Fan Fiction I've Written

I like to write stories, mostly based on Captain N. Here are the non-Captain N stories I've written:


Betty Cooper: This Is Who I Am
Betty struggles in dealing with her seriously flawed boyfriend, Archie.

Betty Cooper: Woman for All Seasons
Betty goes and grows through her senior year of high school.

Batman Beyond

You Don't Know Me
Chelsea is upset at her father for sending her to a correctional facility. Aftermath of "The Last Resort".

Beast Wars: Transformers

Waspinator's Bath Time
Megatron loses his rubber ducky.

California Dreams

These are all the drafts of my episode in a fan-written Season 6 of the show.

The Abused, The Annoyed, And The Beheaded (draft 1)
Obsession (draft 2)
Obsession (draft 3)
Differences (draft 4)
Differences (draft 5)


The Cunning Linguist
Hoshi pursues a romantic relationship with T'Pol. Rated NC-17.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy: The Adventures of Mark, Mike, Matt, and Bill
My friends and I are zapped into the first Final Fantasy game and must complete it to return home.


Stormer Switches Sides
Stormer decides to leave the Misfits and join the Holograms, but Eric Raymond isn't about to let her. Also contains a flashback to how the Misfits first formed.


Megan's thoughts shortly after the end of "The Wild Blue".

Spitfire Racers - 01 - Forgiveness
The first episode in a new series that picks up where the show left off. Zorina feels guilty about helping Garner Rexton. Megan talks about her adoption with Libby.

Spitfire Racers - 02 - Driving Dangerously
Her anger and a case of road rage lead to Megan being suspended from Team Fastex.

The X-Files

Mulder's After-Hours Investigations
A short bit showing what exactly Mulder says and does when he calls those 1-900 numbers.

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