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Here is a list of all of the people that have helped me with this site. I am grateful to each one of you. Please note that no credit is given here if it is given in another section of the site.

Mandi Paugh for the smiley face, part of the source code for the Random Quote and the WAVs and MP3 from the Spanish version of "How's Bayou"! She also pointed out that the Password music from CV2 is played on CN! Thank you, Mandi!

Chris Hereim for the pictures from "How's Bayou", "Happy Birthday, Megaman", and "In Search of the King".

Martin Ulstrup Nielsen for giving me the pictures from "Nintendo Magasinet" and for identifying the language in the pictures as Danish.

Giggas for pointing out that Henry Sterchi works at Nintendo Of America, not GamePro.

Rick Moya for the source code for the surveys.

Nick Pinto for pointing out that Kid Icarus' toga is yellow in the comics, for the real lyrics to 'White Wedding', for the MIDI of "Danger Zone", for the Tempo Video box covers, and for the scans of "THE HAPPY ZONE", "JUST A DOG", the cover of CNV1I3, the cover of CNV1I5, "WHEN FRIENDS FALL OUT", "FROM THE WORLD OF METROID: SAMUS ARAN'S STARSHIP HUNTER IV", and "THE FABULOUS POWER OF CAPTAIN N"! Thank you, Nick!

OmegaWarrior for telling me that "I Feel Good" is by James Brown and for info on version 1 of "How's Bayou".

Isabelle Saucier for the comic book info.

Lyndon Moore for telling me that Captain N and The Legend of Zelda are now available on video from Warner Bros., for "The Best of the Nintendo Comics System" summaries and pics, for identifying a tune played on "The Trojan Dragon" as coming from Marble Madness, for identifying where the Gutsman and Cutman MIDIs came from, and for screen captures from the theme songs, "Videolympics", "Mega Trouble For Megaland", "Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain", "Nightmare On Mother Brain's Street", "In Search of the King", and "The Trojan Dragon"! Thank you, Lyndon!

Natalie Jones for the info that Captain N is now available on video from DiC!

Timothy Roy Hicks for telling me that the song played on "How's Bayou" is "Born on the Bayou" by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

tsr for allowing me to put "Captain Nintendo" and "Friends", which he typed up, on this page.

Quinton Buckley for the dates the comic books were released, various story summaries, info on lots of issues, and scans of various comics. Thank you, Quinton!

Mark Hancock for the original air date for "Kevin In Videoland"!

Dan Fichtel for scans of the ads for Captain N V1I1, Zelda V1I1, and NCS V1I1!

The Master of Hyrule for The Legend of Zelda comic book summaries.

Eric Vartanian for the scans of Zelda V1I3, for the scans of the DiC video boxes, for info on where to order the comics, for info on version 1 of "How's Bayou", for the WAV of the dance scene from version 1 of "How's Bayou" which I converted to an MP3, and for screen captures from the theme songs, "The Ringer", "Kevin In Videoland", and "The Most Dangerous Game Master".

Michael Lee Rohm for passing along the comic book scans to me, for allowing me to check my e-mail when my school didn't have Internet access, and for the MIDI of "White Wedding".

Futbalhed for info on version 1 of "How's Bayou".

David Hartline for novelizing the episodes "Totally Tetrisized", "A Tale of Two Dogs", "Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls", and "Kevin In Videoland"! Also, for the info that "The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers" was shown in a shortened form in Season 3, and for MP3s of the commercials from "Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls", "The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N", "A Tale of Two Dogs", and "Pursuit of the Magic Hoop". Thank you, David!

Elissa Myhan for identifying the Western music played in "Kevin In Videoland" as coming from the movie "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly".

Kelly Harris for the Captain N lyrics to the songs played in "The Trojan Dragon", "Having a Ball", "The Trouble With Tetris", "The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers", "Germ Wars", "Gameboy", "Quest For the Potion of Power", and "Once Upon a Time Machine"! Also, she corrected an error in the words to the Season 3 theme song! She also found evidence in "Once Upon a Time Machine" that Hylians are human! Plus, she pointed out that the CV2 Password music is played on CN! Also, she pointed out the spelling of Pero's name on the closed captions. Thank you very much, Kelly!

Matt Slater for allowing me to store files on his site, for the Captain N NEWS graphics, and for the message board! Thank you!

Mandi Ohlin for the info on Captain N stories in issues of other series, for the info on the last day Captain N aired on NBC, for the real lyrics to "Shakedown", and for the scans of "BREAKOUT" and "THE FRUIT AND VEGETABLE WAR"!

Cynthia Chan for the info on when VGM was on WGN.

Adam Spradlin for home video info, for the scan from the 1992 European Nintendo Catalog, for the box covers for "The Ringer", "Sing For the Unicorn", and "The Missing Link", for the stations that aired Zelda on the SMB Super Show, for the original air dates for all the Zelda episodes on the SMB Super Show, "Gameboy", "Queen of the Apes", "Quest For the Potion of Power", "Once Upon a Time Machine", "The Feud of Faxanadu", and all the Season 3 episodes, for the correct titles of some Zelda episodes, for the info that CN&SMB3 was proclaimed Number 1 in its time slot, and for the writers of "The White Knight", "Kiss'N Tell", "That Sinking Feeling", "Doppelganger", "Underworld Connections", "Hitch In the Works", and "Fairies In the Spring"! Thank you so much!

Rebecca Capowski for the info on the mentions of Captain N and Zelda in "Game Players" and "Super Play" and for the scans of those mentions.

Adam K. Roberts for the MIDI of "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" and for the info that Captain N was mentioned in Volume 110 of "Nintendo Power".

Larry Reyome for the original airdate of "The Trouble With Tetris"!

Amanda Flowers for the scans of "THE COMING OF A HERO"! Thank you!

Wilson G for screen captures from the Zelda theme song, "Captain N & The Video Game Masters", "Doppelganger", and "Stinging a Stinger"! Thank you!

DeadPhrog for the scans of "Deceit Du Jour"! Thank you!

Andres Thalheimer for the info on Uranos!

Jeremy Rogers for screen captures from the Zelda theme song, "The Ringer", "Kevin In Videoland", "Quest For the Potion of Power", "Having a Ball", and "The Trojan Dragon"! Thank you!

Steve Cronen for the info that Captain N was mentioned in Volume 104 of "Nintendo Power" and the scan of it.

Aly Handman for the info that there was an article on Captain N in Volume 8 of "Nintendo Power".

Barbara Leader for the scans of "IMPA'S INFO", "THE NORTH PALACE", and "THE MASTER MACHINE"! Thank you!

Sivak for the scan of the "Nintendo Power" articles on SMB Super Show / Zelda and Captain N and for sending me a tape containing versions 1 and 2 of "How's Bayou", an NBC copy of "Three Men and a Dragon", a slightly different NBC copy of "Videolympics", and episode preview commercials for "Three Men and a Dragon", "Happy Birthday, Megaman", "In Search of the King", "Mega Trouble For Megaland", "Simon the Ape-Man", and "Wishful Thinking"! Thank you so much!

Simone for the info on the Italian version of Captain N and the MP3 of the theme song!

The Castellan for identifying the "Gradius" music used on the show.

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