The Legend of Zelda (Comics)

These comic books were published in 1990 and perhaps 1991. They are based on "The Legend of Zelda" video games and TV series. The comic books seem to be similar to the TV series in that Link makes jokes and asks Zelda for a kiss every so often. Also, Zelda appears to be Link's sidekick at times. However, the comic books are also more serious than the TV series ever was sometimes. The stories "THE POWER" and "THE Price" are particularly powerful.

The Legend of Zelda
Volume # 1, Issue # 1
May 1990

Cover - A nice picture of Link holding his sword in the air and Zelda preparing to fire an arrow.

Untitled - The Legend of Zelda prologue (2 pages)

By George Caragonne, Sir Rodney Ramos, Ken Lopez, P. Zorito, the Gradations
The King informs Link that Zelda has run away to hide the Triforce of Wisdom from Ganon. Link finds her and helps her on her journey by seeking out the magic flute hidden in the fifth palace. Ironknuckle guards the palace but is defeated by Link, who then retrieves the flute. Zelda decides that with Link around to protect her and the Triforce, no one needs to hide.

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By Bryan D. Leys, Richard Rockwell, Art Nichols, Ken Lopez, Kingman Huie

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TRUST ME (10 pages)
By George Caragonne, Richard Rockwell, Ken Lopez, Don Hudson, Andrea Brooks, The Gradations
Ganon deceives the village of Saria convincing them that Zelda and Link are the enemies, not him. When they arrive in town, they are met with a rough welcome, but decide to help the village by building a dam to water their crops. Ganon shows up and tries to finish them off, but Link and a boy named Rus are able to wash up Ganon's evil.

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What if you could climb into the screen... (inside back cover)

The Legend of Zelda
Volume # 1, Issue # 2
June 1990

HE ALSO SERVES... (10 pages)
By George Caragonne, Ruddy Nebres, Ken Lopez, The Gradations
The story opens with Ganon and Moblins enslaving the people of Hyrule. Link is dead, and Zelda is weeping over him. The inscription says: Hyrule's North Palace Destroyed. Ganon Triumphant. Link Doomed. Zelda's People Enslaved. The daydream is cut by Impa saying to Zelda and Link that all of that will come to pass if Link leaves the North Palace today. The Triforce of Wisdom predicted it to her that morning. However, Zelda is going on her Royal Tour of the Northern Towns today, and Link pleads with Impa to let him go. Zelda makes Link promise that he will not leave, so Impa and Zelda ride off - without Link! Later, Link is practicing his sword techniques (Not that he needs to practice), when Miff (a fairy who lives in the fountain of the North Palace) asks him where Zelda is. Link tells her, and she bursts into anger. Using her magic, she finds Zelda and Impa being attacked by Ganon and two Moblins. However, since Link cannot leave, he sends Captain Krin (Captain of the Hyrulian Guard) with four knights to help Zelda. Later still, Captain Krin shows up. He is torn by injury. He tells Link that he must leave to save Zelda, but Link respectfully declines. Angry, Krin slaps Link. Then a telepathic message appears. It's Zelda! "Link! I hope this message reaches you!" she says "Ganon has imprisoned me in Death Mountain! You are my only hope! Come before - " And the message breaks up. Stubborn as he is, Link will not go, so Krin goes alone. At sundown, Impa comes to the bridge. She pleads with Link to save Zelda and says she is under the sleeping spell again. However, if she is not waken up by midnight, she will sleep forever. Link says he cannot, and Impa tells Link her prediction was wrong. Link sees through it. The real Impa said that the prediction was from the Triforce, but as Link remembers, "The Triforce is never wrong!". Link goes to attack the impostor Impa, and she disappears in a puff of smoke. It turns out Impa was Ganon, Prince of Darkness. Since he cannot teleport out of the North Palace, Link orders Watchman Erol to shut the gate. No one gets in or out! Outside of the castle, a wizrobe and a darknut are talking. It turns out that today is the only day in a lifetime that all of evil could be harnessed to shoot Link with one magic spell once he stepped out of the magic of the North Palace. Then, Link tells Watchman Erol to open the gate immediately. He runs out. But it's not Link; it's Ganon disguised as Link! The Wizrobe shoots "Link", who falls into the moat. Later, Impa, Zelda, Krin, and the three knights return. They find out that Ganon disguised himself as Miff, Krin, and even Impa. So, Link says "I guess it's true - he also serves who only stands and waits! How about a kiss to celebrate, Princess?" Which Zelda replies "Remember what you said about standing and waiting? Keep up the good work!"

By George Caragonne, Art Nicholis, P. Zorito, Jade, Heather Eastman

IMPA'S INFO (1 page)
By George Caragonne, Don Hudson, P. Zorito, Jade, Meridee Mandio

By George Caragonne, Mark Pacella, Andy Mushynsky, Jade, The Gradations
One morning by the East Gate of the North Palace, Link is being thrown to the ground by a huge bearded man. Zelda rushes to Link's aid. Link introduces Zelda to his friend, Bagu, the strongest man in Hyrule who helped Link cross a river once. Bagu says he is as "happy as a well-fed octorok to finally meet my little buddy's girlfriend". Zelda gets mad, so Link and Bagu go to Link's room. Later that night, Link and Bagu are talking rather loudly, and Zelda yells at them to quiet down. Bagu tells Link how to sweep Zelda off her feet. So, Link dresses as a minstrel and sings a song up to Zelda's balcony. Zelda goes out on her balcony and tells Link what a horrible singer he is, when they hear a crash from Link's room. Zelda and Link run to the room. Someone burst the door open, and Zelda suspects Bagu. Link disagrees, and Zelda decides to split the Triforce into three parts until they find the thief. Link goes to talk to Bagu, and they come up with a plan to hide one third of the Triforce in Bagu's room, and when the thief comes into Link's room, Link would capture them. Later on, Link attacks the person coming into his room, but it turns out to be Zelda. They run to the guest room and he is gone. Link jumps out the window and runs after Bagu. Riding his horse, Catherine, Link is wearing his handy glove which makes him super-strong. He beats Bagu to a pulp. Bagu says he stole the Triforce because Ganon's holding Bagu's two giant pet frogs, Langhorne and Calaveras, for ransom. So, reluctantly, Link gives Bagu his glove to get the Triforce and his frogs. Link waits for Bagu all night, and when he does not show, he goes back to the North Palace - where Zelda, Bagu, the two frogs, and the Triforce are waiting for him.

The Legend of Zelda
Volume # 1, Issue # 3
July 1990

Cover - The cover is a very beautiful drawing of Link firing at a group of Moblins. Ganon, his face hidden by a cloak, is holding a Triforce in his hands, and Zelda's image is in the Triforce. Amazing!

THE POWER (10 pages)
By George Caragonne, Richard Rockwell, Don Hudson, Jade, The Gradations

By George Caragonne, Ken Penders, P. Zorito, Jade, Christiaan

The Adventurer LINK (1 page)
By George Caragonne, Ken Penders, P. Zorito, Jade, Christiaan

By George Caragonne, Ken Penders, P. Zorito, Kingman Huie

THE Price (10 pages)
By George Caragonne, Art Nicols, Don Hudson, Jade, The Gradations

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The Legend of Zelda
Volume # 1, Issue # 4
August 1990

Cover - Link's being attacked by monsters, so Zelda's fighting them all with his sword - and her feet! Very cool drawing!

By George Caragonne, Mark Pacella, Andy Mushynsky, Jade, Kathryn Bolinger, and Shanna Layton
Wizzrobe and a few renegade members of Ganon's army have captured Link, and only Zelda's bravery can free him. By using a magic bow, she sends Wizzrobe back to Ganon.

HYRULE The Overworld (2 pages)
By ?
A map of the Hyrule Overworld as seen in the first two Nintendo games

By ?

It's Good To Be The King (10 pages)
By ?
Impa tells Link that he must become King of Hyrule. He does and orders the attack on Ganon's minions. He is attacked by one of Wizzrobe's spells, but the Red Ring protects him from harm. The crown is then returned to King Harkinian.

The Legend of Zelda
Volume # 1, Issue # 5
September 1990

The Day Of The Triforce (10 pages)
By George Caragonne, Dan Barry, Mike Manly, Jade, V-8's
Zelda runs into the Triforce room of the North Palace, where Impa is kneeling. Impa tells Zelda that once a decade all the Triforces will disappear for 24 hours, and with Link at Calatia they would be doomed. Zelda reassures Impa and tells her Ganon's Triforce would also be gone because of the Day of the Triforce. Then Zelda looks out the window and sees a woman struggling against 2 guards. She goes to the woman and finds out she's Cassiopa the Healer, and Lynels have burned her village. Zelda goes to help Cassiopa's people and then goes to destroy Ganon because he doesn't have his Triforce to protect him. Then Zelda aims a Silver Arrow at Ganon but hears Miff screaming help. Zelda then saves Miff, and, instead of going to kill Ganon, she goes to the village and has Miff cure Cassiopa's son, Rus, who had been bitten by a poisonous snake, after she and the villagers destroy the army of bad guys surrounding the entrance of Death Mountain.

Untitled (? pages)
By George Carragonne, Mickey Ritter, Rod Ollerenshaw, Jade, Giselle Sarli
This is an ad for a drink made by Link's parents.


Coming Home (10 pages)
By George Caragonne, Martin King, Don Hudson, Jade, V-8's
Link visits his parents, but his father shoves him out the door. Then he yells out that he is home, but everyone runs away. Link wonders if it was something he said or if it was his breath. He then goes to the castle and finds someone that looks just like him there just before he is knocked unconscious by a Daira. He awakes in a cell with Queen Seline. He is then told he can fight for Queen Seline and his life. He fights on the Day of the Triforce. After a while, Link and his "double" topple over the edge of the battle area, which has flames at the bottom. The double grabs the edge, and Link grabs him. The double loses his sword, and Link says he would let him live if he surrenders. The double surrenders.

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