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The title comes from an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

This story was inspired by a scene in "Mega Man--The Series" Book 2: "No Shielding The Past" Chapter 4, where Kevin was forced to fire at Mega Man to prevent him from harming anyone.

I started writing this story on Tuesday, February 18, 1997, at 8:50 AM. The first version was completed on Tuesday, April 29, 1997, at 7:01 PM.

An earlier title I considered: "DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL".

The story was originally divided into a Prologue, Epilogue, and 16 chapters, but I later got rid of them to make the story seem less like a book and more like part of a TV miniseries.

The scene where King Charles calls is based on scenes from "GAMEBOY" and "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME MASTER".

The scene where Lana washes her hands and face was inspired by a scene in the Season 2 premiere of "Millenium".

Lana's line about taking a human life not being a light thing to do comes from Mandi Paugh.

Lana's line, "Yoo-hoo! Anybody here?", was inspired by Randall Flagg's similar line in the ABC TV miniseries version of "The Stand".

Originally, Link and Zelda were both at Lana's birthday party in 1989. While this wasn't a problem when this story first went up, a later episode, Season 5's "A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 1, said Link and Zelda first met a few months later. So, I removed Link from the scene. Thanks to Kelly Harris for pointing this out to me!

Simon yells "Oh, no!" in the flashback scene the same way he yells it in "THE TROJAN DRAGON".

Lana and Simon's argument is based on the one they had in "HOW'S BAYOU".

Lana liking chocolate fudge is first mentioned here. It was never mentioned on the TV series.

Lana calling her father "Daddy" comes from the comic book story, "THE HAPPY ZONE". She never called him "Daddy" on the TV series.

Lana not being interested in casual conversation with Dr. Wily is Tasha's attitude towards Deanna in the novelization of the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" series finale, "All Good Things..."

Lana's line to Dr. Wily about giving him a war was inspired by Kira's line in the "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" premiere, "Emissary".

Kevin's line, "Whoa! Quick upload!", was my friend Mike Rohm's friend Mike Mitchell's comment while we were watching "The Net" at Mike Rohm's house.

Lana's line, "It's like a whirlwind in my head!", is Connor MacLeod's line in "Highlander".

The song Kevin and Lana sing is called "The Minstrel Boy". Chief O'Brien and Captain Maxwell sung it in the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode, "The Wounded".

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