Season 8

The Story

Season 8 starts on September 14, 1996, shortly after Season 7 ends. The N Team faces more dangers and meets deadlier enemies in the N64 era!

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The Episodes

Written by: Mark Moore
Original Date Posted: 01/18/00
Latest Update: none
Things are calm in Videoland as everybody recovers from the war and gets up-to-date.
Written by: Mark Moore
Original Date Posted: 01/18/00
Latest Update: none
VGM is sent to another universe, where they team up with another band to rescue their instruments!
Written by: Mark Moore
Original Date Posted: 01/18/00
Latest Update: none
The Nintendo 64 is released. Stacey gets a new weapon.
Written by: Mark Moore
Original Date Posted: 01/26/00
Latest Update: none
Lana and Stacey go out on their first date.
Written by: Kelly Lea Harris
Original Date Posted: 02/02/00
Latest Update: none
Insanity sends Link to a mental institution when someone's desperate plot sends him to the brink of death. Now it's up to Kevin and Samus, playing Sherlock Holmes, to discover what really happened.
Written by: Mark Moore, Michael Lee Rohm, Miranda Leigh Paugh, Kelly Lea Harris, Laurie Allyson Kelley, and Cynthia Chan
Original Date Posted: 02/16/00
Latest Update: 07/04/00
The true story of the Disco Duck is finally told!
Writer: Mark Moore
Original Date Posted: 03/08/00
Latest Update: none
Dr. Shiroshi creates a new game computer, but is he all he's hyped up to be?
Written by: Nick Koustenis
Original Date Posted: 03/21/00
Latest Update: 12/23/00
The N Team receives a challenge from Gargos to enter the Killer Instinct fighting tournament. They must win it if Videoland is to survive!
Written by: Mark Moore and Michael Lee Rohm
Original Date Posted: 03/29/00
Latest Update: none
When Mike accidentally sells his soul to the Devil, his friends must figure out how to save it.
Written by: Mark Moore
Original Date Posted: 12/23/00
Latest Update: none
The N Team battles Satan in Kevin's living room! The stakes: Mike's eternal soul! Will good or evil triumph?! Find out in the stunning conclusion!
Written by: Nick Koustenis
Original Date Posted: 12/23/00
Latest Update: none
Princess Peach is mysteriously missing, and the power stars that protect her new castle are missing, too. It's up to the N Team and the Mario Brothers to solve this mystery.
Written by: Nick Koustenis
Original Date Posted: 12/23/00
Latest Update: none
The N Team has successfully reached the top of Peach's Castle, but can they survive the grueling challenges of the remaining six courses? Or will Bowser finally have his day?
Writer: Ben Acha
Characters: Kevin Keene / Mike Vincent
Kevin and Mike, while on a trip to various game worlds for exploration, end up in Japan and have to find their way back.

Writer: Cynthia Chan
Characters: Lana Sarah Deschain
Lana tries out one day with a cat, with some hilarious results.

Writer: Mark Moore
Characters: Mike Vincent / Rick Walker
Rick helps Mike live out a childhood cowboy fantasy.



I wrote the original draft around sunmmer of 1999, but I lost it when my hard drive crashed. Some differences were that Samus wasn't in it (because I hadn't yet made the decision to keep her on the N Team after Season 7), Link and Zelda had a short scene at the end where Zelda made Link scrub the floor of the Throne room, and the episode was shorter (about 18K) than the current version.

I started writing this episode on Tuesday, December 14, 1999, at 10:20 AM. I finished the first draft on Friday, January 14, 2000, at 11:11 AM. I finished the final draft at 1:09 PM.

The scene with Rock, Roll, and Blues running down a gravel road was inspired by the scene in the "Highlander: The Series" episode "Little Tin God", where Duncan was running down a gravel road. There are also gravel roads near my house, which I sometimes walk down.

Eddie calling Roll "robo-babe" comes from a "Mega Man" episode.

The J-2-5 circuit board is a reference to System J-2-5, where the Enterprise first encountered the Borg in the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode "Q Who?"

The car-buying experience was inspired by one I had when my parents and I went to Love Nissan in Homosassa, where my mom bought a new 1998 Nissan Sentra XE.

Big Eddie's comes from the Mega Man fanfic "Bass is not a Fish" by Lady Draco. Read it! It's great!

The mentions of the NSA and the red phone make Star Bright seem similar to Project: Backstep on the UPN series "7 Days". Watch it! It's great!

Gameboy's line, "Shall we play a game?", is his line in "GAMEBOY".

Lana's Social Security number is Sam Beckett's SSN on "Quantum Leap". Watch the episode "STAR LIGHT, STAR BRIGHT".

The bit about Bob not being short for Robert was inspired by a similar bit about Jake / Jacob in an episode of "Quantum Leap".

Stacey's line, "Chili today and hot tamale", is the title of an episode of "Josie and the Pussycats", original air date: Saturday, October 24, 1970.


I wrote the original draft in sunmmer of 1999. It was the only Season 8 episode I didn't lose when my hard drive crashed, because I had copied it to a disk earlier to send to a Kidd Video fan, Teresita Warneke, for her comments and suggestions. According to the time / date stamp on the file, I finished writing the first draft on Saturday, June 16, 1999, at 9:34:52 PM. I finished the final draft on Monday, January 17, 2000, at 9:31 AM.

I had a Captain N / Kidd Video crossover in mind since at least 8th grade. Now it's finally happened!

The title of the episode was inspired by the title of the series premiere of "Kidd Video", called "TO BEAT THE BAND".

I wrote the episode before I decided to keep Samus on the N Team past Season 7.

At the beginning of the episode, the rain had just ended, and Rick's truck splashes water onto Stacey's convertible. Look at the opening theme song to "Kidd Video". Whiz's truck splashes water. It had finished raining shortly before Kidd Video had gone to the Flipside back in 1984.

Gee, I wonder what the band practice scene was inspired by. Heh.

VGM's arrival in the Flipside is similar to Kidd Video's arrival, at least according to the opening theme song.

The Ark is the Autobot's golden ship on "The Transformers".

In the first draft, I still hadn't decided on the song they were going to listen to. Kidd had an extra line after the song started: "All right! I love this song!" When I talked with my friend, Mike Rohm, on the phone, he told me 'We Built This City' came out in 1985 - one year too late. So, I removed Kidd's line and put the song in anyway.

Tara Warneke suggested "Your Most Unholy Slave-Driverness", which comes from an episode of "Kidd Video". Which one?

The catapult comes from the "Kidd Video" episode "PROFESSOR MAESTRO".

Kidd Video yelling "The Copy Cats!", followed by Cool Kitty saying "That's right, Kidd Video", comes from "RACE TO POPLAND".

Fat Cat saluting and saying "We got it, Your Music Vampireness", followed by Master Blaster screaming "Then do it!!!!!!!!!!!!", comes from "RACE TO POPLAND".

The tune for Ash's song on the Groove Machine comes from "PROFESSOR MAESTRO".

Kevin says that Ash's lyrics are terrible, which is what Kidd, Whiz, and Carla believe on "Kidd Video".

Kevin's line, "This is it - a warp back to Earth", was inspired by Tom Porter's line in an episode of "Land of the Lost". Which episode?

Glitter's line about not being able to live on the Earth comes from an episode of "Kidd Video". Which episode? It was the one about the trip to Point X.

Kevin introducing Kidd Video as "some new friends" was inspired by a similar line given by one of the Beach Boys in an episode of "Full House".

Kidd's line, "Let's hit it, guys!", comes from "RACE TO POPLAND".


I started writing the first draft on Thursday, December 16, 1999, at 8:00 AM. I finished the first draft on Thursday, December 23, 1999, at 11:18 AM. I finished the final draft on Friday, January 14, 2000, at 12:37 PM.

The title comes from the current Nintendo catch phrase.

I know this episode is very short, but the N Team playing the games can fill it up to twenty minutes.


I started writing the story on Wednesday, January 19, 2000, at 10:40 AM. I finished it on Wednesday, January 26, 2000, at 3:28 PM.

I thought up the scene of Stacey dancing to Alvin and the Chipmunks while driving to or from school a month or a few prior to writing the episode.

Lana's phrase, "the errors of our ways", was inspired by Mr. Moore's phrase on "Head of the Class".

The footsies scene was inspired by a scene in an episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" where Xander and Willow played footsies in class.

Stacey asking if Lana was mocking her was inspired by Q's similar question to Captain Picard in the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode "Q Who?"

White Zombie's 'More Human Than Human' playing in the dance club was inspired by the scene in the series premiere of "Millennium" where it was playing in a strip club.

Lana and Stacey yelling about the music being too loud was inspired by a scene in an episode of "Hey Dude".

The part where Stacey repeats Lana's words comes from Weird Al Yankovic's "interview" with Ozzy Osbourne in an episode of "AL TV".

Stacey's experiences with her father is based on my experiences with my father.

I came up with Stacey's sister, Ashley, mostly to fill up the story. Ashley Anderson is based on Ashley Larson, one of the Starlight Girls, on "Jem".


This episode was originally supposed to star Kevin and Mega Man, but Kelly changed Mega Man to Samus after Samus joined the N Team.

Judge Jeeves was taken from "Ask Jeeves".

The triple-bonded molecule is of course a reference to "Ocarina", which explains where the molecule came from and what it does to Link.

Kevin's line, "Orions masquerade as Andorians", is a reference to the "Star Trek" episode "Journey to Babel".

The red hair and the wear and tear on the clothing are references to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Red-Headed League", part of "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes".

William Tell. William Teller. Get it?

The seemingly inconsistent stories about the murder (Did a judge commit murder, or was a judge murdered?) can be explained away. Mr. Teller dressed up as a judge and killed Judge Jeeves. That way, both Zelda and Dazel's stories are true.

Resurgam is a reference to Kelly's upcoming Zelda movie, "Ocarina".


I started writing the story on Thursday, February 10, 2000, at 2:00 PM. I finished the first draft on Wednesday, March 8, 2000, at 2:46 PM. I finished the final draft at 2:52 PM.

The was originally going to be a Doom 64 episode, not the "VIRTUAL BOY" episode, which was separate. The original title was "DEATHMATCH AT DUSK". That lasted less than 2 minutes. I renamed it "D!ZONE", after the package of new Doom levels. I didn't have enough material, so I made this the "VIRTUAL BOY" episode.

The dialogue of Mike's challenge to Kevin and Kevin's acceptance was based on Buford and Marty's dialogue in "Back to the Future, Part III". Mike Rohm had suggested it to me at his house a few days before I started writing this episode.

The first draft contained a scary dream Kevin had before Mike called. I removed it because it clashed with the comedy of the rest of the episode.

I was originally going to have Kevin shudder as he found a Beatles CD (a reference to the cut dream scene), but I didn't know which CD 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' is on.

Other CDs I considered having Kevin play were a Jem and the Holograms CD or a Dazzle CD. Mike suggested John Tesh.

Lana's line, "Did she just say 'dude'?", was inspired by Shana's line in the "Jem" episode "IN SEARCH OF THE STOLEN ALBUM".

Mike's line, "I accept that challenge", was inspired by Jerrica's line in the "Jem" series premiere, "THE BEGINNING".

Virtual Boy was stupid and short-lived, just like on Earth.

Yes, Li was sarcastic when replying to Lana. That's why she said "Heh."

The ending is a prelude to an upcoming story of mine called "THE N TEAM GOES TO HELL".


This episode was originally titled "FIST OF GOLD", but on the day I put it up, I decided that episodes based on Nintendo 64 games will bear the title of the game.


I wrote the original draft around sunmmer of 1999, but I lost it when my hard drive crashed. It was only one part, and I was the solo writer.

I started writing Part 1 on Monday, March 20, 2000, at 12:00 PM. I finished HTMLizing Mike's stuff on Wednesday, March 29, 2000, at 3:00 PM. For some odd reason, I didn't write down what time I started writing Part 2, but the first draft was finished on Friday, September 8, 2000, at 10:41 AM. The final draft was finished on Saturday, December 23, 2000, at 1:20 PM.


"IMMORTAL KOMBAT" by Kyle Rieger. It was gonna be a Mortal Kombat Trilogy episode, but Kyle hates my continuation, so he told me he wasn't going to write the episode. He got impatient and told me that if I didn't take down the summary, he'd take legal action. Sheesh! The summary I had up read "Kevin, Mike, and Rick go to the Shaolin Tournament to help the other Kombatants defeat Shao Khan."

"MAKIN' MAGIC" by Mark Moore. When I started "Dazzle", I moved this episode over to that series.

"JUST A DITZ" by Mark Moore. When I started "Dazzle", I moved this episode over to that series.

"THE MAYAN ADVENTURE" by Benji Mains. Due to other commitments, he was unable to finish writing this episode. The summary I had up read: "The N Team finds a new jungle in the Southern Hemisphere of Megaland where they meet Harry and help him find his dad."

"WACKY WOOLIES" by Benji Mains. Due to other commitments, he was unable to write this episode. The summary I had up read: "An emergency call from Wollieland has been sent to the N Team. Bubsy the Bobcat is asking them to help win back his horde of wool."

"QUEST FOR THE FIRST DRAGONBALL" by Nick Brown. I decided to cancel it. The summary I had up read: "The N Team receives an anonymous letter from Dragon Powerland asking for their help."

"FAST AND FURIOUS" by Nick Koustenis. He canceled it. I hadn't even listed the episode in this section. The summary he gave me read: "The N-Team decides to enter the second annual Mario Kart racing tournament, put on by Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom."