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I started writing this story on Tuesday, May 8, 1997, at 7:57 PM. I finished the final spell check on the complete text on Wednesday, July 16, 1997, at 10:56 PM.

The story was originally divided into a Prologue, Epilogue, and 44 chapters, but I later got rid of them to make the story seem less like a book and more like part of a TV miniseries.

Kevin's line to Simon about being a fountain of encouragement was inspired by Q's line to Captain Picard about being a fountain of good ideas in the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" series premiere, "Encounter At Farpoint".

Dr. Wily's line, "Charming woman", is Will Riker's line in the TNG episode, "Data's Day".

Mega Man playing back the tape comes from "METROID SWEET METROID".

Kevin's comment about Lana lying to him is based on evidence from version 1 of "HOW'S BAYOU".

Kevin and Lana's conversation upon arriving on Earth is based on the one in "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND".

Mike's line when he answers the phone is the line my friend, Mike Rohm, used in the early '90s, albeit only for a short time.

The physical appearance of Kevin's dad, Ned, is based on Les' dad in the movie "License to Drive".

Yes, there really is a movie rental place known as Videoland.

Kevin's Star Trek quote comes from Spock in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home".

Lana's reply of "Magic" was inspired by lines from the movie "Highlander" and the Queen song 'A Kind of Magic'.

Lana gives an explanation as to why she was so busy solving people's petty problems in "THE LOST CITY OF KONGOLAND".

The opening of The Videoland Story in the instruction manual is the opening narration in "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND".

Another part of The Videoland Story comes from the narration in version 2 of "WHEN MOTHER BRAIN RULES".

I put "the Videoland game" in as a way of explaining Kevin's comment in "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND": "Look, I've played this game a hundred times."

The part about Akharin the foot soldier comes from the classic "Star Trek" episode "Requiem for Methuselah".

Kevin and Lana's dialogue is my attempt to explain the TV warping and the weird green creature in "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND".

Kevin's final explanation about warp zones comes from the comic book story "SECRETS OF THE WARP ZONES".

The junk in Kevin's closet comes from "NIGHTMARE ON MOTHER BRAIN'S STREET", although Kevin doesn't remember putting that much junk in there.

"Sounds like a plan" is a phrase my friend, Mike Rohm, introduced me to.

The TV preacher is based on the Dr. Gene Scott, a preacher that Mike told me about shortly before or while I was writing this story.

Kevin and Lana's conversation after Lana asks Kevin who Jesus is was made up by Mike when I told him about the scene over the phone.

Lana's new hairstyle is based on Heidi Noelle Lenhart's hairstyle on the cover of the "California Dreams" soundtrack album.

Lana's question about what a taco is was inspired by her line about pizza in "NIGHTMARE ON MOTHER BRAIN'S STREET".

"Genetic protein on plankton toast" comes from the second episode of the 1993 sci-fi series "Time Trax".

Stacey, Kevin, and Lana listening to 'White Wedding' on the drive home was inspired by the fact that, when I visited Chicago in June of 1993, I was first driven to Michigan; then someone picked me up and drove me to Chicago that night, and 'White Wedding' was playing on the radio during the drive.

My long-time friend, Michael Lee Rohm, wrote the hilarious flashback scenes! Thanks, man! Those incidents were based on actual events that he and his friends, Jason and Jimmy, got into a few years earlier! No, I'm serious! In the cop scene, Kevin says Michael's dialogue, and Mike says Jimmy and Jason's dialogue. The two cops say their own dialogue. In the broom / Zelda scene, Kevin says Michael's dialogue, Mike says Jason's dialogue, and Kevin's dad says Michael's dad's dialogue. In the New Year's Eve scene, Kevin says Michael's dialogue and Mike says Jimmy's dialogue.

The part about putting the cops story on the Web comes from a phone conversation I had with Mike where I was talking about including the cop incident in the story. Mike said the cops might find my site and remember the event.

The overuse of the word "man" by Kevin and Mike was inspired by dialogue in "Back to the Future, Part IV: Disco Inferno", a homemade movie me and Mike are making.

Kevin and Stacey's first date flashback was originally written as part of an expanded novelization of "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND" that I never finished. I also considered it as a separate story in my book series.

Lana calling Kevin "my Captain" was inspired by her words in "QUEST FOR THE POTION OF POWER".

Kevin helping Stacey study for her Algebra test, mentioned in "THE BIG GAME" in Season 2, is shown here.

Some parts of their date are inspired by the lyrics in the song played in "THE LOST CITY OF KONGOLAND".

Kevin says "Uh, I dunno" the same way he says it in "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME MASTER".

Rick's line to Kevin about "no slacking off" was inspired by Sly's line in a Season 1 episode of "California Dreams".

The Video Game Competition is based on Video Armageddon in the movie "The Wizard".

Lana says "Oh, no!" like she did in "VIDEOLYMPICS".

Kevin's joke about "Burger Time" comes from "GAMEBOY".

Lana's line, "Kevin, what are you saying?!", comes from "HAVING A BALL".

Stacey's line, "Burn some dust", comes from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation".

Mike's comment about "the real Game Master" is a reference to the comic book story.

Kevin's line, "Better buckle up, dudes! I don't have my driver's license yet!", comes from "METROID SWEET METROID".

Lana's line, "Kevin, look out!", comes from "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND".

Thanks goes out to Michael Lee Rohm, Nicholas Pinto, and Charley Smart for finding the lyrics for the songs in the story. Thanks, guys!

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