Episode Review

Mega Trouble For Megaland

Friday, May 24, 2002, 8:30 PM - Monday, May 27, 2002, 6:53 PM

"Mega Trouble For Megaland" is the fifth Captain N episode script that Jeffrey Scott wrote. It's Part 2, continuing the story from "Videolympics".

No multiple versions, no title pun, so I can get right into the episode itself.

First, we're given a recap of the events of "Videolympics".

Wow, I just covered 1:24 with one sentence. How often does that happen? =)

So, yeah, this episode is just a little over 19 minutes long, excluding the recap. They better have made it good.

The first new scene is in Mother Brain's lair on Metroid. She gloats to Hippo and Eggy about defeating the N Team. She says, "I've done it. Captain N and the Princess will never be able to find their way out of that warp. I am the Supreme Ruler of Videoland!" Mother Brain calls it a warp, but, in this case, the correct term is "warp zone". You'll see why.

I should mention that Simon said "Ultimate Warp" in "Kevin In Videoland", but I don't know if that was meant for correct terminology or to fit with "ultimate wimp". MB then laughs, and Hippo and Eggy join in.

The next scene is the Mount Icarus Colliseum. It's empty. Huh? All of the spectators have left already? No one is discussing what had just happened?

The narrator says, "Meanwhile, within the deadly Warp Zone to Oblivion,..."

The N Team falls into a large area and lands on some, um, pod-like thing that starts moving. They travel on it.

It's 10:36 PM. I'll write more tomorrow.

It's 1:57 PM. Let's continue.

Kevin says, "Something tells me we're about to have a nightmare on Mother Brain Street." This line is interesting, because the next episode written is called "Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street". Perhaps Jeffrey Scott got the title from Kevin's line in this episode?

Mega Man says, "It's the mega center of our universe, where all warp zones intersect."

Kid Icarus asks which one they came out of. Lana replies, "I don't know, but the wrong one could take us to any of a hundred deadly fates." Whoa! An acknoledgement that people can die in Videoland!

Kevin has a plan on how to find a way home. He uses fishing line from Simon's backpack to tie each of them to the spool. Then Mega Man goes into a warp. Kid Icarus goes into another one.

Dumb line: Kid Icarus: "Eenie, meenie, minie, moe-icus, this is the warp zone into which I go-icus." Did we really need that?

Duke goes into another warp. Kevin says it's Simon's turn. Simon says, "Don't be silly. I want to make sure both ofyou get off safely." Wow! Captain N teaches safe sex! :P

Simon pushes Lana into her chosen warp. Kevin goes into another warp. Simon reveals that he's just going to hang out until he feels a pull on his line, so he won't have to risk his "handsome neck".

A giant mouth with teeth arrives. Simon gets scared and dives into a warp.

Great line: Simon: "Uh, on the other hand, why worry about a neck when you've got an entire body to think of?!"

Simon warps into a pot on a fire. He's surrounded by blue-skinned natives with spears. He goes back into the warp.

Great line: Simon: "Well,...this doesn't look so bad. But that does!

Lana warps onto a base in a baseball stadium.

Dumb line: Lana: "This must be the colliseum." Gee, I guess the modern design, the green field, and the players wearing baseball uniforms didn't convince her otherwise.

The ball is pitched and hit, and Lana is told to run. I guess they don't care that this girl appeared out of nowhere and isn't a member of either team. Lana runs and slides into the next base.

The umpire (wearing a black cap with the letter "NB" in yellow) declares, "Safe." The audience (again, aliens) cheers.

Great lines:
Lana: "Is this the Mount Icarus Colliseum?"
Umpire: "Naw. This is Yankee Stadium."

So, Lana has warped into some Videoland version of New York City on some video world.

The umpire scratches his head. Lana runs back to the previous base and goes through the warp, surprising the baseman. Um, if there's a fixed warp on that base, then how come other players haven't disappeared (hence the surprise)? If other players have disappeared, then why was the baseman surprised?

Come to think of it, why are there all these warps to such a "deadly warp zone"?

For that matter, what's with "Oblivion"?

Kid Icarus exits a warp and find himself in the Mount Icarus Colliseum. It's deserted and windy. He tugs on his line.

The rest of the N Team comes through the warp.

Lana asks, "Where is everybody? We've only been gone a few minutes." Logical, but we had previously seen that everybody was indeed gone after a few minutes.

Mega Man's "mega sensors" indicate that 7 days have passed on Mount Icarus.

Dumb line: Kevin: "One of those warp zones must've been a time warp." One of those? How about the one they had just gone through? Note to writer: Don't make the characters sound dumb! This is also another instance of Kevin stating the obvious.

Lana says that Mother Brain's had free reign over Videoland for a week and walks off.

The N Team witnesses slaves working under the watchful gaze of an alien overseer on "Mount Mother Brain".

A man informs them (rather loudly) that Hippo and Eggy have taken over Mount Icarus, and Dr. Wily has taken the Three Sacred Treasures to Megaland to conquer that world, too. Um, Mother Brain has had these three very powerful items in her possession for a week now, and she's managed to conquer only one world?

Mega Man says they have to warp there. Lana says, "But nothing can stop the power of the Three Sacred Treasures." That brings up the same question of how come Mother Brain has been able to conquer only one world.

Megaland is shown to be a blue, mechanical worlds of spheres and loops surrounded by pink space. What the heck? Is the entire world artificial?

It's 8:17 PM. I'm going out for a bit to visit my mom on her break at Wal-Mart.

It's 12:06 PM. Let's continue.

Kid Icarus says that he can stop the power of the Three Sacred Treasures "with fire arrows, a sacred bow, and a protective crystal". Um, I haven't played much of Kid Icarus, but, from what I've read in a FAQ, Protective Crystal, Sacred Bow, and Fire are three weapons that you can acquire in the game, and the Fire sets your normal arrows aflame; there is no "Fire Arrow".

Kevin says that Kid Icarus will have to get past Medusa to get them. Um, you don't get anything when you defeat Medusa in the game. She's the final boss. Game over. There is no mention of the Three Sacred Treasures in the game. In fact, you get the three weapons in Sacred Chambers or Sacred Training Chambers throughout the game. I suppose these are what the chamber in "Videolympics" was based on, but it was way off. The Three Sacred Treasures in this two-part episode are treasure chests.

Lana says, "Kevin and I will go with Mega Man and see if we can slow down Dr. Wily until you and Simon get the power items we need." Wow, Lana sure took charge there. Is she still the leader of the N Team? I mean Kevin is the "Captain", but I suppose that a princess outranks even a captain.

And Lana didn't mention Duke. Guess she forgot about him. Hee, hee...

Dumb line: Simon: "But Medusa is even uglier than Mother Brain! One look at her face turns a man to stone!" Since when? I know that it's a part of Greek mythology, but Medusa didn't turn Simon into stone in CastleVania.

Dumb lines:
Kevin: "Look on the bright side, Simon. You'd make a very handsome statue."
Simon: "Ah, yes. I would, wouldn't I?"

Simon then runs off, Kid Icarus flying slightly ahead of him. That's all it took to convince Simon to risk his life? Promise him that he'd make a handsome statue! Remember that, fanfic writers!

Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, and Duke walk over a bit, and a warp (yellow light) suddenly appears below them. They go down into it. How did they know that there was a warp to Megaland there? Do people from Mount Icarus frequently warp to Megaland by accident?

Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, and Duke appear in light on a green lift in a laboratory, and it lowers them to the floor. Green is the dominant color in the lab - walls, floor. Dr. Light (Mega Man's creator) walks over and greets them. Geez, he's a midget! He's slightly taller than Mega Man, reaching the top of Lana's shorts. He's also wearing a green outfit as opposed to the white lab clothes in the Mega Man video games.

Dr. Light says, "Mega Man! I'm so glad you could come. And you must be Captain N. I've heard a great deal about you. He seems oddly cheerful, considering that Dr. Wily is trying to take over his world.

When Kevin starts listing all of the robots that Dr. Light had bult, he calls Cut Man "Cuts Man". How'd they get that wrong?

It's interesting that Dr. Light has five fingers on each hand, whereas Dr. Wily has four. Odd.

Also, in one shot, Lana is wearing her blue shorts and her regular royal top. How could the animator have possibly screwed that up?

Dr. Light suddenly becomes full of despair as he tells them about how Dr. Wily reprogrammed the robots for his destructive ends. It's odd that he says, "And now he's back again - and using the power of the Three Sacred Treasures to take over our world." Why didn't he say "And now he's back"? Back again means that this is Dr. Wily's third attack. Well, actually, Mega Man II did come out in 1988, so the attack in this episode would actually be Dr. Wily's third attack. So, how come the Mega Man II Robot Masters don't appear in this episode?

Dumb line: Kevin: "Don't worry, Dr. Wright. The Mega Man game is my specialty. I'll zap Dr. Wily into warp factor 10." Not only does this statement make no sense at all (warp factor is a "Star Trek" measure of speed), but Kevin calls Dr. Light "Dr. "Wright"! I guess this error was bound to happen. Jeffrey Scott must've read the Mega Man instruction manual, which does indeed call the scientist "Dr. Wright". The intent of the game's creator was for Mega Man's creator to be named "Dr. Light". However, the Japanese have no "l" sound, so "r" is used as an approximation. It was a translation goof. "Light" became "Right", which became "Wright". Mega Man II does call the scientist "Dr. Light", but Jeffrey Scott obviously didn't play that game. The closed captions call the scientist "Dr. Right".

Dr. Wright says, "You'll have to make it past all six deadly robots to get to him." Whoo-hoo! The robots are deadly! But then the writer had to ruin this statement with a:

Dumb line: Dr. Wright: "I've been working on a new robot that may be able to help you. I call him...Garbage Man. He's programmed to trash the other robots." Oh, please, not a dumb, made-up robot.

Dr. Wright activates the huge Garbage Man, who proceeds to eat all of Dr. Wright's equipment. All Dr. Wright does is sit, watch, and beg. Why doesn't he deactivate him? Dr. Wright can deactivate him, can't he?

Oh, yeah, Garbage Man burps, too.

A funny part is Kevin knocking Dr. Wright on his butt when he runs off.

Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, and Duke run down a corridor. At the end of it are warps to the six robots. Dr. Wright just has warp zones to these places in his lab? I always assumed that Dr. Light gives Mega Man the coordinates, and Mega Man uses his built-in teleporter to go to the places that the Robot Masters have taken over. I guess I was wrong. See what great help this TV series gives you on video games? :P

Kevin advises Lana to wait in the corridor. Lana removes his Zapper from its holster, twirls it, and fires it (left-handed) a few times! Oddly, the Zapper beam is blue.

Great line: Lana: "My father trained me to fight for freedom, Captain N. I can take care of myself."

Go, Lana! ^_^

Lana hands the Zapper back to Kevin. Kevin looks nervous and asks, "Uh-huh, uh,...who's arguing?"

I think this is only time in the entire series that Lana intimidates Kevin.

If Lana's so handy with a weapon, why didn't she ask Dr. Wright for one?

Mega Man decides that they'll challenge "Cuts Man" first. They run to a door, it rises, and they go in.

If the Mega Man game is indeed Kevin's "specialty", then why didn't he suggest that they defeat Bomb Man first, then Guts Man, and then Cuts Man?

Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, and Duke land in the Cuts Man stage. It doesn't look like it does in the game. For one thing, it's all blue.

They start climbing a ladder. Duke doesn't want to, but he eventually climbs. A Blader arrives, and Kevin zaps it.

Kevin gets hit by a beam and falls. The others climb back down to check on him.

Great lines:
Lana: "Are you all right, Kevin?"
Kevin: "Hey, hey, hey, I'm the Game Master. They can't hurt me. Ow."

Mega Man says, "But each time we get hit, we lose power." So, Kevin, Lana, and Duke lose energy just like a robot?

In the next scene, they're shown climbing up a ladder. Duke's too tired / lazy to climb, so Kevin has to carry him on his back. They should've left him back in the corridor. They're gonna go back there anyway.

When Lana reaches the top, she moans erotically and says, "That was incredible! I can hardly believe we made it all the way through!" What makes this line more enjoyable is that Lana says it while on her hands and knees.

Kevin says, "We haven't." Lana asks, "You mean there's more?!" Mega Man says they've got only a little energy left. Apparently, they're all connected, so, when one of them is hit, they all take damage. That isn't the case in any game that I know of.

They all stand up. Kevin says they have to get past Big Eye. Lana doesn't think that it's a big deal. Then Big Eye arrives, and he's huge! Way bigger than in the game. Wrong color, too. I guess they went by the manual's black-and-white picture and the name. Also, in the Cut Man stage, you don't climb up to get to Big Eye. You climb down.

Great line: Kevin: "It's not the eye I'm worried about. It's what's attached to it!"

Kevin then yells, "Nuke him!", and he and Mega Man start firing. The shots have no effect. Big Eye hits Mega Man. They have only one energy unit left. Mega Man says, "One more hit, and we're finished." Not "dead"? Oh, well.

Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, and Duke all walk close to each other (why?), and Big Eye stomps on them.

After the commercial break, Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, and Duke land at the beginning of the Cuts Man stage.

It's 5:17 PM. I'm gonna watch episode 2 on the 2nd "Sailor Moon S" DVD now. I'll type more later.

It's 9:40 AM. I had watched episodes 2-6, finishing the 2nd DVD. Yeah, "Sailor Moon" is that much fun. =)

Lana says, "We're alive! What happened?!" Whoo-hoo! Lana expected them to be dead! Murder exists in Videoland! Yeah, DiC, you show everyone who's boss! Um, or something...

Kevin says, "We got the boot from ol' Big Eye." Lana gets in Kevin's face, points her right index finger at him, and asks, "You mean we have to go all the way through again?!" Hee, hee, Lana's pissed. =)

Kevin tells him that, when he first played the game, he went through it 50 times before he got to Cuts Man.

Great lines:
Mega Man: "I'm afraid this isn't the same as your game, Captain N."
Lana: "What do you mean?"
Kevin: "What I think he means is, if we get trashed two more times, we're goin' to the big trash dump in the sky."

Is Kevin saying that there's some kind of an afterlife? And in Videoland?

Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, and Duke start going through the stage again.

The narrator says, "As Captain N and the others make another attempt to get to the deadly Cuts Man, Simon and Kid Icarus make their way toward a rendezvous with Medusa." Man, all this talk of death is awesome!

Simon and Kid enter a palace and see the (black) warp to Medusa's palace. Unfortunately, Hippo and Eggy are sitting in a hot tub right in front of it.

Simon gets dressed up in a blue toga, black wig (with his blod eyebrows and bottom of his hair clearly visible), glasses, and sandals. Kid Icarus is wearing a football helmet. Simon's backpack comes through again! :P

Hippo thinks that Simon is the steam bath repairman. Simon nods, but Kid Icarus shakes his head.

Great lines:
King Hippo: "This bath isn't hot enough. I'm barely sweatin'!"
Simon: "Uh, yes,...well,...we'll have it fixed for you in a jiffy. Won't we, Shrimpicus?"
Kid Icarus: "Whatever you say,...Dopius Maximus."

Simon hands Kid Icarus a wrench, but it's too heavy, and Kid falls down.

Simon disguises his voice (now he's worried about that?) and tells Hippo, "Tell me when it's steamy enough for you."

Hippo waves his left arm. Simon starts turning up the steam.

Great lines:
King Hippo: "Ooh! That's hot enough."
Simon: "What's that? Still too cold?"

Simon turns the steam all the way up. The steam bath turns into a geyser, and Hippo and Eggy go up in the air.

Simon says, "We can use the steam as cover! Come on!" Why would they need to do that? Hippo and Eggy can't reach them, and, even if they did see Simon and Kid go into the warp, I doubt they'd follow them into Medusa's lair.

The narrator says, "Meanwhile, back in Megaland, Captain N and the others have made it back through the deadly Cuts Man maze." Whoo-hoo! I bet they talk about death more in this episode than in all of the other episodes combined!

Mega Man touches an energy pellet and absorbs the energy. He rubs his "stomach".

Dumb line: Mega Man: "Mmmm, that energy pellet tasted great!" How can energy taste great?

Dumb line: Kevin: "Ah, sorta like an electric cheeseburger, huh?" Electric cheeseburger?

Big Eye arrives again. Kevin steps forward to fight it. Lana says, "Be careful, Kevin. If he flattens us, we're through!" Not "dead"? Oh, well.

Great line: Kevin: "Don't worry, Princess. I got to be Game Master by learning from my mistakes."

Kevin runs up to Big Eye and jumps over it. He fires at it. Big Eye heads for him. Kevin is standing next to a huge drop.

Great line: Kevin: "C'mon, you big trashmasher! Try to squash me! I dare you!"

Big Eye approaches. Kevin uses his Power Pad to get out of the way. Big Eye stomps right by the drop. The blocks under it crumble. Kevin arrives behind Big Eye and shoots it until it falls. Then he shoots it one more time, and it blips out of existence. You can't defeat Big Eye like that in the game. You shoot at it.

Lana runs up to Kevin, hugs him, and exclaims, "You were magnificent, Kevin!" Kevin acts kind of modest about it.

Great lines:
Mega Man: "There's no time to waste! We've got to mega move it!"
Kevin: "Well, I wouldn't call hugging a princess a waste of time."

In the next scene, Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, and Duke are standing in front of a door. Mega Man says, "When I open the door, we've got to run. Ready?" Kevin and Lana nod.

The episode's featured song begins. This time it's "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins (made popular in "Top Gun" 3 years before). I recently found out that a singer named Long John Baldry sang a lot of the songs on Captain N. He sings mostly blues and did backing vocals on at least one of Rod Stewart's albums. Here, he sings a verse of "Danger Zone".

Mega Man pounds on the door, and it rises. Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, and Duke run through the corridor to Cuts Man's chamber.

Here is where the episode really screws up. The other five Robot Masters - Ice Man, Fire Man, Elec Man, Bomb Man, and Guts Man - are in the corridor!

Here's what happens. Ice Man comes out of hiding and fires. Kevin flips rapidly (without using his Power Pad) and shoots Ice Man. Ice Man blips out. Duke notices Fire Man and knocks Kevin to the floor. Kevin turns around and shoots Fire Man, who also blips out. Elec Man fires while hanging upside-down on a wall. Kevin dodges and shoots Elec Man, who blips out. Bomb Man is about to throw a bomb. Kevin yells. Mega Man turns around and shoots the bomb, which explodes. He then shoots Bomb Man, who blips out. Kevin gives a thumbs up, turns around, and shoots Guts Man. Lana smiles and points at Kevin as she runs past him. Kevin shoots 2 more robots, and the door to Cuts Man's chamber opens. The song ends.

That scene is very inaccurate. First, the other Robot Masters don't appear in the corridor in the game. There are only three spinning mounted guns (like one of the last 2 robots that Kevin shoots). Second, it takes more than one zap to destroy a Robot Master. Maybe these were cheap copies that Dr. Wily made, but, with the Three Sacred Treasures, you'd think he could've made them more durable.

Cuts Man walks out of his chamber (which doesn't happen in the game), and he's tall - probably as tall as Kevin! Um, Mega Man was built short, Dr. Wily and Dr. Wright are midgets, but the Robot Masters are tall? C'mon, DiC, try to be a little consistent!

Cuts Man launches his (yellow) Rolling Cutter. The others get out of the way. Cuts Man gets the Rolling Cutter back. Kevin zaps him a few times. Nothing happens. Cuts Man sends out the Rolling Cutter and hits Mega Man. He gets the Rolling Cutter back.

Kevin then reminds Duke of how he used to love to bark and run circles around the gardener (is Kevin's family rich?). He tells Duke that Cuts Man is the new gardener. Cuts Man sends out the Rolling Cutter again. Duke runs over and distracts Cuts Man. The Rolling Cutter hits Cuts Man, and he blips out. This can't happen! In the game, the Rolling Cutter affects Cut Man just like a plasma blast from Mega Man's arm cannon.

Also, no dog is that smart! How could Duke possibly know what Kevin was saying?! Welcome to Videoland.

Great lines:
Lana: "Well, that wasn't so bad."
Kevin: "You're right, Princess. Compared to the next five robots, Cuts Man was just a wimp."

I don't see how one Robot Master is more powerful than any another, but I love the expression on Lana's face. =)

In the next scene, Simon and Kid Icarus enter Medusa's lair (in their normal clothes).

Dumb line: Simon: "What perfectly dreadful statues. Medusa has lousy taste in art." Uh, Simon, remember how you said that looking at Medusa turns a man to stone?

Kid informs Simon of this. Kid then spots the power items on a shelf. There hear Medusa's laugh and see her shadow. Kid gets a paintbrush and a can of black paint out of Simon's backpack. He pulls Simon's goggles down over his eyes and paints them black.

Great lines:
Simon: "Hey! I can't see!"
Kid Icarus: "Good!"

When Kid gives Simon a thumbs-up, I just noticed something. Kid Icarus has four fingers. Cheap animation.

Kid puts a bucket over his head and tells Simon to distract Medusa while Kid gets the power items. He tells Simon to not look at Medusa.

Great line: Simon: "What am I, an idiot?"

Yes, he is. Medusa talks in an erotic voice and convinces Simon to take his goggles off. Simon yells and turns to stone.

Kid (while holding the Protective Crystal) bumps into Simon and briefly looks up to see that he's been turned into stone. He turns, runs, and falls into Simon's backpack. Medusa chases after him. She picks him up. Her eyes glow yellow. Kid holds the Protective Crystal up, and Medusa turns to stone (while yelling about it in cliché fashion).

Simon turns back to normal.

Dumb line: Simon: "Wow, I must be out of shape. I feel kind of stiff." Doesn't he remember what just happened?

The other warriors in the lair turn back to normal. I guess being turned into stone by magic and then being turned back to normal has no fatal or otherwise harmful effects, regardless of how long a person has been stone.

The warriors are confused. Simon tries to be a leader and says, "You've enlisted in the army against Mother Brain. As your commanding officer, I order you to free this world!" The warriors salute, yell, and run off. The whole time, the Captain N theme music plays. I admit that this scene made be excited and happy when I was little.

Suddenly, a warp (yellow light) opens in the ceiling above Simon and Kid. Simon jumps up into it. Kid flies up, carrying Simon's backpack (with the power items inside). The warp closes. How do they know where it leads? Why does it open at that moment?

Meanwhile, back in Megaland, Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, and Duke arrive at Dr. Wily's secret command center (which would be in Skull Castle in the games, starting with II).

Kevin zaps the door like in "Kevin In Videoland".

Dr. Wily turns around in his chair to face them and says, "I've been expecting you, Captain N. Congratulations on nearly destroying my deadly androids." Whoo! More death! More death! Er, anyway, I'm not sure that "androids" is the correct term, since an android is "an automation in human form".

Kevin holsters his Zapper. Why?! He should fire a short beam at Dr. Wily, knock him unconscious, and arrest him!

Lana says, "But we did destroy them." Dr. Wily shows them the Three Sacred Treasures (hooked up to his machines) and says that they've given him unlimited power. Okay, so, if he has unlimited power, then why hasn't he flooded Megaland with his robots and conquered it already? For that matter, why hasn't Mother Brain conquered every world in Videoland already?

Kevin and Lana gasp. Dr. Wily presses some keys and creates the six Robot Masters again. Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, and Duke turn to retreat. Ice Man (using a gun) creates ice bars in front of the door. How?

Kevin says, "Oh, man,...what I wouldn't give to be able to press my RESET button." Regardless of the fact that this wouldn't work in Videoland, if Kevin did do that, what would it mean? Would they start just this episode over or the entire series?

Elec Man zaps Mega Man. Fire Man melts the ice, and it rains on Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, and Duke.

The six Robot Masters approach Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, and Duke. They're growling. Things are looking bad for our heroes.

Suddenly, Simon and Kid Icarus blip in front of them. How'd they get there> Did they warp in? Or did they go to Dr. Wright's lab, and he teleported them into Dr. Wily's lab? Either way, how come they could do it so easily, whereas you can't in the games? Doesn't Dr. Wily have any barriers preventing teleporting or warping into or near his lab?

Simon says, "Never fear! Simon Belmont is here!" The Captain N theme music starts playing again. I admit that this scene also got me excited when I was little. Fire Man fires at Simon. Simon hold up the Protective Crystal and deflects it. Lana orders Kid Icarus to shoot the Fire Arrow at the Three Sacred Treasures. He does, but his shot misses. The arrow starts going all over the room like in "Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain". Lana takes off her crown (the 1st of only 2 times in the entire series)! The Fire Arrow hits it and is directed at the Three Sacred Treasures, destroying them. The Robot Masters are destroyed.

Dr. Wily stares at the N Team, who try to look tough (the background music helps). Kevin puts his hands on his hips.

Dr. Wily converts his chair into a little car and drives at them. They run out of the way, except for Kevin.

Great lines:
Lana: "He's going to ram us!"
Kevin: "Not if I have one word to say about it, and I do: Pause!"

Kevin presses his Pause button. Everyone stops except for him. No one can talk except for Kevin (unless the others are just not saying anything of their own free will). Kevin goes to Dr. Wily's car, changes the course, and hops off of the car. The pause wears off, and Dr. Wily's car spins out of control and flies out of the room.

Back on Mount Icarus, the warriors throw Hippo and Eggy into a (poorly-animated) warp.

On Metroid, in her lair, Mother Brain has a crown on her jar and is looking at herself in a mirror.

Dumb line: Mother Brain: "Pretty soon, I'll be Princess of all Videoland. Then everyone will be kneeling before this beautiful frame." Beautiful? Yeah, right.

Suddenly, a warp opens, and Hippo, Eggy, and Dr. Wily land in MB's lair, surprising her. I'm surprised, too. I can understand Hippo and Eggy, but how did Wily get there?

MB's viewscreen turns on. Kevin and Lana are shown (in their normal clothes) standing in the Throne room in the Palace of Power. Lana says, "Say hello to your royal subjects, Princess Mother Brain." Kevin says, "Game over! You lose!"

Okay, how the heck did Kevin and Lana get back to the Palace and change clothes in time to send a message to Mother Brain?

For that matter, how did they know that Hippo, Eggy, and Wily would be sent to Metroid?

Then the viewscreen goes blank. MB yells a cliché at Hippo, Eggy, and Wily: "Idiots! You've ruined everything!"

She shocks them with her tentacles, and they run away.

That's the end of "Mega Trouble For Megaland".

Lesson: Teamwork? Epic "heroic struggle against oppression" story? Succeeding against great odds? I dunno.

Rant time! ^_^

This episode was another one of my favorites while growing up. I enjoyed both the Mega Man and Kid Icarus plots and how they tie together. However, it's still full of plot holes, clichés, and a stupid plot device. The Three Sacred Treasures have unlimited power, yet Mother Brain has taken over only Mount Icarus in one week. We never learn what the Three Sacred Treasures are. The plots and gameplay for both Mega Man and Kid Icarus are inaccurate. Why are warps located in such odd places? How does the N Team know where the warps are located? How come no one else accidentally goes through the warps?

The writer wasted a good opportunity to create a long story arc. Imagine a four- or five-part episode that deals with Mother Brain getting the Three Sacred Treasures. The N Team is sent a week into the future and discovers all of Videoland under MB's control. They form a strategy, each go off to a different world, lead a local resistance, and fight for freedom. In Part 4, they locate the Three Sacred Treasures. They finally make it to Dr. Wily's lab or Mother Brain's lair, have a huge battle, destroy the 3STs, and free Videoland! I thought this up in a few minutes.

This episode isn't completely disposable, due to a bunch of great lines and the "epic" feel. But it wasn't really that epic. The N Team fought to free one world and prevent another world from being taken over. It's not so overwhelming. Oh, well, we get to see Lana in that cute outfit, and Lana has very nice hair! ^_^

Other things that save the episode are all the talk of death, Lana smiling and hugging Kevin, Lana being upset at Kevin, and Lana standing up to Kevin and firing his Zapper!

Interesting notes:

Except for the final scene, we didn't see the Palace of Power in this episode.

Kevin and Lana are the only N Team members that wear their regular outfits in this episode, and that's only for a few seconds in the last scene.

The N Team travels a week into the future and stays there. That means that they're each one week younger than they should be. They'll have to adjust when they celebrate their birthdays.

The story's time was advanced one week from "Videolympics" to this episode, the same amount of time that passed in the real world.

I wonder if a week passed on Kevin's Earth, too.

As for what to cut out, I'd say the Garbage Man bit. It was dumb. It portrays Dr. Wright as an idiot. Removing it would've freed 51 seconds. Those 51 seconds could've been used for more take charge Lana, upset Lana, or happy-with-Kevin Lana. Or all three. They could've thrown in a kiss. Stupid Garbage Man. He ate up the time, too.

Usefulness ratings:

Kevin: 9 (finding a way to get them home, defeating Big Eye, 4 Robot Masters, Cuts Man, and Dr. Wily and warning Mega Man about Bomb Man)
Lana: 1 (destroying the Three Sacred Treasures)
Simon: 2 (providing the fishing line, getting past Hippo and Eggy)
Mega Man: 1 (destroying Bomb Man)
Kid Icarus: 4 (finding Mount Icarus, getting the power items, defeating Medusa, firing the Fire Arrow)
Duke: 2 (knocking Kevin down from Fire Man's flames, distracting Cuts Man)

The running total usefulness ratings so far are:

Kevin: 22 (5 episodes)
Lana: 3 (5 episodes)
Simon: 6 (5 episodes)
Mega Man: 4 (5 episodes)
Kid Icarus: 8 (5 episodes)
Duke: 6 (5 episodes)

That's the end of my review of "Mega Trouble For Megaland". I'm gonna work on my 5th "Linda Danvers" (pre-Supergirl) story now. Next episode - "Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street"!

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