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09/09/04 - 11:40 PM

Happy 15th Anniversary, Captain N!

I wish I had something more cartoon-related for the 15th Anniversary update, but here it goes.

The Fan Fiction section is back up. (Sorry, I didn't realize that it was gone.) I rearranged it to give the site's old fanfic continuation less prominence, since, well, it's old. The other fanfics stand out more now. I fixed some links to offsite fanfics and added links to 8 new offsite fanfics! Happy reading!

I'll try to have more updates soon. Really. Hey, we have a year to celebrate Captain N's 15th anniversary!

09/08/04 - 11:38 PM

I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a while. Hurricane Frances knocked out my power, and my ISP didn't get back up until today. I'm okay, though. Happy 15th Anniversary to "The Legend of Zelda" (the cartoon series)! Of course, tomorrow is Captain N's 15th Anniversary. I'll try to have a decent update ready. Later!

08/07/04 - 7:38 PM

I'm pissed at FanFiction.Net. To find out why, read my latest commentary. Oh, and the rest of the commentaries are up now, too. For some reason, the entire directory was missing.

07/21/04 - 11:33 PM

Personal updates

06/23/04 - 10:20 PM

I have created a new section called Personal Updates. All of my comic book, DVD, TV series, movie, FAQ, etc., updates will be located there from now on to let this page free for Captain N-related updates only. A note of whenever there's a personal update will be given on this page (there isn't one tonight), and I've retroactively done this on this page to cut down on the size.

I added 29 screen captures from "The Most Dangerous Game Master" to the Picture Gallery!

05/31/04 - 11:52 PM

I'm sorry that this is late.

Personal updates

6 episodes of SMB3 have been released on DVD! See the above news headline!

Sorry, I forgot to actually upload the review of "I Wish I was a Wombatman" (or the updated Reviews page) last time. It's up now.

04/25/04 - 11:45 PM

Personal updates

I added a review of "I Wish I was a Wombatman".

04/07/04 - 11:38 PM

Personal updates

Check out the news headlines above, if you missed them!

03/27/04 - 11:49 PM

I'm sorry that I'm late with the update. I revised the notice at the top of the page to reflect my new update commitment: a maximum gap of one month instead of two weeks.

Personal updates

02/28/04 - 2:38 PM

Personal updates

02/14/04 - 11:45 PM

Personal updates

02/06/04 - 11:57 PM

Personal updates

I have given a long overdue update to the Fan Fiction section. No new fics yet, but I got rid of some broken warps and merged the independent fanfics into the main section.

01/31/04 - 11:36 PM

Personal updates

I updated the warp to the BraveStarr page in the Ultimate Warp Zone.

I got rid of the Soundtrack CD Project section, since anyone can make one.

I got rid of the Comic Book Scans section, since the links were broken, and I don't have enough room for scans.

I have given a long overdue update to the Naming Conventions.

01/19/04 - 11:06 AM

Personal updates

01/10/04 - 11:37 PM

Personal updates

01/01/04 - 1:15 PM

Happy New Year!

I'm sorry that I didn't put up a summary of my site updates in 2003 last night like I did on December 31, 2002. My mom made go and watch "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" with her. I'll do the summary now.

2003 was another good year for this site. I added 40 new quotes to the main page. I added 34 new screen captures. I added 4 new commentaries (totaling 28.1 KB). I finished reviewing Season 1 (3 episodes plus an overall Season 1 review), finished reviewing the Captain N comic books (4 issues), and started reviewing Season 2 (1 episode). This totaled 337 KB. In total, 366 KB of new Captain N information was added to the site in 2003. I didn't reach my goal of 1 megabyte, but that's okay. I fixed the pictures in the Videoland Guidebook. I added 3 new fanfics (totaling 290 KB). I created a new Captain N DOOM section, making the 30 sound clips from my PWAD finally available. I added a new Disco Duck's Video Game Reviews section (59.3 KB). All of this was done despite a hard drive crash and the site being hacked into and deleted.

This growth will continue in 2004. I plan to put the music back up soon. I will put up more screen captures and pics of merchandise and advertisements. I will finish reviewing Season 2, review Season 3, review the rest of the comic books, review the Zelda episodes, and write more commentaries. I'll also be adding more info to neglected areas of the site, such as Errors and episode novelizations. I know I said that I'd do all of this last year, but I'll really do it this year. The future looks good for Captain N.

To start 2004, the first thing that I did was gotten rid of the news headings. There's no sense in saying that stuff will be coming soon, if I'm not gonna put it up. When stuff goes up, I'll announce it. I moved all of the old updates into an archive. So, only updates from this year will be on the Captain N News page. I'll do this every year.

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