Captain N Fan Fiction

In this section, you will find a large collection of "Captain N: The Game Master" fan fiction. If you want to e-mail any of the authors, please e-mail them from this page, since the e-mail addresses are newer than the e-mail addresses in the fanfics themselves. If an author doesn't have an e-mail address on this page, then you can try the e-mail address in the fanfic, but it may not work.

The Alucard Trilogy

Alucard finds out he's a dhampir.

A Brief Encounter: The Game Master and the Warrior Princess
by Jo Ann Montgomery

A short Captain N / Xena: Warrior Princess crossover.

Captain N: War!
by Carter Eberly

The N Team and their allies are at war with Dr. Wily, Ganon, and the Count!

Captain N64
by Mark Moore

Kevin has gone back to Earth. Now, a new leader is needed to lead Videoland to victory against the evil forces of Shao Khan in the Nintendo 64 era!

Cartoon Bloopers

The characters on He-Man, Thunder Cats, Jonny Quest, and Captain N mess up their lines and do silly things.

Cynthia Chan's Season 4
Cynthia Chan has created her own continuation of Captain N!

A Day Away
by Daniel Creed

A new kid from Earth joins the N Team, and they go to the land of Lufia. The story combines elements of "CHANGES" and Mega Man--The Series.

Early Summaries (aka what I could decipher)
by Mandi Ohlin

Summaries of some of Mandi Ohlin's early Captain N stories, written when the series was still in Season 2.

The Game Master
by Chris Blair

A "novelization" of the alleged "movie" that aired before the series started. You know, I can't help noticing that a lot of concepts and plot elements are the same as those used in various TV and fan-written episodes...

General Station
by Andres Thalheimer

Saga of a new Game Master while the N Team whereabouts are unknown. Part one also stars Magneto from the pages of X-Men.

Guardians of Videoland
by Jo Ann Montgomery

A Captain N / Reboot crossover.

by Mark Moore

Kevin is homesick, and along comes a map to a place called Homeward, where people supposedly can feel at home. Kevin jumps at the chance to go there, but Lana thinks it all seems a little too good to be true.

How the Game was Won
by Mark Moore

Kevin, Lana, Simon, and Duke team up with BraveStarr and friends to battle Mother Brain and Tex Hex on the western planet of New Texas!

A Hylian Hero for a Day
by Summer Wallin

It's double the trouble when Ganon kidnaps Princess Lana & casts a spell on Kevin's weapons, making them disappear! To make matters worse, Ganon & Mother Brain have teamed up! But Kevin's not worried; he's joined forces with his video game hero, Link! In this exciting ten-part miniseries, join Link & Kevin as they try to save Lana from Ganon & Mother Brain before it's too late! Microsoft Word 8.0 format.

If Samus Was Around
by Mark Moore

A humor/parody series that pokes fun at the Captain N cartoons.

Kid Icarus, Loser
by David Yonts

A story bashing Kid Icarus and the rest of the N Team, made up of entries from Kid Icarus' diary. The person who wrote this has got problems. He's even got his dates wrong. Oh, well, read it (if you're 18) and laugh at how stupid it is.

Let's Go, Game Masters!
by Mark Moore

Kevin, Lana, Simon, and Duke team up with the Ghostbusters to battle Mother Brain and Prime Evil! Join the N Team and their new friends, Jake, Eddie, Tracy, and Belfry as they hop in the Ghostbuggy and go on a wild ride! Let's gooo, Ghostbusters!

by Kelly Lea Harris

A novelization of the TV episode, mostly from Zelda's perspective and taking into account the fan-written seasons.

My Early Captain N Stories
by Mark Moore

These are early Captain N stories I made up. Some were written down. Others weren't. I put down what I can remember of them. Anyway, enjoy.

by Jason Talley

A MiSTing! Again, cruel to Captain N, but it's so funny!

Quest For Glory 1: Charlie Escapes
by Michael Lee Rohm

Captain N and Charles Manson - is the world ready? Written in late 1994 or early 1995, despite the date / time stamp.

Stoners' Dreams
by Mark Moore
Most dialogue by Michael Lee Rohm and Jason Krick
Adapted from a scene in "Back to the Future, Part IV: Disco Inferno"
Original concept by Jason Krick

Kevin, Mike, and their friend Jason are hanging out in Mike's room, and they smoke pot while listening to music.

by Mark Moore

An unfinished story in script format for an aborted fan-made comic book series. I don't intend to finish it, but I will if I get enough positive reviews.

UCNHP's Old Fanfic Continuation
This is the site's old fanfic continuation that ran from 1996 to 2002.

A Videoland Carol
by Cynthia Chan

A Captain N parody of "A Christmas Carol".

Virtual Danger

Kevin's friend, Jake, is working at Nintendo, developing the Virtual Boy. He finds out that it can open warps to Videoland. When Dr. Wily, the Count, and the Eggplant Wizard find out, they try to get it so they can conquer Earth!

Water Under The Bridge
by Gina M. Schrunk

No summary yet.

Off-Site Fanfics

The Adventures of Captain N: The Game Master
by Adam King

A series of books taking place after Season 3.

The Allegra Trilogy, Book 1: Allegra
by Protoman

Dr. Wily creates a reploid.

Captain S: The Gayme Master
by Carbuncle

A Final Fantasy VII parody of Captain N.

Chris Blair's Captain N Fanfics
They're by Chris Blair. What more is there to say?

Cynthia's Season 4 Page
Cynthia Chan is starting her own Season 4 of Captain N!

Eye of the Storm
by Macross-Green

After Videoland is upgraded, a new team must assemble to fight a new menace.

Jason and the Nintendonauts
by seven7

See what happens when Jason (Blaster Master) meets the N Team!

Link's Bath
by Kota Magic

Link takes a bath.

Mega Man--The Series
by Mandi Paugh

These stories are based on the Mega Man series of video games. They are Mega Man stories first and Captain N stories second. Mandi pays more attention to the games than to the Captain N series. Thus, she changes certain aspects of the Captain N series to suit the needs of her books. But hey, it's still Captain N! I love her stories. Please check 'em out!

N: Next Step: A New Chapter To Life
by Eric42

The N Team celebrates New Year's Eve.

The N-Files
by Mandi Ohlin

Our favorite agents are after a serial killer in Northridge, California, but what really interests Mulder is a possible "alien abduction"; that is, the case of Kevin Keene, who reappears after a three-year disappearance with no memory of what happened. But as they dig deeper, they realize that Kevin is going to have to remember pretty fast, since the killer just may be after him...

Random Captain N Stories
by DeNerd

Random Captain N stories.

The Return of Captain N
by Kota Magic

Years after returning home, Kevin is again summoned to Videoland to save it from a familiar but deadlier foe.

Return to Videoland
by Spark009

Four years after he returned home, Kevin is brought back to Videoland to save Hyrule.

Stolen Moments
by Neon Blue Fox

A Kevin/Link slash fic. Rated PG-13. Merges the cartoon and comic continuities.

Three Mice in a Strange World (or Where are we?)
by Lioness

A Biker Mice From Mars / Captain N crossover.

What Happened After The Series Ended
by David Hartline

This is an ongoing giant crossover using characters from various canceled TV series. Some of the TV shows whose characters appear in WHATSE (official acronym) are Captain N, Silver Hawks, Thunder Cats, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Perry Mason (don't ask me, I dunno).