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That Sinking Feeling

Tuesday, February 14, 2006, 11:00 AM - 1:55 PM

Misc. Tidbits (11:02 AM)

The episode was written by Dennis O'Flaherty.

This episode originally aired on Friday, October 13, 1989.

Interesting Notes (11:40 AM - 1:37 PM)

There is a Cupid statue in Hyrule. This indicates a possible familiarity with, or equivalent to, Earth mythology.

The giant overworld magnet is one of the greatest spells of the ancient wizards.

Great Lines (11:08 AM - 1:37 PM)

Zelda: "Mmmm, shut up and kiss me."
Link: "Boy, it works faster than I thought."
Zelda: "Are you gonna talk or smooch?"
Link: "Pucker up, Princess."

Zelda: "I've heard of bugs at a picnic, but this is ridiculous."

Link: "Looks like Gannon's got some new magic."
Zelda: "Oooh, and I'm fed up! We're going to have a showdown with that evil wizard!"
Link: "We are?"

Triforce of Wisdom: "A magic magnet pulled it down. 'Twill be destroyed with a bracelet found."
Zelda: "Huh?"
Link: "My sentiments exactly."

Zelda: "It's gone! The whole castle! But how?! Where is it?!"
Triforce of Wisdom: "It's in Gannon's hands. He won't let go unless defeated down below."

Gannon: "Now, I can conquer Hyrule; destroy that pipsqueak, Link; and make Zelda my Queen!"
King Harkinian: "Oh, dear, and it started out as such a nice day, too."

Dumb Lines (1:37 PM)


Rant (11:03 AM - 1:55 PM)

The episode misspells the writer's name as "Dennis O' Flaherty". I suppose this is as good a time as any to mention that, after I reviewed "Kevin In Videoland", I learned that Jeffrey Scott's name was misspelled as "Jeffery Scott" in that episode.

It's interesting how Zelda is so eager to kiss Link. Quite the reversal.

I love Zelda's look when Link hands her the (single) boomerang (what's with the "these"), but I wonder why she doesn't have any of her own, seeing as she did in the previous episode. Maybe she ran out?

The boomerang has a picture of a kangaroo on it. Cute. =)

Between the first shot of Link throwing a spider and the shot of him throwing 2 spiders, an extra spider appears in front of the underworld entrance.

Link says "9 down, 1 to go". Where did he get those figures? By my reckoning, Zelda defeated 1, Link zapped 2, and Link knocked 8 into the underworld entrance. Maybe Link can't count. :P

Link is such a dick, talking about a kiss and making a joke about Zelda being "all tied up" when she's possibly being smothered. Oddly, Zelda doesn't stay angry at him.

What did Link say right before "Looks like Gannon's got some new magic"? I don't understand it.

It's odd that it takes the Cupid statue disappearing for Zelda to want to directly attack Gannon. Shouldn't she have been doing this from episode 1?

Gannon considers the giant overworld magnet to be "one of the greatest spells of the ancient wizards". I understand that the magnet is magical, because it attracts everything, not just metal. Who are the ancient wizards that Gannon speaks of, though?

Go frame by frame when Gannon zaps the Goriya. You can see his skeleton.

Oh, great. This is another one of those "Gannon is in love with Zelda" episodes.

It's amusing that King Harkinian momentarily forgets what to call the Triforce. :P

Why does Zelda just stand there when the bomb's about to go off? Maybe she was shocked?

It seems that the King of Hyrule doesn't know proper English. He asks "Where is Link and Zelda?"

Why does Spryte exclaim "It's Link! Hooray!" when she's supposedly hiding from Gannon? Maybe she thinks that Gannon can't hear her? Maybe she figures it doesn't matter now that Link is here?

I'm not disputing that Link ultimately made the right decision to pull Zelda away from the Triforce of Power. The magnet ended up overloading, causing the place to explode. However, I question how Link could have known that this would happen. If he didn't know, then the rising castle would have been his motivation for pulling Zelda. However, surely, they could have simply gone out the same way that they came in - after Zelda had gotten the Triforce of Power. Just something to think about.

For that matter, Link and Zelda could have gone back into the underworld, while it was in ruins, and grabbed the Triforce of Power then, assuming that they knew that it was in ruins.

I was surprised when I first saw King Harkinian kiss Link. Sure, it was on the cheek, but that's still surprising for an American cartoon series.

Of course, it's also another illustration that the King isn't very bright.

Link exclaims "Excuuuse me, Princess!" and asks Zelda for a kiss (albeit in a slightly different manner than the usual "Kiss me"). Apparently, Dennis O'Flaherty writes like Bob Forward.

Lesson: Link is a dick. Also, if Zelda could just get the Triforce of Power, Gannon would be defeated forever.

Despite Link's infamous line and demands for a kiss, "That Sinking Feeling" is a good episode.

There are only a few good lines in this episode, since it's mostly action and basic dialogue, but the fact that I found no bad lines should indicate how good this episode is.

Zelda again demonstrates her capabilities as a fighter. She even uses magic to fight for the first time in this series.

Overall, "That Sinking Feeling" is a good episode. I look forward to reviewing the next one.

Usefulness ratings:

Link: 20 (causing some spiders' tongues to be tied together, defeating 11 spiders, saving Zelda, protecting Zelda from the blast, blasting open the underworld entrance, defeating 2 Stalfos, defeating the knight, saving Zelda from Gannon, saving Zelda from the explosion)
Zelda: 6 (causing some spiders' tongues to be tied together, defeating a spider, magically creating the staircase, spotting the magic bracelet, blasting Gannon when he was about to defeat Link, reminding Link to use the bracelet)
Spryte: 2 (hiding the King in a suit of armor, hiding the King under the bed)

Unfortunately, Zelda doesn't fight much in this episode. I'm being generous by giving Spryte 2 points. The ideas for the King to hide might not have been her own.

The running total usefulness ratings for the series so far are:

Link: 63 (6 episodes)
Zelda: 34 (6 episodes)
Spryte: 6 (5 episodes)

That's the end of my review of "That Sinking Feeling". I'll review "Doppelganger" next. See you all in my next review!

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