Comic Book Story Novelizations

The Adventurer LINK (1 page)
By George Caragonne, Ken Penders, P. Zorito, Jade, Christiaan

Appears in: The Legend of Zelda, Volume # 1, Issue # 3, July 1990

The eldest son of Arn and Medila, young Link grew up in the kingdom of Calatia, west of Hyrule. At a very young age, Link displayed a talent for swordplay and a thirst for adventure.
In addition to his great strength, stamina and toughness...
Link possesses a variety of weapons he has collected in his adventures. These weapons can be reduced to a tiny size and stored in Link's magic pouch.
Link's magic sword is an especially effective weapon, both in hand-to-hand combat--and at a distance.
Yet, of all Link's qualities, his greatest asset is his unmatched courage that enables him to face any challenge, no matter what the odds!


BREAKOUT (10 pages)
By George Caragonne, Mickey Ritter, Don Hudson, Jade, Kingman Huie, Rainbowhead

Appears in: Captain N: The Game Master, Volume # 1, Issue # 4, August 1990
Nintendo Comics System Featuring Super Mario Bros., Volume # 1, Issue # 8, September 1991

He was the hottest power player on Earth! Now he's the hero in a world where Nintendo games are real! From Metroid to Kid Icarus, from Donkey Kong to Punch Out!! The world is Videoland, the hero is...

Captain N: The Game Master

While our hero, Kevin Keene, a.k.a. Captain N, is off on a dangerous mission, action does not stop in the Palace of Power...

Princess Lana was sitting on her throne, and Samus Aran was standing to her left.
Suddenly, the Throne room was raided by people in full silver armor and carrying really big guns.
A man with short brown hair pointed at Lana with his right index finger. "I am Captain Dare, Federation Police Officer, and, you, Princess Lana...are under arrest!"
I wish Kevin, if I must deal with this danger alone, I will. Lana thought.
I gave my word to Kevin to protect the Princess. I do not understand why he is so interested in her well-being--she's not half the hero I am! Still, I shall protect her... Samus was thinking.
Samus blocked Captain Dare as he approached the throne.
"Stand aside, Samus Aran!" Captain Dare ordered. "You may be a space bounty hunter, but you don't have the right to interfere with Federation officers!"
"You've always acted too big for your own armor, Dare!" Samus told him. "You want the Princess, you go through me!"
Lana pointed at her. "Don't fight him, Samus. What am I charged with officer?"
Dare showed her a datapad. "Forty-six counts of galactic piracy, twenty-eight counts of armed planetary robbery, eighteen counts of solar assault, fifteen counts of star smuggling......and 1,387 unpaid space parking tickets."
"But...this is a list of crimes committed by mother Brain!" Lana told him.
"Tell it to the judge!"
A guard held Lana's hands behind her back.
"I can beat them!" Samus whispered to her.
"No! I won't fight the law. I'll clear my name in court." Lana whispered back at her.


"All rise, Galactic Federation Circuit Court, now in session, the Honorable Judge Racklas presiding..." Captain Dare said.
Lana was standing, handcuffed behind her back, a distance away from the bench. Samus was standing to her right. There were officers with guns standing to their right.
"We can always rely on the courts to provide a fair and unbiased hearing!" Lana said.
The judge spun around in his chair. "So...these are the miserable criminals who flagrantly defy the laws of the Federation!"
Samus looked at Lana with a frown. "That is no judge! It's Ridley, the pirate boss from Metroid!" She began fighting the guards, knocking them over, as she ran towards the bench. "This is no trial! It's a set up!"
"Officers! Restrain that woman!" the judge ordered.
Captain Dare and another officer ran towards Samus. A bunch of guards held Samus in place.
Captain Dare swung at Samus with his right fist. "Assaulting a Federal Judge! Aiding and abetting a fugitive! You'll do twenty years for this, Aran!"
"I have seen enough evidence!" the judge said. "I have no hesitation in pronoucing you both...guilty! I hereby sentence you to life inprisonment on the Federation Penal Colony Planet RX-338...Prison World! Take them away!"
Samus and Lana were led away.
"You'll never get away with this!" Lana yelled. "We have powerful friends!"

Meanwhile, on a distant asteroid...

"You also have powerful enemies!" Mother Brain said. "How fortunate that the new Federal Judge, of the same species as my mini-boss, Ridley. Since the entire race looks alike, it was a simple matter to put Ridley in his place--and use the Federation Police to do my dirty work!"
Racklas was tied up and lying on the floor by Mother Brain.

Welcome to Metroid--the lair of Mother Brain!

The Planet RX 338...Prison World. One hundred separate prisons, with one thing in common--no one has ever escaped from any of them!

Lana and Samus, now handcuffed in the front, were being led by a Federation officer. They were now dressed in plain gray pants, shirts, and shoes. Lana was allowed to keep her crown, necklace, and earrings, however.
"What a dismal place..." Lana said.
"What did you expect, the Pleasure Zone?" the guard asked.
"Stick close to me, Princess!" Samus said. "Alone, you wouldn't last five minutes in here!"
"We've never been the best of friends, Samus...Why the sudden concern for me?" Lana asked curiously.
"I gave my word to Captain N to protect you." Samus answered.
They were led into an office, where a man was stiing behind a desk.
The man read from a piece of paper. "Prisoner Samus Aran to Metroid Cell Block One. Prisoner Lana to Mount Icarus Cell Block Ten."
"All right, move out!" the officer ordered them.
Suddenly, Samus knocked the desk over and grabbed the man by the collar! She lifted him into the air!
"No! You cannot separate us!" Samus yelled at him. She threw him down onto the floor - hard. "I'll..."
"You'll stand where you are...or I'll shoot her!" the officer threatened, pressing his gun to Lana's back.

In the yard of Cell Block 1...

"It's her!" one creature yelled.
"It's Samus Aran!" another yelled.
"Samus put me in here for life!" a third said.
"Lousy space hunter!" a fourth said.
"Let's get her!" a fifth said.
"We don't have our weapons!" a sixth said.
"Neither does she!" the second pointed out.
They all charged at her.
Samus began fighting off the other prisoners, punching and kicking them.
"Don't you monsters know the motto of the Space Hunter Academy?" Samus asked, beating the shit out of them. "A space hunter does not need a weapon......a space hunter is a weapon!"
She grabbed the second creature by its right leg and spun it around in a full circle, knocking the other creatures away.
Then she walked away. "Remember...I can do a lot worse than send you to prison, boys!" Then she whispered to herself: "I've got to escape from this rat-hole...soon."

Meanwhile, in Cell Block Ten...

"This is terrible! Prisoners or can they treat people like this?" Lana asked the guard as she was escorted down a fight of stairs into a courtyard.
A creature came up to the guard with a bowl. "Guard! Need food!"
The guard raised a stick. "You miserable little worm! No more for you!"
The guard knocked the prisoner to its knees, and the bowl fell from its hands.
"Stop that!" Lana screamed, furious. "These are not animals! They're intelligent beings! There are laws that apply to prisons as well as prisoners!"
Lana knelt down to held the prisoner as the guard walked away, uncaring.
A winged prisoner flew up to Lana. "Huh! You look like a crystal doll, but I like the way you stood up to the guard! Name's Syren...I'm boss around here!"
Lana pointed at Syren. "You call yourself their leader? How can you let them be treated like this? Assemble the prisoners! Let me speak to them!"

And so, one clear voice rises above the din--in simple, but eloquent words...expressing the dignity of all individuals...the triumph of spirit in the face of adversity...She is more than a Princess, she is a leader. She speaks to them with words so forceful that even these prisoners on the edge of despair...find hope.

"I don't know." one prisoner said.
"It sounds good..." a second said.
"Syren's the boss, what's she say...?" a third asked.
"You talk big, but what's it going to do for us?" Syren asked Lana.
"If we act like people, the guards will have to treat us with respect!" Lana said with her hands on her hips. "If we behave like animals...we're as good as finished!"


Lana and some other prisoners were in the mess hall. She was watching them clean up the mess.
"By organizing this mess hall, we can feed everyone better!" she told them.

Still later...

Lana was watching as some prisoners painted the courtyard, while others picked up the trash.
"This place may be a prison--but we'll make it a fit place to live!" Lana said.
"Thanks to you, Princess!" Syren said.

In Cell Block One however, Samus waits until night to handle things her own way...

Samus and the prisoner she had swung around earlier were walking outside. Around the corner, searchlights were moving back and forth.
"Move it, Kraid!" Samus ordered, pushing him.
"Ow! Easy! Easy! Ouch! Owwww!" Kraid yelled.
"Now...get out there!" Samus ordered, pointing at the open courtyard.
"Are you kidding!?" Kraid asked. "They'll catch me--I'll be sent to solitary confinement for a month!"
"A month in solitary or a month in the's your choice." Samus said.
So, Kraid went out into the courtyard. Immediately, alarms sounded, and all the searchlights went on him.
"Stand where you are! Don't move!" the guard in the watch tower ordered.
"That should keep the guards busy." Samus said, hidden around the corner.

Minutes later, in one of the tiny air tunnels that criss-cross the Prison World...

The Princess is in Block Ten...that's on the other side of the complex! Samus thought. Here's where my experience in the mazes of Zebes and Metroid pays off!
Samus arrived at a circular opening with two bars running vertically across it.
"The landing zone!" Samus said.
"Escape attempt in Block One! Scramble all transport shuttles and maintain security orbit!"
Samus looked at a man entering a shuttle. "If I go get Lana, I'll miss the shuttle, and we'll both be stuck here! I don't even know if she's still alive! But...with last, I would have Captain N to myself. Then, he'd realize I am the only hero worthy of battling side by side with him!"
She went down into the landing zone and up to the shuttle.
Samus grabbed the man with her right hand and threw him out of the shuttle! "...There is only one thing to do!"

"Even if I wanted to go straight, nobody'll accept me, an ex-con!" Syren told Lana.
"If you really want to change, there are people who will help you, Syren!" Lana told her. "I...what's that?"
They heard a humming sound and turned around.
"Alert! Unauthorized landing in the yard!"
Lana pointed. "Samus! You've got a ship! You could have already escaped! Why did you come back for me?"
"No time to talk! Lets' go!" Samus yelled.
Samus landed the shuttle and opened the door. The guards started firing lasers from the watch towers.
"No, I can't leave this place. These people need me." Lana said.
"What?" Samus asked in astonishment. "They're the scum of the universe!" Samus got out of the shuttle, picked Lana up, and carried her over to the shuttle! "You are coming with me!"
"Release me!" Lana ordered.
"We want her to stay!" one prisoner yelled.
"Don't hurt Lana!" a second pleaded.
"Let her go!" a third demanded.
Samus placed Lana in the shuttle.
Syren flew up to Lana, ready to rescue her. "Princess! I'm coming! I--I..." The nshe changed her mind. "Enough! People everwhere need someone like you, Lana! But, you don't belong here. Samus, take our Princess home."
"I...see." Lana understood. "You are right, Syren. I won't forget you, I promise!"

Later, back at the Palace of Power...

"And when we found out what happened to you......I freed the real judge from Metroid!" Kevin was explaining. "I was on my way to Prison World..."
"...when you discovered that we'd already escaped!" Lana finished. "Nevertheless, Kevin, return to Prison World soon, to make sure conditions there have been improved." She stood up. "Would you excuse us for a moment, Kevin? I need to speak to Samus alone."
Kevin ran off, waving behind him. "Sure, Lana! Don't forget, I'm taking you to Pro Wrestling in Videotown tonight!" He left the Throne room.
Lana faced Samus. "Samus, I know you don't feel very committed to the N-Team's cause. And I know how you feel about Kevin. You could have left me back on Prison World and convinced him to join you as a space hunter!"
"I told you before, I gave my word to protect you." Samus answered her.
"No! That's not it!" Lana yelled. "Woman to woman, Samus...the truth!"
Samus turned away from her. "Of all the warriors I have known, Captain N is the most daring, interesting--and worthy of partner! Together, we could become the best bounty hunters in the galaxy! But, I will convince him fairly. Not because you are absent!" She turned and faced Lana again. "What do you say to that?"
Lana placed her hands on Samus. "I say...may the best woman win."


By George Caragonne, James Brock, Bob Layton, Jade, Kathryn Bolinger

Appears in: Nintendo Comics System, Volume # 1, Issue # 2, July 1990
The Best of the Nintendo Comics System, Month(?) 1990
Nintendo Comics System Featuring Super Mario Bros., Volume # 1, Issue # 6, June 1991

In the Galactic Federation, only one being in a million is qualified to join the Federation Police Force.
The annals of police history tell of a woman who not only qualified, but completed the training course in record time, graduating first in her class...
...and became the youngest police officer ever promoted to the elite Star-Tracker Squad!
Her name was Samus Aran.
Star-Trackers! Only one police officer in a million is chosen. Each works alone, hunting down the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy.
Equipped by the Federation with weapons and cybernetic super powers, they are nearly invincible, and Samus was the best ever!
But then, something mysterious happened in the vastness of space. Without warning, Samus left the police force and disappeared.
When Samus reappeared, she would not speak about why she left the force. She became a free agent--a galactic bounty hunter, taking on missions others declared impossible.
Then, on an isolated world known as SR388, a group of space pirates came upon the greatest threat in the history of the Federation, a deadly new life form, called...the Metroid!
The space pirates took the fearsome creatures home, hoping to control them. The plan backfired, and the pirates might have been destroyed...
...except for the skill of their leader, Mother Brain! She could mentally control the creatures--and threatened to use them against the Federation!
The Federation knew a large army could never overwhelm Mother Brain. But, a single hero might slip through defenses and succeed where armies failed.
Thus began Samus Aran's most famous assignment--leading her to fame, fortune, and many more dangerous adventures!

By Bryan D. Leys, Richard Rockwell, Art Nichols, Ken Lopez, Kingman Huie

Appears in: The Legend of Zelda, Volume # 1, Issue # 1, May 1990
The Legend of Zelda, Volume # 1, Issue # 5, September 1990
The Best of the Nintendo Comics System, Month(?) 1990

Hello, everyone. Link here, with a message for all you would-be heroes. Today's lesson: swinging through a window.
Nothing impresses a damsel in distress more than this classic, tried-and-true entrance. Looks easy, doesn't it?
But, be careful. Evil sorcerers have been known to move windows at the last minute!
Careful where you fasten your rope. A poor choice can put you at an embarrassing disadvantage, especially if your foe is an experienced fisherman.
Of course, make very sure it's the right window.
Remember, heroes are made, not born! Do keep swinging, and don't ever let your Princess down!


Deceit Du Jour (10 pages)
By Mark McClellan, Bill Valley, Vince Mielcarek, Bob Layton, Jade, Joe Q, The Gradations

Appears in: Nintendo Comics System, Volume # 1, Issue # 2, July 1990
The Best of the Nintendo Comics System, Month(?) 1990 Nintendo Comics System Featuring Super Mario Bros., Volume # 1, Issue # 6, June 1991

Mother Brain was in her lair on Metroid, talking with a creature wearing red armor.
"So, why should I hire you?" Mother Brain asked. "What makes you think you can stop this pesty intruder who's infiltrating my Metroid headquarters?"
"I'm a bounty hunter, Mother Brain - that means I'm one mean mercenary." the creature replied. "And if that's not enough, look at my credentials. 'Big Time' Brannigan comes with an efficiency rating of one hundred percent!"
"True. You are one of the best bounty hunters in the force, Big Time. Most impressive."
"The best." Big Time said.
Zoomer, a small, red, bug-like creature with gold spikes on its back, was standing with them holding a piece of paper. "That's not what I heard. There's a rumor--"
Big Time fired at Zoomer, who dodged.
"Woo!" Zoomer yelled.
"I do so hate unsightly lint." Big Time said.
"I like your style." Mother Brain said. "I think you're hired, Big Time. Your job is to get the intruder, get paid, and get out! Should you fail, however, the penalty is...severe."
"If I ever lost, I might be concerned."
Suddenly, an alarm sounded.
"It's the intruder!" Mother Brain yelled. "An attack!!"
"Good. Means I'll get through here early." Big Time turned and left.
"Don't just stand there, Zoomer! Get some backup - and make sure Big Time keeps that prized efficiency rating!"
"Yes, Mother Brain!"

Meanwhile, the intruder, Samus Aran, continues with her own plans...

Samus was kneeling on the floor in a corridor. "Let's see if these special weapons really can be controlled the way I want."
She stood up and fired a gun at a door, completely destroying it.
Samus walked inside. "Not bad. With luck, this will lead straight to the Mother Brain chamber. Once I've found that, I can make my plans to attack Metroid..." She suddenly turned around and blasted four creatures. "Ha!" Samus took off her helmet. "So much for this world's monsters! Anybody else?"
Suddenly, someone fired from behind her.
"What? A challenge?" Samus asked. She quickly put her helmet back on and dodged the blasts. "Hey - not too shabby!" She turned, leaped, and fired. "This guy's fast!" She grabbed onto a ledge. "Fast enough to be a full-class bounty hunter! This is fun...but I'm not getting any Mother Brain's chamber..."
The ledge started to crumble.
"Hnnnh!!" Samus yelled.
"Huh?" Big Time wondered. "A bounty hunter suit?"
Samus fell and landed on Big Time, and her helmet got knocked off her head.
"Ung!!" Big Time yelled.
"Ooof!" Samus let out.
Samus then reached for her gun.
"Big Time...?!" Samus asked in surprise.
"Samus?" Big Time asked. "Samus Aran?!!"
Samus helped herself up using Big Time. "Still stealing my jobs--just like old times!!"
"Well, things have changed, Samus..."
Samus noticed a bunch of creatures approaching. "Looks like it's us bounty hunters against the universe again..."
"Um, about you and me..." Big Time began.
"Not a bad tracking job!" Zoomer said. "But I still ain't sure about that hundred percent rating, Big Time."
Samus backed away from Big Time. "You're working for Mother Brain...?"
Big Time had his gun pointed at Samus. "Yep. If I bag you, I keep my hundred percent rating. I also win top bounty hunter status...I've been thinking about this for a long time, Samus."
No doubt about it, this guy's gotten serious. Samus thought. And better.
I am as good as Samus - I know it. Big Time thought.
"Okay, let's see what you're made of!!" Samus said, firing.
"I have years more experience now, Samus!" Big Time said, returning fire. "My job is clear----to get you!!"
"You're taking this way too personal!" Samus yelled.
"Just as long as I get that round number - one...hundred...percent." Big Time fired at Samus' right arm.
"Aaah!!" Samus yelled.
She could no longer fire with her blaster.
"Aaaah--mission accomplished!!" Big Time said happily.
"Your mission ends, 'bounty hunter', when you turn me in to Mother Brain." Samus pointed out.
"Samus, if you come with us, you have a small but real chance of survival." Big Time offered.
"Of course. And I also give up my hundred percent efficiency rating." Samus had her gun in her left hand, behind her back.
"Come on, Samus, a small chance is better than no chance at all."
"If she moves, fry her!" Zoomer yelled.
Samus handed Big Time her gun.
"Attagirl, Samus!" Big Time praised.

And so...

Samus was walking in front of Big Time. He was pointing her gun at her back.
"You wanted to see the Mother Brain chamber, and here it is..." Big Time said. "Too bad you can't do anything about it. You got what you wanted, just not the way you wanted it - with your own gun at your back!"


Big Time, Samus, and Zoomer stood in front of Mother Brain.
"Excellent...excellent!!" Mother Brain said in delight. "Finally, we've caught our intruder - the famous Samus Aran!!" Mother Brain looked at Big Time. "Well? What are you waiting for?! You may pick up your pay on the way out, bounty hunter!"
Samus faced Big Time. "You heard the lady. Pick up your pay and leave."
"I...I can't leave." Big Time said. "One squeeze of Samus's own gun will make me the top bounty hunter - undisputed!"
Big Time fired Samus' gun, but nothing happened.
"Wha-?!!" Big Time yelled in surprise.
Suddenly, the gun exploded. Samus, of course, knew this was going to happen, and had gotten a safe distance from the blast.
"What happened...?" Big Time asked.
"Your 'friend' booby-trapped her own gun, you idiot!" Mother Brain yelled, then commanded to Zoomer: "Feed him to the Metroids!"
"That's why she gave me her own gun--to complete her own mission!!?" Big Time asked.
"I guess I was wrong, buddy." Zoomer said. "There is someone with a 100% efficiency just don't happen to be you!"
Big Time was dragged away by some creatures. "Samus - my rating! My life!"
Samus walked out of the lair unnoticed, a smile on her lips. "You did get me, Big Time - but just not the way you wanted!"


By George Caragonne, Dennis Woodlyard, Jacqueline Roettcher, Ken Lopez, Meridee Mandio, Wansi

Appears in: Captain N: The Game Master, Volume # 1, Issue # 3, July 1990
Adventures of the Super Mario Bros., Volume # 1, Issue # 3, April 1991

Kevin was standing in a corridor on Metroid. There was a yellow sign on the wall that had a picture of Mother Brain on it. The sign read: "WELCOME TO METROID" and "MOTHER BRAIN KNOWS BEST".
"You might think that knowing every world and every power trick in Videoland would be enough to make me the Game Master..." Kevin said "...but when the Ultimate Warp Zone zapped me here from Earth, I did get some special weapons to use against Mother Brain and her evil henchmen!" Kevin indicated his controller and drawn Zapper. "See this controller and Zapper? They may look like the normal ones you have at home--but that's where any similarity ends." Kevin rapidly fired his Zapper at the wall behind him a few times, creating a large hole in it. "This Zapper is a radical energy weapon! It can bore a path right through the levels of Metroid--and most other Videoland worlds, as well!" Kevin quickly zapped a group of monsters that were flying at him. "Plus, it'll zap those evil Rios and Mellows into instant video dust!" Kevin used his controller to jump around the corridor. "Cool as my Zapper is, though, when I want to really go, I reach for my Super Power Belt. By pushing Up or Down on the controller, I get power-assisted jumps--almost like flying!"
Suddenly, the Eggplant Wizard arrived in the corridor with an army of vegetables. He fired his veggie wand at Kevin.
Kevin dodged the shots. "Pressing Left or Right on the controller makes me 'shift' at super speed! I can dodge almost anything!"
"Hey where'd he go?" Eggplant Wizard asked.
"Especially someone slow and dumb--like the Eggplant Wizard!" Kevin pressed the Pause button on the controller, freezing the Eggplant Wizard and his army. "And how about this 'pause' feature? It freezes everything--except me, of course! Since I'm free to move around I can use the Power Belt's other cool features to turn the tables and--" Suddenly, Kevin noticed the power meter on his controller turn completely dark. "Uh-oh! I forgot that my Power Belt only holds a limited supply of energy. When the power meter reaches zero...dead batteries! No more powers, no more Zapper, and more me?"
"Heh! Your powers can't save you now, Captain N!" Eggplant Wizard said. "Get him, my loyal veggies--process him into puree!"
Suddenly, Samus Aran ran into the corridor and began firing at the Eggplant Wizard and his vegetables, chasing them off. "Ready for some back-up, Captain?"
Kevin smiled. "Sure, Samus Aran! After all, special powers are great, but nothing beats having great friends you can count on--like the N-Team!"


By Bryan D. Leys, Mike Chen, P. Zorito, Jade, John Cebollero

Appears in: Captain N: The Game Master, Volume # 1, Issue # 1, May 1990
Adventures of the Super Mario Bros., Volume # 1, Issue # 3, April 1991

Kevin and Kid Icarus were flying towards a floating island. Kevin was using mechanical wings to fly.
Kid Icarus pointed. "There it is, Captain N, straight ahead-Cornucopia, the fabled island of plenty. It's one of the most beautiful, peaceful places in all Mount Olympus."
Kevin's wings were sputtering, pinging, and chugging.
"Glad to hear it, Kid Icarus." Kevin said. "I just hope these mechanical wings hold out till we get there. I swear, this is the last time I fly tourist class."
"Don't worry, I won't let my favorite hero down, heh, heh!" Kid joked.
"So, if this island is so peaceful, what are two heroes like us doing here?"
"It's simple." Kid Icarus said. "We're trying to raise an army to battle the Legion of Darkness, right? Well, an army travels on its stomach and Cornucopia has every thing in the way of food."
"Kid, look behind you!" Kevin suddenly yelled.
Two green flying creatures with guns were flying right behind them.
Kevin pointed at them. "Are those some of the peaceful natives coming our way?"
"Great Zeus!!" Kid Icarus yelled. "Those are Pear-Odactyls. They're the air force around here. Look out! They're firing grapeshot at us!"
Suddenly, Kid Icarus was hit.
"Kid!! Kevin yelled.
One of the Pear-Odactyls grabbed onto Kid and started flying away with him.
"Too late, they've got him." Kevin said. "Maybe if I fire a warning with the Zapper. It'll scare them off."
But before Kevin could fire, the other Pear-Odactyl grabbed hold of him.
"Hey, wait a minute-what are you doing back there?" Suddenly, Kevin fell out of his mechanical wings. "Oh, that."
Kevin started falling towards the fround as the Pear-Odactyl laughed.
"Only one chance...I've got to use the Jump button on my Power Belt and make it to that tree." Kevin pressed the Jump button. "Whoaa! Yeoow!"
Kevin fell through the apple tree and landed on the ground. Apples started falling, and some hit him on the head.
"Now, I know how Isaac Newton felt." Kevin said, rubbing his head. "So far, this place is the pits."
Suddenly, Kevin noticed a very large group of Fruitopians behind him.
"Uh-oh. Hi, guys. Peachy day, huh?"
"Speak stranger!" the leader yelled. "Why do you block the path of Atilla, the Honeydew, General of the Armies of Fruitopia!"
Kevin smiled, holding out his hands. "Well, you see, I just kind of dropped in. My name is Kevin Keene, but here in Videoland, they call me Captain N."
"Captain N?" General Atilla asked. "I did not know. This is indeed an honor. Even in this far corner of Videoland, we have heard of your heroic deeds. You must have come to help us."
Kevin got to his feet. "Well, I..."
"We are at war, with the pernicious produce of Vegetania." the General explained. "Last week, they raided Fruitopia and took prisoner our beloved tomatoes. We have sworn to make salad of them!"
Some Fruitopians picked Kevin up and carried him.
"But...why would they take the tomatoes?" Kevin asked.
"They insist that tomatoes are vegetables, and belong in Vegetania! Isn't that the biggest crock of compost you've ever heard?" General Atilla was crying. "Will you help us rescue our tomatoes, Captain N?"
"I guess so." Kevin said. "After all, that's what being a hero is all about, right? Geez, I thought everybody knew that tomatoes are fruit. Oh, well...on to Vegetania."

Meanwhile, in Vegetania...

Kid Icarus was brought before the throne of King Pumpkin. There was a pickle standing to his right and left, holding spears.
"See here now, Colonel Corn, what's all this rhubarb?" King Pumpkin asked.
"The rhubarb are all out on field maneuvers, Sire." Colonel Corn said. "What we have here is a spy."
"I'm no spy!" Kid Icarus yelled. "I was kid-napped by two Pear-Odactyls. But, while their stems were turned, I pulled out my bow and shot them with Arrows of Affection. While the two of them were pear-ing off, I headed for the ground to get my bearings. That's when these two prospective pickles jumped me. And that's the truth, Your Ripeness."
King Pumpkin stood up, angry. "Release him, you turnip-brains. Don't you realize this is Kid Icarus, First Hero of Mount Olympus?"
"I am?" Kid Icarus asked. "Oh, yeah..."

King Pumpkin explains the situation...

"...and now that the tomatoes are here among us vegetables, where they belong, we need your help to fight off the dastardly Fruitopians! Will you aid our cause?"
Kid Icarus saluted. "Aye, aye, Sire. Always ready to do my part for justice." He then flew off.
"That's what I love about these young heroes, always so willing to fight." King Pumpkin said to himself.
"Oh, Your Majesty--!"
King Pumpkin looked towards the source of the voice. "Oh, it's you!"
"Yes, Sire, the Eggplant Wizard, your trusted advisor. Might I a-peel to your wisdom?"
"Speak, friend of all vegetables!"
The Eggplant Wizard had an evil smile on his face. "I know that Captain N has joined with the fruits to oppose us. You must send Kid Icarus into battle against him. By the way, Your Ripeness, you should get yourself a new yoga. That old one is making you look rather seedy. Seedy, get it? Heh, heh!"
The Pumpkin King did not think that the Eggplant Wizard's joke was that amusing, and began thinking rather unpleasant thoughts about him.

Soon, in Plentiopolis, home of the Cornucopian farmers...

Both the fruits and the vegetables were attacking the city and setting fire to it. The citizens were running away in terror.
"Run, run!!" one guy yelled. "The fruits and vegetables have gone crazy!"
"They're destroying the city!" a girl yelled.
A distance away, General Atilla was looking through a pair of binoculars. "How goes the battle, Corporal Kiwi?"
"Not too well, General." Corporal Kiwi replied. "The enemy sunk two of our banana boats on the Sea of Ambrosia, we've run out of cherry bombs and our strawberries are in a jam."
"Never fear, our champion is on the attack." the General said. "Look at him rout those Celery Stalkers!"
General Atilla was speaking of Captain N, of course, who was shooting from behind a hill, accompanied by Lt. Lime.
"Keep shooting, sir." Lt. Lime said. "Now, if you could just beat the beets."
"Gosh, Lt. Lime, I hope I'm doing the right thing." Kevin said. "I thought this was just another adventure, but, we sure are doing a lot of damage! Maybe I...Yeeeeeeow!!!" Kevin suddenly screamed as he was struck in the butt by an arrow, which sent him soaring into the air.
"Egad, a sneak attack!" Lt. Lime yelled.
The arrow had been fired by Kid Icarus. "Sorry, Captain, but it's for your own good."
Kevin started scratching himself. "Yow! I'm itching all over."
"It's because of my Arrow of Itchiness, Cap." Kid Icarus explained. "It'll keep you busy until you come to your senses. But don't worry, you're still my favorite hero." He then flew away.
Kevin then pressed the Jump button on his Power Belt to soar up after him. "Kid, you're fighting on the wrong side."
"But, I'm fighting to protect the poor tomatoes!" Kid told him. "They belong with the vegetables!"
Kevin grabbed Kid Icarus' right foot and held him in place. "Kid, please...if I really am your me. Believe me, tomatoes are really fruit. I learned it in school!"
"Hmm. We really don't study tomatoes much in Olympian schools." Kid said. "But the Vegetanians seem so sure..."
"We have it on the best authority that tomatoes are vegetables." King Pumpkin said.
Kevin and Kid Icarus landed on the ground, with the Fruitopians behind them and the Vegetanians in front of them.
"Yeah?" Kevin asked. "What authority?"
"Why, the Eggplant Wizard himself says so!" King Pumpkin yelled.
"The Eggplant Wizard?!" Kevin asked in surprise.
"Nuts to you, and your wizard, Pumpkin-Puss." General Atilla said. "Everyone knows tomatoes are fruits."
"Are not!" the vegetables yelled.
"Are too!" the fruits yelled back.
"If that evil eggplant is behind this war, there must be a really rotten reason!" Kevin said.
"But...why would he want everyone at each other's stem--?" Kid Icarus asked. "Unless..."

Meanwhile, back in Fruitopia...

"My plan has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams!" the Eggplant Wizard said in joy. "Here I am in the legendary Temple of Fruit and there, in the statue's forehead, glows the fabled Royal Raspberry. And the guards are all busy fighting in the war!" He began to climb up the statue. "When Mother Brain send me here to sabotage the food supply of Mount Olympus, she never guessed I had plans of my own. Once the Raspberry is mine, I'll control all fruits, just as I now control all vegetables. Today, the veggies and fruits...tomorrow, trees, flowers, grass...even fungus! Soon I'll dominate all plant life! Boy, wait'll the yuppies see what I charge for a watercress sandwich!"
"Not so fast, Eggplant Wizard."
The Eggplant Wizard, his right hand on the Royal Raspberry, turned his head and looked down. "No, not you-not now. Now when my plans are so close to fru-it-shun."

And back in Plentiopolis...

"Are too!" General Atilla yelled.
"Are not!" King Pumpkin yelled.
Just then, Kevin and Kid Icarus arrived with the Eggplant Wizard. Kevin was holding the Eggplant Wizard to make sure he wouldn't take off.
"Hold your horse radishes!" Kevin yelled. "The war is over!"
"It's all this rotten eggplant's fault!" Kid Icarus yelled.
Eggplant Wizard shrugged. "So I told a little fib. The truth is...tomatoes are fruit."
King Pumpkin offered his right hand to General Atilla. "I--I'm sorry. We've bean duped."
General Atilla shook it. "We should have never let it come to war. I feel like such a melon-head."
"Me too." King Pumpkin said. "Lettuce go!"
The Fruitopians and the Vegetanians walked away together as friends.
Kid Icarus offered his right hand to Kevin. "Sorry I shot you with that Arrow of Itchiness, Cap! I should have trusted you. From now on I'll try to stem my aggressions."
Kevin shook Kid Icarus' hand. "Yeah, and I'll be sure to look before I leaf."


THE HAPPY ZONE (10 pages)
By George Caragonne, Don Hudson, Jose Marzan, Ken Lopez, John Cebollero, The Gradations

Appears in: Captain N: The Game Master, Volume # 1, Issue # 2, June 1990
Adventures of the Super Mario Bros., Volume # 1, Issue # 8, September 1991

Kevin Keene was the hottest power player on Earth! Now he's a hero in a world where video games like Metroid, Donkey Kong, Punch-Out!! and Kid Icarus are reality! The world is Videoland, and the hero is...

Captain N: The Game Master

The defeated forces of the League of Darkness return to their headquarters on Metroid, where Mother Brain and Lord Uranos await...

"What's wrong with you chumps? Why didn't you capture Mount Olympus?" Mother Brain asked.
"It's Captain N, Mother Brain! He's just too tough to beat!" the Eggplant Wizard, bruised and bandaged, said.
"Captain N! It's always Captain N! He's the cause of all my troubles! They're right, though. Unless I can get rid of that pesky Game Master, my spring offensive will fall flat on its...face."
"Even the mighty Captain N has a weakness, Mother Brain."
"Uranos! If you have a plan, I'm all...ears!"

As Metroid flew high overhead, Kevin and Lana were having a picnic some distance from the Palace.
"How beautiful!" Lana exclaimed.
"Boy, I'll say..." Kevin agreed. "...and I'm not talking about the trees."
Kevin and Lana stood up.
"So, how did you find this place?" Kevin asked.
"My father used to bring me here when I was a little girl." Lana replied. "Before...he disappeared."
Kevin took hold of Lana. "Hey, hey, it's okay, Lana. It's gonna be okay. I know it's hard for you without your father. But, you've got to stay strong and carry on the fight. That's what he'd want."
They hugged.
"Your father will come back someday, I'm sure of it!" Kevin said.
Suddenly, a man with a long white beard and dressed in purple clothes with a gold trim came by.
"That day...has come." he said.
"Father!" Lana screamed in excitement. She left Kevin and ran over to him. "Oh, Daddy! All these years--! What happened to you?"
"I'm here now, daughter. That is all that matters!"
Kevin felt disappointed that Lana forgot about him so quickly, but he was polite and smiled. "It's sure great to finally meet you, sir! Welcome back..."
Suddenly, the 'King' turned into Uranos and lifted Lana off her feet!
"...Your Highness! Whoa!" Kevin finished. "Uranos!"
"Let me go, you disgusting demigod!" Lana demanded. "Where's my father?"
"Mother Brain sends her greetings, Captain N!" Uranos said.

Cap reacts fast, with lightning reflexes honed through endless hours of power playing, but...

"Dang it! He used a teleportation spell! Dang it!" Kevin yelled as the demigod and the Princess disappeared and left a bright glow.

Back at the Palace of Power.

Kevin ran into the Conference room. "Kid Icarus! Samus! We've got big trouble! Princess Lana's been kidnapped!"
"We've got trouble-cus maximus already, Captain!" Kid Icarus said.
"Take a look, Captain!" Samus Aran said.
They went up to the satellite monitor.
"It's an army!" Kid Icarus said.
"They will arrive here in one hour." Samus said. "I have already planned a counter-attack! Now that you have returned we will crush them like dogs!"
"Arf?" Duke asked.
Kevin petted his canine. "She didn't mean you, Duke."
Mother Brain's face suddenly appeared on the monitor. "Hello. Am I calling at a bad time?"
Kevin pointed at her with his left index finger. "Mother Brain! What have you done with Princess Lana?! If you hurt her, I'll--!"
"Hurt her? Why, Captain! I'd never do something so unpleasant!"
An image of Princess Lana appeared to the left of the image of Mother Brain. She was sitting on a bench in a forest.
"It's Lana!" Kevin yelled.
"It's my latest addition to Videoland--the Happy Zone! Isn't it beautiful?" Mother Brain asked.
Samus argrily shook her left fist at Mother Brain. "I've heard of this so-called 'Happy Zone'! Those within it are trapped inside...forever!"
"That right, the Happy Zone is strictly a one-way trip!" Mother Brain said. "Heroes check in, but they don't check out! Take the beautiful Princess Lana, for example. I did."
The image of Lana was replaced with an image of a white corridor with a dashed yellow line on the floor, like on a street. There were a whole bunch of signs and arrows on both walls.
"But don't fret!" Mother Brain said. "Just step through this warp zone and you'll be in the Happy Zone with her! Oooo! How romantic! Or would you rather she was trapped all alone forever? Oh, by the way, this one-way warp zone only lasts for an hour--after that the Happy Zone will be closed...permanently."
The image of Mother Brain disappeared, leaving only the image of the warp zone.
"Cap? What are you going to do-a-cus?" Kid Icarus asked.
"Kevin, you cannot be thinking of accepting Mother Brain's offer?" Samus asked.
"Yip?" Duke asked.
"But, the Princess is in there!" Kevin yelled, pointing with his left index finger at the monitor.
"Then that is her fate. We have a job to do here!" The young blonde bounty hunter put her left hand on Kevin. "Where is the courage of the warrior, which I admire so much in you? Come, Captain! We have a kingdom to defend! Gold and glory to win!"
"Samus, please. Give me a break, huh?" Kevin begged.
Kid Icarus flew away. "That's some army outside. We sure could use your help, Cap. But if you really want to---you go ahead! Good luck-a-cus!"
Duke stood up on his hind legs, and Kevin held onto him.
"Captain, you must not..." Samus started.
"Leave me alone, okay? Just let me think..."

Almost 1 hour later.


"I'm going." Kevin decided.
"Princess Lana would not want you to go." Samus told him.


"Of course you'd say that me. You want me to stay." Kevin said.
"True." Samus admitted. "But if I were the Princess and you left the kingdom defenseless in order to be with me----I would despise you."


The warp zone closed.
Kevin clenched his fists together in sorrow - in rage.
Then he lowered his head and placed his right hand over it.
"She's gone...forever."
Kid Icarus flew up. "I found the Princess' power scepter! What should I do with it, Captain-a-cus?"
Kevin took it in his right hand. "Give it to me."

Kevin, Samus, and Kid Icarus ran out of the Palace and fought the army!
Kevin used Lana's weapon rather than his own.

A blast hit the floor of Mother Brain's lair.
"They've broken through! Captain N is fighting like a madman! I must flee!" Uranos yelled.
"I gotta get to my escape warp zone!" Mother Brain yelled.
Suddenly, Kevin landed on one of the metal tubes connected to Mother Brain's glass jar.
"You're not going anywhere!" he yelled.
As Samus and Kid Icarus fought the Eggplant Wizard, Kevin swung Lana's power scepter at Mother Brain. It crashed into the side of her jar.
"My jar! You'll break it!" she yelled.
"I'm shutting you down!" Kevin yelled. He got to top of the jar and continued smashing. "I'm turning you off! Game over!"
"Nooooooo! Stop! Stop! Please!" Mother Brain begged. "Please--I was just k-kidding! There is a way out of the Happy Zone! King Hippo! Get the Princess out here--now!"
King Hippo brought Lana into the room.
Kevin jumped down and ran to Lana, smiling. "Lana! You're all right!"
Lana ran to him, smiling. "Kevin!"
Lana held onto Kevin as he drew his Zapper.
"Step aside, sweetheart, I'm going to take out the trash!" he told her.
Suddenly, Mother Brain warped away.
"Close the warp zone behind me, stupid!" Mother Brain yelled. "Close it!"
"She got away!" Samus yelled.
"Are you okay, Your Highness-a-cus?" Kid Icarus asked.
The young couple either ignored them or didn't hear them.
Lana put her arms on Kevin's chest. "Oh, Kevin, I thought I'd never see you again. I knew you'd be strong and carry on the fight."
"Watching that warp zone close was the hardest thing I ever did." Kevin said. He put his hands on Lana's waist. "And the easiest..."
And then he kissed her.
Lana curled her arms around Kevin's neck.
Kid Icarus and Duke smiled.
Samus placed her hands on her hips. Even though her helmet was hiding it, she was frowning.


IMPA'S INFO (1 page)
By George Caragonne, Don Hudson, P. Zorito, Jade, Meridee Mandio

Appears in: The Legend of Zelda, Volume # 1, Issue # 2, June 1990

Link and Impa were standing in a great hallway in North Palace. On the walls hung many tapestries.
" I have to do this, Impa?" Link asked. "I want to go fight some battles!"
"Pay attention, Link!" Impa said. "I can teach you much from these, the Tapestries of Wisdom!" She knelt down and pointed at a tapestry that depicted a battle. "Many brave warriors have fought the forces of evil in Hyrule!"
Everyone knows that! Link thought. He wasn't looking at the tapestries. He drew his sword.
Impa placed her hands on the tapestry. "But they failed to build up their levels of attack, life, and magic before facing the ultimate evil!"
Link was no longer paying attention to what Impa was saying. He was swinging his sword around. Link the Mighty is surrounded by legions of bad guys! Ah-ha! Take that, villains! And that!
"That is why their quests were doomed!" Impa went on, not realizing that Link wasn't listening to her. "You, Link, must plan your every move! Act with the greatest care!"
Link does not hesitate...he cuts through enemy lines! Link sliced the tapestry Impa was looking at with his sword.
The tapestry fell down and covered Impa.
Link turned and ran off. "Thanks for the tips, Impa! Look out, Ganon, here I come!"
"On the other hand...perhaps experience is the best teacher." Impa sighed.


THE ITEM (1 page)
By Bill Vallely, Mark McClellan, Bob Layton, Dan Panosian, Ken Lopez, Meridee Mandio

Appears in: Captain N: The Game Master, Volume # 1, Issue # 2, June 1990
The Best of the Nintendo Comics System, Month(?) 1990
Adventures of the Super Mario Bros., Volume # 1, Issue # 8, September 1991

"Merchant One approaching Planet Zebes for landing. Requesting clearance."
"In Mother Brain's name, has your mission been accomplished? Have you obtained...the item?"
"The 'item' is intact...of course. You think we'd show our faces here without it?"
"Good point! Emergency, top-priority clearance is granted. And you better rush--Mother Brain wants delivery of your payload immediately!"

A bunch of crew members were gathered around a huge crate in the cargo hold on their ship.
"Why the rush? What is this thing, anyway?" one crew member asked.
"Must be valuable, to get all this attention. Pure gold, perhaps...or maybe a weapon to destroy all outer space!" another crew member suggested.

On the planet...

"Where is it? I've been waiting for days!!!" Mother Brain yelled.
"I'm sure this can take care of your difficulties, Honored Mother Brain." a crew member told her. "Just a moment more to unwrap..."
The crate was opened. A huge, weird contraption was inside.
"Gosh, I love getting facials." Mother Brain said with a grin.
The crew members were shocked!


JUST A DOG (10 pages)
By Chris Henderson, Mike Chen, Bob Layton, Jade, The Gradations

Appears in: Captain N: The Game Master, Volume # 1, Issue # 2, June 1990
Adventures of the Super Mario Bros., Volume # 1, Issue # 9, October 1991

Kevin, Kid Icarus, and Duke were a distance from the Palace of Power as the sun was setting. They were a few feet off the road, on the grass. Duke was lying down on the ground, and Kevin was kneeling to his right, his right hand placed on Duke's head.
"Poor Duke." Kevin said. "You caught a doozy of a cold when you fell into that river back there."
"Arf-choo!" Duke sneezed.
"Dogs aren't very bright-a-cus, are they, Captain N?" Kid Icarus asked.
Kevin stood up. "We were in a hurry, Kid Icarus, and that dirt slide caught us by surprise - it could've dumped any of us into the river."
"Not me." Kid Icarus flew into the air, grinning. "I can fly!!"
"Arf." Duke said.
They started moving along the path.
"Yeah, but Duke can't. That means we've got to walk back to the Palace of Power - slowly - to report to the Princess."
"Sigh. I suppose it doesn't matter." Kid Icarus said. "We didn't find anything, anyway."
"Ah...ah...ahhh..." Duke began.
"We hear about a large army heading toward the Palace, and what does it amount to?" Kid Icarus asked. Nothing! Just rumors!"
"Ahh..." Duke continued.
"I'm sure the Princess won't be sorry." Kevin said.
"Maybe not. But I am." Kid Icarus said.
Kevin leaned against a tree. "Why's that?"
Kid Icarus started swinging his fists at the air. "I want to run into that fat King Hippo so I can puuch out his light-a-cus!"
Duke's sneeze sent Kid Icarus spinning.
Ha haaa." Kevin laughed.
Kid Icarus fell to the ground.
"I think King Hippo might be a little out of your league."
Kid Icarus grinned, pulling out an arrow. "No way-a-cus! One boxing glove arrow is all it would take. Really!"
Kevin knelt down. "I'd better carry you, Duke. You're looking worse with every step."
Kid Icarus frowned, placing his hands on his hips.
Suddenly, they heard noises all around them, startling them.
"Huh?" Kevin asked.
"What was that?" Kid Icarus asked.
"Something behind the wall." Kevin said. "Can you check it out, Kid?"
Kid Icarus flew up and looked over the wall. "Oh, no-a-cus!"
"What is it?" Kevin asked. He climbed up the wall.
"The Eggplant Wizard!" Kid Icarus said. "But who are those guys with him?"
"Shh...maybe we'll find out."
The Eggplant Wizard was surrounded by soldiers wearing gold and red. Their faces were covered by masks.
"Let me repeat our instructions." one of the soldiers said. "Wait until dark...storm the Palace of Power...kidnap the Princess Lana...bring her to Mother Brain..."
"...which leaves Videoland in the clutches of evil. Hee-hee! Lovely!" the Eggplant Wizard said with an evil grin. "Are you sure you can do it?"
"What do you think?" the soldier asked, indicating his numerous soldiers.
The Eggplant Wizard grinned happily when he saw all of them.
Kevin and Kid Icarus fell back down to the ground.
"I think we're in trouble." Kevin said.
"It's almost sundown now. What'll we do, Captain N?" Kid Icarus asked.
Kevin thought for a moment. "If I create a diversion, could you fly out of here to warn the Palace?"
"Gulp." Kid Icarus said in fear. "And what happens to you, Captain N?"
"Sniffle..." Duke said.
Kevin and Kid Icarus stood up.
Kevin pointed at some trees. "I'll get them to chase me, and head for those trees. After you're safe, I'll come back to pick up Duke."
"Yeah, that'll work...I think..."
Duke was trying desperately to hold in another sneeze.
Kevin drew his Zapper and began to run away. "No, Duke - you're sick. Stay here while we trick these guys."
Kid Icarus took off as well. "Yeah. Besides what could you do? You're just a dog."
"Uh-oh." Kid Icarus said as both he and Kevin were shaken by the sneeze.
Kevin's Zapper even fell from his hand.
"What was that?!" the soldier asked.
The Eggplant Wizard suddenly felt uneasy.
"Let's get out of here!" Kid Icarus yelled.
"I can't get away if I carry Duke, but I can't leave him behind!" Kevin yelled. "And if we don't stop these guys here and now, they'll get Princess Lana!"
"So what'll we do-a-cus?"
"Ah...I think it's time for a new plan." Kevin said.
Kevin and Kid Icarus went up over the wall.
Kevin started firing at the army. "I favor the straight-forward approach!"
Kid Icarus fired an arrow. "We're outnumbered, but this oil arrow may help even the stakes..."
"Woops!" one soldier yelled.
"Woah!" another yelled.
The two of them slipped and fell over the puddle of oil that was created by the arrow.
"Sorry - but that's oil, folks!" Kevin punned as he continued firing.
"Choppin' celery! It's Captain N! Get him!" Eggplant Wizard cried in panic as vegetables were created by his wand.
"Get me yourself, parmesan head." Kevin said.
The potatoes Kevin was zapping were turning into fries, and the apples he was zapping were turning into apple pies.
Kevin jumped and zapped. "He's up...he flies...he blips bad guys!!"
"Try this on for size-a-cus!" Kid Icarus said, readying an arrow as Kevin landed.
The lead soldier grabbed the arrow. "Get them both--now!"
"Oop." Kid Icarus said.
"I hate to say it, Kid..." Kevin began.
"I know...we need another plan." Kid Icarus said as the two of them backed up against the wall, surrounded by the soldiers.
"Take them!!" the lead soldier yelled.
Kevin and Kid Icarus struggled as a bunch of soldiers held them in place.
"Wrong plan again." Kevin commented.
"Oh, goody!! We did it. We did it!!" the Eggplant Wizard commented, an evil grin on his face. "We have Captain N and his bird-brained friend. We've won!!"
Suddenly, Kevin noticed Duke walking through a hole in the wall behind the Eggplant Wizard. "Duke?" he whispered.
"Put them in chains." the lead soldier said.
"Run, Duke!" Kevin whispered. "Get away from here."
"Better make that handcuffs and ropes and..." the Eggplant Wizard said.
"You're sick, Duke - you can't fight!" Kevin yelled as Duke approached.
"Ggrrrr" Duke growled.
"Then we'll put them in the dungeon..." the Eggplant Wizard went on.
"Please Duke - !" Kevin yelled.
The soldiers turned and saw Duke.
"Oh,'s..." one soldier said.
"It's..." another said.
The Eggplant Wizard turned. "Huh? It's? It's what?"
The lead soldier pointed. "It's a dog!!"
"So?" Eggplant Wizard asked.
The lead soldier removed his helmet, revealing that he was a cat. "You said no dogs!" He took out a scroll. "Our contract says no dogs!"
"Ah...ahhh..." Duke began.
All the soldiers ran away in terror.
"He's only a little dog." Eggplant Wizard said. "And sick! Even I can handle one little sick dog!"
"arf-ChoO." Duke sneezed.
"But of course you can, Eggplant Wizard."
He turned around, angry. "Who dares speak thus to the mighty Eggplant......wizard? Eeep."
Kevin and Kid Icarus were standing with Duke.
"You were saying-a-cus?" Kid asked.
"Hee-hee, um, ahh...bye!" Eggplant Wizard ran off.
Kevin knelt down and petted Duke. "Thanks, Duke, ol' buddy." He looked at Kid. "Sooo...'just a dog,' huh?"
Kid smiled. "Who said that? Not me-a-cus."
Duke started licking Kid Icarus.
"Hey! ack! ack--cut it out."
"Hah!" Kevin said. "I think he's feeling better!"
"Woof" Duke said.


Untitled - The Legend of Zelda prologue (2 pages)
By George Caragonne, Ken Penders, P. Zorito, Jade, Christiaan

Appears in: Nintendo Comics System, Volume # 1, Issue # 1, April 1990
The Legend of Zelda, Volume # 1, Issue # 1, May 1990
The Legend of Zelda, Volume # 1, Issue # 2, July 1990
The Best of the Nintendo Comics System, Month(?) 1990

A long time ago...
in the kingdom of Hyrule, a legend was handed down from generation to generation...
the legend of the three Triforces, each one possessing great mystic energy. One for wisdom, one for power, and one for courage.
Then, one dark day, an evil army led by the Prince of Darkness, Ganon, attacked Hyrule and stole the Triforce of Power.
Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule, managed to save the Triforce of Wisdom, knowing that if Ganon ever possessed the Triforces of Wisdom and Power, he would rule the land forever.
The third Triforce, Courage, remained hidden for a reason. Only a mighty hero, possessing special powers and a strong character, would be able to discover it.
Zelda sent her loyal nursemaid Impa to find this hero...
...however, Zelda didn't get quite what she expected.
Impa found this hero. A young adventurer named Link who had come to Hyrule in search of excitement, fame and romance.
He would find all three and he would carry the Triforce of Courage in his heart.
...but as Link too would soon discover...
things in Hyrule don't go quite the way you expect.
And thus the legend ends and the adventure begins...


By George Caragonne, Ken Penders, P. Zorito, Kingman Huie

Appears in: The Legend of Zelda, Volume # 1, Issue # 3, July 1990

Firstborn and only child of Hyrakian, the King of Hyrule, Princess Zelda was raised by her nursemaid Impa and trained at an early age to assume the the duties of a Princess.
Though still in her teens, Zelda already runs many affairs of the kingdom. Because of her wisdom and kindness, Zelda is beloved by her subjects.
Zelda is every inch a Princess, well versed in royal protocol...
She is also a legendary warrior, whose skill with the bow is second to none.
But Zelda's greatest potential is in the ways of magic. Though still only a student sorceress, she has already learned many powerful spells and grows stronger each day. No wonder she is feared by the enemies of Hyrule!


By George Caragonne, Dennis Woodyard, Jan Harpes, Jade, Kingman Huie

Appears in: Nintendo Comics System, Volume # 1, Issue # 2, July 1990
Super Mario Bros., Volume # 1, Issue # 4, May 1991

Kevin Keene was the hottest power player on Earth! Now he's a hero in a world where video games like Metroid, Donkey Kong, Punch-Out!! and Kid Icarus are reality! The world is Videoland, where Kevin Keene is known as...

Captain N: The Game Master

In the massive central power core, heart of the Palace of Power and the greatest source of energy in Videoland.

Kevin and Lana were standing in the room, facing a huge computer system.
"Well, Captain, what do you think?" Lana asked.
"This unit is the Master Computer System of the Palace of Power." the computer stated. "The three prime directives of this unit: 1) Serve the allies of justice. 2) Protect the Palace. 3) Destroy all enemies."
"The M.C.S is the most powerful computer in Videoland." Lana told Kevin. "Now that it controls all the Palace's defense systems, we'll never have to worry about the Mother Brain's sneak attacks again!"
"I don't like putting my life in the hands of a machine, Princess." Kevin told her.
"But, the M.C.S. is really just the ultimate game computer." Lana explained, placing her left hand on his back. "I thought you loved game computers."
"I like them when I control them--not when they're running things. Besides, you don't need that thing to protect you while I'm around."

Seconds later, at the front gate of the Palace.

"Why, Kevin! You're jealous!" Lana said with amusement.
Kevin looked up at the sky. "Hmf. Looks like a storm's coming."

At that moment, on the roof of the great Palace tower...

"Lightning! They don't pay us enough."
"They don't pay us anything. We're robots. Besides, we're insulated! What's a little lightning?"

But this is no ordinary lightning bolt! It is a sinister electrical force that travels through the Palace walls...directly to the central power core...

...and deep inside the memory banks of the Master Computer...

and once there, it goes to work...

The result--a new and deadly change in programming for the Master Computer System!

Outside the Palace, Lana and Kevin watched as a tornado approached.
"That black cloud--!" Lana yelled. "It's coming this!"
"I've got a bad feeling about this, Lana..." Kevin said.
Just then, a bunch of bad guys came out of the tornado and charged at the two heroes.
"Check it out!" Kevin yelled. "The creeps from Punch Out, Metroid, and Kid Icarus' worlds are here to take their shot at us!"

Back inside the Palace...

"Intruder alert! Intruder alert!" the M.C.S. stated. "Multiple enemies at perimeter. Authorization: Prime Directive 2--Palace defenses activated."

"A force field stopped them! The MCS activated the Palace defenses!" Lana smiled. "You see, Captain? That computer you don't trust just saved us!" She placed her hands over a scanner. "Master Computer! Open the front door."
"Scanning identity." the computer stated. "Warning! Intruder identified as enemy! Capture Warp Zone activated!"
A warp zone opened. Chords wrapped around Lana's wrists and pulled her into it.
"What?!!" Lana yelled in surprise. "Kevin! Help!"
Kevin jumped to reach her. "Princess!"
He wasn't fast enough, though. The warp closed.
Kevin placed his left hand over the scanner.
"Scanning identity. Identified. Captain N--ally. Directive 1--how may this unit serve you?"
"What's going on!?!" Kevin yelled. "What have you done with her?"

Inside the Palace.

Lana was placed on a table.
"Intruder is now prisoner." the M.C.S. stated. "Prisoner rendered unconscious by stun gas."
"Ohh..." Lana sighed before she was knocked out.
"Prisoner is identified as Mother Brain most dangerous enemy. Primary threat response required."
A laser cannon began charging up. It was aimed at Lana's head.
"Have you flipped your circuit board?" Kevin asked, his face being displayed on the computer's monitor. "You've got Princess Lana not Mother Brain!"
"Error is not possible in this unit." the M.C.S. stated. "Authorization: Prime Directive 3. Prisoner will be destroyed in sixty seconds."

"No!" Kevin yelled. The computer is going to destroy Lana! But it's also the only thing keeping Mother Brain's bully boys from destroying the Palace! There's no way to stop it in time! Unless...Lana said it's built like a video game...maybe it thinks like a video game! "Computer! You said error was impossible. Right?"
"That is correct. Prisoner will be destroyed in thirty seconds."
"Well, check this out!" Kevin fired at the Palace's gate with his Zapper and blasted a hole in it.
"You have attacked the Palace." the computer said in surprise. "You were identified as Captain N--ally! How is this possible?"

"Sounds like you made an error!" Kevin said with a grin, pointing his left index finger towards the camera. "What if you made another error when you identified the prisoner? What if you destroy the wrong person?"
"Error is not acceptable." the computer said. "But, prisoner is still identified as primary enemy--Mother Brain. Prisoner will be destroyed in ten seconds...nine seconds...eight seconds..."

"Prisoner termination in four seconds...three seconds..."
"But you captured the prisoner easily!" Kevin yelled. "Hey, what if your defenses can't stop me from reaching the central power core! Then I'd be the primary enemy. Wouldn't I?"

"Wouldn't I?!?" Kevin demanded, the monitor filled with the image of his face.
"Prisoner destruct sequence paused." the M.C.S. stated.

"Your statement is logical. This unit will not destroy prisoner if you are able to reach central power core. Maxumum level defenses will used. You have fifteen minutes. You may begin."
Kevin ran into the Palace. "I knew it! No matter how different they are, all video games think alike! They present a challenge for humans to beat!" Now all I have to do is get past every level in the Palace of Power. With every thing in the Palace trying to destroy me. No problemo! "Workmen robots? C'mon, computer! You can do better than this!" Kevin said, zapping them.

In the huge hangar level of the Palace, Cap evades vicious vehicles remotely controlled by the Master Computer.

And in the spacious Palace kitchen, Cap faces angry appliances, forks of fury, and killer cookware!

Meanwhile, the malevolent Mother Brain has joined her army, laying siege to the Palace!

"I think I've waited long enough!" Mother Brain said. "Thanks to my lightning bolt reprogramming the Master Computer, all I had to do was sit back relax, and let my greatest enemy by destroyed by her own defenses! Without the Princess to unite the heroes of Videoland, I'll destroy them one by one! And since the Palace computer still thinks I'm Princess Lana, perhaps I'll just pass through the force field, shut down the computer, and let my army inside!"

At that moment...Captain N has reached the central power core...

My fifteen minutes are almost up! If I don't destroy the Master Computer, it'll zap Lana! But if I do destroy it, Mother Brain's army will overrun the Palace! I sure hope this works! Kevin plugged a chord into his Zapper and jumped down to the computer. "Okay, you mixed up mound of megabytes, the party's over!"
"Intruder alert!" the computer yelled.
Kevin aimed his Zapper. "This Zapper is plugged directly into the central power core, making it the most powerful handgun in Videoland and could easily blow your chips clean off your circuit yourself...why don't I fire?"
"This unit has attempted to destroy you. Sensors indicate that you now possess sufficient power to destroy this unit. Insufficent data. Why do you not destroy this unit?"
Kevin lowered his Zapper. "Because I'm not the enemy and neither is the girl! Your programming is in error."
Suddenly, Kevin's Zapper was knocked out of his hand by an electrical blast.
"Yow!" Kevin turned around. "There's your enemy! That's Mother Brain!"
"Don't listen to him Master Computer!" Mother Brain yelled. "Zap him! Destroy him! I'm the beautiful Princess Lana!"
"Memory banks identify you as Princess Lana--ally......and prisoner as Mother Brain--"
"You reprogrammed the MCS!" Kevin yelled at Mother Brain. "You set this up! Computer! If Tall, Wet, and Ugly over here isn't an enemy...then she won't mind turning over her weapons!"
"Put down my...weapons?" Mother Brain asked, confused. Then she got it. "Why, of course! I'll be delighted to turn over my weapons." Mother Brain dropped a ton of weapons on the floor.
"Is that all?" Kevin asked. "You must be traveling light today."
"Sucker! I don't need a weapon--I've got brain power!" Mother Brain fired at the M.C.S.
"Skree!" the M.C.S. yelled. "Overload! Over--rrrr."
Mother Brain faced Kevin. "I've destroyed the Master Computer once and for all! Without it to control the Palace defenses, nothing can stop--"
"Hey don't have a cow, babe!" Kevin said. "Pause!" Kevin pressed the Pause button on his Power Pad. "And while Mother Brain is frozen in time, it's time out for a little re-programming of mine!"

After the Pause has expired...

" from taking...over?" Mother Brain asked.
The laser cannon that was previously pointed at Lana was now pointed at Mother Brain, and it was charging up, making a humming sound. Another laser cannon was also pointed at her, and five workmen robots were by her, three of them holding weapons.
Kevin was standing on the machine he had jumped off of earlier. He was holding his Zapper again, and it was still plugged into the central power core. "I'm in control of the Palace defenses now! I think you're in trouble!"
Mother Brain zoomed out of the Palace. "Retreat!!"
Kevin walked over to Lana and placed his hands on her arms. "Princess! Are you okay? Lana! Wake up!"
Lana remained still.
"Hmmm. She's a Princess, I'm the hero. Guess there's only one thing to do..." Kevin kissed Lana on the lips.
Lana sat up. She placed her left hand on the side of her head, dizzy. "Kevin! What happened?"
Kevin sat down next to her and twirled his Zapper. "Let's just say there are some things that shouldn't be left to machines!"


METROID (1 page)
By George Caragonne, Mickey Ritter, Jan Harpes, Jade

Appears in: Nintendo Comics System, Volume # 1, Issue # 2, July 1990
The Best of the Nintendo Comics System, Month(?) 1990
Adventures of the Super Mario Bros., Volume # 1, Issue # 6, July 1991

The asteroid known as Metroid was built by intergalactic pirates, known as the Planteers of Krom. They designed it as a mobile attack base to strike other worlds, far beyond their home planet, Zebes.
Metroid's metallic surface conceals a huge array of deadly weapons, all maintained and patrolled by monstrous creatures bent on galactic domination!
Metroid normally floats in space above Videoland. But, with its powerful megastar drive engines, it can be moved anywhere in the universe.
Metroid's deadliest threat, however, lies deep inside the asteroid. Here, within the endless secret corridors, dwells the smartest, most fearsome foe of all...Mother Brain!
Mother Brain completely controls Metroid, by her genius ability to program every electrical circuit to do her bidding! But, she is also dependent on Metroid; she needs the asteroid's supply of Zebetite for power.
That's why Metroid itself is the key weapon in Mother Brain's tireless struggle to conquer Videoland!

By George Caragonne, Ross Andru, Bob Layton, Jade, J. Jackson, The Gradations

Appears in: Captain N: The Game Master, Volume # 1, Issue # 1, May 1990
The Best of the Nintendo Comics System, Month(?) 1990

Deep inside the fortress planet of Zebes...Captain N, Princess Lana and Kid Icarus are about to run into trouble!

Kevin, Lana, and Kid Icarus were standing on a cliff. Suddenly, someone wearing a space suit with armor jumped down behind them.

Unless trouble runs into them first.

The being pointed the arm cannon on its right hand. "Move!"
Startled, Kevin, Lana, and Kid Icarus got out of the way. The figure in the space suit blasted three creatures that were flying at them.
"You are fortunate I was nearby." the figure said. "Zebes is no place for weaklings."
Kevin drew his Zapper. "Thanks for the tip! But as long as I've got my super Power Pad and Zapper handy..." He pressed a button on his Power Pad and started jumping high in the air, over the person, shooting more of the creatures. "do you mind if I polish off the ones behind us?"
"Hmmm, well done!" the person said, impressed, once Kevin landed. "I am Samus Aran."
"The space hunter! I know!" Kevin said. "I'm Captain N! I've played you hundreds of times!"
"?" Samus questioned in confusion.
Lana watched as Kevin and Samus talked with each other, her arms crossed over her chest.
"Gosh-a-cus, Princess Lana!" Kid Icarus said. "Samus is super-duper-a-cus!"
"Well...Samus is a veteran of many impossible missions!" Lana told him. "Samus is a super-powered cyborg! Samus is the greatest space hunter in the Galactic Federation!"
Samus took off the helmet, revealing beautiful, long, flowing, straight, blonde hair; a gorgeous face; and sparkling green eyes.
Lana put her right hand to her face in surprise. "Samus is a...woman?!?!"
Kevin grinned. "Whew! You sure are!"

Guided by his knowledge of the Metroid game, Captain N creates a path over the lethal waters of Brinstar using his Pause button to freeze the deadly wavers!

"What brings you to Mother Brain's fortress planet, Captain?" Samus asked as they made their way across the waters.
"Zeebetite!" Kevin replied. "The energy source Mother Brain needs to survive! A shipment is being transported to Metroid tonight!"
The four of them made their way to a gravulator and went to another level.
"If we can stop that shipment, she's finished!" Kevin explained. "With you on our side, Samus, we've got it made!"
"Not so fast, Captain." Samus said. "I am a bounty hunter. There is a million-credit price on Mother Brain's head..." She left the gravulator and blasted a door. "...and I intend to get it!"
"No!" Kevin yelled. "I've played this level! That's the door to the--!" He looked as Samus jumped through the hole. "--fire-sea of Norfair and a swarm of Gamets!"
"My arrows just bounce off-a-cus!" Kid Icarus yelled in frustration.
Kevin aimed his Zapper. "Samus! Don't move a muscle!"
Kevin rapidly fired his Zapper, killing all of the Gamets.
Once they were destroyed, Kevin, Lana, and Kid Icarus came through the hole to join Samus.
"Samus, are you all right?" Lana asked.
Samus took off her helmet and leaned against a wall. Her suit was sparking.
"No." Samus replied. "The gamets drained my energy. My battle armor is going super-critical. Without energy, I have fifty or sixty seconds before it goes up like a supernova."
"What? Lana asked in shock.
"All of you had better get out of here." Samus advised. "The explosion is going to destroy most of this level!"
"There's one chance." Lana said. "If I remember the pattern on this level..."
"That's the fire-sea!" Kevin exclaimed. "One false step and it's hotfoot-a-cus maximus!"
"I know." Kevin pressed the Up button on his Power Pad. "Jump!" He leapt into the air and hopped across the fire-sea on floating rocks. "An energy tank! Right where I remember it was last time I played Metroid!" Kevin grabbed it and went back to the others.
"You did it!" Samus cheered.
"Of course!" Kevin said. "This is nothing compared to fighting Ridley on the next level!"
Lana just sat and watched, her knees drawn up to her chest, a smile on her face. Kid Icarus was happy, too.
Samus attached the energy tank to her left arm. "It worked. My armor's systems are restored. Thank you...Captain."
"No problem." Kevin said. "Call me Kevin. All my friends do." He turned and faced the broken door they had come through. "Let's get moving! We've got to cut across the Tourian Bridge to reach the zeebetite before it's loaded onto the Metroid shuttle!"
Samus leaned in close to Lana. "Power...knowledge...skill. Incredible! That is quite a boyfriend you have there, Princess."
"He...He's not my boyfriend." Lana whispered back.
"Good." Samus replied.

Meanwhile, Mother Brain watches via videophone from Metroid as the rare and precious zeebetite is prepared for shipment.

"Be careful, you insects!" Mother Brain yelled. "Load that zeebetite and get it to the shuttle...before I lose my kindly disposition!"
Kevin, Lana, Samus, and Kid Icarus were hiding behind some equipment.
"When we take out that zeebetite, Mother Brain will lose more than her temper!" Kevin said.
"And after we finish her off, Captain? What then?" Samus asked him. "Life in space is dangerous and short. When I want something, I make my move, full speed ahead. I like you, Captain. Your skill! Your courage! You are the warrior I have searched for. Come with me -- the universe will be ours!"
"Samus, I..."
"If you two are quite finished...we have a job to do!" Lana told them with a frown.
Kevin became defensive. "Hey! I didn't say I'd go! Princess! Listen to me, Lana!" He suddenly stood up and ran at some insects that were carrying zeebetite. "Grrr...I wanna blast something! And you creeps are elected!"
Kid Icarus flew after him. The two of them started firing.
"Our shots! They just bounce off!" Kevin realized.
"That's right, Captain N, you disgusting do-gooder!" Mother Brain told him. "Your weapons are useless!"
"I'm out of power!" Kevin yelled.
"Relax, Captain." Samus said, joining him and firing a missile from her built-in gun. "My missile blast is the only thing that can destroy the zeebetite!"
"A space hunter!" Mother Brain yelled. "Now just a minute. I know why Captain N and his pretty little princess are on my case - but, what's your problem?"
"No problem." Samus replied. "I am a bounty hunter. There is a million-credit price on your...head."
"A million credits?" Mother Brain asked. "Peanuts! What would you say to...ten million credits?"
Samus looked at Mother Brain's gold, paper money, and jewels. "Ten...million?"
"In cash!" Mother Brain added. "And it's all yours, if you let the zeebetite go...and turn the N-Team over to me!"
Lana ran over to them. "You're wasting your breath, Mother Brain! Samus is a hero! She'd never sell us out!"
Samus looked from Lana to Mother Brain. "You can have them." She gestured at Kevin with her left hand. "But Captain N comes with me." Samus picked Kevin up and held him in her arms. "Join with me, Kevin. The stars will be our playground! Together we will blaze a path of glory across the universe!"
Kevin got away from her and landed on his feet, offended. "What kind of guy do you think I am?"
Lana turned her back on them. "Go with her, Kevin."
Kevin was shocked. "Lana! No!"
Lana folded her arms over her chest. "Don't force me to make it an order, Captain."
Kevin placed his right hand on her. "You want me to go off with Samus and have fun, while you're Mother Brain's prisoner?!"
Lana turned around to face him. Kevin placed his left hand on her right arm.
"I didn't say you had to have fun." Lana whispered.
"What matters is that one of us is free to carry on the fight!" Kevin whispered back. "Princess, I..."
"I think we have ourselves a deal!" Mother Brain interrupted.
Two soldiers in metal uniforms came over to Princess Lana and Kid Icarus.

Later...the shuttle carrying the Mother Brain's zeebetite and her new prisoners approaches the Metroid asteroid!

Princess Lana and Kid Icarus were sitting on blue containers behind bars. Two people in metal uniforms were piloting the shuttle.
"It looks like Mother Brain has finally won!" Lana said.
Kid Icarus made his left hand into a fist. "I've got to do something! I'm sick of being useless!" He flew out between the bars and at the pilots. "Charge-a-cus!"
"Kid--no!" Lana screamed.
One of the pilots took off the metal helmet. It was Kevin.
"Chill out, dude--it's us!" Kevin said.
Kid Icarus came to a halt.
"We took out the real guards before you came aboard and hijacked the ship!" Kevin explained. "Thank Samus! It was all her idea!"
Samus removed her own metal helmet. "A new space shuttle, ten million in cash, and a full load of zeebetite! Not a bad day's work."
The cell opened.
Lana ran over to Kevin and hugged him. "The zeebetite! Without it, Mother Brain is truly defeated!"

Samus turns the shuttle away from Metroid.

"Unfortunately--no!" Samus told Lana. "Another shipment of zeebetite is going to arrive on Metroid tomorrow! But Mother Brain doesn't know that! She was more than willing to part with her treasure to save her hide. Next time, however..."
" never intended to get Mother Brain or sell us out!" Lana realized.
Kevin pointed his right index finger at Samus. "The money--you set this whole thing up to steal Mother Brain's money!"
Samus picked Kevin up and held him in her arms, bringing a grin to his face. Lana turned away, looking over her left shoulder in half interest.
Samus smiled. "Of course, my brave Captain! I may be greedy, but I'm not stupid."


By ?

Appears in: The Legend of Zelda, Volume # 1, Issue # 4, August 1990

The home of Zelda and her father, King Harkinian, is the grandest and most beautiful place in Hyrule!
Link's tower. The Triforce of Wisdom is kept here. (Unfortunately, Link keeps all his junk here, as well.)
Zelda's tower. (Link says the most beautiful treasure in the Palace stays here.)
The marketplace. (Center of all good Palace gossip!)
The King's residence. (The biggest room in the place--rank has its priviledges!)
East gate drawbridge. (Where Link can be found fishing when he should be helping Zelda around the castle.)
The North Palace is situated on the island in the middle of a crystal lake. The waters of the lake are always fresh and clean, fed by an underground river.


the Perfect Date (2 pages)
By ?

Appears in: Nintendo Comics System Featuring The Legend of Zelda, August 1991

Link met Zelda in the courtyard in the evening. Link was wearing dress clothes, including a feathered cap and a cape. Zelda was wearing a dress, for a change, and she wasn't wearing her tiara.
Link offered Zelda a bouquet of flowers. "Hi!"
"Flowers! How sweet!" Zelda said.
"You sure look pretty, Zelda!" Link said as he placed his right hand on her right hand. I hope she likes me as much as I like her!
" look nice, too." Zelda said. I hope he likes me as much as I like him!


Zelda and Link were sitting at a table in a restaurant.
"Mmm...isn't it delicious?" Zelda asked.
"Isn't what delicious?" Link asked. "This isn't dinner, it's a stain on the plate."

Later still...

Zelda and Link were sitting in a balcony at an opera house.
"Shhh!" Zelda told Link.
Link leaned over the balcony and put his hand over his head. "Aww...come on! They're singing in a foreign language!"

Even later...

Zelda and Link were back in the courtyard.
Zelda pointed at Link angrily. "I can't believe you fell asleep at the opera!"
"Aww...come on! Do I get a good night kiss or what?"

The second date...

This evening, Link was wearing his regular fighting clothes, and Zelda was wearing a different dress. She still wasn't wearing her tiara.
Link was standing at a dealer's table at the Heroes of Hyrule Trading Scrolls Show.
"I'll trade you that Erik the Longknife for my Black mint condition!" Link told the dealer. "Got any more of those crystal clear scroll protectors?"


Link took Zelda to an inn.
A person from inside crashed through the wall and landed on the ground.
"Trust me!" Link told Zelda. "The food here is great!"
"But...but..." Zelda tried to protest.
They went inside and sat at a table in the crowded room.
"Hey! You spilled my Ambrosia Lite!" Link yelled at a monster.
Link and Zelda stood up. Link got into a fight.
"Some fun, huh?" Link asked Zelda.
Zelda just stood and watched angrily with her fists on her hips.
A man splashed his drink on Zelda.

Still later...

Zelda and Link were back in the courtyard.
"You have absolutely no class!" Zelda yelled at Link.
"Oh, yeah? Well, you wouldn't know a good time if it landed on your head!" Link yelled back at Zelda.
Impa came over and stood on a ledge. "Children! Children! Stop this bickering! I don't understand why you two even bother going out!"
"Because we have so much in common!" Zelda and Link explained to her.
Impa slapped her forehead in shock.


THE POWER (10 pages)
By George Caragonne, Richard Rockwell, Don Hudson, Jade, The Gradations

Appears in: The Legend of Zelda, Volume # 1, Issue # 3, July 1990
The Best of the Nintendo Comics System, Month(?) 1990

A long, long time ago, the world was in an age of chaos. There was a land called Hyrule, a legend called Zelda, an adventurer named Link, an evil known as Ganon, and the three Triforces, with power over them all.

Within the deadly maze of Ganon's Death Mountain...

Link and Zelda were standing in a corridor. A group of Darknuts were approaching them, armed with swords and shields. The Darknuts wore helmets with bull horns, hiding their faces. They also wore long capes.
Link had his sword and shield ready, and Zelda had her bow and arrow ready.
"Your weapons cannot penetrate a Darknut's armor, hero! You are doomed!" the Darknut to Link and Zelda's right said.
Link smiled. "Looks bad, Zelda! How about a kiss for luck?"
"Get serious, Link!" Zelda said.
The Darknuts started chasing after Link and Zelda.
"Ha! You flee in fear from the might of Darknut Prime!"
"I've got the Triforce of Courage, pal! I'm not afraid of anything!" Link yelled, getting ready to throw a bomb. I just need a little distance to throw the bomb! he thought, then threw it.
"Cave in!" Darknut Prime yelled as the ceiling collapsed.
Link jumped on top of Zelda as they hit the floor, shielding her.
After the cave in ceased, Zelda pulled out a map and a blue candle.
"The magic trophy Ganon stole is hidden in the lower chambers! The town of Ruto will perish unless it is returned! We must find it!" Zelda yelled.
"Not we! Just me! You're going back to the overworld!" Link told her firmly.
Zelda faced him. "I am not going back! Why should I?"
Link pointed at himself with his right thumb. "Because it's gotten too dangerous down here. Because I'm a hero, this is my job! Because I'm going to protect you whether you like it or not! And because......because I love you."
Zelda placed her hands on his shoulders. "Oh...Link..."
Link placed his hands on her waist.
Huh? What's that? Link thought.
The Darknuts were able to smash through the rubble!
"Aw, heck! Something always happens every time I'm about to get a smooch!" Link yelled, disappointed. He picked up Zelda.
"Link! What are you--" Zelda began.
Link threw her, and a large purple hand caught her.
"--doing!" the Princess finished.
"Seize him!" Darknut Prime yelled.
"That Wall Master will put you outside where it's safe!" Link told her. "I'll take a raincheck on that kiss!"

Zelda found herself standing outside. "You--you--! Ohhhh! I hate you!"

Back inside the depths of Death Mountain...

Link ran away from the Darknuts. The townspeople are counting on me! Zelda is counting on me! I can't let them down! he thought.
Link ran into a branching corridor.
"He went this way...I think!" Darknut Prime yelled as he and the others ran down a different corridor.
Wonder what's behind that door! Link thought, noticing a huge door in the other corridor. Maybe I can hide in there till these guys give up the chase!
Link went and opened the door.
"Wow! Ganon's chambers! Ganon's chambers!" he screamed in excitement.
Link walked inside and up to a golden object.
"The magic trophy! Tsk! Tsk! Ganon left it unguarded! I wonder what else is in here?..The Triforce of Power!" he yelled, noticing the floating, three-sided pyramid. "This is what gives Ganon his magic force! For years, he's been trying to steal Zelda's Triforce of Wisdom. Whoever has both Triforces will control Hyrule forever! I wonder what happens if I..." Link reached out to touch it. It gave him a large zap! "Yow!"
"There he is!" Darknut Prime yelled as he and the others came into the room.
One Darknut threw Link down to the floor and held him there.
"Get off me!" Link yelled.
They didn't.
"I said...get off me!" Link screamed, jumping to his feet and casting the Darknuts away.

Above ground...

Zelda watched as she heard loud booms from inside Death Mountain.
"What's that? Thunder spells?!?" she yelled.
Then Link walked outside.
"Link! You got the magic trophy!" Zelda yelled.
"That's nothing! I got the Ganon's Triforce!" Link told her.
"That--that's wonderful, Link! Are you feeling all right?"
"I feel great! I've got unlimited power!"
"...But we've still got trouble!" Zelda yelled.
"Ganon!" Link screamed.
Ganon, his face covered by a hood, and some of Goriyas came outside.
"Return what you have stolen from me or I shall destroy you both!" Ganon told them.
"Liar!" Zelda yelled. "You stole the Triforce of Power from my people!"
"You want the Triforce of Power? I'll ram it down your throat!" Link yelled, jumping forward.
The Goriyas yelled as Link fired a blast from his sword.
Ganon's hood had fallen back as he dodged Link. He had a pig's face.
"Ha! You missed!" Ganon yelled.
"Want to bet?" Link asked, using his sword to pick up a large rock and hurl it at Ganon.
The Prince of Darkness knelt to the ground and held up his hands.
It did no good. The rock landed right on him.
The Goriyas approached Link.
"Link? Are you..." Zelda began.
The Goriyas got down on their knees.
"No hurt Goriya, Link!" one pleaded.
"Link has powerful magic! Goriya serve Link!" another said.
"Link be master, not Ganon!" a third said.
"Serve me? Hmmmm...No!" Link shouted suddenly. "What am I saying? Get away from me! Get out of here!"
The Goriyas took off in fear.
Link and Zelda heard a sound.
"What's that?" Link asked. "Ganon!"
"He's breaking out of the rock!" Zelda yelled.
"I must escape! I have no power left!" Ganon yelled, running away.
"Oh, no you don't! You're mine!" Link shouted. He ran up and punched the Prince of Darkness with his right fist.
Ganon fell to the ground.
"It's over, Ganon! I have the power now! You've hounded me! Attacked me! Made my life miserable!"
"Mercy! I surrender! Please! Spare me!" Ganon pleaded.
Link clutched Ganon's cloak with his hands. "I'll give you mercy! The same mercy you've always given me!"
"That's enough, Link!" Zelda yelled. "He's beaten! Don't sink to his level!"
"Rarrg!" Ganon growled, sinking his teeth into Link's left hand.
"Owww! Link screamed.
Ganon started to crawl away.
Link ran after him. "He bit me!"
"I must reach the entrance!" Ganon yelled.
When Link tried to jump him, he landed on the ground.
"Rarrg! He teleported!" Link yelled. "He got inside Death Mountain and he teleported!"
Zelda laid down on the ground next to him and placed her left hand on his left arm. "Take it easy, Link! We've won! We've beaten Ganon and now we can return the trophy to Ruto!"
Link stood up, surprising Zelda, who stood up as well.
"Ruto!?! I can't go to Ruto! I'm going after Ganon! I have to destroy him!" Link screamed. He placed his hands on Zelda's arms. "But to crush him inside Death Mountain where he's strongest, I need more power! I need the Triforce of Wisdom! I must have it!" He turned away from Zelda and made his hands into fists. "If I possess both Triforces, I can defeat Ganon once and for all!"
"What are you saying?" Zelda asked. "You know the Triforce of Wisdom cannot be possessed! It must be held in trust for the benefit of all the people of Hyrule!"
Link turned around and clutched Zelda's right wrist with his left hand.
"What? You don't trust me?!" he yelled angrily.
"Link, stop! You're hurting me!" Zelda cried. "The Triforce of Power, it's done something to you!"
Link went behind her and placed his hands on her arms. "Aww...come on, Zelda! You're just imagining things. I'm fine. I need your help. I need both Triforces! Please?"
Zelda walked away from him. "I...I'm sorry, Link. I can't give the Triforce to you. Or anyone!"
Link walked away. "Well, then...I guess I'll have to prove that I haven't changed! I'll hunt down Ganon and destroy him with the Triforce of Power alone."
"Wait! It may be dangerous. Let me come with you!" Zelda said.
"I said I'm destroy him alone!" Link yelled. "I don't need you!"
And with that, he left.


THE Price (10 pages)
By George Caragonne, Art Nicols, Don Hudson, Jade, The Gradations

Appears in: The Legend of Zelda, Volume # 1, Issue # 3, July 1990
The Best of the Nintendo Comics System, Month(?) 1990

With the captured Triforce of Power in his possession, Link hunts down the evil Dark Lord Ganon, who, stripped of his greatest source of power, has fled underground.

The long-deserted Palace of Parapa...

Link stood outside, facing the Palace, next to his horse, Catherine.
Ganon can teleport to any underworld location in Hyrule. Link thought. But his yearning for the Triforce of Power betrays him! His lust for the Triforce.--my Triforce--is so strong I can feel it--! Then Link realized something. He's here...
A group of goriyas came to meet him.
"Link let goriya serve him now?" one of them asked. "Goriya must serve! Only Link has Triforce of Power! Only Link is worthy to be master!"
"Hmmm...well...why not?" Link decided.

Inside, in a Throne room that once belonged to an ancient King...

Link looked at his reflection in a mirror. The goriya was helping him into a black cloak.
"I'll destroy Ganon and bring peace to Hyrule." Link vowed. "I have the power!"
"Link will rule! Link is King! Link wear King robes!"
"Ganon is close by!" Link said. "I can feel it!"
Indeed, Ganon was in the room on the other side of the fake mirror, watching Link.
"We are closer than you think...'hero'!"

Meanwhile, at the North Palace, Zelda seeks the guidance of the Triforce of Wisdom.

Zelda knelt in front of the Triforce. "I'm worried about Link! He...wanted to take you! I couldn't help thinking--that's what Ganon always wanted, too!"
"Link has a sickness." the Triforce told her. "He has power without wisdom."
"Should I have given you to him?"
"The Triforce of Wisdom is not yours to give." it told Zelda. "You are its keeper and protector. Nothing more."
"If Link is sick--how can I help him?" Zelda asked.
"No one can help Link now...except by helping him to destroy himself!"
Zelda stood up. "Destroy himself? No, there must be a way to save him!"
"If Link does not will forever wish that he did."
"No!" Zelda yelled. "What shall I do?"


Zelda was riding her horse away from the North Palace at a fast pace. "If power without wisdom is a sickness, then first I must cure matter what the Triforce of Wisdom says!"

The following night...

"Link's trail leads to the Parapa Palace?" Zelda asked herself, still riding. "But why would Link come here?" She dismounted her steed. "There's nothing here but crumbling ruins!"
Four Darknuts were watching her. They came and seized her.
"Perhaps there are scavengers as well--!" one of them said to her. "Seeking easy prey!"
"No! Let go!" Zelda yelled.

At that moment, in the Palace Throne room...

Link, his face hidden by the hood of his cloak, turned, his sword in his right hand. "A teleportation spell--! Ganon!"
Ganon teleported into the room. "You like the power, don't you, boy? Now that you have tasted true power, I offer you this--join my Army of Darkness! Help me conquer Hyrule, and I will give you the Eastlands to rule in my name!"
"I'll never join you! I have the Triforce of Power now! I'll destroy you!" Link swung at Ganon with his sword.
Ganon knocked the sword to the floor with a spell. "Foolish child! I offer you the chance for greatness! Don't you see? I let you capture the Triforce! And I can take it back! Triforce of Power! Return to your true master!"
And so it did.
"That's what you think, pig!" Link said.
The Triforce of Power came back to him.
"The Triforce chose you! It's not possible!" Ganon yelled.
"I'm ready for you!" Link yelled. "I knew you'd try to take the Triforce back! But my power is already greater than yours!"
"You may have power, but your heart makes you weak!" Ganon said. "I too was prepared! Behold!"
Darknut Prime entered the room, holding Princess Zelda.
"Link?" Zelda asked.
"Zelda!" Link yelled.
"Surrender the Triforce or my Darknut Prime will destroy your precious Princess!" Ganon vowed.
Link sat on the Throne. "She means nothing to me."
"You're bluffing!" Ganon yelled. "Darknut! Destroy her!"
Tears flooded Zelda's face and ran down her cheeks. Darknut Prime didn't do anything.
"What are you waiting for, fool?" Ganon asked.
Darknut Prime dropped Zelda to the floor. "There is only one true power here! What do you wish me to do......Master Link?"
"Traitor!" Ganon yelled, firing at them. "I'll destroy you both!"
Link cast a spell and locked Ganon into a cage. "You are dismissed, loyal Darknut! As for you Ganon...I'm growing stronger every minute! My magic is powerful enough to cage you now! I should just drop you into this endless pit!"
Zelda ran up behind Link and hugged him happily. "Link! I knew you wouldn't let anything happen to me!"
Link pulled away. "I want the Triforce of Wisdom, Princess! I know you have it in your satchel! I can sense it!"
Zelda was frightened. She backed away. "No!"
"Give it to me!" Link yelled, approaching her. "Or I will..."
" can't do this!"
"Why not?"
"Because you love me..." Zelda said, "...and I love you."
"I don't want love!" Link yelled. "I want more power!"
Zelda was frightened. Link cast a spell on her, but it didn't work.
Kneeling, Zelda grew angry, making her left hand into a fist. "Your spell didn't harm me! How? The Triforce of Courage protected me!"
"No!" Link screamed. "The Triforce of Courage is mine!"
Zelda stood up. "Not anymore! The Triforce of Courage has left your heart...and come to me!" Zelda said, placing her fist on her chest. "The Triforce of Power you hold is not evil, but Ganon tricked you into using Power without the Triforce of Wisdom to guide you! Remember the Legend of the Three Triforces? 'The three must be brought together...but if misused they will bring many evils'? You have misused the Triforce! He who depends on power alone, without wisdom... cannot claim courage!" She picked up Link's sword and pointed it at him. "Give up the Triforce of Power, Link. Or, even if it breaks my heart......I'll fight you. Wisdom and courage will always triumph over power!"
"Link! Listen to me!" Ganon yelled from inside his cage. "We can defeat her together, if you let me have the Triforce of Power back--! Then, once she's gone, we'll divide the spoils of Hyrule! I swear it! Please! I must have the Triforce back! I'm fading away!"
Link pointed at him. "Shut up, Ganon! The power is mine, forever!"
"Don't you see what's happening?!" Zelda asked. "You don't have to join Ganon!" She pointed at Link. "You've become Ganon!"
Link pulled down his hood and looked in the mirror. He had the face of a pig. "Nooooooo!!!"
"Ha ha ha" Ganon laughed. "This is the price of power! It corrupted and twisted you as it did me! It is horrible, is it not? Rid yourself of it, noble Link! Give it back to me!"
"You're dying because you lost the power!" Link realized. "If I give up the Triforce now--the same thing will happen to me!"
Zelda placed her right hand on his right arm. "It's true...if you give up the Triforce, you'll be destroying yourself!"
"There is a price either way." Link said. "My life, if I give up the power! My soul, if I keep it!" Link threw the Triforce of Power into the endless pit. "I choose to soul!"
"The Triforce!" Ganon yelled. "No!" He broke out of his cage and dove into the pit. "The power must be mine!"
Link collapsed. Zelda caught him and held him.
Zelda began to cry again. "Oh, Link...Link!"
"Don't cry, Zelda." Link said. "I'm a hero. Or at least I was. I'm not pay the price."

Link woke up a while later. "Uh...w-a...what's happened? Where am I!?!"
"It's all right!" Zelda assured him. "You're back in North Palace! Ganon is defeated!"
Link was lying on his bed, and Zelda was near him.
Link sat up and felt his face. "Hey! I'm not a pig-face anymore and I'm alive!"
"If it weren't for the Triforce, you wouldn't be!" Zelda said.
Zelda pushed Link back down on his back.
"But I gave up the Triforce of Power--!" Link said, not understanding.
"And in doing so, you proved worthy of the Triforce of Courage!" Zelda said. "It returned to you, and restored your strength! It saved your life." She turned and walked towards the door.
Link suddenly sat up. "Hey! What about you saying you love me!?!"
"Oh!" Zelda quickly made up some bullshit. " must have dreamed that, Link!"
"You said it, Zelda! I heard you!"
"How could you hear anything with those pig ears you had!?"
"You said it!"
"No I didn't!"
"Yes you did!"


By George Caragonne, Ken Penders, P. Zorito, Jade, and Christiaan

Appears in: The Legend of Zelda, Volume # 1, Issue # 3, July 1990
The Best of the Nintendo Comics System, Month(?) 1990

In the kingdom of Hyrule, there are three Triforces. No one knows whence they came - only that they possess great mystic energy, each for its own purpose.
The Triforce of Wisdom,
the Triforce of Power,
and the Triforce of Courage.
The Triforce of Wisdom is kept by Princess Zelda in Hyrule's North Palace. Its guidance helps her rule the kingdom wisely.
In times of dire need, the Triforce helps her cast powerful magic spells!
The Triforce of Power has been held by Ganon, the Prince of Darkness, in his Death Mountain stronghold ever since he stole it from the people of Hyrule.
The Triforce of Power makes Ganon, already a mighty magician, nearly invincible! If he should ever obtain the Triforce of Wisdom as well, he would conquer Hyrule with ease!
The Triforce of Courage, the most mysterious of the three, remained hidden for many years until Link accomplished a daring quest. Now the Triforce of Courage dwells in his heart, the secret of his greatest power.
An ancient scroll foretold, "Wisdom, Power, and Courage. When these things are brought together, the Triforce will show its maximum power."
"But if misused, the Triforce will bring many evils."


VIDEO-TOWN (1 page)
By George Caragonne, Joe Q., Joe Rubinstein, Jade, Christiaan

Appears in: Captain N: The Game Master, Volume # 1, Issue # 3, July 1990
The Best of the Nintendo Comics System, Month(?) 1990

There is one world in Videoland that has it all - fascinating places, bizarre characters, and incredible events...
It's a city that attracts the best and the worst from every game world. From ghosts to space warriors, you never know who you'll meet next.
Here, also, is the ultimate recreation center! This is where Videoland folks go when they have time off to enjoy Baseball, Soccer, or even Championship Wrestling! If it's played in a video game, it's played here.
But, beware! A place as large as Video Town attracts all kinds...and some of them are very dangerous!


By George Caragonne, Don Hudson, Jose Marzan, Jade, John Cebollero

Appears in: Captain N: The Game Master, Volume # 1, Issue # 2, June 1990
The Best of the Nintendo Comics System, Month(?) 1990
Super Mario Bros., Volume # 1, Issue # 4, May 1991

"Greetings! I am the beautiful Mother Brain! Let's talk world domination...right after my assistants introduce themselves."
"Eggplant Wizard, here!" Eggy said, waving.
"I am Uranos." the demigod said unemotionally, his arms crossed.
"The first thing you need is a good base of operations!" Mother Brain said.
RIGHT - Uranos was standing in front of a huge, strong fortress at night, while there's a heavy thunderstorm.
WRONG - Eggplant Wizard was standing in a large, empty baseball stadium.
"How's this, Mother Brain?" Eggy asked.
"Always choose your henchmen carefully." Mother Brain instructed next.
RIGHT - Uranos was standing in front of a lineup of football players at Ogre University.
Uranos pointed at the largest player with his right index finger. "You'll do."
WRONG - Eggplant Wizard was standing in front of a lineup of old guys that were holding adding machines at H+R Crook Accounting School.
"I'll take all of you!" Eggy said.
"Next, be sure and choose clothing that will strike terror in the hearts of your adversaries!" Mother Brain advised.
RIGHT - Uranos was wearing a long, dark cloak.
WRONG - Eggplant Wizard was dressed to sell ice cream, and a bunch of kids in the neighborhood were running towards him!
"When it comes to your equipment, always read all instructions carefully." Mother Brain said next.
RIGHT - Uranos was firing a huge laser cannon at the N Team, and they ran away.
WRONG - Eggplant Wizard was reading the instructions. "'Batteries not included--!'"
"That's it, Mother dear!" Eggplant Wizard said.
"So listen up, all of you budding arch-villains. If you follow all of my helpful hints someday you'll get exactly what you deserve!" Mother Brain concluded.
Eggplant Wizard and Uranos were sitting in a jail cell, and Kevin was standing in front of it, smiling and twirling his Zapper.


By George Caragonne, Don Hudson, Jose Marzan, Ken Lopez, John Cebollero

Appears in: Nintendo Comics System, Volume # 1, Issue # 1, April 1990
Captain N: The Game Master, Volume # 1, Issue # 1, May 1990
Nintendo Comics System, Volume # 1, Issue # 2, July 1990
The Best of the Nintendo Comics System, Month(?) 1990
Adventures of the Super Mario Bros., Volume # 1, Issue # 1, February 1991

Here, Kid Icarus flies against the forces of the underworld!
Here, space hunter Samus Aran battles the hordes of Metroid.
Here, Little Mac punches out his opponents on his way to the title!
And here, the beautiful Princess Lana rules the Palace of Power in the absence of her father, Good King Charles.
Once, there was a balance to all things in Videoland. For each world there was a hero, and for each hero, an arch-villain.
Mother Brain changed all that, by uniting the forces of evil on all worlds to form a single deadly alliance that nothing could stop!
On that day, the League of Darkness was born.
Mother Brain had tipped the balance of power. A champion was needed to unite the forces of light! The Ultimate Warp Zone found him... Northridge, California.
Kevin Keene the hottest Nintendo power player on the face of the Earth!
Kevin alone had the knowledge of the video game world needed to defeat Mother Brain. Kevin would no longer be just another high school kid. He was now...
Captain N: The Game Master
Welcome to Videoland, Kevin. Where the games are real and the fate of the universe is in your hands.
Now you're playing with power!

By Bryan Leys, Don Hudson, Jeff Albrecht, Jade, The V-8's

Appears in: Captain N: The Game Master, Volume # 1, Issue # 5, September 1990
Adventures of the Super Mario Bros., Volume # 1, Issue # 5, June 1991

Kevin Keene was the hottest power player on Earth! Now he's a hero in a world where video games like Metroid, Donkey Kong, Punch-Out!! and Kid Icarus are reality! The world is Videoland, where Kevin Keene is known as...

Captain N: The Game Master

Samus Aran, Kevin Keene, Princess Lana, and Duke were flying in the Starship Hunter IV to a large, cubed-shaped object in space. Samus was piloting. Kevin was sitting in the chair to her left. Duke was standing on his hind legs, looking out the front window with curiosity. Lana stood between Samus and Duke.
"Wow!" Kevin exclaimed. "This place looks like a giant safe, Samus Aran!"
"With good reason, Kevin. This is the Locker, safe haven for me, and every other tough space hunter this side of Metroid!"
"Space hunters?" Lana asked in confusion. "I thought you were bounty hunters--pirates who hunt down other people, for the price on their heads."
"A person has to eat, Princess." Samus said. "Besides, your father made space hunting perfectly legal. Ask him about it, if you ever find him."
"Please don't argue, Samus, and Princess Lana. You're just tense right now!" Kevin said. "We're all tense right now, because of this mission. We need to pick up one of Samus's weapons--and we don't need extra problems."
"Point taken." Samus said. "Let's cut the bickering, and I'll dock the ship."

Once they were inside the Locker, they were welcomed with the sounds of lots of people, from many different planets, yelling Samus' name.
"You're pretty popular around here!" Lana remarked.
"Well...a lot of people owe me favors." Samus replied. "My personal storage area is on Level 200. Let's hop on the gravulator."
So, they did.
"Tell us about the weapon you've stored here." Lana said.
"The Medusa Ray?" Samus asked. "I found it on a dead planet. I know it can turn a person to stone, and I'm pretty sure it can be used in reverse."
"That's just what we need!" Kevin said. "Then, we can free poor Kid Icarus from the spell of that evil gorgon." Kevin remembered how he, Lana, Samus, and Kid were on Mount Olympus, and how all of them except Kid had managed to avoid looking at Medusa. "At least we know he'll wait patiently back at the Palace of Power. He has no choice!"

They arrived at their destination. After walking down a corridor, they came to a door marked "SAMUS ARAN". Under her name was a skull. Under that was a rectangular scanning device of some sort. Under that were the words "PRIVATE PROPERTY", and, under that, "KEEP OUT".
"This is your locker?" Lana asked, surprised at the large advertisement on the door. "Aren't you worried about being robbed?"
Samus took out a rectangular metal object with her left hand. "Never. These warpkeys unlock a pocket dimension on the other side of the door. No one can open it, except the owner." Samus unlocked the door, and they stepped through into her storage area. "In fact, you could say that without the key, the contents don't really exist. What's everybody staring at?" Samus asked, noticing Lana and Kevin's looks of great surprise.
"I - it's so big!" Kevin exclaimed.
"Yes, well, I couldn't afford one of the larger ones." Samus replied.
Lana lingered behind as a glowing object caught her attention.
Samus, Kevin, and Duke kept on walking.
"Let's see...I think the Medusa Ray is back in Aisle 30. Or is it Aisle 32?" Samus wondered. "We'll just grab it, stow it on the ship, and relax with a pint of Comet Grog!"
"Hey Princess Lana...come on!" Kevin called. "You have to see this!"
Lana wasn't paying any attention to him, however. She was staring in shock at the golden object, which she had picked up and examined.

Later that night, in Kevin and Lana's rented suite...

"But, I saw it, Kevin. I touched it!" Lana insisted. "It was the legendary Flame-Chip--the only one of its kind! The Flame-Chip was offered as a bounty for the capture of my father! And I saw it in Samus's personal storage! She did it, Kevin--she kidnapped my father for money!"
"No! I don't believe it!" Kevin yelled. "We need more proof!"
"I have all the proof I need." Lana said. "Once we're back at the Palace of Power, I'm putting her on trial for high treason!"
I don't think so."
Kevin and Lana turned towards the sound of the voice. Samus was standing in the doorway, wearing nothing but green boots and a green combination-shirt-and-underwear.
"The walls of these compartments are thin--especially when you have bionic hearing." Samus said.
"Samus, tell the Princess it's a mistake!" Kevin said. "The Flame-Chip isn't yours. There must be an explanation!"
Samus turned to leave. "I have no explanation. You will find a ship and leave the Locker immediately. Our alliance is at an end." Then she walked away.
"I don't understand." Kevin said. "She spoke so coldly."
Lana pointed angrily at him. "Kevin, I will not leave without Samus. As protector of Videoland, I'm ordering you to help capture Samus--and bring her to trial!"
Kevin turned on her angrily, startling her. "Lana, I am not your personal sheriff. Samus is a friend! I won't do anything until I hear her side of the story." But what is she is guilty? he thought. What will I do then? He turned to leave the room. "Wait here while I go talk with her.
Lana took a tea kettle off of the stove. "I'm sorry, Kevin. But I won't let my father go unavenged!"
Then Lana smashed the kettle against Kevin's head, knocking him out.

Kevin woke up some time later to Duke's slurps.
He held his head. "Uhhh, what hit me!? I feel like I went six rounds with King Hippo! Duke, where's the Princess?" Kevin stood up. "Jumping microchips! Lana took my Zapper. She must be going after Samus on her own! Duke...we've got to find them."

But, in the Locker's canteen...

Samus was sitting at a table, having a drink. I can't tell them the truth. They'd never believe me...but, if I don't say something, I'll lose Kevin's friendship.
"Samus Aran!" Lana shouted. She shot Samus' glass with the Zapper. "I hereby arrest you for crimes against Videoland! Surrender while you can..."
"Craters of Metron...she's got Kevin's Zapper!" Samus yelled. She quickly stood up, putting on her helmet. "You're not arresting anyone Princess."
Samus kicked the table and sent it flying at Lana. Lana ducked, and the table went over her head.
"See? Caught you off balance." Samus said. She started firing at Lana. "A few well-placed ice blats should keep you that way!"
Lana hit the floor and got out of the way of the blasts. "I'm not impressed by your weapons or your bionic strength, Samus." She got to her feet and pushed a dessert cart towards Samus. "You may be stronger, but I do know how to take care of myself! My father taught me to use anything, as a weapon, whether a Zapper or a dessert cart!"
Samus grabbed Lana's right hand, so she couldn't fire, and pulled her off her feet. "Princess, you just made a big mistake. You let me get my hands on you."
Lana felt horrible pain in her hand. She's got a grip of steel! She pressed her left hand against Samus' helmet. I've got one chance...if I can find her air supply valve, I can flood her armor with pure oxygen... She heard a click.
Then there was an audible fooosh sound. Samus released Lana and fell to the floor.
"Uhhhhhh..." Samus moaned, dazed.
Lana stood up. It worked! The oxygen made her dizzy. But, it's like fighting a tank. How can I defeat her without zapping her out of existence?


Kevin was trying to get through a doorway, but a guard wasn't letting him.
"I said, back off." the guard said. "Where are you going in such a hurry anyway?"
"I've got to get through...and you're starting to annoy me." Kevin said.
"Grrrrr." Duke growled angrily at the guard.
Kevin made his left hand into a fist and punched the guard in the face, knocking him over. "I have not have my Zapper, but I'm no pushover. You may be one, though!"
"Ruff." Duke commented with a smile.
Suddenly, three guards came by and started firing at Kevin.
"Uh-oh, here comes the cavalry! Time to shift up!" Kevin pressed the Up button on his Power Pad and dodged the blasts. "Duke, when I come down, jump, into my arms."
Duke did.
Kevin kept shifting to avoid getting hit by the guards' fire. "I can tell when I'm not wanted! Got to keep shifting right and left before these dudes start getting lucky!"
Suddenly, Kevin spotted something.
"A gravulator shaft! Hang on, Duke. I'm going to jump us to the other side."
"Yipe!" Duke yelled.
When they arrived on the other side, Duke jumped out of Kevin's arms.
"Oh, come on, Duke. It wasn't that bad. All that shifting drained my Power Pad, though. I hope I can put a pause on the Princess without it."

Meanwhile, near the docking bay...

Lana was firing repeatedly at Samus with the Zapper. Samus tucked herself into a ball and rolled out of the way.
"Stay back, Samus." Lana warned. "Or the next zap will send you to oblivion!" I've lured her toward the ship, but she's transformed into her mari maru mode. I don't even know if she can hear me. I'll have to try jumping over her.
So, Lana jumped.
"I'm not going to make it...uhhhhhh!" Lana crashed into a wall, dropping the Zapper, then fell to the floor.
Samus got to her feet. "I am sorry, little Princess. You forced me to fight, and there was only one way the fight could end. Surrender, and you'll get safe passage home."
Lana was lying on the floor, bruised but still determined. She made her left hand into a fist. "I'll never surrender. You may be stronger than I, but you'll never have a moment's peace while I live. I will bring you to justice."
Suddenly, Kevin and Duke ran into the canteen.
"Samus, wait...let go of her!" Kevin yelled.
Samus turned her head. "Kevin, why don't you...uhhhh!"
Lana had used the distraction to launch herself off the floor. Her feet crashed into Samus' head. If Samus hadn't been wearing her helmet, the blow probably would've been fatal.
"Thanks for the opening." Lana said to Kevin.
Then, Lana walked away from them.
"Now you've done it." Samus told Kevin. "The little wildcat got away. I suppose I'll have to fight you next?"
Kevin knelt down and picked up his Zapper. "Maybe so, maybe not!" He stood up and holstered it. "First I want to hear your side of the story. How did you get that Flame-Chip?"
"All right, I'll tell you." Samus said. "But you won't feel any better. A few years ago, I made a foolish misstep--and ended up prisoner of two space-pirates from Metroid. They connected me to a machine designed to make me serve their evil leader, Mother Brain! When they pulled the switch, everything went black. When I came to, I was here at the Locker...with the Flame-Chip in my hand! I didn't know if an hour had gone by or a month. That's why I can't tell you I'm innocent--I'm not sure of it myself."
"I'll take that as a confession, Samus."
Kevin and Samus turned and saw Lana standing behind them.
"Do you recognize the Medusa Ray, traitor?" Lana asked. "I went to the ship and got it. Now you must surrender--or your whole body will become as stony as your heart!"
"Wait a minute, Princess!" Kevin yelled. He stood in front of Samus. "I don't know if Samus kidnapped your father or not. We may never know! But, I do know I've fought beside this woman, and seen her risk her life for both of us, time and time again. Maybe that doesn't earn her a pardon for the past. But, it makes me want to have faith in her. I hope you can have faith in her, too."
"But, Kevin, I.....I,,," Lana began, then collapsed to the floor, ashamed of herself. She put her left hand to her head. "No, you're right, Kevin. Our faith in each other is all we have! I'm sorry, Samus. It's just...I miss my father so much. Let's take the Flame-Chip, and get out of here. Kid Icarus needs us back home."

Later, on the ship, after most of the N Team is asleep...

Duke was lying on the floor, still awake.
Suddenly, the Flame-Chip, sitting on a control panel, sent its thoughts to him: Duke! Gentle Duke, listen, harken to the thoughts of the Flame-Chip. I do not live as humans do, but I have a consciousness. I was aware when the pirates captures Samus, and when she broke free of their machine...stumbling half-conscious, fleeing her tormentors, she came upon my resting place. She rescued me, and brought me here to safety. This I do know and more. But humans cannot hear me. Only you, Duke, can receive and understand my thoughts. Therefore, the innocence of Samus must always be...our secret.
"Whine, whine." Duke said sadly.


By George Caragonne, Art Nicholis, P. Zorito, Jade, Heather Eastman

Appears in: The Legend of Zelda, Volume # 1, Issue # 2, June 1990
The Best of the Nintendo Comics System, Month(?) 1990

Money! No matter how much or how little you have...'s up to you to use it wisely.
It always pays to shop around before you buy. You might find the exact same item... a much lower price in another store!
But price is not the only thing to consider.
So, only buy from reputable stores!
And get a warranty--just in case your merchandise fails to perform in actual use.
It's your money. Don't get burned. This message brought to you by...
The Hyrule Better Business Bureau