The Two Versions of "How's Bayou"

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The first time that this episode aired, it was different in some ways from how it is now. From what I've been told by fellow fans of the show, this is what happened:

"How's Bayou" first aired as the second episode of Captain N in 1989. The episode length must have been a bit too long, so they changed the episode around a bit. Version 1 aired only once. Version 2 is what we have today.

Here are all the differences that I've been told of. (V) means "Verified", and (UV) means "Unverified":

1) The background music when Mother Brain is holding Eggplant wizard by the neck near the beginning of the episode was removed. (UV)

2) The music that plays when Kevin teaches Lana to dance was changed to a different tune. (V)

3) In the dance scene in Version 1, after Kevin asks Lana to come back to Earth with him, she replies that she can't because of her responsibilities. Then the robocat runs into the room. In version 2, Lana's response was cut, and the robocat runs into the room immediately after Kevin asks Lana to come back to Earth with him. (V)

Cut shot from dance scene

4) When Kevin first falls underground, Loafer is there (in both versions). In version 1, there is no background when it shows Loafer. It's all white. In version 2, there is a background (the rocky floor of the cave). (UV)

5) In version 2, when Eggplant Wizard spots Kevin and says "Hey, look! There he is!" the background starts moving all of a sudden. This wasn't in version 1. (UV)

6) In the scene where Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo were chasing Kevin (who was riding a gator) through the swamp, scenes were added, removed, and switched around. (UV)

7) King Hippo complaining to Kevin for making him and Eggplant Wizard crash in the swamp was removed. (UV)

8) In version 2, Kevin jumps from one area to another in order to escape from the Frog Man. This wasn't in version 1. (UV)

9) Other dialogue was added and removed. (UV)

10) There's another point in version 1 where there's no background. (UV)

That's all for now. If anyone can verify anything here that's unverified, or perhaps add to it, then please e-mail me!

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