Episode Review

The Moblins Are Revolting

Monday, June 12, 2006, 12:00 PM - 1:04 PM

Misc. Tidbits (12:00 PM - 12:02 PM)

The episode was written by Eve Forward.

This episode originally aired on Friday, December 1, 1989.

Interesting Notes (12:43 PM - 12:45 PM)

There's an old underworld entrance in the castle dungeon.

Spryte isn't in this episode.

Great Lines (12:22 PM - 12:45 PM)

Zelda: "Wait, Link. We may not need a hero to fight off this attack. We may not even need you."

Dumb Lines (12:45 PM)


Rant (12:03 PM - 1:04 PM)

We see the royal chef asleep in the kitchen near the beginning of this episode. That's kinda cool.

Is that a comic book or a magazine that Link's reading?

Nope, no vault. The Triforce of Wisdom is still in Link's bedroom. Maybe the vault was turned into a bedroom for Link, and Zelda still refers to it as a vault sometimes?

If the moblin didn't learn of Gannon's capture staff until Gannon showed it to him, then what was the moblin's original plan for getting rid of Gannon? Was he just gonna try to push Gannon into the bottomless pit?

Speaking of which, why is the covering of the bottomless pit moved aside? I know it usually wouldn't pose any threat to Gannon, but it just seems really convenient.

Zelda seems to be great at predicting sloppy attacks by Gannon's minions - or she's laughing at pointing at some other mishap that we don't see.

It's cute how Link and Zelda exclaim "Let's go get his Triforce!" at the exact same time. =)

How did Zelda get the bomb, when Link was the one that originally took it? Maybe he gave it to her? Well, Zelda saves Link's life, and this time she simply laughs off his demand for a kiss. Hehe. =)

Now, we witness the biggest example of Link being a dick in the entire series. Yes, the entire series. Zelda had the perfect opportunity to get the Triforce of Power and bring peace to Hyrule forever. The underworld was mostly deserted. Gannon was helpless. Then Link decided to mess around with Gannon - and ended up freeing him. Yeah, Link freed Gannon. I'm not gonna blame the moblin for not covering up the bottomless pit. I'm not gonna blame Zelda for not pushing Gannon away properly when Link pushed him toward her. Zelda was scared. It's understandable. No, I'm placing the blame squarely on Link. He even made some comment shortly before it happened about how he'd be out of a job. I wouldn't be surprised if he was secretly hoping for Gannon to be freed - and perhaps even tried to do it himself by pushing Gannon toward the Triforce of Power. Then, in the final scene, Zelda is rightly furious with him. When it seems that Link might apologize to her, he exclaims "Excuuuse me, Princess!" instead, making Zelda even angrier. The final line of the series is spoken by Link: "Oh, well. At least I still have a job." What a dickhead.

Link exclaims "Excuuuse me, Princess!" and asks Zelda for a kiss. The episode was written by Eve Forward. It looks like she's been influenced by Bob.

Lesson: Link is the biggest dick that ever lived.

Despite Link's infamous line and demands for a kiss, "The Moblins Are Revolting" is a good episode - except for the incredibly dumb ending, of course.

Zelda again demonstrates her capabilities as a fighter.

Overall, "The Moblins Are Revolting" is a good episode, but it ends the series on a sour note.

Usefulness ratings:

Link: 3 (defeating the moblin and getting his bomb, knowing of the underworld entrance, pushing Zelda out of the way of the dodongo)
Zelda: 2 (warning Link of the dodongo, defeating the dodongo)
Spryte: 0 ()

There was not much action for Zelda or Link in this episode.

This is the fifth episode of the series without Spryte (not that I missed her), so she doesn't get any points.

The final total usefulness ratings for the series are:

Link: 131 (13 episodes)
Zelda: 63 (13 episodes)
Spryte: 7 (8 episodes)

By my reckoning, Zelda did almost half as well as Link did, and Spryte was almost useless, averaging less than 1 useful act per appearance.

That's the end of my review of "The Moblins Are Revolting". I'll review the series as a whole next. See you all in my next review!

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