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The title comes from a line Mother Brain spoke in "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME MASTER": "Behold - the ultimate Game Master!"

This story was originally written as a Captain N "book", rather than as Part 1 of the "CHANGES" miniseries. In fact, I didn't even think of turning it into a miniseries until April of 1997! The story was written for only my friend, Mandi Paugh, to read. Then, John Hambel on The Night Ranger Online offered to create a section on his BBS to post my stories. Then, I created this website. Soon, I dropped the book idea in favor of a miniseries format.

I started writing this story on Tuesday, October 29, 1996, at 7:49 AM. The first version was completed on Thursday, January 9, 1997, at 9:58 AM.

The story was originally divided into a Prologue, Epilogue, and 18 chapters, but I later got rid of them to make the story seem less like a book and more like part of a TV miniseries.

The first scene of this story is the final scene of "BATTLE OF THE BASEBALL KNOW-IT-ALLS".

The party is very similar to the royal ball in "HAVING A BALL".

The part where Link pulls a chair for Zelda is inspired by the scene where Simon offers a red cloth for Lana to walk over a mudhole in "HOW'S BAYOU".

The toast Lana offers to her father is similar to the toast Lyle gives in "THE TROUBLE WITH TETRIS".

Lana's observation that the Ultimate Warp Zone hasn't opened up is a prelude to Part 4.

The voice that announces the Blockheads is the same person from "THE TROUBLE WITH TETRIS".

Mike Vincent, a character first introduced in "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME MASTER", finally comes to Videoland for real in this story.

The situation with Mike calling Kevin for help is similar to the scene in "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME MASTER".

When Mega Man says "This is a warp zone to Megaland", it was inspired by Lana's line in "MR. AND MRS. MOTHER BRAIN": "This door is a warp zone to Castlevania."

Lana's line about Skull Castle being a big place is identical to her line about Castlevania in "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME MASTER".

Dr. Wily's line, "All right, let's get moving", was inspired by his line in "THE BIG GAME": "All right, line up. Time to get moving."

Lana's line, "Kevin, look out!", is Mike's line from "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME MASTER".

Lana and Kevin's lines about if Kevin is all right after being hit is taken word-for-word from "MEGA TROUBLE FOR MEGALAND".

Kevin's line, "Hey, Lana, what's shakin'?", was inspired by his line to the N Team in "GERM WARS".

Kevin's line, "Oh, yeah", is what Brisco said after he had been shot in an episode of "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr".

The flashback scene to 1989 was originally written for an expanded novelization of "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND" that I gave up on.

Lana's laser rifle makes its first appearance in this story. It was never shown or mentioned on the TV series. It's based on the phaser rifles on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine".

Dr. Right's line, "I may be able to help you", is similar to his line in "MEGA TROUBLE FOR MEGALAND".

Lana's line about loving her Zapper was inspired by Darien's line about loving Basketball in an episode of Time Trax.

Lana's line, "How'd we get here?", is Kevin's line from "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND".

Lana's comment, legends never die, comes from the cover of the Star Trek novel "The Return" by William Shatner.

Lana shooting at Mike to get his hand away from his Zapper is what Kevin did in "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME MASTER".

Mike challenging Kevin is very similar to the scene in "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME MASTER".

Lana's line, "Kevin, what are you saying?!", comes from "HAVING A BALL".

Mike's famous line, "I'm gonna kick your ass!", and variations thereof, begins here. It was never spoken on "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME MASTER".

Mike's line, "Look who's the Game Master now, Keene", comes from "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME MASTER".

Lana's line, "Don't think I won't do it!", comes from a line Scully spoke to Skinner in an episode of The X-Files.

Kevin and Lana's lines, "Huh?!" and "What?!", come from "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND".

Kevin's comment about the N Team being his family is a reference to "GERM WARS".

Lana's fear of jumping does not contradict her gymnastic talents in TV episodes. Her fear is only of jumping using the Power Pad.

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