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Ever wonder how the episodes were made? Well, people that worked on the series have be kind enough to offer some insight.

Jeffrey Scott
Writer, Season 1, Captain N: The Game Master

"The series was originally titled 'Captain Nintendo: The Game Master', but apparently this was a problem for the network, so they shortened it to Captain N. I wasn't aware of it, but I presume they did the same thing to the pilot." (Mr. Scott gave the pilot episode the title "Kevin In Nintendoland". He also wasn't aware of the changes in "How's Bayou".)

"It was pretty much WYSIWYG. On a personal note, I liked What's-His-Name the best (the egotistical big chested jerk). He was fun to write for. Really over the top."

"The reason the characters changed is because when you develop a series there are certain criteria to make the stories work. When video game characters are created they are developed to make the game work. These don't always jibe. That's why the characters have to be changed."

"No, I didn't write any stories that were not used."

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Michael Donovan
Voice Actor, The Eggplant Wizard, Captain N: The Game Master

"I'm now living in Los Angeles, CA, doing animation full time."

"We were all in the studio together ... All except 'Mother Brain' who was done by Levi Stubbs ... he was the lead singer of the group 'The Four Tops'. They're a Black R&B group from the 60's/70's. He recorded all his stuff wherever he was .... mostly he was on the road singing with his band ... so his stuff was recorded ... then put in with our stuff."

Randy Studdard
Editor, Nintendo Power

"Hello, I visited your website and I believe I can help you with your question regarding the connection between Captain Nintendo and Captain N: The Gamemaster. Back in 1988, I was an editor for Nintendo Power and originated the character of Captain Nintendo (along with a marketing campaign proposal that indeed included a Saturday morning cartoon--There was more than just inspiration going on. The character was always intended for animation.). When the character was adapted for television, he was modified into what you view on Saturday mornings, but the original premise of fighting mother brain and interacting with other video game characters was mine. Since I answered the letters we got (addressed to Captain Nintendo and had created the character), I got the nickname and became the real-life Captain Nintendo. Several years ago, I managed to drop the Nintendo part of the nickname (as I don't work there anymore) and today most people call me just "Captain." I have no current ties to Nintendo and I make no claim to any copyrighted or trademarked material. However, I am the one and only, original Captain Nintendo. Anyone else who makes this claim is a fraud."

"I was asked to write my memoires of my time in the video game industry for publication on a fan website. You'll be able to read them at . In my writings, I tell all about how I created the character and my time at Nintendo and a few other "adventures" I had while there. The site is down right now because it got so many hits, it exceeded its bandwidth for the month, but it should be back up this coming weekend. Hope this helps. Captain"


"I have it on good authority that the robot bully, Mike Vincent, was a charicature of Mike Goguen -- a staffer who's currently a "director for some of Sony's Saturday morning animation.""

"Marcelo Vignali, the guy that designed the original cast of starring characters. He's the one that told me. Seems like a nice guy."

"I haven't asked who came up with the idea of the character, I only know that Vignali & Goguen came up with the appearance. They found it very ammusing."

If anyone involved with the Captain N or Zelda cartoon series or comic book series is reading this and wishes to contribute some behind-the-scenes info, then please e-mail me!

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