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Sunday, February 10, 2002, 12:50 PM - Saturday, March 23, 2002, 8:36 PM

"Videolympcs" is the fourth Captain N episode script that Jeffrey Scott wrote. It's also Part 1 of the only multiple-part episode of the series. Part 2 is "Mega Trouble for Megaland". But I'll be reviewing each episode separately, since they are very different from each other.

There seems to be 2 different versions of this episode, but the differences are minor and occur at the beginning of the episode. I discovered this when I received a copy of the episode from the same guy that sent me version 1 of "How's Bayou". The weird thing is that both his and my copy of the episode were taped off of NBC. Does anyone have an explanation for this?

Title: Probably just something clever that Jeffrey Scott thought up, but it might come from the game, Video Olympics.

Now, let's get into the episode itself.

The narrator says, "On the dark and dangerous world of Metroid, the evil Mother Brain is about to discover a sinister secret."

Mother Brain yells, "Of power!" In the guy's copy, she also yells, "I must have more power!"

Dumb line: Eggy: "Here, Mother Brain, take my flashlight batteries." Oy, how stupid can you get? Eggy deserved to get shocked by Mother Brain for that.

Mother Brain explains that she wants the power to rule Videoland and to destroy Princess Lana and Captain N.

Before we get to the next line, I'd like to comment on the background music. It's often music from NES games, but the music is often completely out of place. In this scene, the fortress music from Super Mario Bros. is playing. Why didn't they use music from Metroid? The SMB fortress music is effective in this scene, but it's still odd that they used it. Perhaps the series uses only the easily-accessible music?

Mother Brain turns to her viewscreen and says, "Metroid mirror on my wall, tell me how to crush them once and for all!" As big a temptation as it is to want to comment on this line right now, I'm going to hold off for a moment.

The mirror, in a weird female voice, replies, "Hidden within Mount Icarus' towering peak, the Three Sacred Treasures contain the power you seek. For ten-thousand years, they've been sight unseen, but bring the Treasures together, and you'll soon be Queen."


Mother Brain is delighted at this information and calls herself "Queen Mother Brain" and "Queen Dictator of Videoland". She has Dr. Wily contact Princess Lana for her.

Okay, what the heck? Mother Brain's viewscreen is a mirror, and it's also sentient and knowledgable? This is a blatant rip-off of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", and it's the stupidest plot device we've had so far! Yes, even stupider than the love arrow in "Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain". If MB can get information on a huge power source so easily, why didn't she use it before? Why is it revealed in this episode? Of course, if it was revealed earlier, MB could've sent her vast army to Mount Icarus to get the treasures, she would've completely conquered Videoland, and the series would already be over (not that that would've been a bad thing for us, the viewers, but it would've been bad for the creators). So, the events of this episode probably can't exist. They can't exist without the mirror, and, with the mirror, MB should've been able to conquer all of Videoland already. But let's move on.

If MB has such a powerful mind, why can't see contact Lana on her own?

Meanwhile, at the Palace of Power, Kevin is going through a life-sized Donkey Kong simulator. He gets to the top, DK falls down, the cage disappears, and Lana is set free. Kevin and Lana jump down to the floor.

Dumb line: Kid Icarus: "Nice try, Kevinicus." Um, Kevin just beat DK. Kid is making it sound like Kevin lost. Maybe Kid doesn't understand the game?

Kevin says, "Wow! A life-sized Donkey Kong simulator! What a concept!" Yeah. Too bad "Kongoland" doesn't look like that. If Kevin refers to it as a Donkey Kong simulator, doesn't that mean that that's what his Donkey Kong game looks like? If so, how come he wasn't surprised at (and was actually familiar with) the jungle in "Kevin In Videoland"?

Suddenly, MB's face appears on the viewscreen in the room. Judging by Lana's reaction, it seems that MB has called to threaten them at least once before.

Dumb line: MB: "You're absolutely right, my dear. Threatening hasn't worked, and I apologize for my rude behavior. All of this fighting gets us nowhere. What do you say we settle our differences in a more sportsman-like way?" Again, I'll hold off my comments until I've gotten through the next few lines of dialogue.

Dumb line: Lana (whispering to Kevin): "I don't trust her. She's up to something."

Kevin asks, "What do you suggest, Mother Brain?"

Mother Brain replies, "A challenge. We'll hold a Videolympics on Mount Icarus. My warriors here are...athletes...against Captain N and his N Team. If we lose, we'll never set foot off Metroid again. If we win, I'll be the new Princess of Videoland."

The next three lines (including Duke's) aren't in the guy's copy:

Lana asks, "You, Princess?", and starts laughing.

Dumb line: Kevin (to Lana): "We've gotta give her the benefit of the doubt."

Duke barks in agreement.

Dumb line: Kid Icarus: "But this is what we've been waiting for, Your Highnicus,...a chance for peace."

Dumb line: Lana: "I know,...but Mother Brain can't be trusted. What if it's a trick?"

Dumb line: Kevin: "Well, if it is,...what better way to find out than to go along with it?"

Lana asks, "What if we lose?!"

Dumb line: Simon: "Lose? With me on our team? Don't be ridiculous."

Mega Man says, "With Captain N leading us, we'll have the mega power to win. What do you say, Your Highness?"

Lana starts, "Well,...I guess - "

Kevin says, "You're on, Mother Brain!"

MB says, "Wonderful! We'll see you at Mount Icarus Colliseum tomorrow for the games - and for your funerals, fools!" She laughs, and the transmission ends.

Oh, man, where to start? Mother Brain believes that the team will agree to this ridiculous idea, and they do! Kevin, Simon, Mega Man, Kid Icarus, and Duke are all for it! Lana is the only one with doubts, and, even then, she only has a feeling that Mother Brain's "up to something". This team is made up of a bunch of idiots! Lana should've ignored them and shot down Mother Brain's suggestion! Instead, she gives in and places the fate of everyone in Videoland (trillions of people or more, I bet) on the outcome of a series of sporting events! Let's apply this situation to the real world. Osama bin Laden calls up the White House and says, "Let's settle our differences with sports! It'll be me and my advisors against you and your advisors! If we lose, we'll stay in our caves and never terrorize you again. If we win, I'll become the new ruler of the United States of America, force everyone to convert to Islam, and take away women's rights." Do you honestly think that President George W. Bush would say, "Well, okay, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. You're on!"? As big a doofus as he is, he wouldn't! He'd have the call traced and send the troops there pronto! Besides, there's no way the American public would agree to a contest like this. Also, Bush would know that his team would lose with Cheney on it. =P

What I'm getting at is no leader with any sense would ever agree to something like this. Even if his or her side was at a big disadvantage, he or she wouldn't agree to something like this. It's so obviously a trap! It's a good thing that Lana isn't the President of the United States.

This entire scene is so childish. Still, we're given the name of the team that had gone unnamed until this script: N Team. MB calls them that. Is that how they got their name? Did they like it and decide to adopt it?

Lana and Kevin's next lines aren't in the guy's copy:

Lana says, "I hope we've made the right decision." Simon is flexing his muscles and showing off. Kevin points at him with his left thumb and says, "Don't worry, Princess. With a little work-out, we'll be unbeatable."

That covers the first three minutes of this episode. It's 9:25 PM. I'll write more tomorrow.

It's Saturday, February 16, 2:00 PM. Let's continue.

In my copy of the episode, right at the end of the scene, I can hear a woman talking briefly. I don't know what it is.

In the next scene, the N Team is in the Palace's courtyard. They're dressed in exercise clothes. I love how Lana is dressed. She's wearing socks (perhaps the first and only instance of socks in the series), sneakers, shorts, a cut-off sleeveless shirt, and a green undershirt (I think). It's quite revealing. ^_^ But why is she still wearing her tiara, necklace, and bracelets? Oh, well. Her blue shirt has a yellow N on it.

Dumb line: Kevin: "We've gotta get into prime shape if we're gonna win." Um, how can they get into prime shape in a day? For that matter, if they're heroes, why aren't they already in prime shape?

Kevin and Lana jump rope. Simon tosses aside his jumprope and uses his whip instead. It ends up tying him up. Sheesh, another example of the whip being alive. I do like how Lana laughed at him, though. However, if I was her, I wouldn't try to hide it. ^_^

Mega Man asks, "What am I supposed to do with these balls, Captain N?" Uh, huh, huh, uh, huh, huh, huh...

Kevin shows Mega Man how to throw a heavy ball. Mega Man throws one far into the distance.

Then we see Duke bouncing on a trampoline. Cute. =) Kevin and Lana seem to not know if dogs are allowed to compete. Shouldn't it be obvious?

Kid Icarus then shoots Simon in the butt. Lana covers her mouth and laughs. Kid Icarus pulls the arrow out. Simon then shoots Kid Icarus into a target. Kid flies at Simon. Simon ducks. Kid hits Mega Man, knocking him over. The balls start rolling, and everyone falls on their butts. How difficult is it to stand in one place? Sure, they'd get hit with balls, but they wouldn't fall over.

The next scene takes place "half-way across Videoland, at the strange world of Punch-Out". How far is half-way across Videoland? Does this mean that Videoland is finite? Punch-Out looks weird. It seems to be some kind of building with yellow structures in the background. Inside the building is a gym. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, considering what they did with other worlds.

There are some dumb moments of Mother Brain's minions training for the games. Since when is the Count Mother Brain's minion? I thought that was over after Mother Brain lost control of the castle in "Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain". Maybe she promised him CastleVania if he joined her team? They do need more team members. The N Team has 5 competitors.

Hippo lifts two walls as a show of his strength. It's funny how an alien in the locker room has to cover his crotch.

A hologram of Mother Brain appears and tells them that she expects them to cheat. There's a poster that says "BIG MATC". I don't know if it's an animation mistake or intentional to show the stupidity of Punch-Out's inhabitants. Eggy asks why they need to cheat if Mother Brain's just going to destroy the N Team with the power of the Three Sacred Treasures.

Dumb line: MB: "Because, you cauliflower brain, winning the games will improve my image as Princess of Videoland." Suuure. I can just imagine an average guy on the street being interviewed: "Yeah, Mother Brain enslaved us, but she won the right to do so. I support her."

MB's minions start practicing cheating. Eggy hits Hippo with broccoli. Hippo comes at Eggy.

Great lines:
Eggy: "No! Wait! It was an accident!"
Hippo: "Oh, I'll give you an accident on purpose!"

Hippo throws Eggy in the ring. Eggy uses his wand to turn Hippo into vegetables. Hippo snaps the wand apart and turns back to normal.

Hippo then performs the "Flyin' Hippo Eggplant Jam Slam", launching himself at Eggy. Jam hits the audience in the face.

It's 4:52 PM. I'm gonna go eat dinner now.

It's Monday the 25th, 10:30 AM. Let's continue. The next scene takes place at the Palace. The marrator says, "Meanwhile, back at the Palace of Power, the Princess grows fearful of losing Mother Brain's challenge." You'll see why in this scene.

Simon, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus are arguing over whose face will appear on a cereal box after they win the games. There's even a hole in the box for each of them to hold the box in front of his own face. The cereal is called Flakes. That's it. Just Flakes. Personally, I think that these guys should be in the cereal itself, not on the box. =)

When they all start pulling on the box (and stretching it?!), Lana finally tells them to stop it. Kevin then takes charge to "get these guys in shape".

Then the episode's song starts. It's "I Got You (I Feel Good)" by James Brown (again, not performed by him). We see a montage of the N Team exercising. Only Kevin and Lana take it seriously and are in good shape. The other heroes are in bad shape and are lazy. Why is Mega Man even exercising? He's a robot! He's in great shape! There's no need for him to exercise! Wait, he's not in great shape. He stops running and breathes heavily. He's tired! WTF?! Duke is shown in the two running scenes. Why is Duke running with them? He can't compete. We get some shots of rooms near the courtyard (I think). There's a gym. There's also a kitchen. It's different than the kitchen we'll see in later episodes, so it's probably a place near the courtyard where the Palace's guard and royal troops (assuming there were any) could get some quick snacks and drinks while training. In the jumprope scene, Kid Icarus is flying and just moving the rope. Cheater! The montage ends with the entire N Team running up steps (except for Kid, who flies), like in the "Rocky" movies. Kevin hugs Duke. Why?! What's the mutt done that will help them?! Also, just how did Simon get into such great shape so quickly that he's able to jump rope, run, and do one-armed push-ups?

It's 12:14 PM. I'll continue this later.

It's Monday, March 11, 9:20 PM. Let's continue.

In the next scene, the narrator says, "The next day, on Mount Icarus, thousands have gathered to watch as their fate is decided in the Videolympics." Everyone's okay with this? No one is protesting? No one is trying to kill Mother Brain? Why, of course not! Welcome to Videoland, where everyone is stupid!

The N Team is gathered at their place in the colliseum. Kevin says, "Now, don't forget to keep an eye out for anything suspicious." Everyone agrees.

In the bad guys' area, Mother Brain reveals that she's arranged for the contests to be held at the locations where the Three Sacred Treasures are buried. Then she'll destroy Captain N and the Princess, then Videoland will be hers. Then she does her usual evil laugh.

After the commercial break, the games begin. There's something interesting about the crowd. Everyone seems to be an alien.

Lana spouts a cliché: "You can do it, Kevin! I know you can!" Then Lana kisses Kevin on the cheek (the second time in the series).

The first event is Greco Tag Team Wrestling.

Kevin, Kid Icarus, Hippo, and Eggy get in the ring. The ring is raised, and a pit of hot, bubbling liquid is opened under it. Why?

Kid Icarus complains about being too small to wrestle.

Dumb line: Kevin: "They picked our names out of a hat, Kid Icarus. We'll just have to do the best we can." Huh?! The N Team is okay with this?!

It's 9:58 PM. I'm gonna go watch "Sailor Moon" now.

It's Thursday the 14th, 8:00 PM. Onward!

Dumb line: Announcer: "Just a moment. There's been a mistake in the draw." What?! They pick a name out of a hat! How can there possibly be a mistake?!

King Hippo gets out of the ring, and Donkey Kong gets in the ring. Um, since when is Donkey Kong on Mother Brain's side? I know that Mother Brain's team needs 5 members, but this is the only time in the entire series that DK works for MB. Perhaps MB promised him Kongoland (you know, since he doesn't rule it already)? Maybe he joined to get revenge on the N Team for disrupting his shower in "Kevin In Videoland"? Who knows?

Simon laughs at this, and Lana frowns at him.

Great line: Kevin: "You take care of Eggplant Wizard. I'll handle Donkey Kong. Yeah, sure I will."

Great line: Eggy: "What a shrimp, and every shrimp needs a shrimp salad."

Kid pins Eggy. Eggy tags DK. DK pins Kid. Kid shoots an arrow to Kevin and tags him. Um, how does the arrow not hurt him? Also, note that there's a pause in the announcer's count (after 2) just long enough for Kevin to be tagged. Another example of an unrealistic delay to favor a certain side.

DK sits on Kevin and Kid, creating a hole in the floor of the ring. DK wins the match. How come Kevin and Kid didn't fall in the hot liquid?

Score: MB's team: 1, N Team: 0

MB sends Hippo to get the First Sacred Treasure.

Great lines:
Lana: "That's not fair. Donkey Kong weighs more than you."
Kevin: "Are you kidding? He weighs more than the Chicago Bears."

Lana gets a look of confusion on her face, while Simon grins.

In the next event, Mega Man and Dr. Wily compete in the 400-yard dash through the electric maze - something resembling part of Elec Man's level. Mega Man starts going through the maze and passes straight through an electric charge without taking damage (bad animating). Dr. Wily sends a Blader up to knock Mega Man down. Mega Man stands there, looking up at the Blader, gets hit, falls, and is disintigrated. Dr. Wily wins the electric maze dash.

Mega Man then rematerializes in front of the rest of the N Team. Apparently, he had an extra life. Kevin and Lana's reactions just seconds before seems to be halfway between calm and horrified, confusing us as to whether or not they knew.

Score: MB's team: 2, N Team: 0

It's 10:20 PM. I'm gonna go take a shower now.

It's Saturday, March 23, 5:05 PM. Onward and downward!

Mother Brain is suddenly, without any explanation, covered with some white creamy stuff.

Great line: Mother Brain: "Get this junk off me before I have you frozen in butter sauce!"

Eggy apologizes and starts licking it off. Um, what the heck? This has nothing to do with the story.

Mega Man rematerializes in front of the rest of the N Team and apologizes to Lana. Lana tells him it's not his fault.

In the next scene, the narrator says, "Meanwhile, in the sunken chamber beneath the surface of Mount Icarus, King Hippo searches for the First Sacred Treasure."

Hippo walks into the chamber and is attacked by "flyin' rats". He waves them away. After finding monsters in two bags, he lands on his butt. That pushes down a brick in the floor, and the First Sacred Treasure comes out of the floor. Talk about dumb luck. A warp suddenly opens, Hippo goes into it, the flyin' rats follow, and the warp closes.

After the next commercial break, the narrator says, "Back at the towering Mount Icarus, the Videolympics Colliseum arrives at the location of the next event." Did I hear that right? The scene shows the colliseum arriving at a waterfall. Yeah, that's right. The colliseum can move. Uh-huh. Anyway,...

The announcer says, "In the next event, Princess Lana and King Hippo will compete in the Waterfall High-Dive."

A platform raises Lana, Kevin, and Duke up to the top of the waterfall. King Hippo delivers the First Sacred Treasure to MB and goes to the event. Lana admits that she's "a little nervous about diving down these floating waterfalls".

Kevin says, "Speaking of waterfalls,...there's something familiar about the places these games are being held."

Lana's wearing just a one-piece bathing suit, her necklace, and her crown.

Lana gets more nervous when she finds out that there are flying sharks in the waterfalls. Kevin says he didn't want to worry her. So, he'd prefer her to die with peace of mind than worry and live?

Duke dives and gets scores of 6.9, 7.0, 6.9, 7.5, and 6.0, averaging to 6.86.

Hippo arrives and sees it.

Great lines:
Hippo: "Hey! Aw, no fair! Dogs don't count!"
Kevin: "Yeah, but hippos do, huh?"
Lana: "That's enough! We'll settle this with the dive. Blubber before beauty."

Originally, I thought Lana says, "Lover before beauty." That made me wonder about her and King Hippo. But I later checked the closed captions and found out that she says "blubber". Heh.

Hippo dives and gets scores of 9.5, 9.0, 9.5, 9.0, and 9.9, averaging to 9.38. Some aliens cheer for him. I guess these are bad guys that want Mother Brain's team to win.

Mother Brain whispers to Eggy to get her the Second Sacred Treasure.

Great lines:
Eggy: "Yes, Your Wrinkledness."
Mother Brain: "Never say the word wrinkles around me. These are beauty lines."

Uh-huh, beauty lines, riiight.

Lana is discouraged by Hippo's score, but Kevin assures her that she can beat him.

Lana dives and gets scores of 10.0, 10.0, 10.0, 10.0, and 10.0, averaging to 10.0. So, Lana wins the Waterfall High-Dive.

Score: MB's team: 2, N Team: 1

Simon applauds and cheers then catches himself and says, "Uh, not bad, not bad."

Dumb line: Mother Brain: "Hmph! I could've done better, and I don't even have a body!" I'd like to see her try.

The platform lowers, Lana gets out of the pool (which is floating in the air and has to outside appearance), and the platform lowers her and Kevin down to the ground. After they leave, Eggy arrives. I love the slow, Arabic-like music that plays here. The platform rises. Eggy puts a mask over his eyes and a tube in his mouth. He goes down into the pool. He has no oxygen. Really bad writing and/or drawing. Eggy gets the Second Sacred Treasure from the bottom of the pool. A giant octopus chases after him. Eggy jumps out of the pool and lands on Mother Brain with the treasure. MB laughs.

Um, if the Second Sacred Treasure was at hte bottom of the pool below the waterfall, how could someone have not found it in 10,000 years?

We then get a montage of the next few events with a reprise of "I Got You (I Feel Good)" playing. Okay, I was wrong in my review of "Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain". There are a few episodes where a song reprises - including "How's Bayou". The funny thing is I didn't recall that. Sorry.

Anyway, in the montage, the Count beats Simon at skiing, Mega Man beats Hippo at weight-lifting, and Eggy gets scores of 6.7, 6.5, 6.0, 7.0, and 6.0 in the pole vault, averaging to 6.44.

With one event remaining, the score is tied. What did you expect? The narrator says, "The fate of Videoland will be decided by the outcome of the ten-kilometer rocket-chariot race." This type of thing is sooo overdone.

Kevin's trying to recall what Mother Brain is after. Lana tells him to forget about it and win, or Hippo and Eggy will be living in the Palace.

There are 6 racers: Kevin, Simon, Kid Icarus, Hippo, Eggy, and Dr. Wily. King Hippo takes an early lead.

Wily converts his chariot into a submarine and fires at torpedo at Kid's chariot. The torpedo (complete with eyes and a grin) bites away Kid's chariot. Dumb. Then Wily drives into a gong. Eggy magically turns Simon's chariot into a giant banana. Simon falls to the ground. Lana can't look.

Great line: Announcer: "Simon Belmont has really slipped up this time."

Simon does an "Uuuuhhhh" moan that we'll hear in a later episode as well.

Eggy drives into a tree.

Great line: Announcer: "The Eggplant Wizard has really been scrabled this time."

The announcer says, "It's down to Captain N and King Hippo." Aren't you, like, really excited at this point? Well, aren't ya?

Kevin presses the A button on his Power Pad (there's already one unit missing for some odd reason) to perform his super speed kick. He passes Hippo.

Great lines:
Kevin: "So long, King Snail!"
Hippo: "Captain N is goin' N for nowhere!"

Hippo punches Kevin's chariot and smashes it to pieces. Gimme a break. He can't be that strong.

Lana yells, "Kevin!" Kevin spouts a cliché: "I hope this works!" In mid-fall, Kevin grabs part of the chariot, puts part of the rocket engine on the back of it, and creates a hoverboard. "Back to the Future, Part II" came out this same year, 1989, so this is very likely a rip-off of the chase scene from the movie.

Hippo's in the lead, but he suddenly enters a hidden warp, taking a "wrong turn", and Kevin crosses the Finish line first.

The announcer exclaims, "Captain N has done it! The N Team has defeated Mother Brain!"

The audience cheers the victory. But then Hippo arrives with the Third Sacred Treasure and gives it to Mother Brain.

MB says, "The third one." Kevin exclaims, "Three That's it!" Lana asks, "What's it." Kevin says, "What Mother Brain is after - the Three Sacred Treasures." It's taken Kevin this long to remember this from the game, Kid Icarus?

Lana gasps, sounding like she's having an orgasm. ^_^

MB says, "You're too right, Captain N, but, unfortunately, you're also too late!"

MB puts the Three Sacred Treasures side by side and puts her tentacles on the First and Third Sacred Treasures. She absorbs the powers from all three. The power from the Second Sacred Treasure seems to just go into her by itself.

Mother Brain says, "My power is unstoppable now. Behold - the Warp Zone to Oblivion!" This (intentionally or not) echoes the narrator's words to Lana in "Kevin In Videoland"...sorta.

Mother Brain points her tentacles at the ground that the N Team is standing on. The ground opens, and the N Team falls into a deep, dark chasm. How does Kid Icarus fall in? He was flying! Perhaps the energy pushed him in. But then, how come he doesn't fly back up?

The narrator asks, "Has Mother Brain really conquered Videoland? Will Captain N and the others survive the deadly warp zone? Find out...in the next chilling adventure of...Captain N: The Game Master."

Then the screen goes black. No "To Be Continued...", but, with the narrator's words, we don't need it. We know that the story will continue next week. Boy, oh, boy, I sure can't wait! Um, anyway, now a brief comment on the:

Lesson: I really don't know. I guess it's supposed to be about how a team, working together, can overcome incredible odds and win in the end. But come on! The N Team was in much better shape than Mother Brain's team! At least they should have been!

Now, finally, my long-awaited rant. At least I waited a long time for it. ^_^

This episode was full of plot holes, clichés, and idiotic plot devices. The whole premise defies all logic. How come Mother Brain has a mirror that can give her important information? Why does she wait this long to get this information and use it? Is this how she got the information about Kevin in "How's Bayou"? In that episode, she was scanning her brain cells. How could the Three Sacred Treasures remain hidden for so long in these places? How could the N Team trust Mother Brain? How could the people of Videoland accept this contest to determine who rules over them? Why wasn't the N Team already in great shape. Why was Simon in lousy shape? Why was Kid Icarus in bad shape? How could Mega Man not be in shape? How did they all get in great shape in one day? How could cheating be allowed at the Videolympics? The score is tied with one event left to determine the winners. Do you see what I'm getting at? This episode was dumb. Yet, somehow, it was one of my favorites while I was growing up. "Videolympics" reminds me of walking outside a strip mall on a sunny morning or afternoon. No, I can't really explain it. This episode just has a "pleasant outside day" feel to it. It's probably the exercising.

This episode is almost as bad as "Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain". What saves it from being completely disposable are a bunch of great lines and the "epic" feel. Oh, yeah, and Lana in a bathing suit and that cute outfit. ^_^

This episode was pretty lean - almost no filler. So, I can't suggest much that could've been cut out. The only thing would be the scene with Eggy licking the white stuff (in the middle of an Oreo, dun-dun-dun!) off of Mother Brain. That was never explained at all and has no apparent reason for being in the episode. The 6 seconds could've been used for something better, like an extra shot of Lana in her swimsuit. ^_^

Usefulness ratings:

Kevin: 0
Lana: 0
Simon: 0
Mega Man: 0
Kid Icarus: 0
Duke: 0

The N Team really didn't do anything useful in this episode. I'm not counting winning events in the Videolympics, because it had no effect on the final result. Even if Mother Brain had won the right to rule, I doubt the people of Videoland would've been content with it. They'd want the N Team to fight Mother Brain and her minions in the next episode anyway. So, the N Team just ran the plot device this week, not fought it.

The running total usefulness ratings so far are:

Kevin: 13 (4 episodes)
Lana: 2 (4 episodes)
Simon 4 (4 episodes)
Mega Man: 3 (4 episodes)
Kid Icarus: 4 (4 episodes)
Duke: 4 (4 episodes)

That's the end of my review of "Videolympics". I'm gonna watch the second "Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040" DVD now. Oh, yeah, there's one more thing that saved this episode: it leads into the next episode - "Mega Trouble For Megaland"! See ya then!

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