My Bio

Me sitting at my new computer

So, I guess I'll tell you a bit about myself now.

My name is Mark Moore. I'm 25 years old. I was born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 18, 1978. My parents and I moved to Homosassa, Florida, in June, 1986, when I was 7.

Me sitting at my new computer

I graduated from Lecanto High School on Tuesday, May 28, 1996. I graduated from Central Florida Community College (CFCC) on Friday, December 18, 1998, with an AA degree.

Me graduating from CFCC

I finished my courses at Saint Leo University in December of 2000, received my BA in Business Administration in January of 2001, and graduated on Sunday, May 13, 2001 (they have only 1 ceremony per year for students at the Ocala Center).

Me standing in front of my new computer after graduation

From June of 2000 to November of 2001, I worked as a night stocker in the Crystal River Kash n' Karry supermarket, usually only one night per week, from midnight to 7:00 AM or later. Horrible job.

From Monday, November 5, 2001 to Thursday, December 6, 2001, I worked as a cashier and, later, as the Garden Center exit greeter at the Inverness Wal-Mart. I was let go, along with the exit greeter from the inside of the store.

Starting in Febraury of 2002, I've been working for the Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida at their Lecanto office as a receptionist / information & referral specialist.

I like to watch TV, play video and computer games, read comic books, listen to music ('80s mostly), and write stories.

Me sitting at my old computer

Here I am sitting at my old computer, which I've had since Summer of 1995, almost 6 years before getting the new one.

Jacob Meyer standing on my head in Chemistry Class in 10th grade

This photo was taken by a yearbook photographer in Mr. Fretz's Chemistry Class when I was in 10th grade in 1993. The person standing on my head is Jacob Meyer. We did this for the sole purpose of trying to get a funny picture into the yearbook. It never made it in, but the guy that took the picture gave a copy to Jacob, who let me look at it, then decided to let me have it, and I still do. I scanned it in the school library in my senior year, and here it is. I don't remember the name of the guy and girl, though.

Me playing Super Mario All-Stars

Here I am playing Super Mario All-Stars in a Holiday Inn in Orlando on the last day of 1998. A short time later, I would attend a Backstreet Boys concert with some relatives. I was attempting to get to World -1 but couldn't get through the wall. I did less than a month later. It doesn't work. They took out the minus world. You warp to World 4-1.

Jennifer with Hulk Hogan

My niece, Jennifer, was lucky enough to meet Hulk Hogan on the airplane trip back to Chicago in January of 1999!