List of Episodes

List of Episodes

  1. New Kids In The Kingdom

    Aired: 15/08/98

    Videoland is in peril again, and thie time, an eight-year-old girl and six young warriors are sent to save it from destruction.

  2. Adjusting

    Aired: 22/08/98

    The new N Teamsters find ways to adjust to Videoland.

  3. Breaking Waves

    Mother Brain steals the waters of the California Games to use for time travel, and it's up to Carrie to stop her!

  4. Little Boy Lost

    Keisha finds and befriends a lost young boy at school -- who happens to be none other than Lyle's own son!! A familiar guy comes back to Videoland!!

  5. Memories

    While trying to help Cammy retrieve her memories, the Defenders relive their own painful ones.

  6. Time Warped! (Part 1)

    (Due to time constraints, this episode will not air on Saturday, as previously planned.)

    Mother Brain places Queen Lana and the original N Team in a time warp that can only be deactivated by teamwork -- which means getting Keisha and the Defenders out of the dungeon first.

  7. Time Warped! (Part 2)

    by Mark Moore

    The time warp sends everyone back to 1989, and the N Team must stop Mother Brain before she can change history forever!

  8. The Ancient Trilogy of Chaos

    by Ryoga MKN

    Clancy, Ashtar, and Jaquio from Ninja Gaiden all try to take over the world using various Ninja Gaiden plot lines, and it's up to Keisha, Sandra and Ryu Hayabusa to stop them

  9. Broken Heart

    Lana misses Kevin, and remembers all the good times she had with him

  10. War on the Home Front

    Ken and his rebels attack the Palace, and his past with Lana is revealed.

  11. Death Valley

    Alex and his roomates, Armand and Simon, along with a group of other friends, dare each other to walk the perilous Land of the Dead, alive.

  12. Garbage Collection Day

    Wily uses the garbage from the Landfill Warp Zone to power his new machine.

  13. First Contact


    Chris Blair

    A rip in the dimensional barriers brings two warriors from another universe into Videoland, and one of them is Kevin!

  14. Enter the Phantom

    While Carrie and Draven investigate Bison's recent attack on a rebel pilot, a mysterious ghost appears and saves her.

  15. Love and War

    Lana wants to meet the boy living in India, Shadaloo, but Carrie won't let her, coming up with various excuses to hide her real reason. Meanwhile, Armand is consumed with thoughts of Lana, and Armina is thinking the same thing about Simon Belmont!

  16. What You Don't See Is What You Get

    Keisha, Luke and Duke meet the Phantom for the first time, and wacky things happen.

  17. Murderers!

    Despite Angela's previous warning, Mother Brain takes up time travel again, and she, Angela and Wily suck the life energy of Tetris partiers for a new time machine.

  18. Father's Day

    Bison's daughter wants to give him Shadaloo for Father's Day.