N-Fic Timeline

Written By Mark Moore


This timeline is intended as a reference for those fanfic writers who want to write stories for the Seasons. It documents the TV series canon, plus the events in stories, written by me and other authors, that all occur in the same reality.

The television episodes documented so far are:

The Legend of Zelda
"THE MISSING LINK" - Bob Forward

Season 1
"KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND" - Jeffrey Scott
"HOW'S BAYOU" - Jeffrey Scott

Season 2
"THE BIG GAME" - Dennis O'Flaherty

Season 3
"TOTALLY TETRISIZED" - Dorothy Middleton
"A TALE OF TWO DOGS" - Dennis O'Flaherty

The N-Fic documented so far are:

The "CHANGES" Miniseries
PART 2: "THE WOUNDED" - Mark Moore
PART 3: "THE GAME MASTERS OF NORTHRIDGE" - Mark Moore and Michael Lee Rohm
PART 4: "THE SECOND SIEGE" - Mark Moore and Nicholas Pinto

Season 4
"A GAMEBOY TO THE PAST" - Laurie Kelley
"KOOPA TROUBLE!" PART 1 - David Hartline
"KOOPA TROUBLE!" PART 2 - David Hartline
"ROBOTS AND KOOPAS" - David Hartline
"FEAR OF ACTION" - David Hartline
"GREAT ORBS OF FIRE" PART 1 - Alison Hynes
"GREAT ORBS OF FIRE" PART 2 - Alison Hynes
"GREAT ORBS OF FIRE" PART 3 - Alison Hynes
"AN EYE FOR AN EYE" PART 1 - Adam K. Roberts
"AN EYE FOR AN EYE" PART 2 - Adam K. Roberts
"MAN'S BEST FRIEND" - Mark Moore
"METAL THREAT" PART 1 - Charley Smart
"METAL THREAT" PART 2 - Charley Smart
"METAL THREAT" PART 3 - Charley Smart and Mark Moore
"KEVIN GOES TO HOLLYWOOD" PART 2 - Mark Moore and Mandi Paugh
"KEVIN GOES TO HOLLYWOOD" PART 3 - Mark Moore and Mandi Paugh
"JOHN 20:25" - Mark Moore


Season 5
"PAK" PART 1: "THE BOUNTY" - Matt Slater
"PAK" PART 2: "STRIKING BACK" - Matt Slater
"PAK" PART 4: "SHOWDOWN" - Matt Slater
"BORN ON THE BAYOU" - Mark Moore
"WHAT A BLAST" - Adam King
"LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON" PART 1 - Laurie Kelley
"LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON" PART 2 - Laurie Kelley
"A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 1 - Mark Moore
"A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 2 - Mark Moore
"THE VIDEO BOYS" - Mark Moore
"SOME LIKE IT COLD" PART 1 - Mandi Ohlin
"SOME LIKE IT COLD" PART 2 - Mandi Ohlin
"SOME LIKE IT COLD" PART 3 - Mandi Ohlin
"THE QUEST FOR R.O.B." PART 1 - Mark Moore
"THE QUEST FOR R.O.B." PART 2 - Mark Moore
"QUAKE" - Mark Moore

Season 6
"GAMESLIDE" - Mark Moore
"SPOTTED" - Laurie Kelley
"IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED..." - Laurie Kelley
"DISCO INFERNO" - Mark Moore
"STAR-CROSSED" - Mark Moore
"WHAT'S IN A NAME?" - Kelly Harris

Now, let me explain the dating. Since no years are mentioned by any of the characters on the TV series, I have decided that the TV episodes occur on their original air dates. Rick's mention in "THE BIG GAME" of it being Saturday supports this theory. If an episode takes place over the span of more than one day, then I do some simple math to figure out when the episode begins. It's pretty easy, since I believe the last day of the episode, storywise, is the original air date of that episode. So, for an episode taking place in a two-day period, the second day is the Saturday (or Friday, in Zelda's case) that the episode originally aired on, and the first day is the Friday (or Thursday) before. Since episodes of "The Legend of Zelda" have two original air dates, depending on the station showing them, I have decided that the episodes take place on the first of the two air dates, since that is the first time they have aired.

The fan-written episodes have dates mentioned in them, so those are easy to place. However, I want to mention some things regarding the time flow and calendar systems on various worlds.

I have decided that Earth I (Kevin's Earth) and the Palace of Power's world use the same 365-day calendar, with every fourth year having 366 days (a leap year).

Every video world in Videoland considers seven 24-hour days one week, as Lana confirms in the TV episode, "MEGA TROUBLE FOR MEGALAND".

The kingdom of Hyrule (on the world of Hyrule) is a few hours ahead of the Palace of Power's area on Lana's world, as proven in "HAVING A BALL".

The initials B.C. have no meaning in Videoland, so I am using "negative years" instead. The year +1 immediately follows the year -1. There was no year 0.

All dates and times given in the fan-written episodes are California (Earth I) / Palace of Power time.

Earth II (the Earth that's very similar to our Earth) uses the same 365-day calendar that Earth I and Lana's world use. However, Northridge on Earth II is 1,982 days (5 years, 4 months, 5 days), 3 hours, and 30 minutes ahead of Northridge on Earth I.

Finally, for simplicity's sake, Daylight Savings Time doesn't exist on Earths I and II, and the calendar reform of 1752 that occured on our Earth (in which the calendar date was advanced 11 days) never occured on Earths I or II.

Okay, now, let's get to the story!

circa -20000000000

Kevin Keene's universe and Videoland are formed.

[Sources: scientific theory; "JOHN 20:25"]

circa -5500000000

The world of Hyrule is formed.


circa -4550000000

Earth I is formed.

[Sources: scientific theory; "JOHN 20:25"]

December 25, -4008

Humans from Megaland colonize the world of Hyrule. They discover the Triforce, a highly-developed piece of machinery that responds to thought commands.


June 13, -3834

The Ancient Prophecy, the Legend of Videoland, is first written down by Akharin, a foot soldier on Hyrule.


January 1, 1

A world is settled by colonists. A man named Harold Deschain declares himself their leader. The settlers accept his rule. This is the day their calendar begins.

Harold's descendants will rule this world, and it will eventually become the birthplace of Princess Lana Deschain.


Sometime between January 1, 1007, and December 31, 1007

The Book of Mudora is written on Hyrule, but not in its final form. It comes from ancient schematics of the Triforce which are of unknown origin.


Sometime between January 1, 1428, and December 31, 1428

Ganondorf Dragmire and his band of thieves find the Triforce. The Golden Land is turned into the underworld. Ganondorf becomes Ganon.


Sometime between January 1, 1435, and December 31, 1435

The Master Sword is forged, the Imprisoning War is fought, and the Seven Wise Men seal Ganon in the underworld.


July 4, 1776

The American colonists declare their independence from Great Britain.

[Sources: historical accounts; "CHANGES" PART 4: "THE SECOND SIEGE"]

September 29, 1890

King Steven Harkinian, the Ruler of Hyrule, hides the Triforce of Courage for fear of an evil person becoming too powerful if they collected all three pieces of the Triforce.

[Sources: "A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 2]

October 12, 1890

Round people visit Tetris. They would be the last until Prince Lyle Deschain arrives in 1988.

[Sources: "THE TROUBLE WITH TETRIS"; original air date]

September 28, 1891

A wizard helps Trevor Belmont defeat the Count. Trevor becomes a legendary hero.

[Sources: "RETURN TO CASTLEVANIA"; original air date]

April 15, 1939

Thomas Xavier Right in born in Megaland.


June 13, 1942

King Charles Deschain types the Ancient Prophecy into the computer in the Palace of Power.

[Sources: "CHANGES" PART 3: "THE GAME MASTERS OF NORTHRIDGE"; the first name Charles is established in "GAMEBOY"]

December 4, 1950

Carol Martin is born.


November 20, 1953

Ned Keene is born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Jacob and Annabelle Keene.

[Sources: "THE CAYENNE PEPPERS"; Ned's parents' first names are established in "BORN ON THE BAYOU"]

September 1, 1958

Simon Belmont is born on Castlevania.


October 31, 1964

Tardis Harkinian, brother of Colin Harkinian, the King of Hyrule, conspires to kill his brother for the Throne. He is caught, and he and his wife are exiled to Death Mountain.

They will eventually have two children, Dazel and Kordash, and the exile is carried over to the children.

[Sources: "AN EYE FOR AN EYE" PART 1; King Harkinian's first name is established in "A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 1]

March 15, 1967

Li Shiroshi is born in the Mirror World to Tim and Heather Shiroshi.


July 13, 1968

Ned Keene and his parents move from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Northridge, California.


September 13, 1968

Ned meets Dan Parker, Nathan Collins, and William Thomas Riker during Biology class at Northridge High School. The four of them become great friends.


September 16, 1968

Ned literally runs into Biff Vincent, the school bully, in a hallway at Northridge High School while on his way to Algebra class. Biff is about to beat him up. Mr. King, the Algebra teacher, intervenes. Ned, out of fear of Biff, doesn't tell on Biff.

During Algebra class, Mr. King gives an exciting (or maybe not) lecture on exponents.

From this point on, Ned and Biff are enemies. Biff begins beating Ned up, taking his lunch money, and stealing his girlfriends.


June 30, 1970

Julius Jones is born in Northridge, California.

[Sources: "CHANGES" PART 4: "THE SECOND SIEGE"; Northridge, California, is established in "THE BIG GAME"]

September 1, 1971

Carol Martin marries Kenneth Shallowayne. She dumps her last name and takes his.


September 18, 1971

While playing a game of Computer Space at a local convenience store, Dan Parker predicts that video games will die out within one year.

Ned, Dan, Nathan, and Will decide to form a music band.

Ned talks his parents into letting the band set up their instruments in the garage, claiming that they would one day become famous rock stars and make a ton of money, which they would give part of to their families.

The four boys go to a local music store and buy instruments. They set the instruments up in the garage and begin practicing.

While taking a soda break, Dan puts ground cayenne pepper into Ned, Nathan, and Will's glasses of Pepsi as a practical joke. This leads to the band being named the Cayenne Peppers and to their famous (or maybe not) howl.


September 20, 1971

Ned, Dan, Nathan, and Will first meet Kelly Patterson in the school cafeteria. Biff Vincent is bothering her, so she goes to sit with them. Ned, trying to sound cool, tells her about their band. Biff is mad at Ned and wants to pound him, but Kelly saves him.


September 23, 1971

Kelly Patterson meets Pete Anderson.


November 26, 1971

The Cayenne Peppers perform on the football field during half-time in Northridge's game against Central The band gets everybody excited, and Northridge creams Central 20:10.


June 5, 1972

Kristen Shallowayne is born in Los Alamos, New Mexico, to Kenneth and Carol Shallowayne.

[Sources: APOCALYPSE: A CAPTAIN N MOVIE; the last name Shallowayne is established in "BORN ON THE BAYOU"; Los Alamos and Kristen's father's name are established in "THE DAUGHTER'S VISIT"]

June 30, 1972

Richard Edward Walker is born in Northridge, California, to Miles and Denise Walker.

Romeo Roberts is born in Northridge, California.

[Sources: "CHANGES" PART 4: "THE SECOND SIEGE"; the middle name Edward is established in "GAMESLIDE"; Rick's parents' names are established in "JOHN 20:25"]

August 19, 1972

The Cayenne Peppers perform together one more time before Ned moves to college.

Ned Keene moves into his dorm room at California State University in Northridge early in the morning. Steve Starlight moves into the same room a half hour later and finds the room a mess. The two of them argue about it, throwing clothes at each other. But then Steve sees Ned's Hummingbird guitar leaning against a wall and stops fighting with him. Due to their common love of music, the two boys become the best of friends.

The Cayenne Peppers won't play together again until their reunion on November 20, 1993.


September 18, 1972

Dan Parker's prediction that video games will die out within one year is proven false.


May 9, 1973

Princess Zelda Harkinian is born in the kingdom of Hyrule to Colin and Rebecca Harkinian.

Rebecca Harkinian dies while giving birth to Zelda.

King Charles Deschain sees Princess Zelda.

[Sources: APOCALYPSE: A CAPTAIN N MOVIE; Zelda's mother's name is established in "A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 1]

May 23, 1973

Prince Lyle Deschain is born in the Palace of Power in Videoland to Charles and Mary Deschain.

[Sources: "CHANGES" PART 4: "THE SECOND SIEGE"; "A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 1; Lyle and Lana's mother's name is established in "CHANGES" PART 2: "THE WOUNDED"]

September 1, 1973

King Charles Deschain and Queen Mary Deschain begin fighting.


September 22, 1973

King Charles hosts a banquet at the Palace of Power and gets pretty drunk.

He goes to his bedroom and rapes Mary.

Mary Deschain becomes pregnant.


September 23, 1973

King Charles takes Mary to the royal doctor to get a pregnancy test. Charles makes up a story about how Mary wanted to get pregnant and forces Mary to go along with it. He also announces this story to all of Videoland.


September 30, 1973

Kelly Patterson marries Pete Anderson. She dumps her last name and takes his.


November 9, 1973

Dazel Harkinian, Zelda's cousin, is born in exile in Death Mountain on Hyrule.

[Sources: "AN EYE FOR AN EYE" PART 1]

January 20, 1974

Mike Vincent is born in Northridge, California, to Biff and Sharon Vincent.

[Sources: "THE CAYENNE PEPPERS"; Mike's parents' first names are established in "JOHN 20:25"]

January 22, 1974

A guy named George steals about 12 hours of security footage from Rogue Squadron.


May 9, 1974

Link Chance is born in the kingdom of Calatia, west of Hyrule, to Arn and Medila Chance.

Kordash Harkinian, Zelda's cousin, is born in exile in Death Mountain on Hyrule.

[Sources: APOCALYPSE: A CAPTAIN N MOVIE; Link's birthplace and parents' names are established in "A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 1; "AN EYE FOR AN EYE" PART 1]

June 23, 1974

Kevin Kristopher Keene is born in Northridge, California, to Ned and Cheryl Keene.

Mary Deschain goes into labor. The royal doctor says the child must be aborted, or else Mary will die giving birth to it. King Charles refuses to allow Mary to have an abortion, not wanting the life of a child on his conscience.

Princess Lana Sarah Deschain is born in the Palace of Power in Videoland to Charles and Mary Deschain.

Mary Deschain dies giving birth to Lana.

King Charles and the doctor argue. Charles pays the doctor to keep his silence. Two royal guards arrive in the room and see Mary's dead body. Charles kills the guards out of panic.

The bodies are taken to the Palace's morgue, and Charles donates the organs to anyone that needs them.

King Charles and the doctor quietly bury the truth.

Ned and Cheryl argue over what religion Kevin's going to be raised in, so he's baptized into both and taken to two different churches when he's growing up. When he turns twelve years old, he will get tired of this and stop going to church, never really believing in the existence of God.

King Charles will lie to Lana about her mother's death as she grows up. She will not discover the truth until 1993.

[Sources: "CHANGES" PART 2: "THE WOUNDED"; "CHANGES" PART 4: "THE SECOND SIEGE"; the middle names Kristopher and Sarah are established in "GAMESLIDE"; Kevin's parents' first names are established in "CHANGES" PART 3: "THE GAME MASTERS OF NORTHRIDGE"; "JOHN 20:25"; APOCALYPSE: A CAPTAIN N MOVIE; "SINS OF THE FATHER"]

June 30, 1974

Stacey Lynn Anderson is born in Northridge, California, to Pete and Kelly Anderson.

[Sources: "CHANGES" PART 4: "THE SECOND SIEGE"; the middle name Lynn is established in "GAMESLIDE"; Stacey's father's first name is established in APOCALYPSE: A CAPTAIN N MOVIE; Stacey's mother's first name is established in "THE CAYENNE PEPPERS"]

December 24, 1974

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

Princess Lana and Princess Zelda are introduced to each other by their fathers.

They will become best friends.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"; "A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 1]

December 25, 1974

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 24, 1975

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 25, 1975

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 24, 1976

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 25, 1976

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 24, 1977

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 25, 1977

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 24, 1978

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 25, 1978

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 24, 1979

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 25, 1979

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 24, 1980

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 25, 1980

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 24, 1981

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 25, 1981

Princess Lana and King Charles attend the Harkinian family Christmas party on Hyrule.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

September 9, 1982

The First Videoland War begins. Mother Brain sends her forces to lay siege on the Palace of Power in an attempt to conquer Videoland. These troops consist mostly of monsters and robots, with some humans armed with semi-automatic weapons from the world of Contra.

Lana first sees and hears Mother Brain.

Mother Brain asks King Charles to turn rule of Videoland over to her, but he refuses.

The Super Mario Brothers, Mario and Luigi, save the Mushroom Kingdom.

The King of the Mushroom Kingdom breaks the Mushroom World off from the rest of Videoland to keep Bowser Koopa from teaming up with Mother Brain.


September 21, 1982

Kid Icarus is born on Mount Icarus to Judas Icarus.


March 15, 1983

Tim Shiroshi begins to have a drinking problem. He leaves home for work early in the morning and comes home late at night drunk almost every day. He and his wife, Heather, begin fighting.


March 15, 1984

Tim Shiroshi kills Heather Shiroshi in a druken rage.

Li Shiroshi escapes from the house to avoid being killed by her father. The Mirror World Dr. Wily finds her and teaches her all she knows about robotics.


June 23, 1984

King Charles takes Lana into the Palace's courtyard and shows her how to fire a weapon. Lana kills her first Metroid with the same weapon that King Charles used to kill the two royal guards ten years earlier.


September 14, 1984

Professor Hector, the most famous scientist of the time, conceives of the idea of a Super Robot. He nicknames it the Robotic Operating Buddy, or R.O.B. for short. The R.O.B. Project begins.

During the next few months, Professor Hector and his assistant, Professor Vector, work almost non-stop on R.O.B.

[Sources: "THE QUEST FOR R.O.B" PART 1]

January 1, 1985

The Robotic Operating Buddy is completed. After having a quick breakfast of hash browns and orange juice, Professors Hector and Vector run some final system checks, then bring R.O.B. online. They have him perform some routine tests, such as stacking blocks. Also, R.O.B. helps them defuse bombs that are in their laboratory and helps Professor Hector with his sleepwalking problems.

Then Professor Hector sees how much strength R.O.B. has and fears the disaster if anyone ever reprogrammed the robot.

[Sources: "THE QUEST FOR R.O.B" PART 1]

January 2, 1985

Professor Hector seals the Robotic Operating Buddy in a cavern inside Lookout Mountain on the world of Gyromite, much to Professor Vector's objections.

Professor Vector goes into hiding, not wanting to be associated with Professor Hector at all.


April 10, 1985

Dr. Right builds Proto Man, his first humanoid robot.

Shortly after, Proto Man is somehow lost.


May 9, 1985

Link Chance celebrates his eleventh birthday.

Arn Chance gives Link a sword and starts teaching him how to fight. He finds that Link displays a talent for swordplay and a thirst for adventure.

[Sources: "A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 1]

November 13, 1985

The Wind Fish on Hyrule falls asleep.

An owl takes Link Chance inside the dreams of the Wind Fish and sends him to wake it up.

Link meets a girl named Marin and wakes up the Wind Fish.


September 9, 1986

Douglas Piedmont is warped from Earth I to Videoland by the Ultimate Warp Zone.

Despite a warning by the Ancient Prophecy, King Charles gives Douglas the prototype of a new weapon - the Power Glove. There is also a second prototype.

The power proves too much for Douglas. Now called Pak, he becomes a bounty hunter and a rogue.


October 9, 1987

Judas Icarus begins to teach Kid Icarus archery.


July 2, 1988

A soldier in Videoland's royal army visits Contra, a newly discovered video world, with five soldiers under his command.

The lead soldier brings a semi-automatic weapon back to the Palace of Power. He suggests replicating the weapon for use by the royal army, but King Charles refuses, not wanting to make the war any more bloody than it has to be. The soldier puts the weapon in the Weapons room for use in emergencies.

The following year, Princess Lana will send him to Metroid to rescue King Charles, and Mother Brain will kill him.


July 15, 1988

Kevin and Mike plan to go to the Circle K and call a pizza place so they can run off with it later on, but they're harrassed by two cops while on the way there. They didn't have enough money to make the phone call.


July 22, 1988

Mike steals a broom from Kevin's neighbor's garage and throws it in an empty lot.

Mike spends the night at Kevin's house. He plays 'The Legend of Zelda'.


July 23, 1988

Kevin finally has to go sleep in the living room, since Mike won't go to bed until he's beaten the game. When Mike wins, he tries to wake Kevin up to tell him about it, but Kevin's so tired, he won't wake up.

Ned finds the broom while out mowing the lawn, and Kevin lies about it.

Kevin and Mike go over to Mike's house.


August 11, 1988

Mike uses Kevin's computer to hack into bank accounts to prove he can do it.


August 17, 1988

A Snickers bar that Kevin had consumed earlier expires.


October 12, 1988

Lyle Deschain leaves the Palace of Power, and his life as Prince, for the video world of Tetris, where he becomes Keeper of the Sacred Square. His father and sister don't know what happened to him.

[Sources: "THE TROUBLE WITH TETRIS"; original air date]

December 31, 1988

Mike disrupts a neighbor's New Year's Eve party, and he and Kevin run off laughing.

Kevin watches Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve '89. He won't see the yearly television event again until December 31, 1992.


Sometime after December 31, 1988

Mike turns into a bully and begins to beat Kevin up.


June 23, 1989

Princess Lana is given a surprise fifteenth birthday party in the Throne room of the Palace of Power. Those in attendance are King Charles, Princess Zelda, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus.

Simon rides a bicycle that he had bought for Lana into the room and crashes it into Mega Man, ruining Lana's chocolate fudge birthday cake and the bike.

Lana receives a laser rifle from her father as a birthday present.

After Lana opens the rest of her presents, she and King Charles try out the laser rifle.


On or after June 23, 1989

Simon buys Lana a new bicycle.


August 4, 1989

Link first meets Spryte. Spryte develops a crush on him.

[Sources: "A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 1]

August 8, 1989

While enjoying a rare moment of peace together on a picnic in the forest a distance from the Palace, King Charles names Princess Lana the heir to the Throne of Videoland and makes her promise to defend Videoland no matter what.

King Charles is kidnapped by Mother Brain by being pulled into a warp. Lana tries to keep him from being pulled in, but Charles lets go of Lana, not wanting her to go with him. Lana swears to have Mother Brain killed.

Pak knows of this entire event.

Princess Lana, now the acting Ruler of Videoland, sends her remaining warriors to Metroid to find and rescue her father.

Lana then goes to North Castle on Hyrule to talk with Princess Zelda. Zelda tries to give her hope. They share their first kiss and fall in love with each other.


August 11, 1989

Mother Brain kills all the warriors by decapitation and banishes King Charles to the Mirror World.

King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard bring the severed heads of the warriors back to Princess Lana, along with a message from Mother Brain that King Charles is gone forever.


August 21, 1989

Kid Icarus ventures into the underworld of Mount Icarus to defeat Medusa.

Judas Icarus fights as one of Princess Lana's most loyal soldiers.


August 28, 1989

The royal army is all but obliterated. The royal guards are either dead or had abandoned the Palace. As a last resort, Princess Lana calls upon the greatest warriors in Videoland to help her. Simon Belmont of Castlevania, Mega Man of Megaland, and Kid Icarus of Mount Icarus arrive at the Palace of Power and form the N Team, with Lana as their leader. Lana makes Simon the highest ranking officer of her court.

Kid Icarus sees a robot - Mega Man - for the first time in his life. It scares the heck out of him.


Sometime between September 1, 1989, and September 9, 1989

Mrs. Grould, Kevin and Rick's Chemistry teacher, teaches the class how to make model rockets.

[Sources: "GREAT ORBS OF FIRE" PART 2; As far as I'm aware, high school students in California begin the new school year in September. Since Kevin is a freshman in 1989-1990, and since Rick is two grades ahead of him, they could only be in class together during the short time that Kevin is in high school before he's taken to Videoland.]

September 4, 1989

Princess Zelda and Link Chance first meet each other when Zelda saves Link from a group of moblins in a forest.

Zelda hires Link to guard the Triforce of Wisdom.

Zelda first meets Spryte.

Link and Spryte move into North Castle.

[Sources: "The Legend of Zelda" opening theme song; "A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 1]

September 6, 1989

Stacey meets Kevin's parents.

Kevin helps Stacey study for an Algebra test.

Kevin and Stacey dance and have their first kiss.


September 7, 1989

Kevin and Stacey take the Algebra test, which they both get an A+ on.


September 8, 1989

Stacey rides home from school with Kevin so Mike won't beat up on him.


September 9, 1989

In Northridge, California, Kevin Keene is playing Bayou Billy in his bedroom, even though his mother had told him to clean up his room, do his homework, and take out the trash. He does poorly at the game and switches to Punch-Out.

The Palace of Power is near defeat against Mother Brain's forces. Then, the Ancient Prophecy is fulfilled, and a young warrior from another land is to be brought to Videoland to lead Lana's forces to victory. This warrior has been known in the legends as Captain N: The Game Master. The Ultimate Warp Zone opens.

Suddenly, the picture on Kevin's TV screen fuzzes up, and Kevin sees the N Team on his TV screen. Then a huge blast of energy shoots out of the TV, grabs Kevin, and pulls him through the screen. His dog, Duke, jumps in after him.

They fall through the Ultimate Warp Zone and end up in the Throne room in the Palace of Power. The Triforce of Wisdom sends an influence to Kevin's TV set.

Simon thinks Kevin is a wimp. Kevin develops a crush on Lana. Kevin originally refuses to help and wants to go back home. However, when Princess Lana is kidnapped by Mother Brain and taken to Metroid, he has to help find her if he wants to go back home.

Following Simon's bad sense of direction, they end up in Kongoland and are chased by Donkey Kong. Kevin finally gets them to Metroid, however.

Kevin rescues Lana and gets his first look at Mother Brain, who he immediately hates. They can't finish Mother Brain off, so they warp back to the Palace of Power.

Lana shows Kevin the Sun Stone and discovers it can recharge his weapons.

Kevin and Lana wipe out the remains of Mother Brain's army at the Palace.

Kevin still wants to go home, but, after hearing his mother calling to him through the Ultimate Warp Zone, he changes his mind. Kevin and Duke stay in Videoland and join the N Team.

Pak knows of Kevin's arrival.

Lana goes to North Castle on Hyrule to tell Zelda about Kevin. Lana admits she likes Kevin, and Zelda admits she likes Link a little bit. The two of them agree to have relationships with other people as long as they love each other more.

[Sources: "KEVIN IN VIDEOLAND"; original air date; Kevin playing Bayou Billy comes from "HOW'S BAYOU"; Kevin having to clean up his room comes from "MR. AND MRS. MOTHER BRAIN" and "NIGHTMARE ON MOTHER BRAIN'S STREET"; "CHANGES" PART 1: "THE ULTIMATE GAME MASTER"; "MEDIEVAL WISHES" PART 2; "PAK" PART 4: "SHOWDOWN"]

September 10, 1989

The N Team begins constructing a machine to recharge Kevin's Power Pad.

Lana and Zelda make out in the courtyard of North Castle.


Prior to September 12, 1989

Dr. Right teaches the Megaland Li Shiroshi. They build humanoid robots which they name Ivan and Adrian Tilaski. However, Li Shiroshi steals them and reprograms them to serve her evil purposes.

Dr. Tilaski reprograms a small humanoid robot named GP, which was created by the Mirror World Li Shiroshi. Dr. Tilaski creates many robots, and they all go throughout Videoland, destroying cities.


September 12, 1989

The Mirror World Li Shiroshi completes and first activates Gameboy. Her lab is raided, and she warps with Gameboy to the poor village where King Charles lives. She records a holographic message on a small metal tube and places it inside Gameboy. She leaves Gameboy in the village and goes through the Mirror Warp, trading places with her Opposite.

Shortly afterwards, King Charles finds Gameboy and takes a liking to him.


September 16, 1989

Mother Brain discovers that Kevin is not good at playing Bayou Billy. She has Dr. Wily make a robo-cat for her that she can control. It is sent to the Palace of Power.

That evening, Kevin is giving Lana dance lessons. Kevin suggests they go to Earth to impress Kevin's friends. Lana says some other time.

Duke chases the robo-cat through the warp to Bayouland. Kevin goes after his dog.

King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard go to Bayouland to make sure Kevin doesn't leave.

After a few hours, the robo-cat sneaks back into the Palace. Mega Man catches it and shows it to Lana.

Lana decides to go to Bayouland and warn Kevin that something's up, but she has to agree to a candlelight dinner with Simon in order to get him to come along.

After falling through some quicksand, Kevin lands in a cave. An alligator is there, but Bayou Billy prevents it from eating Kevin. Kevin first meets Bayou Billy.

Billy agrees to help Kevin look for Duke, but first he teaches Kevin how to survive in the bayou. Kevin learns to use a whip.

Billy goes to rustle up some poachers, leaving Kevin to look for Duke on his own.

Dr. Wily creates the Swamp Creature to kill Kevin. He sends it to Bayouland.

King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard find an airboat. After King Hippo breaks it, Eggplant Wizard turns King Hippo into a boat. They spot Kevin. Kevin invents the alligator jet-ski. After a brief chase in the swamp, Kevin gets away.

Lana and Simon encounter the Swamp Creature. It chases them. When Lana and Simon come to a warp zone, King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard capture them.

Kevin arrives, but he's captured as well. Bayou Billy arrives with Duke. The dog unties Kevin, Lana, and Simon. Billy handles King Hippo and the Eggplant Wizard. Kevin battles the swamp creature, but his weapons get wet and dirty.

Kevin uses his training to get to the Crash Star. He destroys the Swamp Creature and some other animals.

King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard flee back to Metroid. The Crash Star follows them and temporarily de-digitalizes them, Mother Brain, and Dr. Wily.

Later that evening, Lana fulfills her promise of a candlelight dinner with Simon, though it's not what Simon had in mind. Duke discovers a nest that belongs to Loafer, Billy's pet alligator. The baby alligators scare him.

[Sources: "HOW'S BAYOU"; original air date of version 1]

September 23, 1989

Kenneth Shallowayne gets a job at the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico. His family is delighted.


September 25, 1989

Kenneth Shallowayne first begins work at the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Upon arriving at the laboratory, Kenneth is met by a man who drives him 200 miles to a high security complex in the New Mexico desert, near the place where they set off the first atomic bomb.

Kenneth Shallowayne is assigned to work at a top-secret government project known as Star Bright as a tester of parts to be used in deep space probes. An observer is assigned to Kenneth to make sure he doesn't tell anyone about the project. Kenneth keeps all of this a secret from his family.


Sometime between September 25, 1989, and October 12, 1990

Heather Shallowayne moves to Northridge, California, and begins attending the University of California at Northridge. She begins working part-time at the university to earn extra spending money.


November 24, 1989

Ganon creates or receives a new wand of power. He plans to use it to send Princess Zelda to his Evil Jar.

Zelda is in the courtyard of North Castle, enjoying the beautiful day, when Ganon attacks with an army of moblins. Link comes to her rescue.

Zelda goes and gets the Triforce of Wisdom, then comes back to the attack.

Ganon fires his wand at Zelda. Zelda deflects the blast, and it eventually hits Link. Link vanishes.

Satisfied, Ganon returns to the underworld with his moblins.

Zelda is devastated that she was responsible for Link's death. Link appears to her, however. It seems that Ganon only got Link's body, but not his "spirit".

Zelda and Link go to Death Mountain to retrieve Link's body.

Zelda learns to use Link's sword.

Link learns that Zelda loves him, but Zelda says "maybe just a little".

While Zelda fights Ganon's minions, Link gets his body back.

After causing a lot of damage, Link and Zelda go back to the overworld.

[Sources: "THE MISSING LINK"; original air date]

December 1, 1989

Ganon is angry at his minions about a failed attack on North Castle, but his minions are angry at him because it was his plan. They plan to get rid of Ganon.

Ganon demonstrates his new Capture Staff to his minions. They use it to trap Ganon inside a bubble and send him down into a bottomless pit. They free the rest of the monsters from the Evil Jar and plan at attack on North Castle.

The newly-formed Brotherhood of Underworld Monsters sends a note to Princess Zelda and demand her surrender. Link and Zelda discover that the monsters have surrounded the castle. They don't take the threat seriously, because Ganon's minions screw up.

Ganon is able to raise his bubble out of the bottomless pit.

Link and Zelda discover from a moblin that Ganon's gone, so they decide to go to the underworld and get the Triforce of Power.

Link realizes that if Zelda gets the Triforce of Power and saves Hyrule, he will be out of a job. When Ganon rises out of the bottomless pit, Link has fun and tosses Ganon's bubble around. It lands on the Triforce of Power and frees Ganon.

Link and Zelda run back to the overworld. Ganon decides not to pursue them, but rather to punish his minions.

Zelda is very angry at Link for messing up, but Link is happy that he still has a job.

[Sources: "THE MOBLINS ARE REVOLTING"; original air date]

December 30, 1989

Ganon attacks North Castle with a large army. Link and Zelda wipe out most of the army and follow Ganon back to the underworld.

After a long battle, Princess Zelda destroys the Evil Jar and defeats Ganon.

Zelda reclaims the Triforce of Power for the kingdom of Hyrule.

[Sources: "A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 2]

Prior to or on May 9, 1990

Link decides to grow his hair longer.

[Sources: "A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 1]

May 9, 1990

Princess Lana arrives at North Castle and wishes Princess Zelda a happy seventeenth birthday before anyone else does.

Zelda receives a hand-held mirror with gold trim from Spryte, a picture of Link from Link, a new set of clothes from Lana, and a new belt from her father.

Colin Harkinian suffers a heart attack. He talks with his daughter for a while, then dies. Zelda is anguished.

Zelda buries her father in back of North Castle. Most of the people in Hyrule are present.

Zelda Harkinian becomes the Ruler of Hyrule, but does not take the title "Queen".


June 2, 1990

Simon finally gets Mega Man to blow up his inflatable castle for him.

[Sources: "MAN'S BEST FRIEND"]

June 5, 1990

Fed up with her mother's sermons, Kristen converts to Catholicism, along with her father Kenneth and her sister Heather. Carol isn't too happy about it.


August 29, 1990

A group of five moblins attack Zelda in the Throne room of North Castle and want to kill her out of revenge for Ganon's defeat. Link intervenes, and the moblins run off. The lead moblin swears to Link that they will meet again.

[Sources: "A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 2]

Prior to or on September 29, 1990

Link pulls a muscle in his left leg while dodging boomerangs.

[Sources: "QUEST FOR THE POTION OF POWER"; original air date]

September 29, 1990

King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard arrive on Hyrule to find the legendary Potion of Power.

Rumors spread on Hyrule that someone is trying to resurrect Ganon.

A group of moblins attack Rauru Town.

Princess Zelda contacts the Palace of Power and asks for Kevin to come to Hyrule.

Kevin and Gameboy arrive on Hyrule, and Kevin meets Link and Zelda for the first time.

Link is not thrilled about Kevin being on his turf, and the two of them don't get along very well.

Link and Zelda tell Kevin and Gameboy about Ganon's possible return.

The four heroes go to Rauru Town to begin their quest. King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard find them and begin following them around.

A moblin attacks a woman in an alley. Kevin, Gameboy, Link, and Zelda come to her rescue. They kill that moblin and four others, saving the woman's son in the process.

The woman rewards them by giving them a map to find the Golden Key.

The four heroes, followed by King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard, go to the ancient Desert Palace. Link gets the Golden Key, but Horsehead attacks. Kevin saves Link and defeats Horsehead.

Using clues from a parchment they find with the Golden Key, the four heroes go to the Island Palace by taking the shortcut through the secret tunnel in the graveyard. King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard follow.

After being attacked by a Darknut, Gameboy finds a bottle of reflect magic.

After going through the Golden Door, the heroes locate the Potion of Power. Ironknuckle attacks them. While Kevin, Link, and Zelda defeat him, King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard steal the potion and run off.

Gameboy warps to the Palace of Power and brings back Simon, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus.

Inside Death Mountain, the N Teamsters arrive too late to stop Ganon from drinking the Potion of Power. Ganon regains his full strength - and more. He announces that he wants to conquer Videoland, much to Mother Brain's surprise. Kevin puts the reflect magic on Link's shield. When Ganon fires at the shield, his own magic reflects back and defeats him.

Kevin and Link become friends and learn to get along.

Link discovers the Triforce of Courage in the ruins of the Great Palace in Death Mountain.

At North Castle, Zelda builds a security system onto her throne and uses the Triforce to power it.

The Triforce is re-united, and Zelda and Hyrule are magically bonded to it.

The Triforce passes knowledge to Link of Ganon's return, but Link doesn't know it yet.


October 11, 1990

Saint Cubic's Day is celebrated on Tetris.

[Sources: "THE TROUBLE WITH TETRIS"; original air date]

October 12, 1990

Heather Shallowayne is sorting files at the University of California at Northridge and discovers that her father's name is not listed on the list of employees at the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico. She calls the laboratory, but doesn't get an answer.

While flying out in space and dodging asteroids, the Warp Wagon (and the N Team) gets pulled down to the world of Tetris by the power coming from the Sacred Square of Tetris.

Mother Brain sends King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard to Tetris to find the source of the power.

The N Team meets Mayor Squaresly of Tetris. Mayor Squaresly declares October 12th "Her Royal Roundness Day", in honor of Princess Lana's visit. He then gives them the grand tour of Tetris and tells them about the Sacred Square.

Prince Lyle gets off work at the Chamber of Tetris and takes a bus ride to Cubies. Mayor Squaresly and the N Team arrive at Cubies. Lyle meets the N Team and is reunited with his sister.

The N Team helps Lyle build confidence in himself and gets him some new clothes.

Back at Lyle's apartment, Lyle announces that he wants to take his rightful place as Ruler of Videoland, but Lana feels he's not ready for that kind of responsibility. In order to prove himself worthy, Lyle tries to stop King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard from stealing his Tetris Key. He fails, however, and loses confidence in himself.

Kenneth and Carol Shallowayne go out to dinner.

Heather calls up her sister, Kristen, in Los Alamos and tells her what happened. Kristen looks around in her father's room and discovers his collection of Playboy magazines. She also finds a neon blue star pin and an identification card. She calls Heather back and tells her, but doesn't feel it proves anything.

[Sources: "THE TROUBLE WITH TETRIS"; original air date; "THE DAUGHTER'S VISIT"]

October 13, 1990

All Squares Day is celebrated on Tetris.

Mother Brain arrives on Tetris and steals the Sacred Square. As a result, Tetris starts to fall apart. The N Team can't stop her, but, thanks to some encouragement from Gameboy, Lyles helps save the Sacred Square and Tetris.

Lyle declines Lana's offer to rule Videoland alongside her, choosing to stay on Tetris and be Keeper of the Sacred Square. He is, after all, treated as a hero.

[Sources: "THE TROUBLE WITH TETRIS"; original air date]

October 20, 1990

Dr. Wily discovers competition energy. He creates a power vacuum to collect it. After running a test, he plans to use it to power his Warp Zone Shifter and send the N Team into the Earthquake Warp Zone.

At the Palace of Power, Kevin is homesick. Mega Man builds a skateboard for Kevin to cheer him up.

Dr. Wily lures the N Team to California Games by letting Kevin think he won a contest.

Dr. Wily and his robots go to California Games and set up base in a hot dog stand.

As the N Team has fun competing in the games, Dr. Wily collects competition energy to power his Warp Zone Shifter. However, Dr. Wily is impatient and sends his robots to increase the competition. The N Team discovers Wily's presence on California Games, and the games lose their fun.

In order to collect more competition energy, Dr. Wily puts his Warp Zone Shifter through a test run.

In Northridge, California, Rick Walker, Romeo Roberts, Julius Jones, and Stacey Anderson, along with the entire Northridge High School gymnasium, are warped to California Games just as they are walking out of the gym to begin Saturday football practice.

The N Team is packing up to leave when the gym appears on the beach. Introductions are made.

Inside the gym, Kevin explains the situation to his Earth friends.

Mother Brain warps to California Games to make sure Dr. Wily doesn't mess things up.

Dr. Wily challenges Kevin and his friends to a contest against his Robot Masters. The winner gets the Palace of Power and the Throne of Videoland. Lana goes to find out what Dr. Wily is really up to.

Kevin accepts the challenge, as long as the game is football. Dr. Wily agrees.

The good guys play a football game against the Robot Masters and don't do so good.

Kevin sends Mega Man to Megaland to bring back firepower from Dr. Right.

Duke takes Mega Man's place in the football game.

Lana arrives at the hot dog stand and discovers the Warp Zone Shifter. She reprograms it.

Mega Man comes back with the firepower. The good guys take the lead in the game.

Dr. Wily, Mother Brain, and all the robots speed back to the hot dog stand when enough competition energy is collected.

Due to Lana's reprogramming, all of the bad guys are warped to the Landfill Warp Zone.

Kevin declines to return to Earth with his friends.

Rick, Stacey, Romeo, and Julius warp back to Northridge with the gym.

Lana tells Kevin that his friends will forget about Videoland, and so will he if he ever went back to Earth.

[Sources: "THE BIG GAME"; original air date; the first name Julius is established in "CHANGES" PART 1: "THE ULTIMATE GAME MASTER"; the last names Anderson, Roberts, and Jones are established in "CHANGES" PART 1: "THE ULTIMATE GAME MASTER"]

November 14, 1990

Tardis, Dazel, and Kordash Harkinian are freed from their exile on Death Mountain.

They go to Castlevania so Tardis can get the Count's help in overthrowing Princess Zelda.

Alucard, the Count's son, and Dazel begin dating.

Guards from Hyrule come to capture Tardis. Alucard kills two of them.

Tardis and his children are taken back to Hyrule.


February 9, 1991

Kristen and her mother have an argument over religion.


Prior to or on May 10, 1991

Kenneth Shallowayne discovers that the people working at the Star Bright Project are dangerous and begins to look for a way out.

[Sources: "STAR-CROSSED"]

May 10, 1991

Kenneth Shallowayne is offered a job as a physics professor at the University of California at Northridge. After gaining approval from his family, he calls up his work and quits his job at the Star Bright Project. He nearly has to beg to leave. The Shallowaynes then prepare to move to Northridge, California.


May 31, 1991

Princess Lana has Dr. Right add a huge weapons array and a new security system to the Palace of Power.


June 5, 1991

On Kristen's 19th birthday, she and her parents move from New Mexico to Northridge, California.


June 30, 1991

Kevin gets a bottle of reflect magic from Link for his 17th birthday.

Stacey gets a red convertible from her parents for her 17th birthday.


September 14, 1991

After a successful mission on Dragon's Den, Kevin, Kid Icarus, and Duke stop off on the medieval world of Nottingham to power-up the Warp Wagon.

The three of them find the evil Sheriff and King John robbing the Ye-Olde Weapon Shoppe and fight them. They meet Robin Hood, who helps them out.

Kevin, Kid Icarus, and Duke are introduced to the Merry Men, who make fun of Kid Icarus due to his size and wings. Kid Icarus decides to proves he's a better archer than them by entering the Tournament of the Golden Arrow that afternoon. Robin also decides to enter to win the golden arrow for himself.

The Sheriff and Prince John plot to capture Robin Hood at the tournament, deciding that whoever wins must be Robin. Maid Marian overhears their plot, but she can't do anything about it.

At the tournament, Robin, Kevin, and Duke are in disguise. King John dresses up as Maid Marian, since the real one won't cooperate. Kevin tries to win a gift for Princess Lana. Kid Icarus does really good in the tournament.

Kid Icarus and the Sheriff go through the final round, but the Sheriff cheats by using Kid Icarus' buzzsaw arrow and wins the tournament. Robin approached "Maid Marian" for the golden arrow and a kiss. King John then reveals himself, orders Robin placed under arrest, and exposes his identity. Kevin intervenes, but the Sheriff says that, unless everyone surrenders to him, Maid Marian will be his prisoner forever. Robin agrees to surrender if Marian is released. Marian, hearing this, falls out of the tower. Kid Icarus takes the golden arrow and uses it to create a protective bubble around Marian, and she floats down into Robin's arms. Kid Icarus becomes a hero in Nottingham.

Kid Icarus is then welcomed as a member of the Merry Men.

[Sources: "MISADVENTURES IN ROBIN HOOD WOODS"; original air date]

September 21, 1991

Hoop-De-Doo-Dah-Day, the one day of the year when everyone has a shot at their dearest wish, is celebrated on Hoopland.

Kevin, Lana, and Duke arrive on Hoopland to try and wish King Charles home.

Kevin, Lana, and Duke meet Larry Bird.

Hoopless, a young boy who is the inventor of everything on Hoopland, is too short to make a shot at getting a wish, so he has his robot, Rebound, make the shot for him.

Rebound gets to make a wish, but, instead of wishing Hoopless tall, he accidentally wishes himseld the tallest. He hits his head, which messes up his programming, and becomes evil.

Larry, Kevin, Lana, Hoopless, and Duke climb Hoop Mountain, passing a series of challenges by Clockman, Guardian of the Magic Hoop, along the way.

Lana wins a wish. However, instead of wishing her father back home, she wishes Rebound back to normal, and everybody's happy.

[Sources: "PURSUIT OF THE MAGIC HOOP"; original air date]

September 28, 1991

The Poltergeist King is kidnapped, and impersonated, by the Count.

Kevin and Simon attend the Simon Belmont Awards on Castlevania, where Simon is to receive his great-grandfather Trevor's weapons from the Poltergeist King and be honored as a hero.

When the Count, disguised as the Poltergeist King, arrives, he accuses Trevor Belmont of being a coward and Simon Belmont of being a fraud. He curses the House of Belmont with 1,000 years of shame. Upset, Simon goes to visit Trevor's grave on the other side of Castlevania.

The Count throws his son, Alucard, out of the family castle for letting the real Poltergeist King nearly escape.

Kevin, thinking that Simon's been captured by a mob, looks for him in every dungeon in town. He finally finds him at the graveyard. They meet the old wizard that had helped Trevor defeat the Count 100 years before.

The three of them go to the Poltergeist King's lair to get some answers, and they discover that the Count is behind everything. Alucard arrives and saves them from a trap, which further angers the Count.

Alucard takes Kevin and Simon to the Count's room in the castle, but then betrays them and sides with his father. Kevin and Simon defeat the Count, which restores Simon's hero status to the people of Castlevania.

Later, at the awards ceremony, Simon is presented with Trevor's weapons by the real Poltergeist King, and proceeds to give a long speech which bores the audience to sleep.

[Sources: "RETURN TO CASTLEVANIA"; original air date]

On or shortly after September 28, 1991

The Count orders Alucard to kill innocent peasants to lure the N Team to Castlevania. Alucard realizes his father's evil and rebels, hiding out in an underground cave near Jova on Castlevania.

Alucard matures and teaches himself the black magic that is the curse of his family. When he becomes proficient with a sword and the Black Arts, he comes out of hiding, traveling throughout Videoland dressed as a hermit or wise man.

[Sources: "AN EYE FOR AN EYE" PART 1]

October 5, 1991

A being known as the Puzzle Wizard takes over Tetris. He tetrisizes anyone that fights back. Prince Lyle goes to challenge him and gets tetrisized.

At the Palace of Power, Kevin and Simon are playing a riddle video game for hours, and Lana watches them play. Simon wins and declares himself the Riddle King.

They receive a distress call from Mayor Squaresly and warp to Tetris.

Once there, they go to the Chamber of Tetris and find Mayor Squaresly. He explains the situation to them.

The four of them go to the Puzzle Wizard's castle and confront him. He challenges them to a riddle game, with the prize being their freedom. Simon, the Riddle King, accepts, but doesn't get the answer in time. He gets tetrisized by the Puzzle Wizard's Tetrisizer. So does Mayor Squaresly.

Kevin challenges the Puzzle Wizard to a game of Tetris, which the Puzzle Wizard accepts. Kevin being playing, while Lana locates Lyle. Kevin wins the game, but the Puzzle Wizard wants to Tetrisize him anyway. Lana and Lyle use the combined power of the stones on their crown and ring, respectively, to deflect the Tetrisizer ray back at the Puzzle Wizard and kill him.

All the Tetris citizens return to normal. Simon's squareness takes a little longer to wear off, though.

[Sources: "TOTALLY TETRISIZED"; original air date]

October 12, 1991

Dr. Right decides to build a peace-keeping robot to bring peace to Videoland.

Dr. Wily pretends to be good and becomes friends with Dr. Right. He helps Dr. Right build the robot.

Mega Man, Kevin, Rush, and Duke are sent to eight sections of Megaland to collect eight energy tanks to power the peace robot. All the while, Mega Man and Kevin argue about whose dog is awesomer.

After getting the last energy tank from Topland, Kevin, Mega Man, Duke, and Rush go to California Games for some rest and relaxation. Dr. Wily warps the dogs to Skull Castle as bait for Kevin and Mega Man. Kevin and Mega Man go to Skull Castle to find their dogs.

Leaving Doc Robot in charge of Skull Castle, Dr. Wily goes to Dr. Right's laboratory, reprograms the peace robot, and steals it so he can take over Videoland.

Mega Man, Kevin, Duke, and Rush escape from Skull Castle, destroying Doc Robot in the process. Dr. Right warps to outside Skull Castle to inform them of what Dr. Wily has done. Dr. Wily arrives, controlling the peace robot.

Rush and Duke save the day when they fly up to the cockpit and drop of hive of robobees next to Dr. Wily.

The peace robot falls to the ground and is destroyed. Dr. Wily runs off into the distance away from the robobees.

Kevin goes and gets his Zapper waterproofed.

[Sources: "A TALE OF TWO DOGS"; original air date]

October 19, 1991

The N Team is on Baseball World, playing a game against Bo Jackson and the Videoland All-Stars.

Mother Brain opens a warp to the cellar of Baseball World, and Kevin, Simon, Mega Man, Kid Icarus, Bo, and Duke are sent through. Mother Brain tells Princess Lana that she's gonna conquer Videoland.

In the cellar, the good guys can't agree which way to go to get out. They split up and go two different ways.

At the Palace of Power, Mother Brain takes control and assigns Princess Lana to cleaning duty. Lana and Gameboy manage to get into the Communications room, and Lana contacts Kevin and the others in the cellar. She opens up a warp for them.

After being in a confrontation with the Baseball Card King and evil baseball equipment, Kevin and the rest of the group go through a warp to the Palace.

At the Palace, King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard present Mother Brain with a huge cake and a crown, an idea of Lana's. A warp opens in the ceiling, and the good guys land on the cake. The cake moves to Mother Brain, King Hippo, and Eggplant Wizard and force them up through the warp to the cellar of Baseball World.

A short while later, in the Communications room, Bo and the N Team watch and laugh as Mother Brain, King Hippo, and Eggplant Wizard are being chased by the evil baseball equipment.

Lana closes all the warp zones leading into and out of the cellar, trapping Mother Brain, King Hippo, and Eggplant Wizard inside.

The First Videoland War ends.

Bo goes back to Baseball World for team practice.

Lana decides to throw a party at the Palace of Power to celebrate the end of the war. She invites everyone in Videoland. Among the people in attendance are Bayou Billy, Loafer, Prince Lyle Deschain, Link Chance, and Princess Zelda Harkinian. The Blockheads from Tetris perform.

Zelda asks Kevin about his plans now that the war is over, and Kevin can't decide what he's going to do.


October 20, 1991

Kevin still can't decide if he's going to stay in Videoland or go home.

Dr. Wily uses his newly-reconstructed Warp Zone Shifter to bring Mike Vincent to Videoland from Northridge, California.

Dr. Wily hires Mike to kill Kevin. Mike doesn't want to kill Kevin, but he wants the opportunity to compete against him. Mike agrees to work for Dr. Wily.

Kevin and Lana make plans to go to the world of Skara Brae this afternoon, but they don't get the chance.

Dr. Wily has Mike call the N Team and give them a false story to lure them to Skull Castle to rescue him. The plan works.

Kevin, Lana, Simon, and Mega Man go to Skull Castle in Megaland to rescue Mike.

Dr. Wily gives Mike a Power Pad and Zapper.

After the N Teamsters battle a bunch of Robot Masters, they meet Mike.

Lana saves Kevin's life from Metal Man.

Dr. Wily shoots Mega Man and seriously damages him.

Mike shoots Kevin, but the blast causes no damage, which was the intent. Lana acts as though Kevin is dead to fool Dr. Wily. She shoots Dr. Wily and Mike and knocks them unconscious.

The N Teamsters teleport to Dr. Right's laboratory. Kevin wakes up, and Lana tells him that Mike betrayed them. Dr. Right keeps Mega Man in his laboratory overnight and begins running tests on his systems.

Kevin, Lana, and Simon warp back to the Palace of Power.

Lana recharges Kevin's Power Pad and remembers about how she first recharged it.

Kevin tells Lana and Duke about Star Trek.


October 21, 1991

Kevin and Lana warp to Dr. Right's laboratory. Dr. Right informs them that Mega Man still isn't functional.

Dr. Right builds a Power Pad and Zapper for Lana and tweaks Kevin's weapons to make them more powerful.

Kevin and Lana warp to Skull Castle and go to Dr. Wily's laboratory. Dr. Wily is surprised that Kevin's still alive.

Mike challenges Kevin to a contest, which Kevin can't resist. The two of them go through the Elec Man maze. Mike wins by cheating. Lana, thinking that Mike is going to kill Kevin, warps to the Elec Man maze.

Mike then tells both of them that he has no intention of killing Kevin. He only wants to compete with him.

Kevin asks Mike if he'd like to join the N Team, but Mike declines.

Before they leave the laboratory, Kevin and Lana see Dr. Wily's Warp Zone Shifter. Kevin tells Lana that he will not go home, much to her delight.

Kevin and Lana warp to Dr. Right's laboratory and find Mega Man fully-repaired. Lana thanks Dr. Right, and then the three N Team members warp to the Palace of Power.

During dinner, Kevin and Lana tell the rest of the N Team what happened.

Later, in the courtyard, Kevin gives Lana lessons on using her new Power Pad.


October 26, 1991

Lana, Kevin, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus go to the medieval world of Final Fantasy to have lunch with the Prince, who is a good friend of Lana's. Kevin would rather see some game action instead.

A couple of armored bandits rob a man's magic shop.

The N Team members meet a witch and her talking broom.

The evil Astos discovers Captain N is visiting the Prince.

At the Prince's castle, Kevin is bored of hearing the Prince talk of all his adventures. Astos comes to Kevin when he's alone and offers to help him gain popularity. He places Kevin under a spell and has him give the Prince a sleeping potion. Kevin and Astos then warp away to Astos' castle.

Lana, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus go to a shopkeeper and get passage through a witch's warp. They fall into quicksand, but climb out using Kid Icarus' rope arrow.

They meet the witch again, who turns Lana into stone. She turns Lana back to normal, however, when she realizes who she is.

The witch says the light crystal can break the spell on Kevin, but Astos had stolen it from her years ago.

Lana, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus go back to the Prince's castle, where Lana takes a magic key he finds on him. Then they go to Astos' castle, where Kevin is training Astos' warriors.

Kid Icarus and Mega Man dress up in a suit of armor and distract Astos while Lana sneaks into the castle.

Astos takes Mega Man and Kid Icarus to the room containing the light crystal and assigns them to guard it. Their identity is revealed.

After a short battle, Lana winds up with the light crystal. She breaks the spell on Kevin and reveals Astos' and his guards' true identity.

Kevin doesn't remember what happened, but waits until later for the explanation as he, Lana, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus escape from Astos' castle.

The other three N Team members tell Kevin everything that happened.

Back at the Prince's castle, the witch creates a potion to wake the Prince up, and he's unaware that any time has passed.

Kevin says he's learned his lesson and is happy being who he is. Lana is pleased and kisses him on the cheek.

Dr. Wily visits Mount Icarus. He convinces Judas Icarus and a few others that he has become good. He places a mind-control chip in Judas' brain to control him. Judas begins to work for Dr. Wily.


November 13, 1991

Jayce Chance wins a pendant in a pig wrestling contest. Link doesn't understand why Jayce did it.


Sometime between January 1, 1992, and December 31, 1992

A warp-to-warp salesman, dressed in a plaid tie and Hawaiian shirt, arrives on the world of StarTropics and tries to sell Steve Jones everything from ghost repellers to satellite TV.


May 31, 1992

The N Team receives a transmission from King Charles. He has found another warp home. Excited, Lana has a VNN television crew set up in the courtyard of the Palace of Power to have her father's return shown all over Videoland.

Dr. Wily flies over the courtyard. When King Charles comes through the warp, Dr. Wily sends a robobee down to sting the King. With a small pin stuck in the King neck, Dr. Wily is able to control his movements via remote control. He makes King Charles attack Kevin. Lana shoots her father to save Kevin.

King Charles Deschain dies.

His plan ruined, Dr. Wily goes back to Skull Castle.

Amid all the confusion, the N Team goes into the Palace. Kid Icarus contacts Prince Lyle on Tetris and tells him to come to the Palace. Mega Man contacts Dr. Right and tells him the same thing.

Kevin takes a shocked Princess Lana to her bedroom and talks with her for a while. She's able to dismiss some of her guilt. Kevin then leaves Lana alone, and Lana remembers her fifteenth birthday.

Dr. Right arrives at the Palace and begins running tests on King Charles' body.

Lana addresses the people of Videoland about why she killed King Charles.

Lyle arrives at the Palace. Lana tells him what happened, and Lyle is shocked.

Dr. Wily goes on VNN and begins spreading lies about Princess Lana, calling her a murderer.

Dr. Right informs Kevin and Lana about the pin in the King's neck. The three of them go on VNN to tell the truth.

Link and Zelda arrive at the Palace to offer their support to Lana.

The N Team, Link, and Zelda prepare for an attack by Dr. Wily on the Palace of Power. Dr. Wily doesn't have enough forces to launch an attack yet, but he promises Lana a war soon.

Dr. Right uses a memory-copying machine he recently built to copy King Charles' memories into Princess Lana's brain.

Lana donates her father's body parts to anyone that needs them.

Princess Lana and Prince Lyle go on VNN. Lyle chooses to remain Keeper of the Sacred Square on Tetris. Lana becomes the permanent Ruler of Videoland, but decides to not take the title "Queen".

Mike calls Lana and offers his condolences about her father's death.

Lana realizes that her father was proud of Lana for killing him to save Kevin, and she is able to dismiss all of her guilt and be happy once again.

Lana and Kevin profess their love for each other.


June 12, 1992

Kevin begins giving Lana lessons on a bass guitar, at her request.

Dr. Wily has Mike pretend he wants to leave Skull Castle in an attempt to get the N Team to come and rescue him. Mike warns them of the danger.

A bunch of Robot Masters attack the N Team at Skull Castle, but they beat all of them.

Mike warps to Northridge, California, on Earth.

Kevin wants to go to Earth after Mike. Lana tells him his memory will be erased. Kevin realizes that Lana has been lying to him about the memory erasure. Lana admits she's lied and apologizes. Kevin forgives her.

Lana turns rule of Videoland temporarily over to Princess Zelda.

Kevin and Lana go to Northridge.

Lana first meets Mike's mother, Sharon Vincent.

Kevin and Lana meet up with Stacey Anderson, Rick Walker, Romeo Roberts, and Julius Jones. They become new members of the Videoland Club.

Mike is reunited with his parents.

Kevin is reunited with his parents, and Lana meets them for the first time.

[Sources: "CHANGES" PART 3: "THE GAME MASTERS OF NORTHRIDGE", Mike's mother's name is established in "JOHN 20:25"]

June 13, 1992

The Videoland Club has a meeting at Kevin's house, where Kevin and Lana tell all about their adventures in Videoland.


June 14, 1992

Lana is first exposed to Christianity while watching a twisted TV show.

Lana is first exposed to American Rock 'N' Roll.

Stacey, Rick, Kevin, and Lana go shopping at Wal-Mart. Lana and Stacey get new clothes. Kevin gets new video games and systems.

Lana first meets Kristen and gets her hair cut short.

Lana first eats a taco.

Kevin, Lana, Rick, and Stacey play new and old video games at an arcade.

Kevin and Lana first see the World Wide Web.


June 15, 1992

Kevin, Lana, Stacey, and Rick go to the beach, but it starts to rain, so they come back to Kevin's house.

Lana first watches Star Trek and Highlander.

Kevin, Stacey, and Rick give Lana a dance lesson.


June 16, 1992

On a rainy day, Rick and Stacey come over to Kevin's house, and the four of them talk about old times.

Kevin makes the Captain N Special for Lana, Rick, and Stacey.

Kevin, Lana, Rick, and Stacey try out Kevin's new games and systems.

Kevin enters the Northridge Annual Video Game Competition and begins practicing, with his friends helping him.


June 17, 1992

Kevin and Mike practice for the Video Game Competition.


June 18, 1992

Kevin and Mike practice for the Video Game Competition.


June 19, 1992

Kevin and Mike practice for the Video Game Competition.


June 20, 1992

The Northridge Annual Video Game Competition. A lot of young people that lose the Competition commit suicide. Kevin beats Mike for the first time in his life in the final round.


June 21, 1992

Kevin and Lana pack to leave Earth. Lana gets a recipe book from Kevin's parents.


June 22, 1992

Mike challenges Kevin to a car race, so they race to the warp to Videoland.

Dr. Wily escapes from Skull Castle.

Mike, Stacey, Rick, Romeo, and Julius come to Videoland with Kevin and Lana.

Lana becomes the Ruler of Videoland again.

Mike becomes Dr. Right's lab assistant.

Rick, Stacey, Romeo, and Julius join the N Team.


June 23, 1992

The N Team copies all the movies, television shows, and music they had brought from Earth into the Palace's databanks and uploads it all onto the Videoland Information Network for everyone to enjoy.


June 30, 1992

Mike can't sleep, so he goes out and takes a walk early in the morning. Guts Man and Elec Man capture him and take him to Skull Castle.

Mike decides to work for Dr. Wily again to avoid being killed.

Osiris Runes, a sixteen-year-old kid living in Indianapolis, Indiana, is hired to kill his seventeen-year-old brother, Dorian.

Anubis, Osiris' fifteen-year-old brother, sees Osiris murder Dorian and chases him to a warehouse.

Osiris uses a Warp Zone Shifter he had stolen to warp away from Anubis.

Police raid the warehouse and question Anubis before he can follow Osiris.

Kevin, Lana, and Stacey celebrate their 18th birthday.

Rick and Romeo celebrate their 20th birthday.

Julius celebrates his 22nd birthday.

Osiris arrives at the Palace of Power, avoids capture, and escapes to Skull Castle in Megaland, where Air Man captures him and takes him to Dr. Wily.

Osiris agrees to work for Dr. Wily.

Bob, the inventor of the Warp Zone Shifter, comes to the warehouse and activates it, allowing Anubis to go to Videoland after Osiris.

Anubis arrives at the Palace of Power, where he is captured by the N Team.

The N Team questions Anubis, then releases him and allows him to stay at the Palace.

The N Team finds Metroid adrift and decides to go study it.

Osiris activates Dr. Wily's Warp Zone Shifter and frees Mother Brain, King Hippo, and Eggplant Wizard from the cellar on Baseball World.

The Second Videoland War begins. Dr. Wily attacks Megaland with eight new Robots Masters.

Kevin names Lana Acting Captain of the N Team, and he and Mega Man warp to Megaland to deal with the robots.

Dr. Wily lays siege on the Palace of Power with thousands of robots.

Kevin, Mega Man, and Dr. Right warp to the Palace, and Kevin becomes Captain N again.

Dr. Right and Mega Man install new experimental weapons that Dr. Right has been working on.


July 1, 1992

Mother Brain, with the help of 31 video worlds, lays siege on the Palace of Power with thousands of monsters.

Mike hacks into Dr. Wily's computer and steals information, then he goes to the Palace of Power.

Mike joins the N Team and the Videoland Club.


July 2, 1992

The N Team, Link, Zelda, and Anubis are able to defend the Palace of Power from Dr. Wily and Mother Brain's forces, thanks to teamwork and Dr. Right's new weapons.

Dr. Wily's forces attack various other video worlds, killing and destroying.

One of the worlds attacked is Mount Icarus. Judas Icarus, under Dr. Wily's control, takes six robots and goes through a section of Mount Icarus. 118 people are killed. One of them is Judas' wife, Kid Icarus' mother.

Princess Lana allows Prince Plenty and Major Domo of Kongoland to stay at the Palace of Power.


July 3, 1992

Kevin, Mike, Rick, Romeo, and Julius go to Metroid, where Kevin kills Mother Brain with help from his friends.

King Hippo goes to live on Punch-Out.

Eggplant Wizard goes to live with his wife and little kids on Mount Icarus.

Metroid is blown up.

Kevin gives Lana Mother Brain's lucky rabbit's foot as a souvenir.

Osiris calls Anubis and tells him to meet him in the valley in Megaland. Anubis accepts the challenge and goes to Megaland, despite Lana's objections.


July 4, 1992

Anubis meets Osiris in a valley in Megaland and murders him, despite Lana's efforts to stop him.

All the people on Kongoland are killed.

All the people on Lana's video world evacuate.

Lana orders an evacuation of her video world, but Dr. Wily is jamming the signals, and her message never reaches anyone.

Dr. Wily's forces break through the Palace's defenses.

Princess Lana destroys the Palace of Power and poisons the entire planet by a nuclear meltdown. The Second Videoland War ends.

The N Team resettles in Megaland.

Anubis goes back to Indianapolis. The police officers are still at the warehouse and demand answers. Anubis shoots and kills all of them to remove the witnesses to the warp.

Scientist Bob is scared by Anubis' actions, but brings Anubis on board the Star Bright Project, a highly secretive U.S. Government operation, as an "observer". With the money Anubis makes, he moves out of his apartment and into a nice house.

Princess Lana, believing she's killed millions of people, goes into a state of shock.


July 5, 1992

Construction begins on the N Team's new house in Megaland.

Kevin and Rick go to Skull Castle and steal Dr. Wily's Warp Zone Shifter.

Dr. Right receives a call from a family that used to live on Lana's world, and that have now resettled on Castlevania.

Kevin, Mike, Rick, Stacey, Romeo, and Julius warp to Earth to get their belongings, and Lana follows them.

Dr. Right's receives more calls from people until everyone from Lana's world has been accounted for.

Lana runs away and meets up with Kristen, who takes her to her house.

Cheryl helps everyone pack their belongings, while Ned goes out and looks for Lana.

Lana tells Kristen about Videoland, and Kristen counsels her.

Kristen tells Lana of her crush on her.

Lana and Kristen have their first kiss.

The entire group goes to Videoland.

Dr. Right informs Lana that she hasn't killed anyone.

Dr. Right first begins designing the Super NES Power Pad, which Rick will later have as his weapon.


July 6, 1992

Kevin, Lana, Rick, and Stacey form a band called Captain N & The Video Game Masters.

The band performs its very first concert in Megaland.

The N Team's house is completed, and they move in, except for Mega Man, who moves in with Dr. Right and Mega Girl.


July 7, 1992

Simon cooks breakfast.

Kid Icarus tells Kevin and Lana about his mother being killed.


Sometime between July 7, 1992, and September 5, 1992

Kevin and Mike take a special state test to make up for the time they missed in school so they can start their senior year with Stacey in September.


July 20, 1992

Dr. Thomas Xavier Right publishes "THE ORIGIN OF VIDEOLAND AND ITS LIFEFORMS".

Princess Lana receives an autographed copy from him for free and becomes a student of the sciences.

She will eventually become skilled in medicine and robot repair.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

August 14, 1992

Alucard first arrives on Hyrule.

[Sources: "AN EYE FOR AN EYE" PART 2]

September 5, 1992

Rick, Stacey, Romeo, and Julius choose their weapons. Rick picks a Super NES Power Pad and a Super Scope, Stacey picks a sharp silver boomerang, Romeo picks a Remote Control, and Julius picks a football.

Rick and Mega Man defeat Drill Man in Megaland.

Kevin gets his watch back from the shopkeeper on Dragon's Den, and Julius saves Kevin by defeating a dragon.

Romeo and Simon go to Castlevania, where Romeo first meets the salesman at Honest Dave's Bullwhip Shop and defeats some Skull Knights.

Lana saves Stacey from a snake in Bayouland.

That evening, the band performs a concert in Megaland.


September 11, 1992

Dr. Right creates the Mega Buster for Mega Man to replace his old blaster.


September 12, 1992

Gameboy begins acting strangely, so Kevin and Lana take him to Dr. Right's lab. Dr. Right probes Gameboy's memory banks, and the metal tube plays Li Shiroshi's message.

The N Team searches for Dr. Ivan Tilaski and GP. Adrian Tilaski, Ivan's son, leads the N Team, Link, and Zelda to Dr. Right's lab. They then go to Kongoland.

When they arrive at an old building, GP and Ivan's own robots, Strike, Bolt, Griz, and Aero capture most of the N Team. Gameboy, however, frees Dr. Li Shiroshi, who destroys the Tilaskis, their robots, and GP.

That evening, Li Shiroshi attends the band's concert in Megaland.


September 19, 1992

The Eggplant Wizard hosts a primetime show on FAX called 'The Complete Guide To Captain N', where he lies about the N Team's origins. The show is a hit and boosts FAX's ratings.

After the show, Princess Lana sends a letter of complaint to FAX.

Kevin destroys the N Team's television set with his Zapper.


September 21, 1992

Hoop-De-Doo-Dah-Day is celebrated on Hoopland.

Kevin, Lana, and Duke attend. Kevin and Lana try to make a shot and get a wish.

[Sources: "MEDIEVAL WISHES" PART 1; "PURSUIT OF THE MAGIC HOOP"; original air date]

Prior to September 26, 1992

The Super Mario Bros. and Princess Peach Toadstool return from Dinosaur Land to the Mushroom Kingdom with Yoshi, a small dinosaur they had befriended.

King Bowser Koopa, injured, returns from Dinosaur Land to Dark Land with his seven Koopalings. Bowser is bedridden.

[Sources: "KOOPA TROUBLE!" PART 1]

September 26, 1992

Mario and Luigi come to Dark Land to capture the Koopas, and they are captured by the seven Koopalings.

The N Team returns home from a ski trip in the Megaland Mountains after Princess Lana takes a fall.

Princess Toadstool contacts the N Team and asks for help in finding Mario and Luigi.

Ludwig von Koopa kidnaps Princess Toadstool and the entire Mushroom Court, except for Toad.

The Mushroom World is restored to Videoland's universal continuum.

Kevin, Mike, Mega Man, and Lana go to Peach's castle and take Toad back to Megaland.

Ludwig von Koopa creates a replicator for Dr. Wily to rebuild his forces.

The Koopas' army begins to invade Videoland.

Mike, Rick, and Mega Man destroy the replicator.

Simon and Kid Icarus take King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard to the Pub de León on Castlevania to protect them from the Koopalings.

Most and the N Team, Link, Princess Zelda, and Toad go to Dark Land, free the Super Mario Bros. and the Mushroom Court, and steal Ludwig and Larry's scepters, which are placed in Peach's security vault.

That evening, the band performs a concert in the Mushroom Kingdom.


September 28, 1992

Simon kills a werewolf and turns it into a rug for the living room of his lodge.

[Sources: "MAN'S BEST FRIEND"]

October 3, 1992

Prince Lyle takes some time off to spend with his sister.

Dr. Wily allies with Ludwig von Koopa.

Dr. Wily creates a new, more basic Warp Zone Shifter for himself.

Mike, Julius, and Lyle go to Mount Icarus to save King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard from Dr. Wily's robots, but all five of them are captured and taken to Skull Castle, then to Dark Land.

Ludwig scans Hippo and Eggy's brains for knowledge of the N Team and stores it in his own brain.

Mike, Julius, Lyle, Hippo, and Eggy escape and go back to Megaland.

That evening, the band performs a concert on Mount Icarus.


October 10, 1992

Ludwig von Koopa and Dr. Wily invent a fear gun and use it on Kevin.

They capture the mayor and various citizens of the nearby town in Megaland, as well as most of the N Teamsters, and take them back to Dark Land.

Dr. Right invents a gun to counteract the fear gun and cures Kevin.

Kevin, Lana, Mike, Gameboy, and Duke go to Dark Land and free the captives.

That evening, the band performs a concert in Megaland.

[Sources: "FEAR OF ACTION"]

Prior to October 17, 1992

Mike spills an entire barrel of oil all over a stable in Hyrule and injures some show horses. He begins to clean up the mess.


October 17, 1992

Romeo and Julius go out camping in the jungles of Kongoland.

The rest of the N Team have a picnic on Final Fantasy.

Rydia, a girl from another dimension, is accidentally warped to the world of Final Fantasy in Videoland.

Stacey and Rick begin warping randomly, due to the effect of the Elder keeping the warp open for Rydia to return home.

Rydia is injured, and the N Teamsters take her to Dr. Right's lab.

Rydia recovers from her injury and lives with the N Team while Dr. Right searches for a way to send her home.


Sometime between October 17, 1992, and October 22, 1992

Rick and Stacey meet Rydia for the first time (but maybe not at the same time) during one of their random warps home.


October 22, 1992

Stacey temporarily warps home scared out of her mind. She had just come from Castlevania, where she had nearly become a werewolf's lunch. Then Rick warps in, having just been chased by a bear on some unknown world.

With begged apologies to Rydia, Dr. Right begins putting all of his efforts into helping Rick and Stacey. Rydia doesn't argue.


October 24, 1992

Dr. Wily captures Rydia, because he wants to learn her powers.

Dr. Right finds a way to send Rydia home and help Rick and Stacey.

The N Teamsters go to Skull Castle to save Rydia.

Kevin is mortally injured by Dr. Wily, but Rydia saves him with magic.

Rydia returns to her own universe.

Kevin, Lana, and Stacey practice playing music from Final Fantasy II.


October 31, 1992

Mike plays his annual Halloween scare on Kevin.

Mike throws a scary Halloween party at his house, which Kevin, Lana, Stacey, Kristen, Rick, Simon, and some other Earth guests attend.

The Count and some other monsters from Castlevania warp to Mike's house, and Kevin, Lana, Mike, Rick, and Stacey defeat them. Of the other party guests, only Kristen knows it wasn't just a show.


November 7, 1992

Princess Lana takes a vacation with Kevin, and Stacey becomes the temporary Ruler of Videoland.

That evening, Lana becomes Ruler again, and Kristen becomes her secretary.


November 14, 1992

Princess Zelda's cousins, Kordash and Dazel, have Link and Zelda locked up by spreading lies.

Dazel becomes Queen of Hyrule.

Alucard helps Link and Zelda escape from the dungeon.

Zelda disables the communications system in North Castle, Link burns the shipyards, and they go to Island Palace to contact the N Team.

Troops from Hyrule are sent to Castlevania, and the Count destroys some towns.

Kevin, Lana, Simon, and Stacey arrive on Hyrule.

Dazel sacrifices a maiden and resurrects the Thunderbird.

They, Link, Zelda, and Alucard retake North Castle.

Alucard wants to kill Kordash, but Zelda won't let him.

Dr. Right installs new communications equipment at North Castle.

Zelda has Dazel and Kordash exiled to Death Mountain.


November 21, 1992

Some thugs throw bricks at the N Team's house. Ryu Kenshiro beats them up and offers free martial arts lessons for the N Team at his dojo.

The N Team turn the thugs in to the authorities, then go to Shadoloo for the lessons.

Ryu and Stacey develop a crush on each other.

The N Team meets Ken Masters.

Sagat recommends Ryu as a good fighter to M. Bison, so Kevin, Lana, Mike, Mega Man, and Ryu enter a tournament.

After a lot of matches, Ryu faces Sagat and defeats him in battle.

Ryu then goes into the final battle with M. Bison. Ryu is losing, but then Ken shows up with Barlog, Vega, and Sagat. Then the N Teamsters show up to help. By working together, they defeat Bison, and he disappears. However, his fate is unknown.

That evening, the band performs a concert on Shadoloo.


Sometime between November 21, 1992, and December 19, 1992

Romeo and Julius return from their extended camping trip in Kongoland.

[Sources: "GREAT ORBS OF FIRE" PART 1; While they were only supposed to be gone for one month after October 17, they are mentioned to still be in Kongoland during "THE WORLD WARRIOR" PART 1 (November 21). Therefore, the camping trip had to have been extended. While it's possible that they return on November 21 and are in attendance at the concert, there is no clear mention that they're back in Megaland until "KEVIN GOES TO HOLLYWOOD" PART 3 (December 19).]

November 28, 1992

The N Team is on Castlevania, being chased by zombies. Simon and Duke stay and fight the zombies, while the rest of the team goes to safety. The rest of the team, not knowing who's approaching their location in the forest, warps back to Megaland and tries to track Simon and Duke from there.

Simon and Duke go to his lodge for safety until the rest of the team finds them, but the zombies show up there and cause a mess.

Simon and Duke fly to his castle for safety, but the zombies arrive there, too.

Duke saves Simon from a fall.

Kevin and Mega Man are finally able to pinpoint Simon and Duke's position and open a warp for them to return to Megaland, and Simon and Duke keep what happened a secret.

Simon hires someone to clean up his lodge for him.

That evening, the band performs a concert in Megaland.

[Sources: "MAN'S BEST FRIEND"]

December 5, 1992

While Dr. Right is in his lab repairing a warp zone opener, he trips and falls. Kevin catches it, but a warp is accidentally opened, sending Kevin, Lana, and Dr. Right to the world of Metal Gear.

Lana and Dr. Right are captured and taken to Building 1. The warp zone opener falls into enemy hands.

Kevin teams up with Captain Solid Snake, and the two of them go to Building 1 to rescue Lana and Dr. Right.

In their cell, Lana and Dr. Right meet Snake's buddy, agent Grey Fox, who explains to them about the Metal Gear weapon.

Kevin and Snake bust Lana and Dr. Right out of the cell.

Dr. Pettrovich, the kidnapped inventor of the Metal Gear, is taken to Building 2.

The group goes to Building 2, where Snake learns of Videoland from Lana.

The Metal Gear weapon is completed, and plans are made to test it on another video world - Megaland.

The group frees Dr. Pettrovich. Snake learns his boss is a traitor.

Kevin, Lana, Dr. Right, Snake, and Dr. Pettrovich warp to Megaland, where Lana is able to destroy the Metal Gear before it destroys their house.

Snake goes back to Metal Gear to take care of his traitor boss.

That evening, Snake attends the band's concert in Megaland. After the first tune, Snake fires a rocket launcher and makes a big hole in the ceiling. He then gets billed for it.


December 12, 1992

Dr. Wily creates a clone of Proto Man, who kidnaps Dr. Right.

The fake Proto Man attacks Megaland with eight new Robot Masters.

The N Team goes to battle the Robot Masters.

Mega Man is teleported to Proto Man's fortress, where Proto Man tries to get Mega Man to join him, but Mega Man refuses, so Proto Man knocks his energy down to one unit.

Then the real Proto Man shows up and gives Mega Man an energy refill.

The rest of the N Team arrives, and Kid Icarus helps Mega Man fight the fake Proto Man.

Dr. Wily tells Mega Man he'll be back to have his revenge, then flies away in his saucer.

Dr. Right introduces the N Team to the real Proto Man, Mega Man's older brother.

That evening, Proto Man attends the band's concert in Megaland.


December 13, 1992

Kevin tells Proto Man about Simon's two-headed coin.


December 15, 1992

Kevin is at his house on Earth.


December 17, 1992

Rick, Kevin, Lana, Mike, and Stacey are on their way to Earth for lunch with Rick's parents and grandparents. However, due to a lightning bolt from a thunderstorm scrabling the coordinates in the warp zone opener, they accidentally warp to an Earth in another universe, where the current date is April 22, 1998.

After checking into a hotel on Earth II, Kevin finds out from a guy named Nick Pinto on IRC that they are not on Kevin's Earth.

Rick begins repairing the damaged warp zone opener.


December 18, 1992

Kevin meets Mark Moore on IRC. A "Captain N Convention" is organized for the following day at Mark's house in Florida.


December 19, 1992

Mandi Paugh, Nicholas Pinto, and Andres Thalheimer arrive in Florida. They, Matt Slater, and Mike Rohm arrive at Mark's house.

The N Team members arrive at Mark's house and are treated as heroes.

The group has a lot of fun on Earth II, then they all go to Videoland, where the group from Earth II meets the rest of the N Teamsters and their friends.

That evening, Mandi substitutes for Stacey as the band's keyboardist at the concert in Megaland.

The N Teamsters give the Earth II group their own warp zone openers.


December 24, 1992

Mike takes Romeo and Julius Christmas shopping with him to help him find gifts for his parents. A boy named Barry that Mike meets tells him there's no Santa Claus. Mike tries to convince him otherwise, but Barry doesn't listen.

Barry injures the mall Santa Claus when he doesn't get what he wants for Christmas. Wanda Richfield, a woman helping to organize a Christmas party for underpriviledged kids, asks Mike to be the replacement Santa. When Mike finds out about what Barry did, and that he'll be at the party, Mike accepts the job.

Lana first meets Mike's father, Biff Vincent.

Lana first meets Rick's parents.

Mike goes to the Christmas party, taking Romeo and Julius with him as his elves.

Lana and Kristen kiss under the mistletoe, which Kevin witnesses.

Mike, Romeo, and Julius arrive at the Christmas party, where they greet the kids and pass out presents. When Barry pisses Mike off, "Santa" threatens him, and Barry becomes afraid of Santa Claus. After saying bye to the kids, Mike, Romeo, and Julius return to the Keene house for Christmas dinner.

Lana upsets Cheryl while saying grace.

Kevin and Lana refuse to wear the crucifix necklaces Cheryl bought for them.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 25, 1992

Ned takes Lana to Christmas mass at a Catholic church, then drops her off at the Keene house on his way shopping. When Lana tells Cheryl all the things she did at church, Cheryl becomes upset.

Romeo reads the King James Version of the Holy Bible, not knowing what it really is. He then believes it was published by Marvel Comics.

Cheryl and Lana discuss Christianity, and they end up sticking with their own beliefs, then they have some pie.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

December 31, 1992

The entire gang and their parents watch Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve '93 on TV.

Julius wishes for a pogo stick for the new year.

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

January 1, 1993

Everyone wishes each other a Happy New Year. Kevin and Lana kiss. After watching Kevin kiss Stacey, Lana kisses Kristen.

Kevin says it's going to be an "interesting year".

[Sources: "JOHN 20:25"]

January 2, 1993

Lana creates a holographic recording of herself telling about the war with Mother Brain.


March 11, 1993

Pak first begins to hunt Special Agent Nova of Power Blade.

[Sources: "PAK" PART 1: "THE BOUNTY"]

May 5, 1993

Dr. Right and Dr. Li Shiroshi design two new transformation circuits for use with Rush - the Rush Jet Adaptor and the Rush Power Adaptor.


June 1, 1993

Lana gets her California state driver's license.


June 4, 1993

Dr. Right builds Eddie, a sort of "cybernetic suitcase", the first in a line of Flip-Top models.

Dr. Right and Dr. Shiroshi build an Energy Balancer, also known as an Energy Economizer.


June 5, 1993

Kevin, Mike, and Stacey graduate from high school. Among those in attendance are their relatives, Lana, Simon, Rick, Romeo, Julius and Kristen.

Kevin, Mike, and Stacey decide not to go to college, but to just hang out.

Mike allows Lana to use his car whenever she needs it.

Kristen celebrates her 21st birthday.

Kristen's mother, Carol, sees her daughter warp to Megaland.

Kristen talks with Lana about their relationship, but Lana decides to just stay friends.

Rick introduces the Videoland Club CD-ROM, which contains all of their information about Videoland. It's to serve as an emergency backup.

When Kevin, Lana, Stacey, and Kristen warp back to the school gym, Carols demands to know what's going on. Lana refuses to tell her.

Anubis Runes calls Lana, and Lana goes to his house in Indianapolis to find out what he wants. Lana and Anubis argue over Osiris' murder. Anubis knows of King Charles' death and some other things. Lana discovers that Anubis has the Warp Zone Shifter that was built by Bob. Lana demands answers, but Anubis refuses to tell much. Lana damages the Warp Zone Shifter with her Zapper and leaves the house. Anubis is killed for giving to much information by bombs placed in his house by the Star Bright Project. Lana finds a burnt piece of paper with a few clues on it, then warps away.

Lana brings up the issue of Star Bright and Anubis at a meeting of the Videoland Club. Rick has the paper sealed in a helium-filled glass case to preserve, thinking maybe it'll be of use someday.

Kristen borrows the Videoland Club CD-ROM and takes it home with her to look at it on her PC.

The N Team, Dr. Right, and Dr. Li Shiroshi arrive at the arena in Capital City in Megaland for the 1st Annual Robot Tournament, hosted by the mysterious Mr. X.

Kristen arrives at the arena, accidentally leaving the CD-ROM in her PC on Earth.

During a break before the final event, Kristen goes back to her room to get the CD-ROM. However, she discovers that Carol has been looking at it and now knows about Videoland. The two of them argue. Kristen takes the CD-ROM and goes back to Megaland.

During the final event, Mr. X appears and reprograms the eight robot finalists to help him take over Megaland. They teleport out of the arena, and the robots start causing destruction and killing and injuring people.

Kristen warps back to Earth for safety and overhears Carol planning to destroy Videoland by creating a video game. Kristen warps back to Megaland to warn the others.

The N Team, Dr. Right, and Dr. Shiroshi hold a meeting in Dr. Right's lab to figure out what to do about the robot attack. Mr. X calls to challenge Mega Man to come and face him and his robots. Princess Lana calls Princess Zelda and Link to come and help them.

Dr. Right tweaks Mega Man's Mega Buster to make it more powerful.

The group forms a battle plan.

The N Team, Link, Zelda, and Kristen first meet Eddie.

Proto Man and Mega Girl arrive at the lab, wanting to join in the action.

Princess Lana makes Link and Zelda honorary members of the N Team.

Kristen warps back to Northridge to try and convince her mother to not make the game.

After deciding which Robot Masters to take on, the N Team, Proto Man, and Mega Girl warp / teleport to the areas of Megaland that were taken over.

Once all the Robot Masters have been defeated, the group goes back to Dr. Right's lab, where Mr. X calls and challenges them to come to his castle.

The N Team, Proto Man, Mega Girl, Dr. Right, and Dr. Shiroshi go to Mr. X's castle and fight their way into the heart of it. Mr. X then reveals himself to be none other than Dr. Wily.

The group teleports to Skull Castle and fights its way to the heart of it. There, they tie up Dr. Wily.

Kristen arrives at Carol's office bulding.

Stacey copies all of the information in Dr. Wily's databanks to computer chips to later copy into the N Team's databanks.

Dr. Wily escapes, and the good guys leave in a hurry.

Skull Castle explodes.

Kristen arrives at Carol's office and pleads with her, but she won't listen. Carol is convinced that people from Videoland are evil, and that she was chosen by God to destroy them.

Lana, Zelda, and Mike arrive in Northridge. Mike lets Zelda drive his car to Carol's office building. Due to the damage Zelda caused, Mike swears he'll never let Zelda drive his car again.

Lana, Zelda, and Mike arrive in Carol's office. A long fight ensues. Kristen destroys the computer as the video game is compiling. Kristen and Carol end up in hand-to-hand combat. When Carols falls out a window, Kristen tries to help her, but Carol wants to kill Kristen by pulling her over the edge. In self-defense, Kristen kicks her mother off of her. Carol falls down to the sidewalk below and is killed.

Mike finds a test cartridge of Mega Man 6.

The four of them go downstairs and wait for the police to arrive. Lana, Zelda, and Mike backup Kristen's story, and no charges are pressed.

Kristen goes home and tells her father Kenneth and her sister Heather about killing Carol. They are shocked, anguished, and angry, but they quickly forgive her when they learn it was self-defense.

That evening in the Northridge High School gymnasium, a graduation party is held for the Class of 1993. Simon, Li Shiroshi, Princess Zelda, and Link also attend the party. Lana counsels Kristen and admits she loves her, but only as a friend. The band performs a concert. Everyone has a great time.


June 6, 1993

Kristen buys a Bic lighter so she can light candles. She, her father, and her sister attend Carol Shallowayne's funeral.


July 9, 1993

Dr. Li Shiroshi begins working on a holographic disguise device.


September 10, 1993

Dr. Wily completely rebuilds Skull Castle and his robots.


September 11, 1993

Pak kills Special Agent Nova on Power Blade and gets his boomerang as another item that his Power Glove can use.

Dr. Wily hires Pak to kill Kevin.

Pak attacks the N Team's house. Lana finally tells the Northridge natives about Pak.

Realizing their weapons don't work against Pak, Kevin goes to Dr. Right's laboratory to warp to his house on Earth. Most of the other N Teamsters go with him. Only Mega Man remains behind to defend the house.

Mega Man is seriously injured by Pak. Pak saves the Mega Buster and all information about Captain N into his Power Glove.

Dr. Right introduces the N Teamsters to Riff, a newly-created "younger brother" of Mega Man.

Riff goes to confront Pak. Pak escapes, but Riff gets his sunglasses.

Kevin, Lana, and Rick warp to Northridge. Mike becomes the Acting Captain of the N Team.

Riff arrives at Dr. Right's lab with Mega Man, and Dr. Right begins to work on him.

Riff begins to assist the N Team in dealing with Pak.

Dr. Wily agrees to pay Pak ten million to kill the remaining N Team members.

Pak replaces his burnt black leather jacket with a brown vest and gets a nearly-identical pair of sunglasses.

Riff becomes the Acting Captain of the N Team.

Li Shiroshi begins working on a holographic projector to benefit the N Team.

That evening, Riff takes Kevin's place at the concert in Tecmoland, and a 'droid takes Lana's place. The plan is that Riff is out in the open, and Pak will find him.

A heckler from a forgotten video game insults Riff, and Riff threatens to kick his ass.

Riff's plan works, and Pak shows up. Pak takes a hostage, but Riff shoots her with a concussion dart, leaving Pak out in the open. Pak teleports back to Skull Castle to figure out his next move.

Dr. Right completes Chord, Riff's surfboard-like vehicle.

After getting Chord, Riff and Mike go and confront Pak on the roof of Skull Castle. Pak has Big Eye 2 attack them. Riff sacrifices his guitar to destroy Big Eye. Then he and Mike retreat back to the N Team's house.

Pak demands more payment from Dr. Wily to defeat the N Team.

Dr. Right stays up all night, rebuilding Mega Man's body and replacing his chips.


September 12, 1993

Dr. Right stops by and picks up Riff's guitar to repair.

Kevin, Rick, and Lana return to Videoland, because Kevin is sick of running from bullies.

Pak attacks Mike, but Riff and Chord save him. Pak plants a bug on Mike.

Riff accidentally hurts Kevin's right wrist, so Kevin gets a cast and some painkillers from Dr. Right for it.

Dr. Right fixes Riff's guitar, increasing its power by half.

Riff spots Pak in downtown Capital City in Megaland and opens fire. Riff is then thrown in jail, and Mike bail him out.

Kevin and Rick see last night's concert on the news.


September 13, 1993

The N Team, with Riff present, have a meeting to decide what to do about Pak. In order to get Pak to show, Kevin goes out for a walk.

Pak spots Kevin in the park in Capital City, and they fight. Pak has a dome cover most of the park to prevent any outside interference in the battle. Kevin tries to convince Pak to join the N Team in order to give the rest of the team time to do their plan.

Simon uses the Mcro-Tube of Destruction to try and shatter the dome, but it backfires. Simon then calls the manufacturer, Mini-Weapons, Incorporated, and complains. He also cancels his order for the morter belt buckle.

Despite Dr. Right's objections, Riff has him activate Mega Man to help him fight Pak.

Pak tries to tempt Kevin to join him, telling him about the other prototype Power Glove. But before Kevin can make a decision, Riff and Mega Man arrive. Mega Man takes Kevin to safety.

Pak can't fire, due to Riff hacking into his Power Glove, so Pak leaves.

Dr. Right continues repairing Mega Man.

Riff packs and moved out of the N Team's house. He and Chord go off to hunt down Pak.

While relaxing on the patio that evening, Kevin thinks about Pak's offer, and how he can't make an easy decision.

Lana looks at the other Power Glove prototype, then goes to bed and cries.

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September 17, 1993

Ned, Cheryl, Kevin, Lana, Mike, Stacey, Kristen, Bayou Billy, Duke, Loafer, and Loafer's kids go to visit Ned's parents, Jake and Annabelle Keene, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Everyone except for the Keenes and Duke are visiting and meeting Jake and Annabelle for the first time.

Lana tastes New Orleans food for the first time at Brigtsen's.

While at a dance hall, Lana, Mike, Stacey, Kristen, and Billy first meet Steve Starlight, who performs there with his band.

Captain N & The Video Game Masters perform at the dance hall.

[Sources: "BORN ON THE BAYOU"]

September 18, 1993

Lana, Mike, Stacey, Kristen, and Billy have their first po-boys at Mother's.

Kevin, Lana, Mike, Stacey, Kristen, and Billy go out to swampland of the Atchafalaya Basin so Billy can see the bayou on Earth. They encounter two alligators and fight them. Lana saves Kristen from a gator. Stacey kills the other gator to save Kevin and Billy's lives.

One of Loafer's alligators has five babies, which Duke is afraid of.

[Sources: "BORN ON THE BAYOU"]

September 19, 1993

Jake and Annabelle go to a Catholic church for Sunday mass.

[Sources: "BORN ON THE BAYOU"]

September 21, 1993

Hoop-De-Doo-Dah-Day is celebrated on Hoopland.

Hoopless doesn't even get to make a shot. Agahnim sinks the ball almost as soon as the hoop comes out and wishes Ganon back to life.

[Sources: "MEDIEVAL WISHES" PART 1; "PURSUIT OF THE MAGIC HOOP"; original air date]

September 24, 1993

Ned, Cheryl, Kevin, Lana, Mike, Stacey, and Kristen leave New Orleans and go back to Northridge.

Bayou Billy goes back to Bayouland in Videoland.

[Sources: "BORN ON THE BAYOU"]

Prior to or on September 25, 1993

Kevin and Link decide to meet on Hyrule on September 25 for target practice.

[Sources: "WHAT A BLAST"]

September 25, 1993

Mega Man, Kid Icarus, Gameboy, Duke, Mike, Romeo, and Julius go to Dragon's Den.

Rick and Stacey are walking out by a lake not far from their house in Megaland when they discover a warp zone they've never seen before. They run back to the house to report it.

Kevin beats Simon at a game of ping-pong.

Lana give permission for Rick and Stacey to go through the warp zone to find out where it leads.

Minions of the Plutonium Boss capture Rick and Stacey on the world of Blaster Master and take them to a cave.

When Rick and Stacey don't come back after a few hours, Kevin calls the rest of the N Teamsters back from Dragon's Den.

Kevin, Mega Man, and Simon go through the warp to look for Rick and Stacey. The radiation on Blaster Master weakens Kevin and Simon. A boy named Jason, who's looking for his pet frog, Fred, finds them and has Mega Man put them in a tank called Sofia.

Link arrives at the N Team's house, looking for Kevin. Lana informs him of the situation.

Dr. Right and Gameboy arrive and tell Lana and Link of the radiation on Blaster Master.

Link and Kid Icarus go to Blaster Master to find the others. They are knocked unconscious and taken to the Plutonium Boss' cave.

Kevin regains consciousness and is informed on the situation. The N Teamsters and Jason agree to help each other. Simon regains consciousness and is informed of the situation. Jason finds Link's sword and one of Kid Icarus' feathers. They all go to the Plutonium Boss' cave.

In the cave, the Plutonium Boss inform Rick, Stacey, Link, and Kid Icarus of his intention to find Captain N.

Jason and the others arrive at the cave. They find the other N Teamsters. The Plutonium Boss asks Kevin about warp zones so that he may conquer other worlds. Kevin frees the other N Teamsters. Jason kills the Plutonium Boss. The good guys leave the cave as it shakes and crumbles.

Jason is reunited with his pet frog, Fred.

That evening, Jason, Sofia, and Fred attend the band's concert in Megaland.

[Sources: "WHAT A BLAST"]

October 2, 1993

Dr. Wily pays Judas Icarus thirty coins to bring Kid Icarus to him.

The N Teamsters and Kristen play football.

Judas visits Kid Icarus. Kid Icarus introduces him to Kristen and all the N Teamsters except Lana.

Romeo and Julius prepare lunch.

Kid Icarus takes Judas on a tour of Megaland.

Gameboy, Simon, Mega Man, and Romeo go to Castlevania.

Li Shiroshi takes a break from working on the holographic projector for the N Team. Lana calls Li and ask if she's seen Kid Icarus. She tells Li about Judas.

Dr. Wily kidnaps Kid Icarus and Judas and takes them back to Skull Castle. Li and her robots follow them.

Kid Icarus learns of Judas' treachery from Dr. Wily. Dr. Wily orders Judas to kill Kid Icarus.

Li saves Kid Icarus, and they and her robots leave Skull Castle.

Back at the N Team's house, Kid Icarus and Li tell Lana what happened.

Lana offers Kid Icarus and Li video chip cookies.


October 5, 1993

Gameboy, Simon, Mega Man, and Romeo return from Castlevania to Megaland.


October 8, 1993

Dr. Wily calls Kid Icarus and challenges him to fight Judas in an all-out battle in the Mount Icarus coliseum. If Kid Icarus refuses to fight or loses, his five-year-old brother, Micah Icarus, dies. Kid Icarus agrees to fight. Li Shiroshi is recording the call.


October 9, 1993

Kid Icarus goes to Mount Icarus.

During breakfast, Li Shiroshi calls the N Team and informs them of the situation.

Li, her robots, and the N Team go to the Mount Icarus coliseum.

Dr. Wily, his robots, and Judas Icarus go to the Mount Icarus coliseum.

Using the holographic projector, Li is able to free Micah Icarus.

The fight begins. Dr. Wily controls Judas' mind and forces him to fight Kid Icarus. Judas is able to break the control and quits working for Dr. Wily, giving him back his thirty gold coins.

Dr. Wily retreats.

Back at the N Team's house in Megaland, Lana talks with Judas, then practices with the rest of the band.

Judas and Kid Icarus talk.

That evening, the N Teamsters, Judas, Micah, Dr. Right, his robots, Li Shiroshi, and her robots attend the band's concert in the Mount Icarus coliseum.


Sometime after October 9, 1993

Judas Icarus visits Kongoland.


Prior to or on October 16, 1993

Lana is able to recall some more of her father's memories, including how she and Zelda first met.

[Sources: "A LINK TO THE PAST" PART 1]

October 16, 1993

Kevin, Link, Stacey, and Kristen catch Lana and Zelda during a romantic encounter. Lana and Zelda tell them of their relationship. Kevin accepts Lana's relationship with Zelda. Kristen apologizes to Kevin and Lana for trying to seduce Lana. Kevin and Kristen are now formally competing for Lana's affections.

Afterwards, they all go to the mall in Northridge, California.


October 23, 1993

The band performs a concert in Megaland. When they play their last tune of the evening, Lana begins to recall more of her father's memories. They overwhelm her, and she collapses during the concert. The entire band warps to Dr. Right's laboratory.

News of Princess Lana's collapse during the concert is reported on the Videoland News Network.

In Dr. Right's lab, Lana discovers from the memories that her father was a rapist and a murderer. She tells this to Dr. Right and the other band members.

The band members all go back to their house in Megaland.

Prince Lyle Deschain and Princess Zelda Harkinian arrive. Lana tells them what she knows.

Lana contacts Dr. Right and has him upload the footage taken by his security cameras of Lana telling about her father to the Videoland News Network, with instructions for it to be put on the air.

The news of King Charles' evil rapidly spreads all over Videoland. People hate King Charles.

Lana goes to the dance hall in New Orleans, plays blues, and tries to think. She briefly talks with Steve Starlight, then goes back to Megaland.

Lana goes on VNN and addresses Videoland about her father.


October 29, 1993

The Triforce informs Princess Zelda that Link may die, so she sends him to find a bottle containing tears from the God of Courage.

Simon and Kid Icarus go to Mount Icarus for a nice sauna bath.

Zelda gives Link the bottle and has him get out of Hyrule. First, however, he runs into Agahnim.

Kevin and Lana go to Tetris for a new holiday in Lyle's honor.

Link arrives at the N Team's house.

Ganon and Agahnim warp to Northridge, California. The Warp Zone Shifter is damaged.

Rick and Link warp to Northridge.

Kevin and Lana are summoned back to Megaland.

Rick explains to Ned and Cheryl what has happened, and he and Link spend the night at Kevin's house.

The Warp Zone Shifter is moved to Dr. Right's laboratory to be repaired.

Kevin and Lana go to Hyrule and tell Zelda what has happened. Rick and Link learn of this through Kevin's TV set and attempt to go back to Videoland, but Rick's opener is out of power. Rick and Link explain what has happened to Ned and Cheryl.

Zelda goes back to Dr. Right's lab with Kevin and Lana. The group begins repairing the Warp Zone Shifter.

Cheryl tells her friend, Helen, that Kevin couldn't play at a concert at the mall and volunteers Link for the job.


October 30, 1993

Link agrees to play at the concert at the mall.

Simon and Kid Icarus finally get the N Team's message and arrive back in Megaland. They help fix the Warp Zone Shifter.


October 31, 1993

Link practices in a studio with the band that will play at the mall.

Dr. Right and the N Team works on the Warp Zone Shifter.


Sometime between November 1, 1993, and November 30, 1993

Steve Jones gets dunked in the ocean on StarTropics. He insists that everyone have a change of clothes on board the Sub-C.


November 1, 1993

Link practices in a studio with the band that will play at the mall.

Dr. Right and the N Team works on the Warp Zone Shifter.


November 2, 1993

Link practices in a studio with the band that will play at the mall.

Dr. Right and the N Team works on the Warp Zone Shifter.


November 3, 1993

Link practices in a studio with the band that will play at the mall.

Dr. Right and the N Team works on the Warp Zone Shifter.


November 4, 1993

Link practices in a studio with the band that will play at the mall.

Dr. Right and the N Team works on the Warp Zone Shifter.


November 5, 1993

Link practices in a studio with the band that will play at the mall.

Dr. Right and the N Team works on the Warp Zone Shifter.


November 6, 1993

During the concert at the mall, Agahnim and Ganon kidnap Cheryl and warp her to Hyrule.

Dr. Right makes a test run of the Warp Zone Shifter. Zelda sends a necklace through the warp.

The warp opens in the mall, and Rick and Link enter it, but get sent to two different places on Hyrule.

Link meets Sahasrahla, who tells him that he must find the Master Sword to defeat Agahnim and Ganon and that Link is dying.

A moblin captures Rick and takes him to Agahnim and Ganon.

Agahnim calls the N Team and says he and Ganon have Cheryl. Mike tells the N Team that they need to find the Master Sword.

Link meets Zora in the Dragonwood Forest, and Zora takes him closer to the Master Sword.

Lana, Zelda, Stacey, and Kid Icarus go to a library on Hyrule and search for a way to defeat Agahnim.

Mike, Mega Man, and Kevin go to Death Mountain on Hyrule.

Link finds the Master Sword.

Lana, Zelda, Stacey, and Kid Icarus get some shovels, then go to Death Mountain.

Agahnim turns Cheryl into a monster.

The N Teamsters meet up. Link arrives at Death Mountain.

Cheryl returns to normal.

Link cures himself and defeats Agahnim and Ganon.

Link gives his old sword to Zelda.

Link goes to visit his mother in Calatia.

That evening, the band performs a concert.


November 13, 1993

Something causes the Wind Fish on Hyrule to fall asleep again. A lot of people from Link's village in Calatia are killed.

An owl takes Jayce Chance inside the dreams of the Wind Fish and sends him to wake it up.

Simon hears a cry for help and warps from Castlevania to the kingdom of Calatia on Hyrule.

The owl takes Simon inside the dreams of the Wind Fish and sends him to wake it up.

Simon first meets Jayce Chance while rescuing him.

Jayce Chance dies.

Marin wakes the Wind Fish and takes Simon back to Link's village.

Back at North Castle, Simon gives Jayce's pendant to Link and lies about what happened, not telling him that Jayce is dead.

That evening, the band performs a concert, and Link and Rick are guest performers.


November 20, 1993

Ned is depressed about turning forty years old. He begins looking at old stuff from his school.

Kevin, Lana, Mike, and Stacey learn about Ned's high school band, the Cayenne Peppers, about how Mike's dad used to beat Ned up, and about how Ned met Stacey's mom.

Lana makes a birthday cake for Ned and puts ground cayenne pepper into it.

Lana unintentionally gives Kevin an idea on how to cheer his dad up. He calls Dan Parker, Nathan Collins, and Will Riker and ask them to come over with their old music instruments.

Stacey takes Ned to the movies to give the others time to set up Ned's surprise party in the basement.

Ned is surprised and delighted by the party. In addition to a reunion with Dan, Nathan, and Will, Biff Vincent and Kelly Anderson also attend.

The Cayenne Peppers reunite and perform at Ned's birthday party.

Everybody tries the birthday cake Lana made. Both bands howl.


November 23, 1993

Kristen teaches Kevin how to do a roundhouse kick.

[Sources: "THE VIDEO BOYS"]

November 27, 1993

Mike challenges Kevin to go dragon hunting with him on Dragon's Den, and Kevin accepts.

However, Mike accidentally alters the coordinates before opening the warp, and they end up on the Untouchable World, a mobster world.

Mike saves the coordinates for the world into the warp zone opener, but that uses up the last of its power, so Mike and Kevin have to find another warp home.

They steal mob outfits from two hitmen and go to a restaurant. They meet two other hitmen, Acey and Mugsy, and introduce themselves as the Video Boys.

After playing a song for Acey's girlfriend, Gloria, Mike and Kevin are taken to Acey and Mugsy's Boss, Johnny, to play for him.

Johnny discovers the Zappers and wants more of the 'fancy heaters'. When Mike and Kevin refuse to help, Johnny wants them killed. Mike makes up a story about their own Boss, Mickey D, and says the Video Boys are taking over the place.

When Al Capone's guys hit Johnny's place, Johnny lets Mike and Kevin go. However, when he discovers he's been tricked, he sends Acey and Mugsy after them.

Mike and Kevin steal a Model-T and drive off, with Acey and Mugsy in hot pursiut. They find a warp zone and warp back to Megaland.

Acey and Mugsy have to explain to Johnny what happened to Mike and Kevin.

That night, Mike and Kevin tell what happened to them at a Videoland Club meeting.

[Sources: "THE VIDEO BOYS"]

Sometime after November 27, 1993

Mike buys Kristen lunch at her favorite fast food place.

[Sources: "THE VIDEO BOYS"]

November 29, 1993

Steve Jones goes up the mountain near the village of Miracola on StarTropics He meets with a hermit to discuss a new refridgeration invention he was planning to test. Then he's captured by the Koopa Kids.

Icebergs start appearing on the ocean on StarTropics.


Prior to or on December 3, 1993

Rick, Romeo, and Julius go to Final Fantasy.

Gameboy goes to visit Li Shiroshi.


December 3, 1993

Lana sends Mike and Stacey to go patrol Excalibur.

Mike is knocked into a puddle of mud and blames Stacey for it.

Dr. Right shows off his new Warp Shielder to the N Team.

Mike and Stacey warp to Dr. Right's laboratory.

A virus that Dr. Wily had sent via robo-bee to Dr. Right's lab a long time before messes up the Warp Shielder. Warps begin opening and closing randomly. Stacey is accidentally warped to StarTropics. She lands in the water and starts swimming towards shore.

Simon and Kid Icarus go and get Gameboy and Li Shiroshi and bring them back to Dr. Right's laboratory.

Mega Man stays and helps Dr. Right out with the Warp Shielder.

The rest of the N Team warp home and contact Rick, Romeo, and Julius to look for Stacey.

Mike Jones, piloting the Sub-C, spots Stacey and gives her a lift.

The N Team contacts Dr. Wily, but he suddenly cuts off the transmission.

The Koopa Kids arrive at Skull Castle and steal whatever equipment they can from Dr. Wily's laboratory in order to boost the power on Steve Jones' invention tenfold.

Mike and Stacey go to the village of Miracola. They discover icebergs in the ocean. They hike to Miracola across the ice. Chief Miracola greets them and informs Mike that his Uncle Steve hasn't returned yet.

Mike and Stacey meet the hermit, who gives them information on Steve Jones' invention.


December 4, 1993

Mike and Stacey go back to the village of Miracola.

Rick returns to Megaland from Final Fantasy, sick of Romeo and Julius.

Lana handles a bunch of morning appointments she has.

Mike and Stacey fall through a secret passage on the beach and end up underground in a place called the Ruins. They rescue Steve Jones.

The three of them meet up with an island native named Baboo. He takes them to a girl named Mica. They explain the situation to her.

Dr. Wily finishes restoring his laboratory from the damage the Koopa Kids had done to it. Ludwig von Koopa arrives at Skull Castle and tells him about Steve Jones' invention.

The icebergs on Miracola melt around this time.

Mica shows Stacey an arsenal on StarTropics. They take a computer program to crash the freezing machine.

The Koopa Kids, Dr. Wily, and seval Robot Masters attack City Hall in Capital City, Megaland, taking the mayor and two associates hostage. The bad guys begin to freeze Megaland. Cathy Bennett covers the story live on VNN.

Ludwig von Koopa demands the N Team's surrender.

The N Teamsters, Dr. Right, and Dr. Shiroshi go to City Hall to confront the bad guys.

Stacey, Mike Jones, and Steve Jones arrive at City Hall and assist Stacey's friends.

Mike Jones crashes the freezing machine.

Dr. Wily escapes back to Skull Castle. Most of the Koopa Kids escape as well.

Roy Koopa and Wendy O'Koopa begin serving time in the Megaland prison.

That evening, the good guys relax in the village of Miracola on StarTropics. Kevin asks Mike Jones if he wants to join the N Team, but Mike declines the offer. The band performs a concert. Stacey annoys the other band members by launching into the Indiana Jones theme music.


On or shortly after December 4, 1993

Steve Jones talks with his son about the dents in the Sub-C.


December 11, 1993

Kristen purchases a bouquet of flowers and a candle, then she and Lana go to visit her mother's grave. Kristen tells Lana about her life in New Mexico, and Lana comforts her.

Kenneth Shallowayne's observer discovers Kristen talking with Lana and reports to the Director, the head of the Star Bright Project. The observer is ordered to find out who Lana is and how much the girls know.

After being there for a few hours, Lana takes Kristen out to dinner.


December 18, 1993

Link encounters a moblin. It collects a sample of his blood.

Kevin, Lana, Mike, Stacey, and Rick are spending the weekend at Kevin's house on Earth. They play NES games in his living room.

Overcome with nostalgia, they decide to go to the flea market to hunt down old NES games and accessories. Kevin buys a bunch of games. Stacey buys the gray Zapper. Mike buys the Power Glove.

Lana sees R.O.B., the Robotic Operating Buddy, and is in a state of awe. Kevin buys R.O.B. and the Gyromite and Stack-Up cartridges.

When they get back to Kevin's house, they try out the games. Lana won't let Kevin use R.O.B. Kevin finally demands an explanation for Lana's odd behavior. Lana tells them the Legend of R.O.B.

Lana wants to go on a quest to find R.O.B., and the others agree to go with her. They warp to the world of Gyromite.

Dr. Wily discovers this and goes to Gyromite with Robot Masters in order to capture R.O.B.

The N Teamsters discover R.O.B. inside Lookout Mountain. Dr. Wily arrives and demands R.O.B. Lana refuses. After a huge exchange of fire, Lana accidentally activates the Robotic Operating Buddy. At Mike's command, R.O.B. destroys the Robot Masters, but Dr. Wily escapes.

Professor Hector arrives, and the N Teamsters meet him for the first time. They all go back to his laboratory, taking R.O.B. with them.

Professor Hector feels he must destroy R.O.B. to prevent Dr. Wily from capturing the robot. Professor Vector arrives at the laboratory, outraged.

Dr. Wily attacks the laboratory with more Robot Masters. R.O.B. and Professor Hector help the N Teamsters defeat the Robot Masters. After the battle, Professor Hector decides to not destroy R.O.B., but rather keep him at the lab.

That evening, the band performs a concert on Gyromite.


December 24, 1993

Lana and Mike try out T-Bird looks from the movie "Grease".

Princess Zelda hears a rumor that Ganon has been brought back to life.

The N Team, Dr. Right, Dr. Li Shiroshi, the Right robots, and Kristen arrive at North Castle for Princess Zelda's Christmas party.

During the party, Zelda goes off by herself to think. Lana, Kevin, Mike, Stacey, and Kristen go to check up on her. Zelda tells them about the Day of the Triforce.

Zelda and Lana decide to dance together, kiss in public, and reveal their relationship to the people of Hyrule. The party guests love it.

A Day of the Triforce occurs, and the Triforces stop working.

King Hippo wins a fight against Piston Honda.

Lana does research to find out more about Hylian religion. She discovers a lot of errors in the Book of Mudora.


December 25, 1993

Lana tells Zelda about her findings, but Zelda refuses to believe her.

A group of moblins brings Ganon back to life. Ganon attacks North Castle and crashes Zelda's Christmas party.

Zelda tells the others about Ganon's past.

The good guys battle Ganon. Simon save's Li Shiroshi's life during the battle.

The Day of the Triforce ends. Zelda and Lana use the Triforces' power to defeat Ganon.

The bond between Zelda and the Triforce is broken, much to Zelda's delight.

They clean up the ballroom. Zelda agrees to look at Lana's findings. Li thanks Simon for saving her life and kisses him on the cheek.


January 16, 1994

Lana has a ton of appointments.

Kevin, Lana, Mike, Rick, Stacey, Romeo, and Julius go to Northridge for a vacation. Lana leaves Zelda in charge of Videoland.

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January 17, 1994

At 4:30 AM, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits 34 degrees 12.80' N, 118 degrees 32.22' W, 20 miles west-northwest of Los Angeles, 1 mile south-southwest of Northridge, beneath the San Fernando Valley. The type of faulting is a blind thrust. The fault involved, although unnamed at the time, will be named the Northridge Thrust (also known as the Pico Thrust). The depth is 18.4 kilometers. The duration is 15 seconds. Buildings collapse, highways collapse, and the city is without power. 51 people are killed, and more than 9,000 people are injured.

The Keene house suffers little damage. Rick, Mike, Stacey, Kristen, Romeo, and Julius come to Kevin's house to make sure everyone is all right. They help clean up.

Mike and Stacey go home and helps his parents clean up.

Rick, Romeo, and Julius go to the University of California at Northridge for class, but there's no class.

Kristen eats waffles for breakfast with the Keene family, then goes to the hair salon for work, but there's no work.

President Clinton signs a declaration so that a lot of federal tax dollars pour into the region to offer assistance, and State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown in Sacramento suggests raising the California state sales tax a quarter-percent to deal with the damage caused by the earthquake.

At 4:43 PM, Rick is helping Mike clean up when a magnitude 5.1 aftershock hits. Mike lands on his leg and pulls a muscle. Rick drives him to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Forrest Sawyer anchors the ABC News program "day one" from New York concerning the earthquake.

Kevin's friends spend the night at Kevin's house, because none of them wants to be alone.

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January 18, 1994

Kevin, Lana, Mike, Stacey, Rick, Romeo, and Julius help out around town.

[Sources: "QUAKE"]

January 19, 1994

Kevin, Lana, Mike, Stacey, Rick, Romeo, and Julius help out around town, then go back to Videoland.

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January 22, 1994

A pilot goes through the Black Hole Warp Zone and crashes his TIE Fighter on the N Team's front lawn. He is killed in the crash.

Lana and Mega Man contact Dr. Right.

Kevin, Mike, and Rick bury the dead pilot in their front yard.

The TIE Fighter is taken to Dr. Right's laboratory. The scientist examines it.

Riff arrives to assist the rest of the N Team, while Kevin, Mega Man, Simon, Mike, Rick, and Lana fly Dr. Right's shuttle through the Black Hole Warp Zone to break the boundaries of Videoland. Dr. Right builds a new body for Mega Man for this mission. A lot of people from all across Videoland come to see the shuttle take off. Cathy Bennett covers the shuttle launch live on VNN.

Imperial forces make their way to the rest of Videoland.

Rogue Squadron captures the shuttle. The N Teamsters meet Wedge Antilles, the leader of Rogue Squadron, Corran Horn, and Mirax.

When Wedge is suspicious about Kevin's knowledge, Kevin confesses that he's from another universe, which Wedge casually accepts.

The N Teamsters take schematics for X-Wings, Y-Wings, A-Wings, and R2 units back to Dr. Right in Megaland.


January 29, 1994

Simon has waffles for breakfast.

Dr. Right finishes building 12 ships and R2 units. He shows them to the N Teamsters. After the ships are painted to the fliers' specifications, Kevin, Mike, Lana, Rick, Simon, and Mega Man try them out. TIE Fighters attack them. The N Teamsters shoot them down. The pilots bail out. There are no casualties.

Kevin spots the Imperial Headquarters and worries. The N Teamsters fly back to Megaland.


January 30, 1994

Kevin and Mike warp to Earth II and get Mark Moore, Matt Slater, Mike Rohm, Mandi Paugh, Andres Thalheimer, and Nick Pinto to fly with them against the Galactic Empire. They all go to Videoland.

After equipping themselves and having their ships painted, the Blue Team - the Earth II natives - take off and shoot down eleven TIE Fighters, killing the pilots. One of the pilots flies away.

The Red Team - the other half of Game Squadron - sneaks into the Imperial Headquarters. Then the Blue Team arrives and preps the charges. The Red Team is captured. Five storm troopers attack the Blue Team, which kills them. Mark goes to rescue the Red Team. Matt and Nick go to get the information the Red Team had come for.

Matt and Nick get the information. Mark rescues the Red Team. Dr. Right brings the ships back to his garage.

Game Squadron warps back to Dr. Right's laboratory and witness the destruction of the Imperial Headquarters.

Mega Man discovers that his old body was destroyed due to a sabotage by Dr. Wily earlier in the day.

Using design specifications from Mandi, Dr. Right builds a new body for Mega Man. He is now 5'3" tall, with blue armor, a blue helmet, short black hair, and a more natural voice.

Matt gives Dr. Wily the information on the Galactic Empire.

A victory party is held at the N Team's house.

Mark Moore is dubbed "Captain M" by Matt Slater.

Mark, Matt, Mike, Mandi, Andres, and Nick warp back to Earth II.


September 3, 1994

On Earth Prime, Quinn Mallory, a physics grad student at the University of Berkeley, discovers sliding, a form of interdimensional travel. Quinn, his friend Wade Kathleen Welles, and Professor Maximillian P. Arturo, his physics teacher, go sliding. Rembrandt Lee Brown, a former R&B singer known as the Crying Man, is driving his red Cadillac to Candlestick Park to sing the National Anthem at a Giants game and make his big comeback. However, he drives into the Sliding vortex and is taken on the ride to another universe. He meets Quinn, Wade, and Arturo.

From this point on, the four of them slide together in an attempt to get back home.

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September 10, 1994

Kevin, Lana, Stacey, and Rick are shopping at Music Tracks in downtown Capital City, Megaland, for CDs. They each buy a few.

The Sliders - Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt, and Arturo - arrive in Megaland. They meet the N Teamsters and go home with them.

They go to Kevin's Earth to check if it's Earth Prime. It's not.

The N Teamsters take the Sliders to lunch at Taco Bell. Due to Lana and Kevin's good arguments, Wade stops being a vegetarian and eats her first taco.

When they arrive back in Megaland, they go to Dr. Right's laboratory to see if he can help the Sliders get back home. He can't. Dr. Wily discovers the Sliders and the timer.

Rick talks with Rembrandt about music, Stacey takes Wade shopping for new clothes, and Kevin and Lana show Quinn and Arturo the technological wonders of Megaland.

Dr. Wily attacks the N Team's house with Robot Masters in attempt to get Quinn's timer so he can build a new Warp Zone Shifter. The N Teamsters and the Sliders destroy the Robot Masters, but Dr. Wily is able to get the schematics.

Rick arranges for Rembrandt to sing with him at the band's next concert.

That evening, the band performs a concert in Megaland, with Rick and Rembrandt singing the opening song - "Tears in my 'Fro". The audience loves it.

The Sliders slide to the next dimension, and Rick and the band members go with them.

They arrive in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California, in another universe. Kevin gives Quinn a warp zone opener, which will make searching for Earth Prime a lot easier. Quinn promises to visit the N Team every once-in-a-while. With the timer now useless, Quinn gives it to Kevin as a souvenir.

The N Teamsters warp back to the concert hall in Megaland.

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September 17, 1994

Lana and Kristen film a TV special called "Immaterial Girls" to show girls how they can save money. They use Stacey as an example of what not to do.

Lana and Kristen convince Zelda to sell her fancy clothes and her jewelry (except for her crown) and to throw away her make-up. Zelda begins dressing more casually.

Kristen cuts Zelda's hair short.


September 18, 1994

"Immaterial Girls" airs on FAX.


October 1, 1994

Wombatman is going to film a movie, so he calls Kid Icarus and offers him a part as his sidekick. Kid Icarus accepts the offer and goes to Studio World.

Kevin, Lana, Simon, Rick, and Mega Man go to Studio World in case Dr. Wily wants to try something.

Dr. Wily sends three of his newest creations - Mr. Chill, Wiggler, and Yoker - to Studio World to defeat the N Team.

The rest of the N Team arrives on Studio World after Lana contacts them.

The N Team, Wombatman, and Nikki destroy Mr. Chill, Wiggler, and Yoker.

Dr. Wily brings some Robot Masters to Studio World, which the N Team defeats.

That evening, the band performs a concert on Studio World.

The director has gotten all of this on film and will turn it into a movie.


October 7, 1994

Kevin buys a pair of blue swimming trunks at Mears.

[Sources: "SPOTTED"]

October 8, 1994

Lana, Kevin, Simon, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus decide to take a vacation and discover a beach on Spot World.

While there, they help Cool Spot rescue his friends from a guy named Will.

They threaten Will to leave the Cool Spots alone.

That evening, the band performs a concert on Spot World.

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October 15, 1994

Kevin, Lana, and Mike discover, due to Cathy Bennett's coverage on VNN, that Dr. Wily's newest robots are attacking Capital City in Megaland.

Kevin, Lana, Mike, Stacey, Mega Man, Kid Icarus, Gameboy, Rick, Romeo, and Julius go to Capital City, leaving Simon and Duke to guard the N Team's house.

The N Teamsters that go to Capital City are captured by Dr. Wily's newest robots and are taken to Skull Castle.

Dr. Wily calls Simon and tells them that he's captured the N Team. Simon contacts Dr. Li Shiroshi and gets her over to the N Team's house.

Simon, Li, and Michael, one of Li's robots, go to Skull Castle. Michael frees the N Team, and they all destroy Dr. Wily's newest robots. Dr. Wily escapes.

Back at the house, Simon and Li kiss and profess their love for each other.

That evening, the band performs a concert in Megaland.


May 3, 1995

Dr. Wily invents eight new Robot Masters. If he doesn't activate them in one month, four of them will activate automatically and go in search of Dr. Wily.

Dr. Wily finishes building a new robot named Bass and a robo-wolf for him named Treble.

Kevin and Lana arrest Dr. Wily, and he is put in the Megaland Prison.

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May 27, 1995

Dr. Right invents a device that would allow communication between Videoland and Earth.

[Sources: "DISCO INFERNO"]

May 29, 1995

Dr. Right and Dr. Li Shiroshi build Auto, a robot to run Dr. Right's item replicator.

[Sources: "DISCO INFERNO"]

June 2, 1995

Dr. Right installs systems in the N Teamsters' belts and weapons that will allow them to retrieve their weapons by thought.

[Sources: "DISCO INFERNO"]

Prior to or on June 3, 1995

Mike reveals his secret love of disco to Stacey, Kevin, and Lana.

[Sources: "DISCO INFERNO"]

June 3, 1995

Mike takes Stacey, Kevin, and Lana out disco dancing on Earth.

Four of Dr. Wily's newest Robot Masters activate and break Dr. Wily out of the Megaland Prison. Dr. Right, Mega Man, Mega Girl, and Auto witness Dr. Wily's escape.

Dr. Wily retreats to Skull Castle and activates Bass.

Dr. Right and his robots go to his laboratory, and Dr. Li Shiroshi joins them.

Dr. Right calls and informs the disco-dancing N Teamsters of Dr. Wily's escape. They warp to Dr. Right's laboratory.

Kevin, Lana, Mike, Stacey, Mega Man, and Mega Girl go to defeat all eight new Robot Masters. They meets Bass and Treble. Bass claims that he and Treble are after Dr. Wily. The N Teamsters and Mega Girl are surprised that they hear disco music in the Robot Masters' areas. They dance and have a great time as they defeat the Robot Masters.

While this is going on, Dr. Wily begins constructing his new Warp Zone Shifter, based on the schematics of Quinn Mallory's timer.

The N Teamsters and Mega Girl fight Bass and Treble in Skull Castle when they realize that Bass is working for Dr. Wily. Bass and Treble escape.

The N Teamsters and Mega Girl get to Dr. Wily's lab, where they start disco dancing. Dr. Wily uses the opportunity to escape.

That evening, the band performs a concert in Megaland. Kevin and Mike perform a new disco song they've written called 'I am the Game Master', which the audience loves.

'I am the Game Master' becomes a universal dance craze.

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July 8, 1995

The Shallowayne family has a yard sale, and Lana helps out while Ken goes to work.

Lana finds Ken's star pin and identification card in his jacket pocket.

Lana opens up a warp. She, Kristen, and Heather go to the N Team's house in Megaland. Heather is surprised, but she comes down when explanations are made.

Lana calls a meeting of the Videoland Club to discuss her findings.

Ken Shallowayne's observer witnesses the warp, and then he warps to the Star Bright Project's complex somewhere in the New Mexico desert, where he tells what he's discovered to the mysterious Director, the head of the project. The Director orders the observer to kill Lana and the Shallowaynes.

Lana, Kristen, and Heather return to the Shallowaynes' house, where they make a lot of money at the yard sale.

That evening, Lana falls in love with Kristen, and they kiss.

Lana borrows Kristen's car and drives to the University of California at Northridge, because she's worried about Ken Shallowayne. While driving down a road, the observer forces the car off the road and attacks Lana. Lana shoots and kills the observer in self-defense. She discovers a floppy disk in the man's car, then sets the car and the observer's body on fire so they would be unrecognizable. Lana drives back to the Shallowaynes' house.

A while later, Ken comes home from work. His daughters and Lana confront him, and he tells them about his work on the Star Bright Project. Lana makes the connection to Anubis Runes and the Warp Zone Shifter and realizes just how serious this is. Unfortunately, Ken isn't of much help.

The Director sends a hitman to kill Lana and the Shallowaynes.

Ken makes a disk copy of all of his work at Star Bright for Lana. The hitman attacks them. Lana shoots the hitman, but doesn't kill him.

Lana takes the Shallowaynes to her house in Megaland. After Ken calms down from the surprise, he tells everything he knows about Star Bright at a Videoland Club meeting. Lana also gives Rick the observer's disk, which is encrypted. Rick begins tying to decrypt the information on the disk.

Lana and the Shallowaynes warp back to the Shallowaynes house and move most of their belongings to the N Team's house in Megaland.

A series of bombs placed on orders from the Director blow up the Shallowaynes' house. Lana, Kristen, Heather, and Ken escape the blast and warp to the N Team's house in Megaland, where the Shallowaynes will live.

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July 14, 1995

Lana donates something to the Videoland Museum in Megaland.


July 15, 1995

Dr. Right and Lana take Kevin and Mike to the Videoland Museum in Megaland for the first time.

Dr. Right tells them the legend of the Shadow Demon Statue.

A warp opens outside the museum, and ninjas come out. A man named Barbarian steals the Shadow Demon Statue. Ryu Hayabusa, Ninja Dragon, defeats the other ninjas.

Ryu, Kevin, and Mike go to Ryu's world to stop Barbarian. They retrieve the statue, but they're tricked into giving it to Jaquio, a man that wants to raise the demon.

Jaquio succeeds in raising the demon in a temple. Ryu, Kevin, and Mike defeat the demon.

Jaquio probably doesn't survive the temple's destruction.

That evening, Ryu attends the band's concert in Megaland.


August 10, 1995

Dr. Right makes a translator that can translate animal vibes. This allows the N Team to finally be able to talk with Donkey Kong.


August 12, 1995

Due to a cold wind, the part of Megaland that the N Team lives in is unusually chilly.

Simon and Kid Icarus come back from grocery shopping.

The N Team receives a distress call from Leaf Village on the world of Crystalis. Kevin, Simon, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus warp to Crystalis while Lana gets the rest of the team together.

Simon and Kid Icarus are kidnapped and forced to work mining metal for a man named General Kelbesque, who kidnapped the people of Leaf Village.

A rabbit leads Kevin and Mega Man to two guards. Mega Man distracts the guards while Kevin meets Tornel, a wise man. Tornel gives Kevin a green bracelet.

Kevin defeats General Kelbesque and frees Simon, Kid Icarus, and the people of Leaf Village.

At Leaf Village, the rest of the N Team arrives after the mission is over.

After the N Team warps back to Megaland to practice for a concert, Tornel and his friend Zebu see a vision of the upcoming Machine Wars.


August 19, 1995

Link and the Eggplant Wizard, tired of their names, go off around Hyrule in search of new names.

Zelda orders her guards to look for Link, and she has Spryte, Mike, Rick, and Julius help her search for Link. All this time, she doesn't let Spryte show her the note Link left for her.

Link meets a woman named Rell Adel and swing dances with her, then plays the saxophone for a crowd of people, which the crowd loves.

Zelda discovers Link and the Eggplant Wizard while Link's horse, Catherine, is getting new horseshoes. Zelda is angry at Link.

Link decides to keep his name the way it is, and Eggplant Wizard decides to keep looking.

Zelda and Link film an episode of VBC's "Lifestyles of the Famous and Rich".

That evening, the band performs a 1920s-style concert in Megaland. Link and Rell begin dancing, and the rest of the audience joins in. Everybody has a great time.

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