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Underworld Connections

Tuesday, May 16, 2006, 8:00 PM - 9:42 PM

Misc. Tidbits (8:02 PM - 9:18 PM)

The episode was written by Bob Forward.

This episode originally aired on Friday, October 27, 1989.

Interesting Notes (8:08 PM - 9:22 PM)

Link sleepwalks.

Zelda drinks from a chalice with a straw. So cute!

Link wears white boxers with red hearts.

All of the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom are magically linked, so a zap shot into one piece will come out of the other pieces (or at least one of the other pieces).

Touching each side of one of the broken pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom can give clues as to the locations of the other two pieces.

Spryte isn't in this episode.

Great Lines (8:11 PM - 9:19 PM)

Link: "Whether I'm awake or asleep, you're the girl of my dreams."
Zelda: "That's the sappiest line I've ever heard."

Link: "Farewell, Princess!"
Zelda: "Nothin' doin', buster. You've still got work to do."

Link: "Hold it, you vile vires!"

Link: "Boy, my room's a mess!"
Zelda: "Looks about normal to me."

Zelda: "Oh,...I suppose I better get you loose."

Zelda: "Dive in and find it."
Link: "Hey, why me?"
Zelda: "Because you're the hero, hotshot. Besides, you could use a bath."

Dumb Lines (9:19 PM)


Rant (8:13 PM - 9:24 PM, 9:42 PM)

Okay, so Link walks in his sleep. Fair enough. However, he sleepwalks over a tightrope to get a kiss from Zelda. That's just plain ludicrous.

I do love how Zelda wakes him up by splashing her drink on him - and then not caring if he falls to his death. Hehe. =)

Too bad that Zelda falls for Link's sappy line, though.

So what's the real plural of vire? They start with vires, switch to vire, then go back to vires.

It's really lucky that each of Link's 2 zaps came out of a different piece of the Triforce to hit the 2 vires/vire/whatever.

Link sure is a dick, complaining about going on a mission because it's past his bedtime. Why does Zelda put up with him?!

Why does Link give Zelda those 2 boomerangs? Does she never hold onto them for more than 1 episode?

Zelda tells Link to not defeat the snakes and then defeats them herself? I understand her reasoning for telling Link to not defeat them. It seems to me that she had no choice but to defeat them, since they had Link. Maybe Gannon could detect only Link's sword zaps, not the boomerang?

It seems that Zelda tricked Link into opening the door with the snakes. Awesome prank. =)

What does Zelda do when Link asks her for a kiss? Whatever it is, it looks cute. =)

I love how Zelda pushes Link into the water. Hehe. =)

So now it takes 3 zaps to defeat Gannon instead of 2? I guess he got stronger since "Sing For the Unicorn".

The "flame surfing" that Link does on his shield is cute. =)

I love how Zelda's excuse for not kissing Link is because he's dirty, even though she is dirty, too. =)

Link exclaims "Excuuuse me, Princess!" and asks Zelda for a kiss (albeit in a slightly different manner than the usual "Kiss me"). Rechecks writer's name. Yup, Bob Forward.

Lesson: Link is a dick.

Despite Link's infamous line and demands for a kiss, "Underworld Connections" is a good episode.

There wasn't much for me to write about this episode, since it's mostly action and basic dialogue with a very simple plot, but the fact that I found no bad lines should indicate how good this episode is.

Zelda again demonstrates her capabilities as a fighter.

Overall, "Underworld Connections" is a good episode. I look forward to reviewing the next one.

Usefulness ratings:

Link: 11 (defeating 3 vires, giving Zelda 2 boomerangs, getting the second piece of the Triforce, defeating the mummy, getting the third piece of the Triforce, zapping Gannon twice,getting Link out of the path of flames)
Zelda: 7 (saving Link's life, revealing an underworld entrance, saving Link's life, locating the second piece of the Triforce, defeating the aquamentis, locating the third piece of the Triforce, defeating Gannon)
Spryte: 0 ()

This is the third episode of the series without Spryte (not that I missed her), so she doesn't get any points.

The running total usefulness ratings for the series so far are:

Link: 93 (8 episodes)
Zelda: 44 (8 episodes)
Spryte: 6 (5 episodes)

That's the end of my review of "Underworld Connections". I'll review "Stinging a Stinger" next. See you all in my next review!

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