right, Dragonlord. Prepare to do battle with Simon the Terrible!"

Kevin: "I don't know what this does, but I hope it does it before we wind up the main course at a dragon barbecue!"

Dumb Lines (12:36 PM - 1:47 PM)

Simon: "Oh, boy! Next to vampires, dragon-hunting is my favorite sport!"
Riiight, cuz, you know, there are so many dragons on Castlevania.

Simon: "Weapon, schmeapon! I bought something far more practical - water skis!"
And where, exactly, are you planning on using them during this mission, you idiot?!

Eggplant Wizard: "We're dead vegetables."
Uh, King Hippo isn't a vegetable.

Simon: "Hey, this ain't half-bad! Go faster!"
If I was being pulled by an evil dragon, I would not tell him to go faster.

Lana: "This is the biggest fireplace I've ever seen!"
Oh, Lana, how can you, the most sensible person on the show, possibly mistake a bed for a fireplace?

Kevin: "Yeah, but what do dragons eat?"
Simon: "Why, dragonflies, of course."
Animals like to eat things that include their names. See? Simon is very logical here. His brilliance can't be denied.

Kevin: "She's just a baby, Simon, and, where I come from, babies eat milk."
How can you eat milk? Does Kevin know something that we don't?

Kevin: "I'm a valley kid. The only way I know how to get milk is with a straw."
So, no valley kids drink milk straight from a glass? I didn't know that.

Kevin: "Nice going, Duke. You really scared the milk out of her."
Dogs can scare cows into giving milk? We gotta admire Captain N for all of the obscure facts that it teaches us.

Rant (4:28 PM - 10:27 PM)

I first saw this episode during Season 3 in shortened form. I first saw the entire episode on "Captain N & The Video Game Masters". So, this is probably the last Captain N episode that I saw. That makes it kind of special to me, but that won't stop me from ripping it apart. ^_^

This episode is based on the game, Dragon Warrior. I admit that I'm not very familiar with it, but, from reading the instruction manual online, this episode doesn't seem to be much like the game. Here is the text of the story from the Dragon Warrior instruction manual:

In olden days of yore, the realm of Alefgard was cloaked in darkness.
According to legend, a brave warrior, Edrick, brought light back to the land by defeating an evil being. He used the Ball of Light bequeathed to him by a friend to drive off the enemies of Alefgard. He then gave the Ball of Light to King Lorik, who unified Alefgard. The land was at peace for many generations. In the time of King Lorik XVI, the Ball of Light were stolen from Tantegel Castle by the evil Dragonlord, and once again the Kingdom of Alefgard was plunged into darkness. Many travelers fell prey to the merciless fangs of monsters, and the beautiful was transformed into poisonous swamps that hindered travelers. It was also rumored that several Towns and Villages were destroyed; wiped off the face of the land by Ghosts & Dragons.
Many brave warriors tried to recover the Ball of Light, but none of them returned from Charlock, the Dragonlord's dark castle. The people longed for peace, but did not give up hope. The great Seer Mahetta predicted that "One day, a descendent of the valiant Edrick shall come forth to defeat the Dragonlord."
Who is this brave soul? There is only one possible answer.
Your quest is to find and defeat the Dragonlord. The time has come. This is the start of your adventure.
The Kingdom of Alefgard had long been a place of peace and light with King Lorik on the throne, dispensing justice and planning fabulous celebrations for the people. It was a golden time. Tales of dragons and other mythical monsters were little more that ghost stories with which the children of the kingdom frightened each other on winter nights. But the winters in Alefgard were short, and the reason for this was the Ball of Light - a magical object whose origins were steeped in mystery. Peace and contentment seemed to radiate from the Ball of Light like the warmth of a fireplace. Life could not have been better and, as is often the case, it was too good to last.
Of all the people of Alefgard, only one was unhappy, but one was enough.
This man lived alone in the mountain cave. Shunning the light, he turned inward to his dark mountain home, which was riddled with tunnels as an anthill. He explored ever further into the passages until one day he reached the bottom chamber and discovered a sleeping dragon. Suddenly the dragon woke up and the man thought he would be consumed in the monster's fiery breath. But to his surprise he found that the dragon kneeled before him. He commanded the dragon to sit, then run around the room, then roll over and play dead. Like a trained dog, the dragon did all these things. So that is how the man became the Dragonlord. From that day on he began plotting his rise to power and the downfall of Alefgard.
When the first assault on the town came it was like a nightmare. Dragons swooped low over the battlements of Tantegel Castle. The rooftops of Brecconary were aflame! Horns sounded in the night as the sleepy, terrified citizens ran into the streets. In the cold light of the moon they witnessed the end of their golden age. The Dragonlord himself had arrived, riding on the shoulders of a huge red dragon. The vast shadow of the worm passed over the town in the direction of the King's castle. There the people saw it atop the highest tower - the tower in which the Ball of Light was kept. One swipe of the dragons spiked tail was enough to shatter the stone walls. A tiny figure could be seen dancing in the ruins like a madman holding a great prize. And then it was all over, the dragons gone, the kingdom abandoned to a gloom of smoke and rubble and the Ball of Light stolen.
The next day, a man named Edrick sought an audience with the King. He was a stranger, armed with a great sword and shield and protected buy strong armor. King Lorik thought the stranger looked as if he had traveled a long way, for his cloak was torn and his boots were caked with mud. "I am Edrick," he said simply. "I can help you." He asked only a hearty meal, which the King gladly provided, then the stranger set off into the wilderness. Soon stories began pouring in from the other towns of the kingdom, from Garinham, Kol, Rimuldar, and even distant Cantlin. Monsters had appeared. They were wreaking havoc in the towns, destroying crops and making the roads unsafe. But then came the other stories, takes of a brave armored warrior who scattered the beasts and chased them back into the wilds.
Across the land Edrick searched for the clues that would lead him to the Dragonlord. In time, he learned that the Dragonlord lived on an island that could only be reached by building a bridge using the magical Rainbow Drop. Once he set off on the final quest, nothing more was heard of the great warrior known as Edrick, but years later another stranger appeared in the land. Again the kingdom had faced a recent assault by the Dragonlord. This time the King's daughter, Princess Gwaelin, had been kidnapped. The newcomer set out in pursuit, but soon discovered a cavern in the desert and inside the cavern he found a tablet. The message carved in stone was from Edrick and it spelled out the destiny of his descendant who would follow his heroic footsteps.
What followed was a quest of extraordinary bravery and deadly dangers. Across the length and breadth of the kingdom the descendant of Edrick followed the cold trail. Although he eventually rescued Princess Gwaelin, he knew that there was much more to set right. He know he must face the Dragonlord.
But this new Dragon Warrior fared better than his ancestor, In a battle that became the subject of songs, the Dragonlord fell and his castle of Charlock was emptied of its evil host. The hero returned to Tantegal where the King offered his kingdom as a reward, but the Dragon Warrior refused, saying that he would find a kingdom for himself elsewhere. With Gwaelin, the Dragon Warrior set out to explore the world and build a new home.

None of this is addressed in the episode. There is no Ball of Light or descendent of Edrick. Since Dragonlord is defeated at the end of the first game and doesn't come back, this episode can't take place after the game. It could, theoretically, take place before the first game (since Dragonlord has apparently just shattered the long peace), but a lot of important backstory is just not present in this episode. Most likely, the events of this episode take place instead of the events of the first game.

Okay, so dragons can talk, and there are good dragons? I don't think so.

"You'll have to kill me". Whoa! I think that this is the only time that the word "kill" is spoken on Captain N! People (or at least dragons) can die in Videoland! Spill the blood!

Where did Mother Brain get a hypnotic crystal from? Don't tell me that Dr. Wily can create magical items.

Kevin and Simon decide to play tennis, and Lana, Kid Icarus, and Duke watch. Don't they have important things to do, such as recruiting troops, installing a security system for the Palace, and fighting a war against Mother Brain? I'd like to see soldiers in Afghanistan get caught slacking off like this.

Simon has a sentient, vampiric tennis ball. I think that that's all that I need to say about that. Got that?

Dragon's Den has a video communications system. Yeah, that's right. How else can people on a medieval world call the N Team? Come to think of it, how do people on a medieval world know about the N Team in the first place?

One of the Keepers explains that, if Dragonlord turns all of the dragons to evil, Dragon's Den will fall into darkness for a thousand years. How? Is it just going to happen suddenly, after the baby dragon is turned? Aside from the inherent stupidity of all dragons being evil causing one-thousand years of darkness, this idea is dropped right after this scene.

Twice in this episode, the sleeves on Kevin's jacket are colored orange. In this scene, the collar is white. In the later scene, the collar and cuffs are white. In both scenes, the abnormal coloring exists for only a few seconds.

While I find the scene in the corridor pretty funny and thought-provoking (Arab's exist in Videoland?), I don't see what the heck the point of it was. Simon was looking for his dragon horn. Why? Was he trying to lure Puff through the warp and into the Palace? Wasn't he concerned about evil dragons coming through? To make things more confusing, Lana pulls Simon away from the warp, indicating that the warp wasn't to Dragon's Den at all. So, what was the point? If it wasn't for Lana getting angry (echoing Simon's exclamation of "Hey!") and pulling him (apparently choking him), I'd remove this scene.

The N Team pops out of a well. So, where's the bucket? Don't any of the townspeople find it odd that there's a well with no bucket in their town?

Is Simon breaking the fourth wall when he says "Oh, well"? I hope not.

How can Kevin's watch make phone calls? Was he just lying to make the shopkeeper accept the trade? If so, then why? Kevin should know that people on medieval worlds don't have telephones. Oh, wait, they have video communications equipment, so Kevin was reasonable to assume that they assume have telephones. They don't. Uh, okaaay.

Why does the shopkeeper accept the watch without knowing what a telephone is?

How did Kid Icarus get the helmet?

How did Simon buy the waterskis? Does he have gold from Castlevania?

Why did Simon by waterskis? Does he really think that he's got all the weapons that he needs in his backpack?

Kevin says that the "N" in "N Team" must stand for "N-brains"! Ha, ha! Yes! Even Captain N admits that they're stupid! He's probably excluding himself, though. Duke nods in agreement, assuming that he understands what Kevin's saying (which, judging by this series, I bet he does).

Mother Brain's mirror can apparently see anything anywhere in Videoland. So, why isn't she the ruler of Videoland already?

Mother Brain is smarter than her lackeys, yet King Hippo insults MB and convinces her that the Eggplant Wizard said it. If Mother Brain is that stupid, then how stupid does that make Hippo and Eggy?

Notice how Hippo turns away and grins, while Mother Brain shocks Eggy.

What was that liquid that Mother Brain sprayed on her tank? Why did she do it?

How were there two dragons waiting for Hippo and Eggy at the exact place that they warped to so soon after Mother Brain sent Hippo and Eggy there?

This episode proves that there is blood in Videoland, because Simon gets watermelon on his coat and thinks that he's been hit. This and the mention of "kill" are a double whammy against the "no death in Videoland" Captain N fans.

How can Kevin talk if he's "frozen solid"?

How can Simon accidentally lock his feet into the waterskis?

The whip disappears from around the tree twice.

Simon's eyes bug out of his sockets when he's surprised. Oh, please, no. I hate Looney Tunes-type body physics.

How does Kid Icarus not notice that the baby white dragon is a baby white dragon until after it falls off of the cliff?

Is it just me, or is Charlock pronounced "Sharlock" in this episode?

Why does Lana ask Mega Man to pick the lock if she decided to go to the castle looking for help?

We hear Dragonlord's voice in the bedroom scene, and Lana mentions him, but we don't actually see him.

There is Magical Water in the game, but I don't know what it does. I don't think there's a dragon warp.

The golden armor could be Magic Armor or Edrick's Armor from the game. There is no magic lightning, though.

How could Simon be holding the map upside-down for so long? Doesn't he realize that the words are upside-down?

How does Simon recognize or even know about the power items? Lana and Mega Man's mission was to find Puff. Perhaps Kevin told him?

Shortly after Kid Icarus puts out Dragonlord's fire, Dragonlord is breathing heavy flames again, but then he breathes mostly smoke at Kevin, Lana, and Duke.

Kevin's weapons don't lose power in this episode.

It's amazing that, with all of the dragons looking for Puff, there isn't one within miles of Lana and Mega Man, and Kevin's group doesn't encounter any until they're near Castle Charlock.

Dragonlord's presumably headed back to his castle at the end of the episode, so how can the Three Keepers be rescued? Perhaps the other dragons rescue them?

Dragonlord still has the hypnotic crystal. What's to stop him from turning the dragons evil again? Is the spell permanent? Do the other dragons take the crystal from him?

Lesson: How to take care of a baby dragon? A little good can overcome a lot of evil?

Most of this episode is a rip-off of "Three Men and a Baby". I guess that the writer was going for a cute story.

Interesting notes:

The audio was out of synch during part of this episode on at least one airing in "Captain N & The Video Game Masters". This most likely happened while dubbing in the generic music to replace the song. The audio in the original version is synched just fine, though.

The Palace of Power has a tennis court, separated from the actual Palace by a giant fence.

Mega Man's voice sounds deeper than usual when he jumps over the fence. Is he low on power?

Look in the background during the scene in the weapons store. Simon picks up a huge axe and falls over. Ha.

Kevin keeps $3.85 in his pocket.

Kevin's mention of "American" surprised me when I first heard it. Nice reference to Earth.

Kevin had a digital watch with the word KEVIN'S on the back of it. We had never seen it before, and Kevin traded it in for magic herbs in this episode. Kevin did say that they were to meet back at the well. Perhaps he traded in the golden armor and got his watch back before they went back to the Palace? Of course, the shopkeeper may have thought that it was worthless and thrown it out by then. Maybe it's still sitting in his store to this day. We don't know.

Kid Icarus sounds odd when he says "Phew".

King Hippo wears pilot goggles over his forehead when he's flying on the dragon.

Simon kisses his whip after the two dragons crash into each other.

Simon suggests that Kevin take Puff home with him. Does this mean that Kevin can go home anytime he wants?

Kevin tells Lana, "Aw, am I glad you're all right." Looks like he really cares for her.

Kevin's Stooges line is in the episode, because writer Jeffrey Scott is the grandson of Moe.

Kid Icarus has suction cup arrows and a water arrow.

Kevin and Lana hug after the victory. Cute. =)

As for what to cut out, the tennis scene would be the first scene to go. Why show the N Team slacking off during a war? It was removed during the Season 3 airing without any loss to the story. Removing it would have freed 46 seconds. While I like the scene in the corridor, I do admit that it's pointless and should be removed. That would have freed 42 seconds. The insult and liquid bits on Metroid were dumb. Removing them would have freed 17 seconds. Hippo and Eggy's clumsiness in the swamp was dumb. Removing it would have freed 17 seconds. That's what I'd pick to remove. In total, 2 minutes and 2 seconds were wasted. That 2:02 could have been better used for fight scenes with more game enemies.

I was told that this was the one episode of Season 1 that sucked. I don't agree with that. I find this episode to be better than, say, "Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain". Still, this episode has some dumb moments. I'd rather see more fighting and less dragonsitting. This was one of the better episodes of Season 1.

Usefulness ratings:

Kevin: 3 (finding Puff, throwing the lightning bolt to Simon, pushing Lana out of the way of dragon fire)
Lana: 3 (picking a direction to search in, providing the idea to climb out of the cavern, carrying the lightning bolt)
Simon: 5 (defeating Hippo and Eggy, providing a lantern, getting Puff to trust them, getting Puff to burp, activating the spell)
Mega Man: 4 (finding the castle, catching Lana, finding the power items, carrying the armor)
Kid Icarus: 3 (finding the cow, providing a suction cup, putting out Dragonlord's fire)
Duke: 3 (thawing Kevin out, perhaps preventing Kevin from going over the cliff, getting the milk out of the cow)

The running total usefulness ratings so far are:

Kevin: 29 (7 episodes)
Lana: 7 (7 episodes)
Simon: 14 (7 episodes)
Mega Man: 9 (7 episodes)
Kid Icarus: 12 (7 episodes)
Duke: 10 (7 episodes)

That's the end of my review of "Three Men and a Dragon". I'm gonna watch the rest of "The Practice" now. Next episode - "Simon the Ape-Man"!

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