My Early Captain N Stories

Captain N: The Episode That . . .

This was a story I wrote at school in 8th grade (1991-1992) when I found a whole bunch of light-brown, lined paper. I wrote it all by hand every weekday morning over the course of a few weeks. I may or may not have finished it. I don't remember. I believed I tossed it or lost it, because I don't have it anymore. Shame. Anyway, here's what I can remember of it. Dr. Wily breaks into the Palace. He's invented a time machine. He hooks it up to the Ultimate Warp Zone and opens up a warp. He goes through, and Kevin and Lana (and maybe Duke, but I don't remember) go after him. They all arrive in Northridge, California, in 1989, a few days before Kevin is due to get pulled into Videoland. Dr. Wily goes to younger Kevin, hands him a card, and says he's a TV repair guy. He convinces Kevin there's a problem with his TV set, so Kevin let's Wily into his house. Wily goes into Kevin's room and disconnects Kevin's Nintendo from his TV so Kevin can't play it on the night that he's supposed to get pulled into Videoland. Then Wily goes off somewhere (I don't remember where). Kevin and Lana follow younger Kevin around. At school, younger Kevin gets in trouble for something (I don't remember what). His parents come to pick him up. Kevin and Lana get on the roof of the car and hitch a ride with them. They get off when they pass by Stacy's house (I didn't know the correct spelling of her name back then, because I didn't have a TV with closed captions). Stacy invites them in (I have no idea why she wasn't at school), and they tell her everything. The three of them go to Kevin's house and hook up the Nintendo. Younger Kevin walks into his room, opens his drawer, and puts on the belt with his Power Pad and Zapper, which he got in the mail about a week earlier (that's where I used to believe he got them). He then plays Punch-Out, and the Ultimate Warp Zone opens up and pulls him and Duke into the TV - along with Stacy! Stacy then appears next to Kevin and Lana, a few years older. Since she was pulled into Videoland with Kevin in 1989, she's been with the N Team this whole time (I don't remember whether or not Kevin and Lana are aware that history has been altered). Dr. Wily's there with his time machine now, and he, Kevin, Lana, and Stacy (and Duke?) go back to Videoland and to their own time. Well, almost to their own time. They arrive about a minute before they left and witness Dr. Wily go through the warp to Earth, and Kevin, Lana, and Stacy follow him. Then the present Dr. Wily escapes, and I believe he sends Kevin, Lana, and Stacy (and Duke?) into a time warp, and they end up in the Old West on Earth. That's about it. I don't remember everything. I was 12 or 13 years old when I wrote this. It's not the best story I've come up with, and there were probably quite a few continuity errors. I couldn't even come up with a title! So, I settled on "The Episode That . . . " and left it at that. It was on the top of every page. Kevin, Lana, and Stacy's adventures continue in "Captain N: The Westerner".

Captain N: The Westerner

This story picked up where "The Episode That . . . " left off. Kevin, Lana, and Stacy (and Duke?) are trapped in the Old West. Fortunately, they have the time machine. Unfortunately, it's broken and not that reliable. I came up with this story over the course of a few nights when I was waiting to fall asleep. (I actually came up with quite a few Captain N stories that way. Most were repetitive and had to do with Kevin and Lana sitting down and talking, falling in love, and getting married. Sometimes it was Stacy, who was brought to Videoland from Earth, instead of Lana. Sometimes Kevin fell in love with both of them. Anyway,...) Basically, "The Westerner" was a miniseries type of thing. I don't remember what Kevin, Lana, and Stacy (and Duke?) did in the Old West (probably got into gunfights, barfights, etc...), but they eventually used the time machine to try and get home, only to end up in medieval times, and they become knights and do stuff. I didn't think up anything beyond the Western stuff, but the idea was to have them in a different time period every few stories, and they eventually get home. Yay.

Captain N Meets Kidd Video

I came up with this story with Vincent Potter back when I was in 8th grade (1991-1992). We sat together on the school bus every day, and we made up a bunch of Captain N stories. This one had the N Team going to the Flipside and Kidd Video going to Videoland. Zelda was in charge of Videoland during Lana's absence, and she and Link were staying at the Palace. Kidd Video performs a concert for them. Maybe they battled Mother Brain and her minions while they were there. In the Flipside, the N Team battles Master Blaster and the Copy Cats. Eventually, the N Team, the Master Blaster, and the Copy Cats go to Videoland. Mother Brain and Master Blaster fall in love! They go to each other in slow motion while love music plays. Vincent came up with an idea where Mother Brain says "Wait a minute! Let's rewind that!" Then a VCR is shown, and the scene rewinds. Anyway, the bad guys are taken care of, and Kevin tells the Ultimate Warp Zone he wants to send some friends home. The Ultimate Warp Zone says in a whining operator voice: "That'll be $1.99 please." Kevin puts in the money, and his change (a penny) comes out. Then Kidd Video (and maybe the N Team) goes to Earth. I never wrote this story down, but I did try writing my own version in computer class in 8th grade. I didn't get very far, and what I did write no longer exists.


This is a story I wrote in my English class in 9th grade (1992-1993). I would often get my work done early, and Ms. Helt would let me use the computer. Sometimes I played "The Oregon Trail" (the Apple IIe version), but most often I would write this Captain N story. One day, I brought in "Rescue from Gilligan's Island" and showed it in class. Ms. Helt told us to write a story where we were on a desert island. I asked her if I could continue to write my Captain N story in its place. She agreed to it. This story has Kevin being pissed that Tyler Benchfield died in an episode of "life goes on". So, he asks Mike (originally Whiz from Kidd Video) to invent a machine that will allow him to travel into the TV show and prevent Tyler's death. Kevin and Duke go to the "Back to the Future" cartoon and get Marty and Doc to help them. Then they go to "life goes on" and go back in time to the night of Tyler's accident. Tyler doesn't believe their story, and he drives off with Corky. Doc, Marty, Kevin, and Duke give chase in the Delorean and fly over his car. That's as far as my print-out of the story goes. I wrote a scene where Marty and Kevin get to Tyler's car on hoverboards, Tyler crashes into a manure truck, and Mr. Thatcher hoses off the car, but I must have not saved it. A lot of Doc's lines and the plot in this story come directly from "Back to the Future, Part II". I was going to write a story afterwards where the N Team travels into Jesse's body and eradicates the HIV virus, curing him, but I never wrote it. I remember discussing the "TRAX" story with Vincent Potter on the school bus. He suggested that, in the "life goes on" opening theme song, when Becka walked out of the house and sees Tyler in his car, waiting for her, her jaw drops comically in shock. Also, I came up with Jesse hopping out of the back seat and sitting between Tyler and Becka, much to Tyler's annoyance.

The Luke Story

I came up with this story with Vincent Potter back when I was in 8th, 9th, or 10th grade (1991-1994). It was another school bus story that we didn't write down. A kid named Luke is brought from Earth and becomes a new Game Master. He was younger than Kevin. All I remember from this story is a large crack in the floor of the Palace.

The Kevin / Lana Romance Story

I came up with this story with Vincent Potter back when I was in 8th, 9th, or 10th grade (1991-1994). It was another school bus story that we didn't write down. Kevin spends the night in Lana's room. There was also an android duplicate of Lana giving Kevin a blowjob while he was on Gilligan's Island. Maybe there was an android duplicate of Kevin as well. Also, Lana referred to sex as "breakfast".

Captain N: The Trip Home

I wrote this story on my sister's computer while I was on vacation in Chicago in June of 1993. I was home alone almost every weekday, so I wrote a long Captain N story (in screenplay format). First it followed the plot of "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home". King Charles has been rescued. Then Kevin is put on trial for failing to rescue some Castlevanian citizens. Lana is his lawyer. While they're away from the Palace, talking, the Sun Stone has been nearly used up. The Palace will explode soon. King Charles sends them a warning message as a hologram. Kevin and Lana have to warp to Earth and collect all the elements in the Periodic Table, so they can be added to the Sun Stone and replinish it. At about this point, I taped the series premiere of "Time Trax" (the first time it was repeated). I then rewrote the story, using plot from that episode. King Charles is warped home to the Palace. On Earth, Charles Manson is broken out of prison by Dr. Wily. He goes to Washington, D.C., and steals the pistol that killed Abraham Lincoln. He is warped to Videoland and kills King Charles just as the King returns home. Kevin and Lana are too late to stop him. Charlie is locked up, but Dr. Wily breaks him out of jail. Kevin and Lana go to Wily's lab. Wily warps to Earth and nearly kills Lana in the process. Later, Kevin and Lana go to Earth to find him (and probably other Videoland fugitives). They meet Kevin's dad and learn that Kevin's mom died in a car accident shortly after Kevin went to Videoland. Kevin and Lana fake some documents, allowing Lana to go to school with Kevin. Stacy goes to high school with them, and they run into Mike. I don't know if Rick or the others were in it. I didn't finish the story When my sister sent me the story on a disk, I rewrote the story in school. Kevin, Lana, and Stacy went to college instead of high school. There was nudity and sexual references (but no sex itself). Kevin, Lana, and Stacey fight Mike and his gang in an abandoned cream pie factory. Lana, made dizzy by radiation, falls down to the floor. Stacey performs mouth-to-mouth on her and saves her life, but Lana still refuses to have sex with her. Later, they eat pizza in their college dorm. Lana comments that if there's one thing she likes about America, it's pizza. Stacey corrects her by saying pizza is Italian. Then the story ends. "The Trip Home", in all its forms, was supposed to be the first in a series of stories (that I wanted filmed). All computer copies of the story no longer exist. I gave a copy of the college story to Mike, but he deleted it when he deltreed Windows. The only copy I have is a computer printout of the high school version.

My Silly Classroom Story

I wrote this story in my Creative Writing class on Thursday, October 16, 1997, a little after 3:00 PM. The assignment was we were supposed to do a 10 minute writing exercise, where we're sitting in the classroom, and then a character of our choice (real or imaginary) walks in through the door, and we have a conversation with that character. My hand hurt so much as I wrote! That's why I prefer to type! I originally wrote this story on a piece of notebook paper. My writing, as usual, was horrific. Instead of scanning the paper and leaving you, the reader, to the difficult task of reading it, I decided to type the story here, the same way it is written on the paper. So now, let's get to this product of my sick and twisted mind. Enjoy.
I'm sitting here in class, distraught over having
forgotten my trail mix today.
All of a sudden, the door opens, and in walks
Simon Belmont, Vampire Hunter.
"Hey, how's it goin'?" he asks me.
"Hey, Simon." I say. "Fine. You?"
"Great." he says. "I just stopped off at
Honest Dave's Bullwhip Shop on my way here."
"Cool." I say. "What did you get?"
"Waterskis!" Simon says, pulling them out of
his magical backpack.
"Another pair?" I ask him. "Didn't you
get a pair on Dragon's Den a while ago?"
"Yes, but one can never have too many!" he
tells me.
"Yeah, true." I tell him. "Waterskis are cool!"
"And so am I." Simon says egotistically.
I take the skis and lay the SMACKDOWN on
Simon screams in agony. "My hair!" He
takes out a mirror and comb from his coat
and combs his hair.

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