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The Missing Link

Monday, June 12, 2006, 11:00 AM - 11:59 AM

Misc. Tidbits (11:00 AM - 11:01 AM)

The episode was written by Bob Forward.

This episode originally aired on Friday, November 24, 1989.

Interesting Notes (11:54 AM)

Zelda likes Link just a little.

Great Lines (11:11 AM - 11:54 AM)

Zelda: "It's just that, without your body, you're even more useless than usual."

Link: "How about a kiss?"
Zelda: "Ah. Why, sure."
Link: "Ah. Aw, shoot. It doesn't work."
Zelda: "What a shame. Gannon's lair is just ahead. Let's go get your body."
Link: "So you can kiss me?"
Zelda: "Ha. No way. You missed your chance."

Link: "Say, I wonder why you're the only one that can see me."
Zelda: "Just my bad luck, I guess."

Dumb Lines (11:54 AM - 11:55 AM)


Rant (11:06 AM - 11:59 AM)

I love how Zelda takes Link's shield to protect herself during the battle. =)

Why is Zelda so distraught over Link's disappearance. Gannon's demand right before he left indicated that Link is still alive. Maybe Zelda was just upset over Link being kidnapped? It doesn't seem like it, though.

The shot when Zelda tries to feel ghostly Link was sloppily done. Zelda's image is multiplied, and Link completely disappears just before the shot ends.

Zelda is bothered by how much food that Link usually eats. It's a wonder that he isn't fat.

Zelda tells Spryte to take the Triforce of Wisdom back to the vault. Vault? You mean Zelda actually put the thing in a vault finally? We'll have to wait to find out.

It seems that Zelda is skilled with a sword - twirling it, anyway. She also conveniently has a sheath for a sword, so why doesn't she carry one?

It's so cute how Zelda closes her eyes and blindly waves the sword when scared. =)

Zelda later puts the sword in her belt.

I love how Zelda teases Link regarding a kiss, knowing that it can't happen. =)

Ah, the famous "Zelda in love with Link" revelation. That certainly came out of nowhere. We've been given only a few indications that Zelda likes Link - all after he saves her. The rest of the time, she can't stand him. That might be why Bob Forward added in Zelda's "Maybe just a little" line.

Why is Zelda suddenly so incompetent with the sword when confronted by moblins? From what we can see, she manages to defeat only one of them.

How is Link surfing on the fluid from the Evil Jar? If he had his shield, I'd understand, but he doesn't.

Of course, Link misses out on yet another chance to get kissed by Zelda. =)

Link exclaims "Excuuuse me, Princess!" and asks Zelda for a kiss. The episode was written by Bob Forward. Stop expecting anything different so late in the game.

Lesson: Even as a ghost, Link is annoying.

Despite Link's infamous line and demands for a kiss, "The Missing Link" is a good episode.

This is a fun episode. The fact that I found no bad lines should indicate how good this episode is.

Zelda again demonstrates her capabilities as a fighter (but why didn't she take any other weapons with her?) and as a magician.

Overall, "The Missing Link" is a good episode. I look forward to reviewing the next one.

Usefulness ratings:

Link: 9 (telling Zelda to use 2 hands, scaring a stalfo, getting his body back, blasting out of the Evil Jar, defeating 5 moblins)
Zelda: 7 (defeating 5 stalfos, defeating a moblin, kicking Link's sword to him)
Spryte: 0 ()

Zelda was ahead until near the end, when Link got his body back and racked up some quick points.

Spryte was in this episode only for a short moment near the beginning, and she doesn't get any points.

The running total usefulness ratings for the series so far are:

Link: 128 (12 episodes)
Zelda: 61 (12 episodes)
Spryte: 7 (8 episodes)

That's the end of my review of "The Missing Link". I'll review "The Moblins Are Revolting" next. See you all in my next review!

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