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I started writing this story on Friday, July 18, 1997 at 7:57 PM. I finished the final spell check on the complete text on Sunday, September 14, 1997, at 9:25 PM.

Earlier titles I considered: "THE CONSCIENCE OF THE PRINCESS" (inspired by the title of the classic "Star Trek" episode "The Conscience of the King") and "THE SECOND VIDEOLAND WAR".

The story was originally divided into a Prologue, Epilogue, and 20 chapters, but I later got rid of them to make the story seem less like a book and more like part of a TV miniseries.

Part of the fighting sequence in Lana's nightmare was inspired by the fight between Sonya Blade and Kano in the movie "Mortal Kombat".

Lana waking up in a sweat was inspired by a scene in an episode of "Highlander: The Series" where Richie wakes up from a nightmare in a sweat.

Yes, Lana masturbates after Kevin leaves her bedroom.

The scene where Osiris Runes drives down the street at night was inspired by the scene in the movie "Highlander".

This is the second co-authored story of mine. Nick Pinto created the characters of Anubis, Osiris, and Dorian Runes. He wrote quite a few scenes. All of these I edited and added to to fit the story.

Nick added in Anubis' comment about COPS after I told him on IRC that I had seen an episode like that.

Nick had Anubis mention Florida, because I told him I live in Florida.

The scene where Kevin confronts Anubis is based on a scene in the "Highlander: The Series" episode "Little Tin God".

Anubis' lengthy monologue on Egyptian mythology was taken by me from a website.

Kevin's response to the monologue is based on a response some guy gave me in high school or middle school.

Nick's mention of a girl named Mandi is a tribute to my friend, Mandi Paugh.

Mega Man playing back the tape comes from "METROID SWEET METROID".

The mention of "Zebetite power crystals" comes from "METROID SWEET METROID".

Kevin's line, "let's do it to it!", comes from "WISHFUL THINKING".

Simon's exclamation of "Booga booga booga!" comes from "THE INVASION OF THE PAPER PEDALERS".

Osiris calling Dr. Wily "Mr. Clean Lab Coat" is a reference to Kevin's line in "A TALE OF TWO DOGS": "Yeah, well, Wily does wear a clean lab coat!"

Osiris says "that is interesting" in the same way it's said in a song that I heard at Mike's house a few years earlier. I forget the name of the song.

Kid Icarus' exclamation when the warp opens on Metroid is word-for-word Kevin's exclamation in "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME MASTER".

Kevin's line, "Into the warp, everybody!", was inspired by his line in "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND".

King Hippo's exclamation of "Food!" comes from "HAVING A BALL".

Dr. Right's exclamation of "Come quickly!" was inspired by the distress call from Castlevania in "SIMON THE APE-MAN".

Dr. Right's explanation of the electrical field comes from Mandi Paugh.

Kid Icarus' line, "Princess, the Palace is under siege!", comes from the Season 1 theme song.

Front and center?

Mike's line, "Well, looky what we have here!", is Biff's line from the movie "Back to the Future".

Lana says "Oh, joy" like Dr. McCoy says in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home".

Stacey's line, "Oki-Doki-Doki-Panic!", is a reference to the Japanese game that was turned into the American Super Mario Bros. 2.

The scene where Lana shoots the moblins is based on the similar scene in "Star Trek: First Contact" where Captain Picard shoots the Borg.

The "impressive display" comment comes from the novelization of "Star Trek: First Contact".

"Good King Charles" comes from the comic book story "WELCOME TO VIDEOLAND".

Kevin's line, "I've got a better idea", comes from "THE BIG GAME".

Lana's "Mother Brain's, er...ass?" comment was inspired by a summary given to me for a comic book story.

Kevin's line, "I got by with a little help from my friends", was inspired by a song by The Beatles and Joe Cocker. The Joe Cocker version is the theme song to "The Wonder Years".

Mike's line, "Guess again, Lame Brain!", comes from "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME MASTER".

Mother Brain's line, "Destroy them quickly!", was inspired by Shang Tsung's line, "Finish him quickly", in the movie "Mortal Kombat".

Yes, m' main brain?

With veggie pleasure?

Mike's "Bird Brain" comment and Mother Brain's reply come from "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME MASTER".

Lana's line, "I thank you all!", was inspired by her similar line in "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND".

The first "867-5309/Jenny" reference. Nick wrote it in.

Some of Osiris' and Anubis' lines during their battle were spoken by the Kurgan in the movie "Highlander".

Anubis' Biblical quote to Osiris comes from the "Highlander: The Series" episode "Little Tin God" and the movie "Pulp Fiction". The quote is from Ezekiel 25:17. Does anyone know which Bible translation it's from?

Anubis' line, "Game over! You lose!", is Kevin's line in "MEGA TROUBLE FOR MEGALAND".

Lana's gaze at Anubis was inspired by, but doesn't resemble, Duncan's gaze at Richie in the "Highlander: The Series" episode "The Gathering".

Kevin's line, "It's ironic, you know", was inspired by Zelda's line at the end of the "A Link to the Past" comic from Nintendo Power.

Lana's line, "I don't know how much longer we can hold out", was inspired by her similar line in "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND".

Lana referring to the Palace as "the heart of Videoland" comes from Mother Brain's comment in "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND".

The scene where Kevin follows Lana up to her bedroom to talk with her was inspired by the scene in "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND".

The scene where Lana and Kevin argue over destroying the Palace was inspired by the scene in "Star Trek: First Contact".

The "fusion reactor's control computers" bit was taken from a summary I had received for the comic book story "NERVOUS MELTDOWN".

The bit where 'Magic Carpet Ride' is playing when the Warp Wagon takes off was inspired by the scene in "Star Trek: First Contact".

The scene where the Robot Masters storm the Control room, and Wily realizes the Palace is about to be blown up, was inspired by the scene in "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock".

Kevin's line to Lana, "Turned death into a fighting chance to live", is Dr. McCoy's line in "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock".

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