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The bulk of new action in the Captain N fandom is taking place on Captain N Wiki, a growing database of Captain N information. While it's true that we have to add a lot to it just to have as much information as this site, it will eventually surpass this site in terms of sheer information. The new information will then be integrated into this site in one massive update. New screen captures will likewise debut first on Captain N Wiki before being integrated into this site. I feel that this will be an easier method than constantly updating the site with small updates.


09/09/16 - 7:15 PM

Happy 27th anniversary, Captain N!

This is not an update to the site. I just wanted to promote an article that my friend (and longtime Captain N fan) Taylor Carlson has written about Captain N. Check it out!

As always, you can find me at Captain N Wiki. Get in there and get editing!

10/2/15 - 11:36 AM

I added a warp to an old site of mine that's now being hosted here, The Kumi Miyasato Tribute Page, in the Ultimate Warp Zone.

As always, you can find me at Captain N Wiki. Get in there and get editing!

01/15/15 - 1:36 PM

Sorry for the long absence. I haven't forgotten about the site. It's just that all of the "action" in the Captain N fandom is occuring over at Captain N Wiki.

I added a warp to a new site, Forgotten Fan Fiction, in the Ultimate Warp Zone.

As always, you can find me at Captain N Wiki. Get in there and get editing!

09/24/13 - 11:19 AM

Sorry for the long absence. I thought Tripod had removed the file manager and would no longer allow uploads. I'm glad that everything is straightened out.

I updated the Music listing to include the "Gradius" music and identify some Season 2 songs as possibly being loose parodies of actual songs.

I updated the Credits.

I removed the Videos On YouTube page, due to the constantly removing and uploading of videos.

As always, you can find me at Captain N Wiki. Get in there and get editing!

10/13/12 - 12:49 PM

Just a short maintenance update (yeah, the main activity is still occuring at Captain N Wikia, so go there). I found out today that the guestbook service has been discontinued. I've used that guestbook for what seems like forever, and it's now gone forever, because I didn't know it was being discontinued, and I didn't take advantage of the offer of a backup archive. Unfortunately, over a decade's worth of visitor posts to this site are now gone forever. I've removed the guestbook links from the main and main frame pages.

As always, you can find me at Captain N Wiki. Get in there and get editing!

02/27/12 - 10:57 PM

Wow, this site is 15 years old! That's amazing! There's not much of an update today, unfortunately, but I didn't want this date to pass without acknowledging it.

The new Captain N Forum has seen next-to-no activity since I put it up. Is the fandom really that dead at this point?

I cleaned up and removed some news headers at the top of this page.

As always, you can find me at Captain N Wiki. Get in there and get editing!

I just came across a bit of info regarding Season 2 background music. Thanks to The Castellan at Ultimate N Zone, we now know that "Don't Leave Me Alone", the stage 5 BGM from "Gradius" for Game Boy, which is itself a remix of the stage 7 music from "Nemesis 2" for the MSX, was used on Captain N! Offhand, you can find it in "The Big Game" as the gym is being sealed from the inside.

07/11/11 - 11:09 PM

I added a notice for the new forum at the top of this page to make it more visible. I also updated the date at the top of the page, which I'd forgotten to do before. ^.^''

07/11/11 - 11:05 PM

Wow, nearly two years since my last update!

Don't worry. I haven't abandoned the site. I just want to reiterate that the "action" in the Captain N fandom is currently happening at Captain N Wiki.

Ultimate N Zone seemes to be abandoned. In addition, I was informed there's a glitch that prevents new registrations. This wasn't my forum, but I linked to it to support it. Well, I've decided to create an official forum for this site, Captain N Forum! The Captain N fandom now has an online meeting place again! Get over there are start posting!

I added warps to Captain N Forum on the main and Table of Contents pages and removed the 20th Anniversary notice from the main and main frame pages.

08/23/09 - 4:21 PM

First, see the first three news item above.

Ultimate Warp Zone is gone, so I've removed it from the Warp Zone. I updated the warps to The Castlevania Dungeon, The Metroid Database, and NES WORLD. I also added warps to Awesome Gamer (my video game review series), The Angry Video Game Nerd, ScrewAttack, and GameTrailers.

I added warps to Ultimate N Zone on the main and Table of Contents pages, not to claim ownership of it but to make it more visible.

Yahoo! Launchcast no longer offers personalized radio stations, so I removed the Captain N station from Audio Central.

02/28/09 - 8:24 AM

The Unofficial Captain N Home Page is 12 years old! I missed the anniversary update. Stupid FTP. Anyway, I know that I've been neglecting this site (mostly due to working on a massive Gundam fanfic series from 2007 to 2008, but that's now over). I don't have a big update tonight, but Captain N turns 20 later this year. Let this update mark the beginning of the 20th Anniversary celebrations! Here are the updates:

I finally added's alleged Season 2 original air dates to The Captain N Episode Guide and added some notes regarding Season 3.

The other update is my public unveiling of the Nintendo Shows Wiki (see the news item above).

That's all for today's updates. I wanted to do more, but I had time constraints (glares at Kmart).

08/11/07 - 3:39 PM

The Captain N animated series review is up! At last, the quest that I had undertaken over 5 years ago is at an end! This review has been a long time in coming, and it's very long. Enjoy!

I realize there are issues with the Captain N DVD set. I'll address those in a later review. I just wanted to get the series review up today.

02/27/07 - 11:07 PM

"Captain N: The Game Master" is on DVD today! If you haven't already done so, go out and pick up your copy!

The Unofficial Captain N Home Page is exactly 10 years old today! Here are the updates:

I went through almost every section of the site and cleaned it up. The exceptions are the Comics Books and Fandom areas (I'll deal with those later; I wanted to focus on the TV series today, since it came out on DVD today), the Videoland Guidebook (which I'll be splitting to cover the TV and comic book Videolands), ForeigN (I have to locate the original media files and re-upload them), the FAQ (which will be condensed in some areas and expanded in other areas), Stuff I Need (which will be renamed and expanded; just assume for now that I need whatever you have!), and Overview (I'll add a bit more site history).

The most noticable change is that I stopped the rather dumb convention, which I'd been using for years, of putting episode titles in all-caps. They stood out that way, and it looked rather ugly. Episode titles are now written normally throughout the site - with only a few exceptions in sections that haven't been updated yet and the Random Quote on the main page.

You'll also notice a date near the top of almost every page. This will indicate how long that it's been since that particular section was last updated. Currently, each date is 02/27/2007. Whenever you see a section falling behind in updates, e-mail me and give me a nudge!

Site-specific updates:

I updated the text on the main and main (frames) pages.

I added a new News Archive, which documents the site's progress as far back as August 25, 1999. That's still nearly 2.5 years after the site debuted. I got these updated by using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, and this is as far back as they have, unfortunately. Then again, when I first started this site, I didn't keep the previous updates. I typed over them during every update. I don't recall when I started archiving them. Anyway, I moved the other archives here, here, and here. Enjoy!

I updated Mike's e-mail address in Disco Duck's Video Game Reviews. E-mail the great one about his reviews!

TV series updates:

I overhauled the Introduction To the TV Series.

I overhauled The Captain N Episode Guide.

All of the episodes remaining in the Episode Novelizations Project are up for grabs again, since I haven't gotten any from anyone. If you wanna novelize an episode, tell me or just go ahead and send it in!

I renamed Music Listing & Lyrics to Music Listing and brought it and Captain N and Zelda Song Lyrics into a new section, Audio Central. The biggest update here is an off-site warp to a Captain N station that I created on Yahoo! Music. Listen to it while browsing the site! Audio Central will also have the MP3s, which I plan to put up (as many as I still have after my 1999 hard drive crash, anyway) in the coming weeks.

I fixed some links in the Cast and Crew section and added links to the IMDb pages for SMBSS and CN&SMW.

I added the Captain N DVD set and SMBSS2 to the Home Video Releases section.

I added a Shopping Guide.

General updates:

I overhauled the Canon section.


I removed the TV Series Timeline and Comic Book Timeline. I realize they've been on this site for years, but I'll explain my reasoning. With the original air dates currently in dispute, the TV Series Timeline is dangerously misleading. As for the Comic Book Timeline, the events were listed by the months in the books. It would be more accurate that they occur on the dates of the books' releases, which isn't known. That's why I got rid of the timelines.

That's all for today's updates. I wanted to do more, but I had time constraints.

02/02/07 - 8:24 PM

I added more info on the upcoming DVD release. See above.

I added a new commentary, Confusion Over Captain N's Original Air Dates & Order. This commentary is relevant to the upcoming DVD release, so everone please read it!

The next update will be on February 27 as a 10 anniversary update! See ya then!

01/03/07 - 4:02 PM

Happy New Year!

Here's my summary of 2006.

Talk about a resurgence. 2006 was a very busy year for this site. I added 27 new episode reviews - 17 for Captain N and 10 for Zelda - as well as Season 2, Season 3, and Zelda series reviews, finishing up the Zelda animated series and Seasons 2 and 3 of Captain N, leaving only the overall series review (which I'm currently working on) left. In total, 364 KB of new information was added to this site. I also added 213 new pictures (49 animation cells and 164 screen captures) to The Picture Gallery.

I will continue to add more to this site in 2007. With the DVD release (and the site's 10th anniversary) fast approaching, 2007 is the Year of Captain N!

I made the 09/09/2001 - 2003 and 2004 News Archives more uniform and moved the 2005 - 2006 updates to its own new archive.

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